The Quran & the Flaming Meteor

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My brothers and sisters Allah Aza Jen says

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in NA Luna Zelina la Cal Khurana 10 Zilla Fosbury

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li Hoekman robic, we have certainly gradually sent down this Quran upon you. So be patient.

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And of course, we constantly mentioned Ramadan, the need to be grateful for the Quran and that is necessary. And that is what is expected, but it should cause us some pause to hear we sent the Quran so be patient, and should cause us to remember that being a believer in the Quran comes with a heavy responsibility.

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It's not a theoretical, to learn, to adopt to carry it to others,

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to busy yourself, as one of the scholars said, with its flames, to devote yourself to catching it sparks and channeling them into a lantern that emits God's light to the world.

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To gradually teaching others that there is no joy in life like the joy of being someone that exhausts themselves with the book of Allah azza wa jal

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and how do you do that?

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The golden key here is appreciating the Quran as ye

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as a revelation that was revealed. You see, we often speak about and we should continue to Quranic comprehension being so important to realize what the Quran is saying is more important than just the reciting or memorizing but more important than comprehension is Quranic appreciation.

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That when Allah called his book, A washy a revelation, this is not just a reference to some historic event, that at one point in time, 1400 years ago, Allah revealed this book, from the unseen to our world. No, that is one of the meanings but of the meanings we need to understand is that the Quran is a an eternal secret that continues perpetually revealing itself to those who put in the work, revealing itself to those Allah deems deserving of it.

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And perhaps one of the most powerful

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depictions that I have found was a reflection on a pattern in the Quran, a theme in the Quran, we're in whenever Allah in the Quran is swearing about the importance of the Quran. He's often swearing by the greatness of the stars and their location.

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You know, for instance, Allah azza wa jal says Fela Ecosim will be my work there in new Doom, I swear by the location the Stations of the stars, were in the Halacha Simon lauter Allah Munna Alvim and that is certainly an oath a swear if you but realize that it's truly great. That's what he's swearing by. What he's swearing about the very next verse in Nichola Quran, Kareem It is truly a noble book, a noble recital, he swears by the stars about this revelation

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and the other Surah Surah NEJM. Allah azza wa jal says when Najmi either Hawa I swear by the star as it falls, in who're in Washington, you have a few verses later, he's swearing that this is nothing short of a revelation that is being revealed, that is being revealed.

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And so what is the relationship here between the greatness of the stars and the revelation of the Quran?

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Dr. Fareed Ansari who was one of the most Quran centric scholars in our contemporary times, who died in 2009. This man was a master of many disciplines, but he lived his life to beg the Muslims to devote themselves to the Quran a new he said he thought about the he dreamed with this concept and you will see now he said, it's as if these parallels the stars in the Quran, the Quran and the stars are positioning the Quran as a star that descended from another world into our world to call our attention to where it came from.

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And they star that if we were to deeply reflect on

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on it, we would find it mapping out for us, our entire universe, and beyond, in a way that all of the mathematicians and all the physicists and all the astrophysicist, and all the astronomers and all of the scientists would never be able to.

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He says that it is a star, who that did not fall in the sense that its fiery energy was lost. Its potency remains even though it landed.

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But Allah concealed its truest power, out of mercy for us, so that we would actually embrace it and adopted,

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he said, and then humanity in the way they reacted to this star is like the example of three journeyers that are together a group of three people that are lost in the dark in the desert.

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He says, a picture these three people, and then a flaming Meteor, you're a star as far as we can perceive it, right? A meteorite comes flaming through the skies, and crashes on the ground.

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And then these three reacted in different ways. One of them ignored it dismissed. It said, I got bigger things to worry about, we're lost, we don't even know if we're gonna survive natural phenomenon, Mother Nature, nothing to see here. Let's keep it moving. The other two said, No, man, there's no way we're going to ignore this. And they ran to the crash site, where it landed. And they began to pick up the scattered pieces from this media from this fallen star, if you will, except that they had different approaches. He says one of them, picked it up, and was mesmerized by these colors. And this material that we don't know on planet Earth, and said, This is amazing. This is

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really cool. And he stuffed it in his backpack to show it to somebody later, or look at it at some other time, and he keeps it moving.

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But the third man couldn't get himself to do that. He picked it up also. But he was so captivated by it, that he started turning it around, flipping it around in his hands. And then just experimenting, he started to sort of strike these rocks against each other. And lo and behold, sparks began to fly. It made some very interesting Spark, not like the sparks of this world. He says, so he kept doing more of this, he kept knocking the rocks against each other more and more.

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And the sparks were intensifying, but also his hands were getting very, very hot. And his heart began to race. And he started to feel the heat flowing through his body, not just his hands. But for some reason he couldn't get himself to stop sparking

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the enjoyment, the emotional, the psychological, the spiritual pleasure, he was feeling whatever it was, was actually getting him to ignore the pain of the heat.

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He says, and so he begins and continues and continues, he says, and then this remarkable glow, starts overtaking the rocks, and extending and he himself starts glowing in a remarkable way.

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And so he continues, and then this glow starts exiting his chest, and moving upwards and upwards into the sky in front of him.

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Until it points all the way at the sky to the place the station from which it came.

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Very beautiful metaphor.

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He says. And as he's staring at all of this, he finally looks down back on the ground. And he sees that the reflection of this light has now mapped out for him everything on the ground.

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The grid is perfect. He sees through the darkness of the desert. Navigation is effortless at this point, by virtue of the light that was emitted and pointed him to the heavens and illuminated it for him the dark earth.

