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Quran is Unlike other Books, which have a Human Origin

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Furthermore, we know

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the Glorious Quran, unlike other religious scriptures, or unlike other storybooks, which are written by human beings.

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It has a particular beginning,

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once upon a time,

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foxes and the grapes, once upon a time, lamp and the holes

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that the Bible says in the beginning was God.

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In the beginning was the word

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typical, and every story book will have a sequence sequence, you know, a beginning and an end in a serial order. But the Quran is unique.

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The first verse to reveal of the Quranic era

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is not the first chapter chapter number one, it is chapter 96, Ray Kroc was number one.

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It doesn't have a sequence, it does not start with other Musa lamb.

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And then it continues and goes to Nuala, Salam and musala salam, Jesus peace be upon in the moment we know.

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It has a unique sequence, it does not work like a human mind.

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Because the author is not a human being.

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Furthermore, there are unknown things mentioned the Quran

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along with it, there is a challenge saying that you will not know it.

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For example, especially the Quran in surah, Chapter 11 verse 49, saying

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that you did not know this before. Neither the people amongst you knew it.

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It gives information and says, Oh Prophet, you did not know it, not even your people knew it.

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It's mentioned in

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chapter number 12.

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Verse number two,

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that none amongst you knew it. Neither the Prophet knew it.

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imagined the Prophet saying, when the Quran was revealed in Arabia, he's telling you that

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neither I knew it neither you do not know it. Any error could have got up. He could have said that I'm an Arab. And I know this answer. This I knew it before.

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The Quran mentioned many incidences.

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Many things about Luca named for the story of the caves many information and says you did not know which human being who can read this book and say you did not know it before.

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Indicating this does not have a human origin.