Is COVID-19 A Test Or An Affliction

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Bismillah hir salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were banned. It is part of the pure and pristine teachings of Islam, that regardless of the challenges, difficulties and adversities that the human race finds themselves in Islam will always provide guidance, direction and navigation. In fact, the great Shafi scholar Imam nawawi Rahim Allah has made mentioned in the Shara in the commentary of Sahih Muslim Yoruba Rajan in Harlem, allowing him and matar a second and nessa in del Fitton, that it remains the moral and the religious obligation of a learned person, a scholar, any person with influence and you're second enough to give a sense of comfort to people at

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the time of tribulation. In my entire life. I've never witnessed anxiety, hysteria and Panic of this level. And I'm sure many even our own folks would not recall where the entire planet came to a shutdown, the entire aviation industry has been altered. The economic implications had been catastrophic. One of the questions that people ask in situations like this, is this a test from the almighty or is this an affliction from the almighty?

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And and the truth be told, we don't have that answer. We don't have that answer. And it's not within our domain and our jurisdiction to pronounce or to venture into those,

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you know, into those mysteries. These are unknown to us and known exclusively to Allah. In fact, I find it opportune I find it opportune and and I've been sitting and thinking and reflecting, and I'm sure every person people are trying to process this as the lockdown hits and the shutdown hits. And you realize it's real. It's tangible. Okay, that's it. It's not happening. Yes, the plans cancel programs cancel staying indoors, and it's a curfew in some countries. It's a lockdown. It's a shutdown in other parts of the world, but across the globe across the globe. So there's a verse in the 29th Jews in the 72nd chapter, verse number 10, in the chapter of jinn, in which Allah subhanaw

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taala goats, the macola, and the utterance and the statement of the dinar, and that was in a separate set of events, but I just find that verse into you know, it, it aptly describes the crisis of the world today. And this is the beauty of the Quran is the beauty of the Quran, that there are so many incidents that have had a moments and occasions that were revealed in its context. But when you take the verse it has such broader implications. So the Jannat had said one Lana during a short run, Derby man fill the

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derby, Mara boo Masada Wow, I wish you could understand this in you know, directly wonderla nidri And verily, we don't know a shuttle run or read a B man Phil. Has evil been intended for the inhabitants of the earth? Is that what's happening? Is this a rude awakening? is Allah angry with them? Is this the the the silent torment of the Almighty Allah be him or boom Russia? Or has their Lord intended guidance and goodness for them? Is this a gentle awakening to say stop all you know what? You had internal enemies now everyone has a common enemy and and and and rise beyond? These are the behemoth boom Russia all has their Lord intended good for them. Allah alone knows. So this

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is so amazing in the sense that when you look at the hysteria and the panic and anxiety that has gripped the world, and people ask this question, is Allah angry? Or is this a blessing in disguise from the almighty? And I say, Well, the short run only the women fill out, and we have no clue has Allah intended evil for the people of the earth? Or is this goodness for them in a disguised form, but this much is definite, the world is going to be a different place. There's no two opinions about this year. as as as people try and grapple and just, you know, hold themselves together amidst the storm that is crossing over.

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One of the common words and again, I'm sharing different verses of the Quran, right? One of the very common phrases today that are being used and very widely circulated on social media is self isolation is quarantine and social distance. So behind Allah, again, there is an idea of the Quran in a separate context. In a separate context, I want to be clear and explicit

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But there is a verse of the Quran that speaks about a person who had to self isolate himself not for three weeks or a month, but for his entire life. And this was as a result of the curse of the Prophet of the time upon him and he had to opt for self isolation and social distance, social distancing from from from fellow humans still he met his fate and his death. And that was the tale in the narrative of Samia which Allah speaks about, in the 16 Jews in the 20th chapter of the Quran. He was the person who initiated the worship of the calf, and then say that our masala his salatu salam cursed him and the curse of the Prophet Moses alayhis salam upon this person was fed the habit

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in Allah can feel it. Enter Colella, massage that go, you will have to live the rest of your life telling people don't touch me keep a social distance from me. And anybody who would come close to this person summary, then they would be a an illness that would be transmitted the communicable diseases, as we speak in about it would be transmitted to him, and he would become sick and that person would become sick, which would prove fatal for both of them. So then he would wander the rest of his life in self isolation. And in quarantine. In the second use of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about a nation in its entirety, that decided to flee from a place of a plague. Right.

