The Branches of Faith – 02 – The Tree of Iman

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In this enriching and beautiful talk by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, we come to realize how alike Iman and a palm tree are and how we can seek to create a unique symbolism between the two.

Iman needs to be nourished with  our good deeds just as a tree is nourished with water . Similarly, Iman should be enlightened (through Qur’an) as a tree is enlightened with sunlight. Iman should be protected from sins and evil deeds (major and minor) like how a  tree is protected from weeds . The more sins we have the more the tree will be damaged and rendered beyond repair.

The Shaykh goes on to describe the towering branches of a date palm tree as as a sign of flourishing and manifestation of our Iman and enlightens us with metaphorical meaning behind this, that is, Izzah in this life and the Hereafter, lifting our ranks in Jannah, everywhere and much more.

May Allah protect, strengthen and perfect our Iman.

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Lao salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a happy woman.

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Yesterday we began with the Hadith federal Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a man consists of 70 odd branches. So the word branches it implies tree. And in fact the Quran and Sunnah in multiple verses and a hadith mentions the symbolism of a man with a tree in a handwritten Sahaja narrated by even Omar the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked the Sahaba he said there is a tree that resembles the movement which tree is that? And he gave them a hint it is evergreen. The Sahaba attempted to guess until they said you tell us which tree so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said the date palm tree is the tree that resembles a movement. It is perpetually green. So

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he compared a man and he compared the movement to a date palm tree, and in one Hadith our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the men who recite the Quran is like a luscious fruit, a citrus fruit, whose fragrance is sweet and whose taste is sweet and the Mothman who does not recite the Quran he is like a date. It is sweet but it has no fragrant. So once again a moment as compared to a fruit and in the Quran in surah Ibrahim Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and I'm Tara cafergot of Allahu Matata, haven't you seen the example the parable that Allah subhana wa Taala has given of the Kalamata yerba of the beautiful kalama and of course, as even Abbas said, The Kalamata yerba is the

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kalama of La Ilaha Illa LA, the example is of La ilaha illAllah. Allah is saying, haven't you seen this example? Haven't you ponder over the example of the kalama what is the example Allah says the Kalamata yerba La Ilaha Illa. Allah is like a beautiful tree whose branches are firmly established, and whose roots are firmly established and whose branches tower in the sky. This tree it gives its fruits throughout the year by the permission of its Lord and Allah gives examples for mankind so that they can think and ponder over these examples. So the motif of a man and the Mothman being a tree being a luscious tree being the date palm tree is explicit in the Quran, and in the sooner so

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the question arises, what is the symbolism? How can we benefit from this analogy of a man being a beautiful tree? And are scholars even hedger, no weak authority authority all of them they have written articles treatises explain this hadith and will summarize some of these points in shallow tada of the symbolisms. And the most explicit symbol the Prophet system himself said the tree is evergreen. So the movement is evergreen. What does it mean evergreen, it means he's always alive, spiritually alive. greenness is the sign of life, it is a sign of optimism. It is a sign of hope. When you're walking in the desert, you're tired, you're hungry, you look in the distance, you see a

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beautiful group of date palm trees, your spirits will go high, you will feel their safety, their security. So to the Mothman provides that safety and security that optimism as this as well. The symbolism of the tree, the prophet of the Lord or the Koran tells us that its roots are firmly established us new habits. And so to me, man, it anchors you in the ground, it gives you meaning in life, stability in life. Life throws many things that you problems of this world social problems in problems of finance, problems of marriage, problems of work, life is nothing but problems. Eamon gives you that stability. It allows you to stand in the wind and the storms of all the problems that

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come and Allah says the roots are firmly established, you have stability, your agenda is set. You know why you're here, and that is what a man provides you as well. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that the branches of this tree are towering in the sky. And the date palm is one such tree that our profits are mentioned. It is generally speaking a larger than average tree. It's a beautiful tree. And in fact, as a footnote here it is a tree that universally is considered to be beautiful, even in this land, which is not a land of date palms when it was first introduced 150 years ago by some of the Arabs that had come to trade introduced in California. They loved it so much as you know, people

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in California and Florida began growing the trees until now they think this is part of their civilization as well. The date palm is a beautiful tree. It's a majestic tree universally.

