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exactly 835 years ago, exactly 835 years ago literally from not today, but yesterday, Salahuddin a UB marched into Jerusalem and freed it after almost 90 years of occupation by the invading Christian forces and he returned outside to its rightful owners. We ask Allah azza wa jal to return off soldiers rightful owners, we ask Allah azza wa jal for the return of version two of Salahuddin Allah UB. Now, the story of Salah had Dean's conquest, the legendary status of who he is, he marched into the city of forgave the majority of his people protected the Christians there from safe passage. He did not massacre them like the massacre the Muslims, all of this is well known and the OMA owes him

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a debt of gratitude we cannot repay Allah azza wa jal will bless him Allah azza wa jal Inshallah, we'll give him what he deserves. Today's brief Katerra will not talk about that conquest. Rather, I will go a little bit back in his life, and talk a little bit about the rise of Salahuddin and a UB and to shed some light about other episodes in his history in the history of the EU bits that perhaps are not as bright and shiny as the conquest. And there's a reason that I'm going to go into places where most people don't venture, there is a reason why I'm going to go to these ambiguous places and tell you some hard, cold, uncomfortable facts. And the reason is, that unless and until

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we recognize that such legends like Salahuddin and he is a legend, and such heroes like Salahuddin and he's one of our greatest heroes, unless and until we recognize that there are mortals and they're humans, and they're not angels, and that in order to do what they did, they had to go through paths and journeys that had some ambiguity before they get to the end results. Unless and until we recognize the humanity of our heroes, the next time that we see a Salahuddin and he does not fit the criteria of actual Salahuddin, but rather listen to me carefully. He doesn't fit the criteria and of the imaginary Salahuddin a UB that we have painted in our toxin KOTTARAS that we've

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been taught as kindergarten students as grade one students, and we portray a mythical a romanticized a legendary version of history. Well, then, when the next real Salahuddin comes, instead of supporting him, because we have not been taught history, we might be the first to reject Him and backstab him. You see, we live in times of great fitna and turmoil. And one of the biggest problems we have, we have lots of problems. One of the problems that is the most relevant to us in this audience, ie those that are coming regularly to the masjid praying five times a day interested in Islam, is the problem of radicalism Ultra fundamentalism hardcore going to the far right if you're

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like, This is of course our problem. As for the Ummah, its main problem is lack of Imam that's the Lord. But within the conservative Muslims within the practicing Muslims, one of the biggest problems we face is that it's so easy to go to the far right. And it's so easy to go down to this idealism and romantic understanding of how the past was, and all of you who are above the age of 30, you remember what happened 10 years ago with ISIS and Al Qaeda. And you don't know for a fact that we had sympathizers in our own ranks, who fled over there thinking that they're doing something religious in Europe, 1000 of our youth more than them went and joined this movement, only to

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discover this was a lie. We haven't been told the truth, and many of them died and were killed. Many of them are in jail right now. All of them regretted what they have done. But the problem in my humble opinion was that they were taught a version of Islam that was simply not historically true. And they were given this romanticized mythology. So when these radical groups come, well, then they get caught up in them, forget the radical even, you know, the far right within us, the hardcore groups amongst us, they need to be taught reality such that they understand

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If you want to effect change in this dunya, the angels are not going to come down to effect change. Change will occur at the hands of human beings and those human beings, they will have a lot of good, but they're also going to have another side. I hope you understand why I'm going here Wallahi it's not to stop for Allah burst your idea of what the bubble is, but it is to raise the bar of academics in the English language. That's been one of my goals for the last 1015 years. It's gotten me a lot of pushback and trouble but that's why I'm because I firmly believe if we remain in mythology for remaining platitudes. If we remain in kindergarten or grade one level, they almost never going to

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move forward. Salahuddin a UB was one of the best blessings of this Oma. But we need to know the reality of how he gets there. So that we understand God is not going to come down and act like Jibreel to get effective change politics, see ASA War, Civil War is going to take place before these types of things happen. Now, again, Salahuddin is a beautiful case study today, we'll mention only three simple points, because, again, a lot can be said, we're going to overlook the standard stuff, which is not a big problem, to be honest. And that is that Sol Sol, I didn't know you'll be in his youth was like most teenagers and most 20 year olds of his time, the sins that occur in that age

