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Hamdu lillahi Hamden cathedra on mobile rock and V mobile rockin Ali he came out you hit Barak, Pune or your Allah, all praises for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tayana abundant pure praise that is blessed in every way, just as He loves and he is pleased with Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad comas are late Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Mohammed Majeed Allah Burdick Allah Muhammad wa ala Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim in Nikka. Jaime de Majeed O Allah send your prayers and blessings upon the Prophet peace be upon him just like you send and and his family just like you sent your prayers and blessings upon Ibrahim Al Islam and his family. Oh Allah send your

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mercy upon the Prophet peace be upon him and his family. Just like your central mercy upon Ibrahim Ali Salaam and his family, you are the Praiseworthy, you are the mighty Allahu Allah Al hamdu Kulu Allahu Mala corbeil galima basalt, LaBelle, Salima? kobelt wala had the Lima Outland wala medulla Limon Herdade wala maltier Lima monart balama Ania Alima Autoit wala mocha Reba, Lima Walla, MOBA, either Lima corrupt Allah Matsuda Elena Amin Baraka TIG our Matic our photonic our respect, Allah Allah in Lucca na evil more prima la Vela your Hulu Allah azul Allama in less Luca Nyima yo Mala Isla while Hove Allama in

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Allama in eluna, Vika, Manisha Rima aka eterna a shell Rima notturna, Allahumma Habibi, Lena Iman was the one who vehicle Obinna worker healer in Alko, for our forsook our ICN. What I mean are Rashid in Iraq as well I'm of TuneIn Allahumma Dawa. Now Muslimeen will mostly mean well I'll check on your soil in a layer of Uzziah while I'm of TuneIn Allah, Makati, Luca ferrata, Ladino, because Ivana Russo, like so Dona and Cyrillic wa Jalla Allah hemrid Zacharia Ibaka Illa Allah,

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O Allah subhanaw taala All praises are for you and you alone, there is no one who can close what you have opened. There is no one who can open what you have closed, there is no guide for whoever you have allowed to go astray. And there can be no one misleading those who have guided there is no one who can give what you have prevented and there is no one who can prevent what you give. There is no one who brings close what you have distanced and there is no one who will distance is what you have brought close. Oh Allah, open up upon us your blessings, your mercy, Your favors, and your wealth and resources. Oh Allah we ask you for lasting happiness, which does not change nor disappear. Oh

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Allah we ask you for riches on the day of extreme poverty. And we asked you for safety on the day of fear. We ask you Allah we take refuge in you, Oh Allah, from the evil of whatever you have given us and the evil of whatever you have prevented, or Allah instill in us a love for Iman, beautify it in our hearts and make us detest disbelief in morality and disobedience. Oh Allah make us from those who are on track and rightly guided wala let us die as Muslims and let us live as Muslims and late raise us in the company of the righteous or Allah don't raise us with those who are disgraced nor with those who gave into temptations. Oh Allah fight the disbelievers who deny your messengers and

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deter others from your path. or Allah bring upon them your punishment and torment. Oh God truth Allama in Naruto becoming a factory while killed he was the lativa naru the becoming another Lima OH NO, Salam. O Allah we seek your refuge from poverty, from scarcity from humiliation from being unjust, or from being treated unjustly. Allahumma in Nairobi comienza linear ematic What the How will you fee attic or Fauja Tina chromatic watch me Are you Celtic? Oh Allah We seek refuge with you from the withdrawal of your blessings from the reversal of good health and well being from the suddenness of your punishment, and from all of your displeasure and anger. Aloma Inanna law come in

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psychotic Bobby mareva Attica Minako Baddeck when we come in color and obviously it's Anna and I like and Tacoma as Anita Allen lovesick hola We seek refuge in Your pleasure from your anger and displeasure. We seek refuge in everything

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Teacher reprieve from your punishment, we seek refuge with you from you, we cannot count praise, we cannot count it we cannot count your praises, you are just as you have praised yourself Allama in Ruby criminal charges you will caston while Jubilee waldvogel While Harami when are all becoming either we'll cover when we come in fitness ulmaria Well Muhammad, who Allah indeed we seek refuge with you from weakness, from powerlessness, from laziness, from cowardice, from greed and extreme old age, Allah We seek refuge in You from the punishment of the grave. We seek refuge in You from the trials of life and the trials of death.