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acknowledged as a beautiful tree and our Profit System compared emaan to the date palm. Another benefit as well. And this is a little bit some of our modern scholars have mentioned this is not mentioned in the classical books. Our modern scholars have said that it is amazing that a man is compared to a tree because the tree is the universal symbol of life. And in fact the building block of life life as we know it, it begins with the tree. It begins with photosynthesis. It is the oxygen that is given out by the tree that allows us to live and Allah subhanho wa Taala compares a man to the tree without the kalama you have no oxygen without the Kalima. You have no fruits to pluck.

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Without Takayama. You have no wood to build your houses your spiritual houses, like the tree provides you each and every facet of your life, especially in the Medina society, their food, their housing, their roof, everything came from the date palm tree, they could not imagine life without the tree. So Allah says the Kadima is that tree, there is no life without the tree without the Kadima of La ilaha illAllah you don't have spiritual oxygen without La ilaha illAllah there can be no life of the heart without La ilaha illa Allah as well Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that its branches are raising high. Our scholars have said this is a symbolism of many things. Number one

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there is in this world, the Mothman has a sense of reserve, he is never going to be humiliated in his heart. Even if the outer forces seem to conquer him his heart will never be conquered because he has there is that that Allah gives him also the symbolism of being raised up IE to gender Eman lifts you up to gender like these trees they have their majestic heights where photograph is set up as well. The symbolism of a tree being seen from far and wide no matter where you are, you can see the tree that is branches are towering in the sky. So to me man is not going to remain hidden. You cannot hide your Eman. It is self evident in how you act and how you talk and how you deal with

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others. Everything manifests. You're a man, a man is not something that will remain hidden in the heart It will be shown and demonstrated and become a beacon like that tall tree becomes also Allah says in the Quran that the tree is giving you its fruits throughout the year. And the Prophet system said that the date palm is green throughout the year. So the meaning is that the movement is fruitful throughout the year. No matter what stage of life The movement is in from the child to an adolescent to a young adult to a middle aged to an older person. The date palm gives you fruits throughout the year. It's green throughout the year, it will benefit throughout the year. So to the

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moment Yes, there are cycles that the fruits are different, but the date palm is beneficial throughout the year. And it is a symbol of life throughout the year. So to the movement will be beneficial throughout his life as well. One of the tablet rune said that the symbolism of green, he said is the answering of Mustafa Buddha, that the door of the believer will always be answered like the life of the date palm is always there. So the moment when he calls out to Allah, the door will always be answered. This is yet another symbolism of the tree and of the movement. And of course, even the date palm when the date palm dies when the date palm is basically cut off from its roots.

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Even then the date palm is used. The date palm is used down to the last element, nothing of the date palm was thrown away by the people of Medina, they would use everything, even the leaves would be used for their roofs and there was a part of the stock that would be used to feed their livestock and the trunk would be used for their houses. Each and every element of the date poem would be beneficial in life and in death. So to the movement has a positive legacy in life and in death. Even when the believer leaves this world the knowledge they leave behind the impact they leave behind the people that they've changed the solder code that they've given. All of that will be a legacy even in

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their death, as they were a legacy in their life. And so this is one of the most beautiful metaphors and symbols that Allah gives of a man and of the Kadima about being a beautiful tree. And of course trees are of different sizes in mind is of different sizes and trees need to be nourished, a man needs to be nourished and the water of the tree is the water of a man that is the Quran and the Sunnah. And you have to read the Quran and follow the Sunnah for that water to be seeped in. And like trees, there are weeds that attack it. And the weeds that attack eemaan are the weeds we call sins, the more sins we have, they will take the nutrients from the tree and they're going to destroy

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maybe even destroy that tree. If we allow too many weeds. If we don't take care of that tree and we have too many weeds, then the tree withers away and the weeds of our eemaan are those that we call sins major and minor. So the more sins we have, the more our tree will be damaged. Therefore, if we want to have a beautiful tree, we had better water it

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As much as we can with our good deeds, we have better show it the sunlight of the Quran because Allah calls the Quran a noon it is a light it is a beautiful light and the Quran is the light to our man. So we water the tree with our deeds we show it the light of the Quran and we clear the weeds away of our evil deeds. When we do this the tree will flourish and grow larger and larger and as it grows taller and larger, so to our ranks will be raised in gender May Allah subhanho wa Taala perfect our demands and we'll continue talking about the analogy of a man in the Quran and Sunnah was set on motorhomers with loyal barakato