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Mirza Yawar Baig
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shanna Phil MBA when mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah. He is among the highly highly he was over salam to Steven cathedral cathedral. For my brothers and sisters, we are in the

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in our Akita lesson and we are talking about Allah subhanaw taala Gela gelato

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and we are saying here

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that when we talk about Allah subhanaw taala.

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We know that what Allah subhanaw taala said, rasool Allah Azza wa sallam with regard to himself and how he is, we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala is perfect. When we say Subhana Allah, it means Allah subhanaw taala is perfect. And Allah subhana Delos perfect in every aspect, in terms of his that he suffered his fall

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in terms of his person, in terms of his attributes, in terms of his actions, everything that Allah subhanaw taala is everything that Allah subhanaw taala does, is perfect. Sometimes we may understand this perfection. And it may be clear to us At other times, we may not be able to understand this perfection. But we believe that this perfection exists. And that whatever Allah subhanaw taala does, is good and perfect. We know that his knowledge is perfect, and it encompasses everything, and is not dependent on anyone or anything. Allah subhanaw taala knows everything that exists, because he is the one who brought it into existence.

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He doesn't just know about something, he knows that thing in its most intimate detail. Because he is not simply an observer. He is not simply somebody who has discovered it, it is no he's not somebody who just knows about it, he is somebody who actually created it. And that is from every conceivable thing, from the smallest to the largest from the nearest to the farthest in every single aspect of it. His power is absolute and supreme, he created and he can and will destroy an end when it is his wish to do so. He can do anything he wants. And nobody has any say in it. His mercy is all encompassing and he can forgive anything and anyone that he wishes without having to justify that to

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anybody without having to answer to anybody for it without having to answer anyone's question about it.

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And any rules that he mentioned about himself, he made those rules and is not subjected to them. For example, Allah subhanaw taala said that his mercy overcomes his anger. This is something that he's saying about himself is his rule. And we asked him for this or hamdulillah but we do not say that Allah is bound even by that rule.

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And finally, Allah subhanaw taala always is and always will be and he is therefore unchanging and unchangeable.

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Completely and totally constant.

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Now, we will talk about two

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aspects. When we look at the

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at our lives and we look at the creation, one we call horror thriller, and the other one we call suna Tula Curatola Tala is the power of Allah subhanaw taala sunart. Allah is what Allah subhanaw taala does normally, that is his way. Now, Allah subhanaw taala can make and do anything he wishes and as I mentioned, is not subject to his own laws. But he made the laws of nature and therefore he does not change them, except in exceptional situations when he wishes to do so. For example, Allah subhanaw taala made he created other Malaysia law as a prototype. And he said He created him from clay.

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And then from Audible is Salam. aleikum wa Taala greeted him

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as a prototype as a full grown man, male. Allah subhanaw taala gave him life and from his rib, Allah subhanaw taala created is met

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our mother how Elisa, she again was created as a full grown adult woman

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And then Allah's reminder that created the process of reproduction as we know it. When a man and a woman meet, and they have offspring, and this is the process that others wanted to create it for all human beings to follow after Adam and Hawa, Alayhis Salam.

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So this is the process of production and reproduction of human beings. The odorata of Allah is the creation of Adam and Hawaii Salah, the Sunnah of Allah which is also the whole lot of Allah.

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It is also from the power of Allah. But the Sunnah of the normal way in which a human being is born, is when a man and a woman have sexual *. Having said that, in the case of Isa Ali salaam, Allah subhanho wa Taala produced a person, a baby, without the interference of any man. Maria Melissa ROM, gave birth to a child is at a salon.

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without the interference of any man. No man touched her. She did not have any man in involved in the matter.

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This is to demonstrate Allah subhanaw taala wants to demonstrate His power to say and show that he is not subject to his own laws. But if somebody wants to have a child and they say I want to have a child, I'm making dua to Allah subhanaw taala. What would you say to him? We'll ask, are you married, if you're not married, get married first, then may God Allah subhanaw taala. If you don't want to get married, if you are a virgin, if you are a single person, if you are celibate,

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and you want to have a child, you can make dua until you die, it will not happen, because a lover shall unless Allah wants but as a rule, it will not happen. Because this is the Sunnah of Allah, that the only way that a baby is born, is when a male and a female come together. And this is true for

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whatever Allah created with that rule.

