Quran Encourages Reasoning and Discussion

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Furthermore, the Quran

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it believes in reasoning and the several verses which talk about reasoning. You can analyze it. You can discuss the matter of the Quran several places including for Abraham chapter 14

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for 50 do that here the message for mankind, let them take Juanita from let them know there is one God let the men of understanding Take heed.

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Many Muslims think that the Quran discourages

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reasoning, it discourages arguing with people, it discourages discussing about the Quran with others and rigid with others. In fact, the Quran encourages

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that you have to discuss with the other human beings you have to argue with the other human beings.

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It's mentioned the Quran in surah hell, chapter number 16 verse number 125. Although either sabirah become sigma Walmart as it has now wotja durability Hasson in white all the way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them and even with them in the ways their best most gracious Quran encourages reasoning, and arguing and discussing but with hikma and in ways that are best and most gracious