Wisam Sharieff – One Exercise To Open Up Our Feet – Posture Of Prayer

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker leads a group of people to a exercises where they will move up and down a step and use a step-by-step process for a rotation on their feet to build their legs. They will also use a mask to protect their ankles and prevent stress on their feet. The speaker then shares a video of a woman who had a stroke and trying to transform her life, emphasizing finding one's biggest self-investment, learning to identify her hips and knees, and finding one's best way to transform her life. They encourage others to practice socializing and finding one's way to transform their life.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate from within you. Welcome everyone postures of presence, postures of prayer is continuing today, we brought it down to our ground game. And today I do want to focus and continue on one exercise that will open up our feet. And that one exercise is to bring our fingers. So Peace be upon you, around you and May peace emanate from within you. Ye a coma Salam rahmatullahi wa barakato. So we're starting out today with a simple process. And today's posture prayer, we're going to do a few things. Because I want to evolve from the foot today. I want to move up. So if you could, and I know

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a lot of us not so comfortable. I don't know if it's just in America.

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But people not Yeah, I think it's more of a Westerner thing. Not so comfortable with their feet. It's like an EU put socks on EU toes. And I wonder, as the people who wash their feet five times a day, I'm like, but what's the tricky part? Like if you didn't watch them, then it was a key, right? So we're gonna move here, let's see if I can get you a little bit of lighting. There we go. barkcloth here, and you're just getting the underside of the massage table, the physical therapy table. So today's goal, what are we going to do? We're going to work on opening up our ground game, almost 50 bones in our feet. And that will that will create the stability in our knee. And in our

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Yes. All right, friends. Let's try that one more time.

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If someone wouldn't mind putting it in, in the chat box. So that way the recorded group because whatever you put in goes to the recorder group. Yeah, you can put in that one minute. 55 seconds. Camera drops, I feel like someone would appreciate knowing that. So let's move on to our exercise. I'm going to show you first with with the work here. Now, if I put my finger between the baby toe. Now how many of us right now can take it down to the floor? And can we say most of us don't feel the baby toe? Right? You don't feel it? If I'm touching down here, do you feel it? No. Right? You're like, Wait, that's a part of my job. Yes, that's the last toe we're gonna work on this. A lot of

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people are like, Oh, I should work on this toe. It's the last thing because it's the way we wear shoes today. You won't feel much. So now I'm going to start for to see can you feel the second toe? And do you feel the spacing? That's the key thing. A lot of us can barely feel the tips of our toes.

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Okay, tips of our toes. But can you feel the joint? Can you feel the knuckle if you will? Now, if so, I'd like to now if so lace the pinkie, it might feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning and some swollen joints in between. But if you notice now look, I've got my fingers in between there, right? Ah, nice and tight. And now what am I going to do slowly, I'm just rotating. See that even even in the mannequin, the whole foot has released. It's amazing. It's a very well made structure. Because when I put my fingers here, all the tension that would that keeps this locked in and keeps my ankle grinding. Look at that. It's free. I know you can't feel it. But

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I'm excited. It's it's exciting because the pain that's in your foot right now. We could have I think I just released it. Someone in the recording live had tension here. And then when I'm like oh come to the prayer they can't. So today we'll try to do it together. If you want to come join me please. If you think it's it's like oh, it'd be much feel must feel funny to do. Yeah, it's really funny until you realize somebody out there is doing this with me. So you find a posture of dignity if you want to you can sit on your ball. Give them giving you some posture, so you depends on where your toes are. If you haven't been in a place to work on your feet, you can sit on the ball, and if

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not, just right after the law, you finish the law. Your foot is comfortably here. Remember, don't sit through your hips, you're going to stack them and then right after the prayer this is one exercise you can do on the masala in considering your feet are clean 123 I'm lacing them in and then once it's laced

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It's just a simple rotation. And it there's no stress. I'm not, I don't need to be a Mazouz. But take the pressure off here and we see the rotation. When I'm rotating. Ah, you feel a little little, the little creaks and cracks. And as if you don't have to be angry with your foot, this is the foot that's gonna walk you to over the path to paradise. So I want you, if you could, you just feel that little bend inside, and then you rotate. This is the simple activity, if you can put your finger inside the joint inside your ankle joint. And I know ladies, sometimes we're like, No, my ankles are really tight. And guys, that's why they hurt their ankles when they play basketball. And then you