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We also know that nothing moves or happens except by His will, and except with his knowledge. Allah knows everything which happens and everything which will happen, because for Allah subhanaw taala time is also his creation, and He is not subject even to time.

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Allah's around that I mentioned his glory and majesty and he said I will be live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Holy level Malik al molk to Tmall karma Tasha, what is the role model come?

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What Rhizoma Tasha, what was Illuma Tasha will be a decal. Hi. In Naka, Allah coolish I call the tubulin you lay laughing to legion of Elaine. But talk radio Hi em in El Mejia diva taco, the dual my youth I mean, hey, Pateros Omen, Tasha will be a very he's

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a lot smarter than I said, Say oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, O Allah, the possessor of the kingdom, you give the kingdom to whom you will, and you take the game the kingdom from whom you will, and you honor whom you will, and you whom and you humiliate whom you will, and in your hand is all good. Verily, you are able to do all things. You make the night to enter into the day, and you make the day to enter into the night, you bring the living out of the dead, and you bring the dead out of the living and you give wealth and sustenance to whom you will without limit without measure and without account. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be with us and to guide us and to help us

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last summer that again mentioned about his portrait about his ability, where you have Idoma Shah in Saudi Arabia and Allah does whatever He wills in Allah Hi yah Kumar, you read, Verily Allah commands that which He wills whatever he wants, he can come on and it will happen in sort of reminder

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that Allah said in nama Amaroo, who is Arada che and a cola who can for your code inserted into the ASEAN verily his command, when he intends a thing is only that he says to it be and it is.

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Allah does not labor and Allah does not get tired. Right? This is the distinction. One of the many distinctions that we have between our belief and Christian faith, where they say that Allah subhanaw taala. Now the biller labored for six days and on the seventh day he rested. We say Allah is not like us, Allah does not get tired. Allah does not need rest. We worship Allah because Allah

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is unique.

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Allah simply says B and it is a let us not have to slog and work hard, right and walk up a sweat and get tired and exhausted and then have to rest No.

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All of these are our attributes and we do not ascribe our attributes to Allah subhanaw taala. And we do not take Allah's attributes and assign them to any human being. This is the foundation of our taqwa and of our

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Allah said amata, SHA, SHA Allah, but you cannot will. Whatever you want will not happen. unless Allah wills. Ma sha Allah, Allah Yasha Allah. That is why we say in sha Allah, if Allah wills

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my brothers and sisters, the greatest pillar of the first and foremost pillar, the central pillar of the tent of Islam. Right Bruneian of Islam Allah hums comes in the foundation of Islam is based on five things. And the first and foremost of those five things, the central poles of the tent and the other four around it. The first one is to testify that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanaw taala and then Muhammad sallallaahu Salam is the messenger of Allah to say a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa shabu on our Hamadan rasool Allah to say a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa shadow lash Eddie Hello lol Monaco Allah whole hand Wahoo ala kulli che in The Guardian, watch had

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one number handler than I do, who are solo to say that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, who is alone. He has no partners. He has nobody who is with him in his in any aspect of his being or his or his work

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for him and belongs to Him everything

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which is in creation, and to Him belongs all praise and all things lovable, all our while actually shine Khedira and he has control and he's able to control every single thing. And we bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is his slave, and is his messenger and the last and final of them after whom there is no other. Please understand when we say that also Salam is a slave of Allah. This is not disrespecting the promises. This is to give him the greatest respect, because this is how he wanted to be addressed. They asked him how should we address you? He said say Abdullah was also the he said Abdullah was also the who he said, say I am the slave of Allah and His messenger

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Allah subhanaw taala 702 Lisara The first type of ceremonies right So Anna the Astra be Abu dishy, Leila Mina al Masjid Al haram, Elon Musk,

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Allah the baraka hola hola Nuria who Minaya Inna, who was Samuel Busey, Allah's mercantilism, He is Allah and all praise and all perfection belongs to him.