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And this is what the scholars of the year make mentioned under the commentary of this ayah. And the nibi of that time many scholars say was his lien alayhi salatu salam. So Allah says lm de la la Vina, Harajuku min de Lune Hazara mode, Have you not seen those people who exited their communities and their homes and their dwellings out of the fear of death. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that when a play breaks out, then those that are there should not leave and those that are not there should not enter. This is the teachings of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And if I may say something here, that, you know gives a holistic explanation to the hadith of law, and where

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the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said filomeno matsusaka mean Allah said that as believers we do not deny that there are situations where there are communicable diseases, and it's transmitted from one to the other. Bar is the key word. We believe that that transmission happens by the world of the Almighty. So nothing is independent of the world of the Almighty. You tell me of the Big Bang Theory and this major explosion? We do not refute its its its concept in its entirety. But we say it happened through the world of the Almighty, our Mira Latina cafaro Anissa Malhotra, what are the Canada Ratan Tata kannamma. So, it could well be that people are close and Allah rescues them and

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saves them and the illness is not transmitted. And it could be that people are at an arm's length and at social distance. And if Allah wills it to be transmitted, it will be transmitted. And this is just a summary of what many of the scholars of Hadith have written that

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law, there is no communicable disease, meaning it will not be transmitted independently, it will happen through the will of the Almighty, and that opening comments of the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu Sallam ties up with the latter aspect that you know what, keep a distance from a leper, as you would kill, you know, flee from a lion ceramidin mazoon Ferrara, camino acid so these people left their community they left their place out of the fear of death for Karla Humala, who Muto and then as they left ally instructed them to die and they died. So Maria home and then with a period of time and an interval Allah revive them. So know the word thumb in Arabic grammar dynoed started

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myofascial sequence with intervals so there was a gap and then Allah revive them. So in Allah Allah do fuddling Indeed Allah grace and Boone is upon mankind well I can axon so Allah, you're screwed, but the majority of people are ungrateful, the scholars of fcsa, the father of Allah upon these people was that Allah rectified their aqeedah Allah rectified the belief system, that by you running away, you don't prolong your life, because you left the place where the plague was, and Allah cause your death. And then when you died, Allah revived you without any apparent any apparent form of revival, outward apparent medical explanation, but miraculously, and there's a verse of the Quran,

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and the backdrop of this is scholars say and it's mentioned intercede, then it was a ballroom as mentioned in biannual Quran and other seals, that there was a plague that broke out and the favor of Allah upon these people was the rectification of their aqidah. So you

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imperative, it's imperative that we understand that as much as we adopt all methods as we've been told by medical personnel, our reliance remains on the Almighty.

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There was a great scholar and this would sum it up for us. This would sum it up for us. Isn't the test from the almighty or is it the trial and an affliction from the almighty? azim Rahim Allah said Colonia matin la Toka, Rebekah, Illa Allah here Nima every bounty and boon and favor that does not bring you close to the Almighty is in reality and an affliction and a tournament a torment and a punishment from the Almighty. What Colonia committing Toka, Rebekah, Illallah Yama and every apparent trial and affliction that brings you close to the almighty for he and near Mattoon. Then it is a boon and a blessing from the Almighty. So as believers how do we view it? Well, there's a verse

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of the Quran in the fifth Jews in Surah Nisa, Allah subhanho wa Taala says and often people ask this question yeah, you know what I'm going through this year have I done something wrong in my life? Or is Allah angry with me or is it a lot testing me? Or is this you know what they to jolt me to awaken me to revive me? Well, this is an idea that will address the global crisis of the Coronavirus from a believers perspective in terms of the light of the Quran and other related challenges in your life. Masada come in has anything for me in Allah, whatever good comes your way prosperity, achievement, accomplishment, health, ease etc. is from Allah. Wa Saba come in say you attain and whatever

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difficulty adversity setback you experience in your life from enough sick is from yourself.

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Furthermore, on that same page of the Quran, Allah says colcannon minhang de la say unto the Mo, Mohammed sallallahu wasallam. Everything comes from the Almighty. So there is an you know, someone would raise the question that there is an apparent inconsistency. There's an apparent in the verse above, Allah says good comes from the almighty bad comes from yourself, you trigger the bad, you attract the wrong and the harms and the challenges and the difficulties. And in the subsequent verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, tell them everything comes from Allah, the scholars of the Sierra have given two beautiful explanations and I don't want to go into too much detail. I want to

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address a sense of, you know, direction, because people are in utter confusion, people are in utter confusion. Like I don't know what tomorrow will hold. I don't know what and this now brings to the fore the need for us to take care of the well being of our neighborhood people around us. Some people live day by day they don't have the ability to stock up for us we could have adequate in our reserves that would take us across the period of lockdown and shut down or curfew or to tell Allah decides to open it up till Allah decides to open it up. We just hope it's a Yamato that few days but only Allah knows the reality.