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come into the salon very wobbly. So I know some of us are saying I have knee problems, knee problems, my dear the salon will help us in all parts. But we have to start with the ankle, because we're going to build our way up. So if everyone got it, now, just with that rotation, my foot now is landing differently. I'll try it now naturally, my knees are on the ground. If you can't make it to this posture, I'm going to do another abbreviated one, as well. VRP we'll see in a moment. So here's my foot. Remember, I'm not trying to pull on anything that I'm connected the whole time. Lace the fingers 1234 And five. And now once you have a good clean thing, take the pressure off the ankle and

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rotate Husby Allahu La ilaha illa who are Nikita walk into a horrible Asha out

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yes, we will have to understand that sister Muslim i You've seen the story video though, right? I was in a wheelchair. And I only share that with my postures of prayer people so that you can understand.

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Oh, that's so awesome. That is so awesome. Sister Muslim. I feel like we're gonna learn so much. If anyone caught the comment. She's a licensed physical therapist. This is gonna be so awesome. Could you please help us and teach us to learn? Like a whole bunch of things? That's going to be excellent. Please, please let us know. So can you give a comment to reach this stage or even to get my hips back to where they were. I went through so much massage therapy, physical therapy, awkward hydrotherapy, like being in the pool treadmills

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walkers. And all of them helped me to build myself back up on the come up on that seven minutes. So let me complete that again. That's my right foot. lacing. One, two, and three. Now not everyone is going I'm showing this because I have to lift for the camera. If I had a really cool camera, I bring it down. But most of you don't have to lift it up like this, right? Because that's the, that's the hip flexor. I don't expect that now. We're going to get there together and stop telling me you can because if I could inshallah you will even better. So here's the knee. I'm taking a little bit of pressure here and that simple rotation. Now I'm feeling did that does anyone feel the knuckle joint

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because these last two toes, I barely like, in the beginning, I never felt them. I was like, yes, they're there. But if you realize how my shoe looks, all of our shoes are worn like this, especially the expensive shishi hifi those are really tight on the feet for guys and girls. So let's try to open up the foot let's conclude here. This you could do after any prayer you can press the joints of your toes just holding them the way we would do and hold here you can hold a joint Subhanallah he will be handy here either the Humpty or the law and I've seen he was in the Arshi roaming committee that might be too long for you but that's a really good light for just a simple Subhan Allah Subhan

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Allah and and then find the joint that's it I know live this might have been really quick for you. But to those who are in the long term and are watching this months from now this is the path the path when I was told you will never walk again if you're lucky they used to tell me we'll get a plastic hip inside you and you'll get some mobility X y&z And all I'm telling you is we're in this together so that the salah will naturally make your life better and then when you get full circle and someone says have a retention Islam is good follow Quran and Sunnah.

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You got it right now you're gonna feel

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you're gonna feel a lot better. So

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Okay, so no sister Muslim family, I'm only sharing that with you and everyone else who had that 10 minute mark the phone may overheat, a vascular necrosis and both hips Crohn's disease with a 1513 inch resection of the terminal ileum. So they pull out in small intestine so did back in that, but then the hips were completely gone. New crows. This was stage two B, they did a deep

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of D compression on right and left. And then there's necrosis still in this shoulder. But 100 Besides that new nasty pop, which I'm working on pretty well, the body's been coming back medicine free. So farmers farm farmer car farmer car, thank you so much. But no more. We're all good to go. 100 I feel great, though, like between the do so what you guys are seeing today and I'll close off on this because I just from Love for Me to you guys.

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The journey has been long and some people said why don't you start journaling Ling your log from before. But this bringing myself back was from 2012. And I know that seems like a long time but there was a lot of healing. So I know you all want to lose weight

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah

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Okay, everyone, friends, I told you I have a little bit of wine a little while before it

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comes out. If you're okay, we'll continue here. We're in the grand revolution AQL studio portion. Let's see if we can get our conversation back to where it was. All right, friends. So

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I some people, I can't see the comments after they're said. But if I'm correct, one person was complaining of pain

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in your tip, like close to your tailbone.

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Give me a moment here.

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All right. So I'm going to conclude here on this one. Yes, there's a lot to do, guys. There's a lot to grow together.

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But oh, that was that was the point that we were talking about. And for those of you who are catching this, the phone overheats in the solarium, and I don't want to run the fan. I like it warm in there.

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If you get past the nourishment, and you get past the postures of prayer, I am leading you towards I want inner happiness, inner peace for you, I'd like enlightenment or whatever you want to call it.