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that you repent from, they should not be mentioned, but do realize he was a regular normal teenager, regular, normal, young, 20 year old man, the things that they would do in the army and whatnot. This is well known, but that's standard and you know what, whatever happens and then you repent, we don't mention that we're not going to go down there, but again, never judged somebody. When they're 20 or 30. Because of a sin they've done. You don't know what the future holds. You don't know if they're going to repent from that sin. You don't know if they're going to turn over a whole new leaf like salida know you'll be did, let's mention three interesting anecdotes. The first, how did Salahuddin

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began his rise? How did he become famous? Actually, his uncle was one of the main military generals under noted Dean zenki. And it was new to DEAN zanghi OF design good empire, who was really obsessed with reconquering philosophy in which to liberate Palestine, and much of the tactics and much of the zeal, and much of the ideas and enthusiasm that Salah had they later did are taken from his mentor noteworthiness zonkey. It was new to Dean who wanted his entire life to see for this thing free, alcohol free. He didn't get to see that. But the ideas the vision, and this shows us as well. Sometimes you have to plant the seeds of today. A lot of people say what can we do with Philistine

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right now you know what, maybe I can do nothing. But I have to have the vision. I have to act like new to Dean I have to think one generation ahead. I might not live to see the fruits but I have to carry the banner the torch I have to carry the ideals for the next generation. So Salahuddin Allah UB, was drafted by his uncle to go to Fatimid Egypt long story. There was the ultimate empire in Egypt. You know, the ones that founded Cairo, the Ottoman Empire, were a sect of Islam called Ismailis, right. All of us India Pakistanis, we know what the Smiley's are, by the way, pause here footnote. This video is with four groups two and a half, three to three and a half groups, the main

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ones the other one is in the Burrup. The farmers were closer to the Bora okay, if you know your Indian Islam and Islam, the Buddha theology, the Baja rituals, the farmers were like them. So the Fatimids the other Sunni odema, including Imam Al Ghazali. And many scholars of the time, they all declared default limits. I'm just saying historically, they declared them to be non Muslim. Okay, I'm just giving you a historical fact. They said these are confort dynasty now. Long story short, the Fatimids were having a civil war and the Crusaders were coming in. The Falklands pleaded to the Zen good empire that Hey, guys, let's put our internal differences aside. We need help against the

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Crusaders and against other forces. Believe it or not, the zone gets actually agreed. But that comes at a cost and the cost is going to be what our forces are going to be given some some position within your dynasty. Long story short, so Father, Salahuddin uncle invades Egypt, repels, you know, solves the problem. And then, slowly but surely, the Zen good ministers become a part of the Ottoman Empire, certain things happen, which history has not solved. We don't know. How should I phrase this, a number of mysterious deaths occurred. We don't know how they occurred, but very convenient deaths, one after the other, which eventually caused Salahuddin himself to be appointed the Prime

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Minister of the Fatimid dynasty. This is really bizarre the Phantom is or is my ad Shia and they did not give allegiance to the Abbasids. But history has this course Allah's Cadet is always in effect, somehow. So big mystery how we still don't notice lots of whodunits and whatnot. And you understand one of the fingers points where it does, let's just leave it at that eventually.

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Salah Halina up becomes the prime minister under the ultimate empire. And he gives his Bae an oath of allegiance not to the Sunni Abbas Khalifa, but to the Fatimid Khalifa in Cairo. And he says I promised to uphold the ultimate dynasty and whatnot. So he basically becomes a thought to me citizen, basically right? He doesn't become smiley he remains Sunni, but he gives loyalty to the Fatimid Khalifa.

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Now, imagine if I share or ask back then share what is the verdict on somebody who abandons the Abbas Al Khalifa, and willingly becomes the prime minister of the Fatah limits? What do you think if I were a chef alive back then? Right? What do you think my verdict would be? Think about it, okay. Think about it. Because here, these are the reasons why I'm teaching you this history. These are the reasons to broaden our horizons and to make us understand Djibouti and Islam is not going to come down to free for Roslin, it's going to be us human beings. And in order to get there, you need people like Salahuddin and people that are doing things that politicians do military generals do. So

