Exhausting the Alternatives regarding the Origin of the Quran

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There is something known as

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exhausting the alternatives.

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There's a concept known as exhausting the alternatives.

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The Quran says, This is from God.

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If you don't believe in it, you tell me what it is from. You tell me from where it is.

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The Quran says, this book is from God, Luca from Allah. If you disagree, you give me the answer to someone who say Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He wrote the Quran and we proved earlier he denied, he lied. Why delay because of material gains, and we prove it's not possible, maybe for power and glory. And we prove that impossible, maybe for unity of the atoms and we prove that's not possible. Someone will say okay, did for moral deformation and proved is a possible guess. Guess.

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Okay, you copied from the Bible, and we proved it is wrong. Guess when all your guesses are proved wrong.

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That means the Quran requires to be heard. It requires respect. You have to believe in it.

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That this book grant is from Almighty God.

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And Quran says in several places, that this book is the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala, including sort of Joshua, chapter number 45 was the one and two which says ha Meem.

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than zero Kitab in Allah He, either Hakim that mean, this is a revelation of the book, from the God of the world's exalted power, and full of wisdom. The Quran says in several places that this book is the book of Almighty God. It's mentioned in chapter number six was the 19. So to Anam chapter number six was dominant d3 is mentioned for use of chapter number 12 was the one and two in chapter number 20. Was the Mandarin 13. It is mentioned in suicides the Japanese it was the 123 and four Yes, in Japanese, it was the 123 it's mentioned for Alzheimer chapter number 39 was number one, in paragraph a chapter 14, verse number two, it's mentioned in sort of Joshua, Chapter 45, verse number two, it

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is mentioned in chapter number 55, verse two, one and two. It's mentioned in Surah insan, chapter number 76, verse number 23, that this book, the Glorious Quran is from none other, but Allah subhanho wa Taala

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This is known as exhausting the alternatives. What do you have you give you try it out. If you fail to prove it logically, then you have to agree with what is mentioned.