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But the path is to take that metal and to bend it to form yourself, you have to go through a lot of heat interchange. So let's work together on the process. And I think the idea what I was saying is if you see all of this out here, the shoulders, the you want the hair and the skin and you you want to beam, it comes a lot, a lot of it is going to come from the inside. So for those of you who are looking for for the external, first work on and that's what I was saying those five years 2012 to, you know, come like just to last month, there's a constant growing and healing and self loving process, which I think a lot of people don't tell you and maybe scholars want you to figure it out

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by studying but not everyone has so many years to figure it out. So being able to love yourself. And then love Allah subhanho wa Taala is a beautiful route. It's a really nice way to go. Because then you're like wow, Allah, you gave me this thing. Let me take care of it. Taking care of you becomes your biggest way to get close to Allah.

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Mind changes the whole paradigm shifts. I'm praying Of course I'm praying I need to pray it's for I knew that if I prayed my hips would get better. Of course I'm going to fast Of course I'm going to love of course, and I'm doing it because almost not to take care of Allah's rights. But to take care of me like Islam is the maintenance manual for me. It sounds like a cool like something you put on a postcard. But if you really put yourself into it, you can worship your Lord and completely transform your life, better health, better skin better flexibility, strength. I am now stronger than what before the wheelchair. I want you to think about that. I am stronger than when I was pre Crohn's

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disease pre wheelchair pre tubes in my arm. All of this my health is better what hamdulillah have like of course but you have to go through the difficulties to go there. Alright friends does not love her and I don't like these come up in 15 minutes, postures of presence. today. We worked on our feet. I wanted to talk

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About now stepping on that balance ball, go to Amazon, Amazon, if you want to go online, there's like $15 balance balls, there's a $50, the one that I have is $51 or something.

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You don't have to buy anything, just get, you could even stand on a hot water bag, I don't recommend it, get those little things and when you stand on them 10 $12 It'll give you an idea. So this is to answer the Kocsis question. I believe that the tailbone pain if we can get ourselves balanced out, if we can get ourselves to balance ourself, and get comfortable in our posture, identifying our hips, and then really learn to identify the knees. And to me the curve the tailbone pain that we all experience, it comes. And this is again, my opinion, it comes because we sit. Let's see if I can get this. We sit through. Like when we sit this slouch that I'm looking at right here, I'm putting so

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much pressure on the tailbone. Right for right now. If you're sitting on your crack, you're gonna cause a lot of hemorrhoidal pain. If you're sitting, ah, you see the difference. I know I had to give you a visual and that's uncomfortable. But if you're now sitting as if you're as if you were sitting on a doughnut, as if you were sitting on a couch, I don't want to give an example. It's going to be horrible. Friends sit on a rose. That's what my doctors say after they took my intestines out. They were like sit on a rose. I was like, Okay, this will work. Friends. I wish you the best Saturday. I hope this weekend is amazing. I'm counting down to to my 30

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Yeah, your sit bone. Thank you so much. your sit bone. And I always think of just now when I'm sitting, if you can recognize, I don't want to drop the phone. But there's no tension, my knees can hit the ground, the pelvic bone can hit the ground. So anyone who watch, I'll try to do it for you. You see that I just let the pelvis go. Boom. Now if I sat like this for 15 minutes, or man, my tailbone would hurt, and the whole curve would hurt. So one last thing to leave you with. If you're ready, then identify, identify your hips, okay? And with a little bent, he's a great stretch the rigour and I'll bring you here, but it's a really nice stretch, because I feel like a lot of us have

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pain here and that midsection and when I do a proper ruku then I can pull all the way up. I'm not right. So from here, your eye and there's that there's that free space here. And then my lower back has the energy. I know you can't catch any of that the ankles. No, not that great. But I love to everyone, May you experience a positivity resonant full weekend, please go be someone's Jana. If I entertained you and you enjoyed any part of this, your husband, your wife, your kids, just go be somebody's Janna for five minutes. And then when they're like, why are you doing this but

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because I can because I can make you feel good. So if you could go do something special doesn't have be food or money or just just something warm and special, then I'll know that because of me. Somebody's day got a lot better. So if you had a good time here, please go do that for someone in your life shared love, share positivity, resonance, shared touch, share, connection, share thought and always keep your intention intentful Alright guys, I saw my econ or rahmatullahi wa barakato

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