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Perfect is the one

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who took his slave, habla de his slave, his slave and Allah Akbar, as soon as as LM is live, this is the greatest honor that Allah can give to anybody, that Allah calls him his slave. So please understand this. When we say slave, we are not disrespecting grace or some that will be left. So testifying and bearing witness to La ilaha illallah necessitates it necessitates sincere and soul worship of Allah subhana Huhtala della della, who alone, negating and denying the worship of anyone, anything else, whoever that means,

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the meaning of Lila is that there is nothing that deserves to be worshipped except Allah.

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Therefore whatever is worshipped besides Allah, whether it is a man or woman, whether it's an angel or a jinn or anything, celestial body or river or mountain or whatever, we declare that this is false and invalid.

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Allah's Rotella said that he can be unknown Allah who will have one ma your own, I mean, dude, he wallbottle Allah say that is because Allah because Allah subhanaw taala he is the truth.

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And he's the only creator Sustainer maintainer of the lab, the God of all that exists and he has no partners and no rivals. And what they meaning anyone else meaning polytheists invoke and God besides Him is also the Lika be Allah who will have one Amaya the owner min Dune, he WalMarting

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My brothers sisters, it is very, very important for us to understand and be clear about the issue of the head.

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And to,

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not to not to get mistaken and misguided by anyone in this matter

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shaitan his cleverness is that he attracts, he attacks the root, because he knows that if he attacks the branches, even if he chops off a bronc, still the trees are life.

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But if you attack the root and it destroys the root, then the whole edifice

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the whole magnificent tree

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is destined to dry and die and become fuel for the hellfire.

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And the root is the root of Islam is Tauheed. It is the worship

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of only and only Allah. Though it means unification, though it means making something one or asserting.

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In this case, we are not making Allah is one. So we are asserting to that and we are

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we are asserting to the to the fact that Allah smart Allah is one come it comes from the Arabic word Wahida which means to unite or unify and consolidate when the term Tauheed is referred, is used with reference one last time that Tavi doula it means the realizing the affirming the confirming the accepting the maintaining of Allah subhanaw taala as unity in all matters in life in this world and the next and Tawheed alone

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differentiates Islam from all other religions. So, what is the * though it is the belief that Allah subhanaw taala is one and this one is not a number, it is the uniqueness of Allah subhanaw taala without any rival, any comparable entity or body, any partner in his follow via an earbud in his

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in his being worthy of worship, and in his worship, one without partner in his dominion, and his actions, meaning no partners in his control in what he owns, and in what he can do with what he owns. And this is pro movie, and one without anything on anyone similar in his essence and attributes, which we call the USMA was the fatty LiDAR, the names and the attributes, the names and the,

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the adjectives will describe of Allah subhanaw taala. So dahil Feola here. So heat field will wear and throw at a smile or suffer, these three are the branches of the forehead, there are three different parts or three different parts of it. This is the head in all of these when we teach it and when we learn it, we must understand it in in its entirety and this integrity comprises of these three things that we will hear delight Allah, which means the heat in the EBA of Allah, or hate, fear will be a delight, which means Tauheed in the, in what we understand about Allah subhanaw taala as the creator, the maintainer, the Sustainer

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the one two is our return, the one who does everything, the one who owns everything, and Wi Fi as well as if I delight Allah, which means the Tawheed the uniqueness, and the oneness, and and the

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and differentiate and the way new Nutella is different from anything anywhere else, with respect to his beautiful names and his

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and his effort and his

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attributes and to understand that Allah subhanaw taala is unlike anything in creation laser committee, he say you own. Allah is one that has said his order money is right, he is unlike anyone and anything in creation.

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Now, the three aspects of authority, as I mentioned, do sorry, don't worry the Rubia dahulu here and though he

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will smile was he fought three aspects that

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we used in terms of teaching of our head. And it's divided into these three ways and we teach it in three ways for ease of explanation not because there are three parts, the three are together they overlap they are inseparable to such a degree that whoever misses one has failed. In all, whoever misses one aspect has failed to come

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bleed the requirements of the heat, the, the omission of any of these three aspects of Tawheed which is why don't we do here, though we will be entering a small sofa, missing out or,

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or or joining anyone other than allow any of these associates to idolatry associates to shirk associates to the corruption of the heat

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and this becomes idolatry is become shared and do so these three are intrinsically linked.