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Oh Allah subhanaw taala Allah Allah in our all the bigger Anushka because he

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was several Federico Lima Allah Allah Allah, O Allah, we seek refuge with you that we associate anything with you while we know and we seek forgiveness from you for what we have not known.

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Oh Allah subhanaw taala how you ya Are you Bureau Hama Deaconess, the wreath or ever living or eternal Sustainer exclusively by your love and mercy? We seek health a slash Lana shenana kula without Akina Illa, unforeseen Altorfer time Oh, Allah fixed all of our matters and all of our affairs and don't let us be in charge of any of those even for the blink of an eye Allahumma Antara buena hola

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hola Katana wah

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wah national Allah Digga Digga Mustapa Anna Nehru the becoming shell Rima Santa Ana, when a Gu laka be near Motyka Elena Manabu laka we do know Bina fall fair Lana for in a hula flow the Nova in LA and Oh ALLAH Indeed you are our Master, you are the only true God worthy of worship. You have created us and we are your slaves. And we are trying our best to live in accordance to your command seeking the fulfillment of your promise or Allah We seek refuge in You from the evil of what we have done. And we return to you in forgiveness begging you for forgiveness, because of your blessings upon us or Allah we return to you begging for your forgiveness with sins hoping for your

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forgiveness, so forgive us O Allah indeed no one forgive sins except you

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la McPhee Lana don't obey Anna what was said Alana V dudina, Baba recliner, FEMA Rosa Katana. Oh ALLAH forgive our sins for us, expand our homes for us, make us happy in our homes and bless us with wealth and resources that you have given us. Aloha my Naga for one to Hibbeler alpha for Anna. Oh Allah you are indeed the One who is always forgiving and merciful. And you love to forgive so forgive us completely alone. My Nagar for one, Kareem on to hibel alpha of one llama Nagar fu one Karim on table alpha for alpha one Allama in Algemene Aloha E coli, G. G ma alumna I mean, who am I alumna alum when I would have become an usher E coli, G. G ma Lim Nam in Houma, La Nina alum llama

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in a local Jana Tamako Raba la colina Wimal one when our rules will be given another Yamakawa in our in our annual wellness look, I mean I look at my salary, I would look I would also look at Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when it's the Evoca Messiah come in who I would look I would also look on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam when I saw you come up Luca cada Et Al Anam in Amarin and caverta who Russia Oh Allah subhanho wa Taala indeed, we ask you from the best of everything that you give us the best of everything, the immediate and the delayed from whatever we know and whatever we do not know. And we seek refuge in You from the evil of everything, the immediate and the

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delayed, whatever we know and whatever we do not know oh Allah we ask you for Jana, who Allah we ask you for Jana, and for whatever words and actions that take us closer to it, who Allah We seek refuge in You from hell, Allah We seek refuge in You from hell, Allah We seek refuge in You from hell, and from whatever words and actions that take us closer to it. Will Allah we ask you from the best of what your sleeve and Your Messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked you for and we seek protection with you from what your sleeve and messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sought protection with you from we asked

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You all love that whatever matters you have decreed for us whatever it is, you have decreed for us that will happen to us in life, that you make their end a source of guidance and happiness

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Allama in Lucca Eidelman Pharaoh, what is on top even worse? Or MLM MotoCorp Bella who Allah we ask you for knowledge which is beneficial and sustenance which is pure and abundant, and deeds which are accepted when our old will become an idol Mila Yan far? Amin Yaksha window in you smell I mean I am in DiMera and Allah we asked you to protection from a heart that does not remember from my eye that does not cry from a dua that is not accepted and from actions that are not accepted and knowledge that does not benefit Allahumma in LA Alomar in Avila Turin arlena one sunnah Tonzura Elena one kulana Allah tam Quran Lena wa Dena were sitting Houda Elena one sooner Allah Amanda arlena Allah my

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Rob budget manager I'll let Robin laka shaka laka Corinne laka herbing laka