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He said until when this happens, he started screaming. He's screaming to his other two companions. He's saying I found it. We're not gonna die. God has shown us the way out. Come, come listen, listen, I can direct you I can see it.

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The first man ignored him said the dude is crazy. He probably ran out of water or something. He's crazy.

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And so he ignored him dismissed him and continued to drift in the darkness.

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And the example is obvious. Well Mala Mia jalila hula hula neuron from Allah Who me nor whomever Allah does not grant the light to they will never have any lights.

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And then the second man who was mesmerized

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Eyes by the stones but back them. He did listen, because he knew there was something special about these rocks. But he was not as guided as the other one. He knew there was something there. But he didn't put in the work. He didn't investigate. So he started heeding the call, the caller was seeing by Allah's light, right? The second one was believing in the light. So he was heeding the voice of the caller who had the basura who had the insight. But as he is following this man, that internalize the light of God, that benefited firsthand from the fallen star. He keeps stumbling in the darkness. Yes, he can hear him. He's trying to follow the sound, but he doesn't have the light.

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So he keeps saying, wait for me, wait for me. Please help me out. He's stumbling here. He's getting cut there. He's hearing noises. He's paranoid. Shaitan is playing games with him. Life is sort of beating him up. He tells him how can I have your light? How can I have light like you? So I don't have to depend on the voice second hand.

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And then the man

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that glowed from the stones said to him, I this can't be explained.

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Here are the rocks do it yourself. I can't explain it. It cannot be put into words, this experience.

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And so the man takes the rocks from his friend and he begins to spark

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but then his hands get hot. So he throws them back to his friend and says it's too hot. And as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said so yet see Allah nurses Mr. Noon. I'll call Bill sabe Rofi him Allah Dini, he can call bill the Allah jumble. They will pass a time over humanity when those who hold on to their Deen patiently.

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And this Quran is the book of our deen. Right. Whoever holds on to this book, patiently

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will be like someone holding on to a burning coal sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And so this is the example of the Quran and the example of revelation revealing itself to people everyone who puts in the work to the proportionality of their efforts. Allah azza wa jal says Khadija ACOEM Basa Ilona arabicarum, there has come to you insights from your Lord, to be certain appreciating why be certain that you are blind, you are in the dark, you are lost in the desert, you are finished without these Basa it from Allah insights from your Lord Furman others ebill, sawed off NFC, whomever wants to have these insights to adopt them, that's for your own good.

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Woman IMEA family her and whomever seeks to remain blind away from these insights. It's only against your own soul. When Anna Ali couldn't be working, and I was not I Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and anyone else who experiences the Quran firsthand like this puts in the work for the grid for the light and whomever turns a blind eye. I am not your guardian. There's no favoritism here. His rope is extended to all may we be of the Best of those who grip onto it patiently in an afternoon as Zelina alagille Khurana 10 Zilla for spear we sent this Quran down Now hold on a pool holy house I will start from La Familia welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena Viva shadow Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Shadi, Cara who are shadow Anna, Mohammed and Abu whenever you who are solo.

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I ask Allah to make us of those who best extract the light from the Quran by dedicating our time and our money and our efforts towards that towards rubbing its ideas against each other, and allowing sparks to fly for the quality of our life and our homes and for the world around us. Allahumma Amin.

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And let me go back to as I close the point that I alluded to in the beginning, which is gratitude

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is actually where patients will come from.

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We said appreciation is gratitude, right? It's more important than comprehension. To realize that you are in the United States of America.

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It is legal for you to own almost half.

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Some people like our brothers and sisters in East Turkmenistan right our Uighur brothers and sisters don't have that privilege. So not just are you currently

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Muslim and a believer in the Quran. But another layer is you have access to the Quran.

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So appreciate that. And the third and final layer of this appreciation, I will try to steal your motivations with right now for a program for the rest of the year and years on end to incrementally get closer to the book is to realize that the grid that reflected on the ground

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is not more valuable than the light that connects you with your Lord subhanho wa taala. The early Muslims, life didn't mean that much to them,

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though they made the best of it. Because the most valuable thing to them was what they were able to gain from the Quran. Have a bond with their Lord, I was just hearing and with this close, one of the early Muslims was so close to the Quran, that when life weighed him down, and in particular the mistakes that he made in his life weighed him down. He said, Oh Allah,

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you said in your book Femen tab, I mean bad evil me whomever repents after wrongdoing, Allah who will open the door, and He is Forgiving and Merciful. Here I am repenting, so have mercy on me.

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He said, Oh Allah, but if I don't qualify, then you said Bill, meaning have a full on Rahim that you are forgiving and merciful to all the believers and I'm at least the believer, so have mercy on me. And if I don't qualify for that, then you said in your Quran, or Hemmati was the article Lashay My Mercy extends wider than all things and I'm gonna think so Have mercy on me.

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And if I don't qualify for your mercy that has expanded wider than all things than what tragedy is bigger than mine. And you taught me to say in your book, upon tragedy, in nally la he were in LA he wrote your own and you promised in the next verse, Allah igaly him Salah to Mirabai him Rama, those who say that will be blessed by their Lord will be graced by their Lord and will receive mercy from their Lord.

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And so I'm saying that here and now and so have mercy on me. Can you imagine the relationship that you just feel in this conversation? Where does that come from? But the Quran?

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So may Allah azza wa jal give us a light by which we walk on this planet through the dark, and may He grant us a light with which we may connect with him through the heavens until the day we meet him and he augment and continue to increase our light and our dedication to extract that light for our lives. Allahumma Amin Well, sallAllahu Salah Bata kind of VNM Muhammad Ali he was the drain