Oaths of Allah 02 – Al-adiyat – The Charging Horses

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The video discusses the history of Islam and the importance of directing people's attention to the truthfulness of their statement. The video also discusses the concept of in hesitation and the potential for in hesitation to cause suffering and injury. The video ends with a promotion for a book and resources for further learning.

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One of the things that we learn when you're looking at an oath, the purpose of an oath is not necessarily the oath itself, but you are directing people's attention to the truthfulness of the statements you are making through the oath a set Alec or Halawa. Welcome to today's episode of things God swears by in the Quran a 30 day series for everybody who is trying to consciously experience Ramadan and better understand and better appreciate the things that ALLAH SubhanA data swears by in the Quran and why he swears by them what they entail. Today's surah is Surah Al Asad yet and Allah subhanho wa Taala swears by these horses and I want you to imagine every movie you've

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ever seen of battles that were set in the past times and you see these horses and the way that they're charging into enemy lines and Allah subhanaw taala paints this picture at the beginning of sort of that idea it says well at the at the top these horses that are panting love his the sound that horses make when they're galloping fully, well idea the love for Moriarty and they're actually sparking flames. How hard must these horses be galloping to be igniting the ground underneath them? And Allah subhana Dias is for moody as the Full Movie Irati Subha and they are attacking in the morning time. The morning time is the time when there's actually wetness in the air. There's

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actually a lot of you know, there's there's Morning Dew and there's humidity and these types of things. And so for these horses to be kicking up dust and to be igniting it just indicates even more how fierce they are in their charge. And Allah Subhana Allah says, I thought I'll never hear NACA and so now they're stirring up dust clouds and they're stirring up dust clouds ALLAH SubhanA dices philosoph maybe Hey, Gemma, and then Allah says and they're running into the middle of the host, the enemy host and so they're kicking up dust. They're running right into the thick of the mess which causes even more dust to be brought up. And back to the movies that you've all seen that we've all

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seen. You know what happens to these horses they're getting hit with Lance's they're getting hit with spears, they're getting arrows rain down on them. And yet they are charging fully people are swiping up their legs, they're trying to take down the horses and the riders on top of them. But what is spearing these horses on what is causing them to walk into possible death not to walk into possible death but to gallop into possible death. Allah subhanaw taala then says in Al Insana, there'll be like Canute.

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Now, one of the things that we learned when you're looking at an oath, the purpose of an oath is not necessarily the oath itself. But you are directing people's attention to the truthfulness of the statement you are making through the oath, which is called julabo Casa there's the Casa which is the oath and there's Joab Wilkerson, what are you swearing to? So when I say I swear to God because there's not a lot for us to swear by anything other than Allah subhana data, but you say I swear to God, I went to the store, I swear to God, I didn't do that, right. You're really directing people's attention to the statement that you're making. And so whenever you are reading in the Quran, anytime

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you're reading through and you're coming across these oats, you want to park your ear you want to look a little bit closer for what is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada swearing to? What is Allah directing your attention to by swearing by these horses? He then says, in an insane illegal behavior cannot Allah Subhana Allah says that humanity is ungrateful to their Lord, they are Canute, Canada.

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connote basically means to be ungrateful. It means to disbelieve, it means to be stingy scholars and lympha city and hold different opinions with regards to what it means. But it all revolves around this concept of ingratitude that they are ungrateful to their master, and a beautiful meeting of the two. And a question to be asked is why does Allah subhanaw taala pair this picture of these horses with this statement? Well, what is causing these horses to gallop forward what is causing for these for these horses to rush forward into into all of this possible pain and injury and maybe even death? It is their loyalty to their master, it is there it is there it is their love for their

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master and Allah subhanho wa Taala says, humanity is ungrateful to their master. These horses are rushing into death, even when there is no promise of paradise for them even when their masters aren't the ones who created them and provide it for them with every blessing. But yet they do that for them. We are to do even more for our rock and not be canoed and not be ungrateful to him. I said it. Thanks for watching this video that's part of the oaths of Allah series presented by motive Islam about the motive is the leader in presenting premier Islamic education in the West. We've got a lot of great ebooks as well as Ramadan resources that you can download for free at a maga.org

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