Zakir Naik – Qur’an says that Allah is the One Who Leads Astray then how can He Punish the ones who Commit Sins

Zakir Naik
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This question is from Abdul,

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Qadir Kabir, from Nigeria. The Quran mentioned that it's Allah who guide whom He wills and lead astray whom evils? If Allah is the One who guide then how can he punish the ones who Allah district?

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And that's a very good question

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asked by Abdul Qadir.

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What he's referring to is a verse of the Quran from cerebra him chapter 14, verse number four, that is Allah who guides who wishes and he leads astray who wishes. So based on the verse of the Quran, the question is posing, then how can Allah punish

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those people who have gone astray if Allah want to do this, before you've done so I'd like to give an example, that if there is a teacher,

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who is teaching the class, and telling the students that this is the portion of the examination, and the teacher is the complete portion of a particular subject, gives the textbook the rules and regulation.

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And there's one student who's very intelligent to come and ask the teacher questions that the teacher clarifies give them more time. Then another student who bunks the classes, who keeps on teasing the teacher in the classroom, doesn't obey the teacher criticizes the teacher doesn't ask any question. But as the teacher realizes that that student who's intelligent and asking question and the teacher as guided him, is bound to score good marks in the examination, and the student who plays hooky, and who criticizes the teacher doesn't listen to the teacher is bound to fail. After the year, the examination takes place, and the teacher give first class first to the first student,

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and fails the student who was playing hooky who was not interested in studies, who criticized the teacher,

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Dinah 32 didn't say that the teacher is not just

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for student, the teacher supported,

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answered the question

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and passed him and gave him first class first. The second student

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didn't help him and failed him.

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It isn't logical, because the first student went out of his way to ask questions and clarify whatever we didn't understand, the teacher answered, which is even the second Shouldn't we have done that? The second student neither asked any question criticize went against the commandments of the teacher is bound to fail. So how can you blame the teacher that why did the teacher fail him?

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Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran in surah chapter number 67 was number two, a lovely colorful motto will have it Allah was created that and life to test which of the Quran deeds, so this life is a test for the hereafter. Allah subhanaw taala have laid down the rules and regulation for human beings in the Glorious Quran. The rules and regulations how a human being should follow the commandments of Allah He has sent feminine revelation. But the last and final revelation, which is available in the authentic form, in the original form, is the religious Quran. And for details, we have to refer to the Hadith of the Beloved Prophet Musa al Salaam. Allah further

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says in the Quran, in Surah, uncovered chapter 29, verse number 69, that all those who strive, do jihad, strive and struggle in the path of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will open up his path with Allah faith in Surah Kapha chapter number 40 Verse number 28. But Allah will not guide those who do transgression and those who tell lies. So Allah is very clear cut those who strive in the way of Allah subhanaw taala Allah will open it with pathway that put them in Jannah all those who do transgression and do sin and rely on a loving man back then. So those people who are misguided are not following the rules of Allah subhanaw taala given in the Quran and Hadith. Similarly, the

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example of the teacher that is put in who wants to learn more ask question then strives to know more knowledge is the example of fully uncovered chapter 29 Verse 69, that those who strive in the way of Allah subhanaw taala Allah will open up the pathway and put them in Jannah for those people who are not obeying the commandment Why should Allah guide them for less right he will lead a strip some people who he wishes and He will guide some people who he wishes a legged arbejde okay fine, you look handsome, I will guide you don't look at them I will not guide you know, there are rules and regulations. That if you follow the commandments of Allah Subhan Allah will guide you if you don't

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follow the commandments of Allah subhanaw taala if you do some regression, if you do thin if you do ship and Lebanon guide you so what is it logical? So why are you blaming the teacher when she or he fails the student for euros?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is not guiding him because he's doing sin. And a person who does sin and strive and ask for forgiveness. Allah takes him out from darkness to light versus the Quran. Allah takes a person from darkness to light, those who have the desire to follow the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. Even if they sin, if they ask for forgiveness, and they'll forgive them, Allah will lead them to the state but but those people who abuse Allah Who do share it, who don't follow His commandments, surely, he will lead them astray, leading a stream if they will go to channel so this is totally logical.

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Allah subhanaw taala is the boss just as Allah says in the Quran in surah Nisa, chapter four verse number 40. Allah is never unjust in the lifting of them for the question.

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