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he becomes the prime minister of the Fatimid dynasty, and assassination attempts are done against him and retaliation. He does exactly what everybody would do. And he gets rid of people that should be gotten rid of again, this is politics right? And slowly but surely, he establishes a base and he begins to Sunni ties for ultimate Ismaili. Egypt, the Ottomans were in charge, they would give you the Yvan the Sharia then he added height and Amman and they would have Sharia festivals, and they would have the home video home and they would have assured on all of these things. Salahuddin as the prime minister begins importing Sunni Roma, opening Sunni modalities which never existed in Egypt,

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slowly getting rid of Halal headed AMA and get rid of these things and establishing a power base. And then he does a coup d'etat in ultimate Egypt. He does now that he has established power, he does a coup d'etat, and he gives the hutzpah

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without mentioning the name of the Ottoman Khalifa. Ie This is now in the main messages of PA Hera, the way that the OMA worked for 1322 years until the collapse of the Khilafah around the world in every masjid, including the messages of our great grandfather's in India, whatever, even under British India, they would give the hot button the name of the Sultan, and the name of the Ottoman Empire. This was the way of the world you give the hook but in the name of the soltana the Khalifa, somebody in the UB when he finally had the strength and power one hotbar he told the guy the hottie do not mention anybody now, studies setting the stage and new spread that the hobo was given in

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nobody's name, no Khalifa was mentioned. And then, very conveniently, the Fatuma Khalifa dies that same week.

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Maybe he felt sick, maybe dot dot dot. And the next week

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the whole book is announced in the name of the Abbasids.

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And now Egypt comes under Sunni rule and he converts us HUD which was built by the Israelis to spread Ismail ism by the way, all of these soldiers from Indian whatnot they're from as her because of it as her all of the pocket was married is around the globe. And as HUD would send do arts the name Daddy comes from an ESA we take it as well as Sunni Islam. I'm called the dairy. This term dairy comes from her. During the Fatima time to this day, the body has called their guy a diet model of the term Dawa and dairy became invoked from that branch. Not that it doesn't exist in Sufism, but they're the ones who popularized it and we can take it no problem. In other words, he converted as

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her to what it is today. And he brought in Rhoda and scholars from the design medias. And if you've listened to my library chatter, then Islami has followed a certain strand of Sunni Islam, because they followed that strike and others have also followed it. And so since that conversion of faulty monism until our times and as he has propagated a certain understanding of Lasallian Islam, and I explained this in my library chat, so this is my first point over here that we see here. Salah had Dean as a politically savvy politician, and he was resoundingly successful. But what would a typical sheriff and Adam including myself, say, if you were asked about the tactic, I mean, somebody's gonna

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say yeah, Sheriff, this guy has raised his hand and sworn the oath of allegiance to the ultimate Khalifa. And then basically backstabbing them. I mean, even is that tactic legal or not, right? You see, here's the big difference. I'm sorry to be blunt here. Politicians don't wait for the fatwas of Lula Ma.

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The fact was of Obama that we give, we are in a different world and we should be in a different world. Paul

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The tissues have their own interests. They're not going to get, you know, the what does this shell say? They have, they have a goal in mind, cake, they have a thing that you need to do. be big. Be clear, I'm not saying the ends justify the means. I'm saying this tension between idealism and between practical reality. It's a fact of life. And we just need to understand it. Of course, a chef would say, I would say you cannot betray your true trust and oath. I would say this, if you given the oath to anybody. Firstly, you shouldn't have done that. But secondly, even if you did, how can you backstab and do a coup d'etat? That's what you are supposed to say? That is the default of

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theory of idealism. But again, the world doesn't work on idealism, and politicians and generals and whatnot, they do what they need to do, and let us complain them, let us do what we want to do. That's the reality of the world we have to live with this tension is the first anecdote, the second anecdote or the second incident. Now that Salahuddin is take takes over Egypt, nominally Salahuddin is supposed to be under noted in a zenki, nominally under the rules of whatnot. He's supposed to be the vassal, he's supposed to be subservient to new to Dean. But all of a sudden, he has an entire wealthy land Egypt, and he is in charge. And how can do to Dean enforce his power on Salahuddin? So

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now for the next decade or so, begins the next awkward, ambiguous reality. And that is the rising tensions between two luminaries, two stars, two heroes, this is well known read any book of history, read any book of history from those times up until our times the well known tensions between nudo Dean and his mentee Salahuddin, the mentor and the mentee, so much so that new to Dean actually decided I'm going to have to invade Salahuddin. And he began preparations for civil war between the Ayyubid dynasty Alladhina UB and the Zen get dynasty because Salahuddin had basically disobeyed him plenty of times had taken control the various cities that were under then good rule, he's expanding