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So anyway, masaba come in has a net infomine Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Yata De Bruyne Al Quran, Allah says, towards the latter part of that page towards the end, don't they ponder? Don't they reflect at length? If you make the double, then you will realize that there's no inconsistency. But if you just read through then you'll wonder there's inconsistency. We were told above that good comes from Allah bad come from us. And then we know that everything comes from Allah. And yeah, I share this with you and it will help us address the current and general circumstances of life. And this gives you direction, it gives you direction otherwise, people are just on social media, and

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people are just capturing forwarding and panicking and hysteria and uneasiness. So behind Allah, look at the beauty of the Quran, look at the beauty of the Quran mind word. So the scholars say ha cinema Tom, a synopsis and an essence and a summary of these verses are as follows. And then near and far the Lumina Lucha de la bella was the party, that all the goodness prosperity, ease and comfort you and joy in your life is the grace, boon and favor of the Almighty without the intervention of your good deeds. So your good deeds definitely play a role it attracts the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. However, and this is the key point.

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When you look at the favors of Allah upon you, and you look at your life in the recent past or the distant past, you have never performed any action of virtue, which Warren's or colleague finds you and makes you entitled to these bounties. Understand that my brother understand that my sister, so the help that Allah gave you the wealth that Allah gave you, the fame that Allah gave you, the prosperity that Allah gave you, the

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is no action in my life or your life that I can say, well I did this I deserve a spouse like this. I deserve children No, no, no. And no matter that the boundaries in your life further no mean Allahu taala it's the grace of the Almighty Bella was reporting Amal, without the intervention of your actions, your actions play a role, they attract the mercy of Allah, but no act of goodness can can can, you know, be the compensation or can can offset can offset that favor of Allah because the favor of Allah is way above the combined good deeds that any one of us can perform when a nickel metal or a nickel metal and that the illness and the challenges and the difficulties in your life

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and all the hurdles in your life is andalan my words of Hannah law my word, Allahu Akbar, I just marvel at these words were Anita Mehta endoluminal Allah tala b1 see Patil Amal, and that the difficulties of your life is a justice from Allah in relation to your

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actions that you've done. Your mistakes, your your unsavory actions, your wrongdoings, etc, the consequences the repercussion of that is the challenges in your life and this is not oppression. But the idea alone. This is justice from Allah for Sahil jamberoo Taksim Ocala Houma hence it is correct to say that everything comes from Allah because the good does come from the Almighty. And the evil or the challenges or the difficulties or the adversities in your life also comes from Allah in the sense that Allah dictates those conditions as a result of the humans must have and Miss Givens and it is equally correct to divide this, that the good comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala was Sahar

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katroo Miss Betty nicomachea Angela hidayatullah. And it's equally correct to detach the the affliction from the Almighty and say that evil comes from yourself simply because it is your actions that trigger that. However, the scholars also mentioned that this is the condition of the general people where the consequences in their life is as an outcome of their mistakes and their shortcomings. And then you have the abrar and you have the TR and then you have the solahart, the pious the noble. So how do we explain the challenges in their life and they make a clear distinction, that the challenges the difficulties, the adversities in the life of the pioneers is

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not as a result of any must have is not as a result of any wrong advice. Because many of them if you look at the MBR they are pure they are centers. For them, it is referred to Raja, it is further to elevate their abode in Arthur, and if it is general mortals who live a noble life, then it is tactfulness, a atonement and expiation for their own. So in a nutshell, while we find ourselves in this absolute crisis, as believers as believers, remember the good that we enjoy is the grace of the Almighty. And occasionally, when Allah takes it away from us, we need to realize that these are the consequences of our own doings. And this is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala that it has been

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put on hold for a period of time. Remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family was subjected to the most harshest forms of sanctions for three long years. And Khadija laguan had the spouse of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she was not young at that time. She was 62 when she went in 65 when she came out, and she passed on the after. I leave you with those concluding words again, every tragedy that brings you close to the Almighty is a bounty and every bounty that takes you away from the Almighty is a tragedy. May Allah make this test a form of a blessing in disguise, that we reconnect with our Creator and we change our moral compass we become

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better bondsman to our Creator and better human to fellow humans. I mean, you're allowed me