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Now, the purpose of our creation is to worship Allah subhanaw taala. To be looking at these aspects of the history. So, first and foremost the purpose of our creation is to look at the is to understand that we are created for the worship of Allah Allah, Allah said or mark Allah to ginawa elderly, and I, Allah have not created the jinn and humans except that they should worship Me alone. This is the very reason for our creation. And in this case, when we say OLALIA with all we understand it also in the context and meaning of Illallah er the phone that Allah says Allah created us in order for us to know Him. And obviously the two are linked, you cannot worship somebody that

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you don't know. So therefore to know Allah subhanho wa Taala in the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds, is absolutely critical to the Tauheed of Allah subhanaw taala. Now 32 lluvia or 32 Ibadah are the same things, which means maintaining the unity of worship of Allah subhanaw taala. When a person enters Islam, he or she is bearing witness to the fact that he or she is willing to fulfill the purpose of the creation, when a purpose when a person does not worship Allah subhanaw taala or worships Him in a way that he did not prescribe. He is in fact denying Allah subhanaw taala and the purpose of his own creation. So denying Allah subhanho wa Taala are committing Sheikh are both Cofer

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in different ways. When a person is denying Allah altogether was in as an atheist. It doesn't he doesn't believe it, God is coming to go for but a person who is joining partners with Allah also is committing Gopher, and he's committing Sharpies, governing, shaking his head, so joining partners, but he's coming in cover because he's denying that Allah is unique. So therefore he is this person is has come in to cover and shift

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Tawheed on the loo here is the condition of entering Islam. When we enter Islam, we begin with the video here La Ilaha illa Allah, there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala though he did Olivia and if you think about his most people believe in God or Robert creator Sustainer but they don't worship him as it is his right to be worshipped. They don't worship Allah as the only one worthy of being worshipped. Right, they say they will believe in God, they believe in some, you know, universal super consciousness and whatnot they call and they worship them in in kinds of rituals that they create for themselves. All of this has shook

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all the Gambia and the

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the Aswani who have the divine books that came, including the Quran came with the same message of Rodia and Ibadah of Allah subhanaw taala alone without any corruption, any adaptation. And that is why we have to accept to enter Islam you have to accept the oluwo here of Allah subhanaw taala and not anyone anything else, this is the condition of accepting Islam. If somebody says, I believe in one God, this person has not entered Islam. He has to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala they, if he says I believe in one God or he believes in Allah, he said he believed in one God and he doesn't call him I you know, I don't like the name Allah I will call him something as that you are not a

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Muslim, you will never be a Muslim.

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Allah is Allah subhanho wa Taala that is his personal name. And we believe in Allah subhanho wa taala.

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the hidden Olivia, in spite of the wide implications of the other two categories of Tawheed, which is removed Beatrice and espouse the firm belief in them alone is not sufficient to fulfill the requirement of the heat. The heater Obeah and Tavi the Ross mouse device must be accompanied by their complement which is the reader Olivia and ibadah. In order for the reader to be complete, so worship is the proof of the other two. When we say La ilaha illallah which is our by our desire to enter Islam, there are three requirements a person's

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Believe La ilaha illallah in their heart, they should say Hola Hola. Hola. Hola Hola. Hamad was online with their tongues and they should live by that. Now, believing in the heart that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And that Muhammad Salah Salem is his messenger and his last and final messenger we believe this in our hearts and our minds witness. Then we say this I shall do Allah Allah Allah Allah, ye shall do. Muhammad Rasool Allah, we say this with our tongues, that there is no one worthy I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness or Mohamed Salah Salem is the messenger of Allah and the Last and Final of them. And