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his own power against us and gets not listening to new to Dean. Eventually new to Dean says this means war, and he began to plan for a civil war brothers and sisters, if the Sahaba themselves went to civil war, do you think that later generations are going to be better? Please, we need to, again flutter back to reality. Now I am the chef of that time, Chef. What do you say between these two people find stuff but Allah or the biller? That's what we're supposed to say. Correct. And I would say it back then, and I'd say it now. But new to Dena Salahuddin are not interested in your so called these fatwas, they have power and they have courses they need to defend and they have empires

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and they have taxes. And so Allah azza wa jal came in at Hamdulillah. We say that we were saved from that civil war, because nurudeen dies while he's preparing for war. Subhan Allah Allah is called he was an old man what not new to Dean passes away. And so there's no actual battle between Newtonian and Salahuddin. This is an awkward fact that we were one hairs with a wave of an actual war between these two heroes and legends. And this shows us that you know what, sometimes to great people to great respected heroes, they don't get along, such as the world of reality Subhanallah this happens amongst the scholarly class, you always have Buddha, Ma, they're good people, but their jealousies,

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their animosities get the better of them, and they become so angry against each other. This is corporate politics, you're all aware of it in your own corporations. Don't you understand this as human nature, whether you're politicians, whether you're the soltanto whether you're Buddha, ma shaytaan comes to you and you become blind and rage and whatnot, but you still might have a lot of good, Salahuddin is a legend noted Dina is a legend. The two of them between themselves may Allah forgive is a lot of stories and a lot of anecdotes. Allah saved us from that actual Civil War because of the death of Notre Dame zanghi. But then the last point we're gonna mention here, that

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okay, due to the passes away in 1174, and Salahuddin then basically again, this is really awkward to say, he turns his armies against not the Crusaders, the remnants of the Zen good Empire, and he lays siege not to Philistine right now. It's 1174 He lays siege to Damascus

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and captures Damascus there is bloodshed but he tried his best to be okay, we can say definitely he tried his best to be noble and whatnot. But in the end of the day, who is he laying siege to King Frederick and Rodrigo and whatnot. No. Damascus design gets the son of Notre Dame, the nephew of Notre Dame, he's laying siege to his fellow Muslims, bringing chef gassers you across. So what do you say about this? What do you want me to say?

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What would I say? What should I say? And what do they do? Again, we have to understand the reality between theory and between reality. Okay, the difference that clashes always going to be There he lay siege to Damascus. And finally Damascus surrenders. Then he turns his attention to hell of Aleppo lay siege to Aleppo. They surrender one after the other, and he conquers the Zen good empire. And now the queen on the throne. Her name was Smith. Her name was Smith cartoon, Smith, Khartoum. She herself was a princess and noted the and married her she her father was a famous commander and Solon new to the and married her on she was a young lady and she rises to power at the death of

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Notre Dame. She is the queen she is not one of those, you know, passive stay at home. Moms, no. She is a dynamic queen. And she has taken charge and she wants her cool to see her family's good to see. So what does Salahuddin do? proposes and marries her. She is in late 50s early 60s Salahuddin isn't 30s. Okay, this is a it's reality. You don't want the war, Hollis will just join and marries her. And so there's my cartoon becomes Salahuddin ins wife. And with that marriage, all of the other children and family and whatnot. They are basically placated. Literally sometimes with money sometimes with governorships, it's reality, what are you going to do? You don't want internal

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division, and these are sons and nephews of, you know, a dynasty you need to make sure there's no civil war. And so and by the way, where's this money gonna come from? Where's this money gonna come from is Salahuddin a multi billionaire? Did he found you know, Microsoft? Where's this money coming from? Think about it. What do you think the people will say? So again, put yourself in that situation. This is real politic as the term is, this is what reality is. So all of this is placated. Then what does he do? The year is 1174. He still has till 1187 1180 to march into to fall asleep. What's he doing the next few years, he turns his attention to other mini principalities that were