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laka Mook beteen elago our Hina Mooney been Robina Taco Bell so Bettina. Well, we'll see how button will Ajay bedarra What Anna was a bit who Jana was suspended and Sina Tana Wha The Punahou wanna Wasco Sahar email sudo Rena, who Allah subhana wa Taala we ask you to support us, don't prevent us, help us when prevent us from losing plan for us, not against us. Will Allah guide us and make it easy for us to follow the guidance? Oh Allah help us against those who have wronged us or our Lord, make us those who are always grateful to you. Make us of those who always remember you. Make us of those who always fear you. Make us among those who are always obedient to you. Make us of those who

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are always humble in front of you. Make us of those who are always turning to you in repentance, or Allah accept our repentance except our Tober Oh Allah accept our Tober Oh Allah accept our repentance. wash away our sins, respond to our dramas strengthen us with evidence in support of the religion, fix our tongues so that we may speak the truth, guide our hearts so we can control our emotions and remove all hatred and rancor from our hearts Robina Tina Fey dunya Hassan

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Hirata Hassan Joaquina Bernard L O Allah Our Lord, give us the best in this world and the best in the hereafter and deliver us from the fire of hell. Allah Muhammad will Quran Allah Allah Allah Imam on one on one who don't want Rama Allama the key Naveen Kumar, who Sina y Lim Nam in Houma Johanna was open Atilla water who Anna lady what are often the How was your angle? What's your aloo hood? jetan Anna yo Malkia maturo Alameen wa jal who pajetta Anna Elena wealthy Yama ro Allah have mercy upon us because of the Quran because we recite it and and we heard it and make it a source of guidance and a source of light for us. O Allah reminds us of it what we have forgotten. Teach us

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from it what we don't know and allow us to recite it and all times of the night and all times of the day. To Allah make it for us a source a proof of our iman on the Day of Judgment will Allah do not make it a source of regret on the day of judgment for us alumni in our in our iba doc Banu arriba de Bono EMA Ignosi in via Deke Mauldin Vina hook Mark Adlon fina for law oak NASA Luca llama because we couldn't listen who are like some major be enough set ourselves the whole vikita Big our lambda hadn't been halted. I was supposed to be if we are in the middle of it we are in Duck and dodge Allah Khurana Laulima Robbie Jacobina when Rasul dorina wa JELA. Nina, were the harbor humo mean our

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Gumina or Allah we are Your servants, the children of your servants. Our matches are fully in your hand.

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Your decree is fully, fully applicable upon us. We ask you with every name of yours that you have sent down in a book, or have taught to a person or have kept it in the secret of hidden from the rest of us. We asked you by all of your names that you make the Quran the spring of our heart

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It's the night of our chests. The thing that takes away our grief. The thing that brings us comfort and joy. Aloma Yamaka liberal Pulo with a bit Hello Barnala Dainik Oh ALLAH alternative hearts strengthen our hearts on the religion. Allah Matsuda Juan and mustafina equally makan Allah monsoon economist of the fina frequently makan Nanako Mara Humala gonna lay him on sort of Ramadan Surah lay him on koulamallah temporarily him along messenger Houda la him la Malika, bizarrely mean of a non line which is eunuch la Monica Rizzoli, mean of a non line or the zoo Nicola Malik is Darling Mina will slowly mean wirklich Nam In benei him certainly me mean or Allah subhanaw taala help our

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brothers and sisters who are pressing around the world, or last month to be at their aid or protect them Oh Allah subhanaw taala from those who are oppressing them, or Allah, give them patience to bear the difficulties give them victory quickly Yeah, Allah give them quick victory Oh Allah subhanaw taala Wallah you will see what the oppressors are doing. You see what the persons are doing? They cannot escape you. Oh Allah take care of the oppressors. Yara al Amin. Renata cobalamin, in Ntaganda Simeon Aleem Matoba Elena in toa Rahim O Allah accept from us you are the one who is all seeing and all knowing and accept our repentance. You are the one who forgives. Llama llama taka

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Balbina in the contest Milani Matoba Elena in totowa Rahim Rabban Allah to the Apollo banaba in Medina, habla na Milan Kurama in our hub where our Lord do not let our hearts deviate after you have guided us, bestow us bestow upon us Your mercy. Surely you are the best of those who still are earthly Rudaba Anna Anil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen at the end, All praises are for Allah subhanaw taala