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then I live my life by that what does it mean? It means that I have said that only Allah is worthy of worship, and therefore I worship only Allah. I do not worship anybody I worship Allah actually approved. I prove my statement by doing that action. And how do I worship Allah in the way of Muhammad Salah Sir the way he worshiped Allah subhanho del Sol La Ilaha illa Allah. When Allah said there is no worthy of worship, except Allah. Then I stand up and say I'm ready. When you say Muhammad Rasul Allah, I follow Marcel salaam How do I follow by worshipping Allah, the way Mohamed Salah Salem worshipped Allah subhanaw taala and of course we do the same with all aspects of our

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life. We live our entire lives and we try to live our entire lives the way that was lived his life. Right so this is the proof, Salah is the proof of the caliber and that is why it's so important and that is why to leave Salah is to leave Islam. This is the thing that they all the Sahaba were

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booked of occasionally they were agreed upon. In the Hadees in Muslim Jabara Galarneau reported that a sorcerer Salam said between a man and Coover between a person meaning between a Muslim and disbelieve, and Cofer and paganism and idolatry is the abandonment of Salah. Meaning that if a person has left salah, he has left Islam Moretta Alana Delano reported in a hadith and Tirmidhi Surah Salah salem said that which differentiates us from the disbelievers. And the hypocrites is our establishment of Salah he who abandons it becomes a disbeliever becomes a Kaffir

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said I had to lay the buy in an hour by the homeless Salah from an out of pocket Kafala outcome aka the Serato salami said the I had to covenant the dividing line the differentiator between us and them between Muslims and non Muslims is the Salah, the one who left it has left Islam has committed Cofer. So by not praying, the person is denying his Eman. He said La Ilaha illa Allah, He said there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. But when the time to worship Allah came, he did not worship Allah. So he said something, but with this action, he denied it. So therefore he has left Islam

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or other sisters, I asked Allah to run it better to save us from ourselves.

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Anyway and you and myself also that the importance of dark, which is the

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the the linguistic meaning of Salah is actually dua but the the technical meaning of Salah in Islam is the prayer itself. So the confirmation of Torah the Rolo here, necessitates the denial of all forms of intercession or association of partners with Allah subhanaw taala. If someone prays to the dead, or the souls of those who have passed away, seeking their influence in the lives of the living, they have associated partners with Allah they have committed check. Because worship is being shared between Allah and His creation Surah Zan, Eduardo a bad. In another place. He said Eduardo McCauley bad. He said, dua is a bad and he said dua is worship. And he said, dua is the essence of

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worship is the brain of worship. So if you go to a grave, no matter whose grave is it, including the grave of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, there is no one in the world whose position is higher than that of Amazon salah. If you go to his grave or you go to any other grave of any other person about whom you believe that this person was pious, this person was I deliberately do not use the word Saint because st is a Christian theological concept. There are no saints in Islam. A saint is somebody who the pope denotes as a saint after they have passed away.

00:29:50 --> 00:29:59

We don't have a pope and we don't have saints Islam. Anyone who uses the word saints with respect to Muslim scholars Muslim sulfasalazine

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Sahaba and so on, is speaking with ignorance. There are no saints in Islam. It's a Christian theological concept. We have the that we have Olia of Allah. And inshallah next lesson we will talk about earlier. But right now, let me make this statement very clearly, that anyone who goes to this to the grave of Lazarus and Salem, or to the grave of any Nabhi, or to the grave of anyone who they think is a valley of Allah, and if they ask a favor from them, they are committing open ship. Or if they say to them, please make dua for me to Allah, that this should happen or that should happen. They are seeking their intercession and they are asking them to influence and they are asking them

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to talk to Allah and to make dua to Allah. For themselves. This is open shift. Please stay far away from this. We bear witness shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa shadow under Mohammad Rasool Allah, you bear with us that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And Allah Muhammad, Salah Salem is his last and final messenger who we follow, and therefore what we do what he did. And what he did was he told us to ask Allah, Allah Himself said, Oh, the only Aster diblock Who asked me I will give you He did not say go to the grave of somebody and ask them to make dua to me. He said, You asked me and I will give you so do make dua ask Allah subhanaw taala with complete and total certainty that

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he is listening to you. He knows you. He knows what you're saying. He knows what you need, and it is in his power to give you a few wishes. Your job is only to persuade him so beg and plead with him. Or Salah Alana bakery while he was a real member of the government

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