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somewhat semi independent in Mosul, in Iraq, in Al Jazeera in the ages, and he begins conquering other mini Muslim principalities. And when you say conquering, you understand this means war. This means bloodshed. This means armies and he began to consolidate the Ayyubid empire. Once again, bring in chakra so how do you what do you say to this guy who's attacking Al Jazeera? What is your fatwa? What do you think? I would say once again, this is why I'm teaching you this stuff because the next time we get somebody like this the same What do you say he has an alliance with this country he signed a peace treaty with whatever I don't want to be too explicit. But this is the way the world

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works. You're not gonna have Abu Bakr anomalously declare the Aloha, no, that was one timeframe 35 years that's why that timeframe is called qualified Russia Dune, it was a one off and even in their era towards the end what happened happened, you cannot change the nature of man so Salahuddin will be the third point we're going to finish off here. He consolidates finally below the sham and muscle of Egypt and Al Jazeera and Iraq and for the first time in 100 something years

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large portions of the OMA are finally united.

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And then he turns his attention to to whom

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the Crusaders

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now you asked me a fatwa Yes, we must go and do jihad. Yes. Okay. How about the last 1520 years where did my foot was go, it is what it is. So to get Salahuddin you will be to get any mover and shaker to get somebody who benefits in the real world. They're gonna have to do things in the real world. And you are not going to get some ideal utopia. It doesn't work that way. And by the way, how Allah Allah put him, even when he conquered and finished and whatnot, within a generation, half a generation, the Ayyubid dynasty splintered off because his own children and grandchildren began fighting over the kursi both the Zen get Dynasty and the Ayyubid dynasty are very short lived, and

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they just splinter out, but at least Alhamdulillah it's within the Muslim ummah. And so even when they split up, okay, it's still you know, amongst ourselves and the lands are Islam, there aren't lands of you know, Crusaders and whatnot. So bottom line and inshallah with this, we conclude

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if we truly want to help revive the Ummah, we have to understand people have different roles to play. And one of the issues we have is the religious folks. They are in a different set of parameters and bubble which is pure, and they can afford to be more idealistic, and I've chosen my grounds I would never want to be a politician.

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When Wallahi I don't like politics personally and I don't Is your your conscience you have to do things what not I don't like that world. But for me as a person of treading on the path of the prophecies mashallah as to where they want to do it's easier to be idealistic and to give these blanket for to us and perhaps I should but the OMA all of us need to collectively be more mature. If you actually want to affect change in the media and the social world in politics and whatnot, you cannot expect to preach ideal you know, simplistic slogans, because the world doesn't work that way. And you're gonna have to do things and this is not a justification. It is simply a telling you of

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the reality you will expect me to say haram haram haram let me say it in the end of the day politicians are going to do what they need to do and the good ones and how do you know the good ones? Allah you're gonna have to make a judgment call are they doing that which is overall benefiting the OMA is are their policies you can see that they love Islam and the OMA and there are insha Allah maybe some politicians alive that are you show you see a bit of a you know, attachment to the OMA, then you're going to have to expect they're also going to have some of these ambiguous things it's not justification, or are they blatantly selling themselves to the highest bidder. And

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one thing you notice throughout Salahuddin his career, you can see in sha Allah Allah His heart was with the OMA you can see he loved Islam he was overalls after his you know teenage years he was over all the righteous man praying reading the Quran, you see this reality but even as upon by the way even the you know, the mum looks even the the Mughal dynasty orang save others, you got to do things that you got to do, there's no justification, but if you study any history, the rulers are not like rouda MA and what they have to do is not what our first was come the saying is with this I conclude Inshallah, you cannot make an omelet without breaking a lot of eggs. Right? Okay, we all want to eat

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an omelet, right? Okay. So things are going to have to happen. The people who make the omelet, they have to take charge. I am not a cook, don't ask my foot was about how to make omelets I'm going to give my foot was based upon my theory and perhaps I should but understand the next time a figure comes, that is insha Allah to either bring in good for the Ummah, realize he's not going to be coming down on a white horse with a clear cloak with you know, nor coming from him. It's not going to be an angel from the summit, he is going to be one amongst us. And in order to get where he is getting. He's going to have to rise within the world of politics. And in order for him to rise

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within the world of politics or the world of social media or the then there's going to have to be this negative side. It is what it is you choose your path I have chosen mine and whoever chooses other paths well, they have to answer to Allah. And we ask that overall as long as their attachment is to Allah and wanting him for the Ummah We ask Allah blesses them with this insha Allah to Allah we conclude for today until our next lesson. Allah he

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