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Zakir Naik


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Dr Zakir Naik explains how to prove to an Atheist that the Quran is God’s Word – Part 03

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There is a theory known as theory of probability

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that if you make a wild guess

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the chances you'll be right is depending upon what are the options. For example, if I toss a coin heads or tails, whatever replies you give, the chances will be right is one upon to have 50%.

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two options, chances will be right is one upon 250 percent. If I call upon twice the chances I'll be right both the times is one upon two to one upon two to one upon 40 to 25%. If I toss a coin, thrice the chances I'll be right all three times is one upon two and one upon two into one upon two, it is one upon 812 and a half percent

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if I throw a dice

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the dice has got six sides,

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the chances are if I make a wild guess it will be right is one upon six.

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Now, if you apply this theory of probability, that someone made a wild guess,

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for example, what is the shape of the earth you can think of 10 things

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flat square, rectangle, triangular, hexagonal,

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on an on may be spherical.

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The chances if you make a wild guess it is spherical, it will be right is one upon 10.

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If you ask a person, the light of the moon is its own light or reflected light. If he makes a wild guess, chances we write a one upon two, the chances that both are right, the shape of the earth. And the light of the moon is not its own light is one upon 10 into one upon two is one upon 20 that is 5%.

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all living creatures made of what you can think of 1000 things sand,

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iron, tin, wood, on and on, maybe even water. chances. You make a wild guess and one is right is one upon 1000 chances all three are correct.

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shape of the Earth is spherical, lighter, the moon is reflected everything made from water is one upon 10 into one upon two into one upon 1000 is one upon 20,000 is point 00 5% only in three

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scientific facts. It's point 00 5%.

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I've already mentioned several and if you read my book, there are hundreds

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there are many things Quran speaks about botany in Surah chapter 13 verse number three that all the fruits are created in pairs in sexes, male and female, Koran says is for the hijab number 2453 that the plants are made in sexes male and female, which you know recently, in the field of zoology, Quran says the animals and the birds live in community like the human beings and Surinam chapter number six was number 13, which became known recently, Quran speaks about the bee that it can find its path, which became recently in for nl chapter number 16 verse number 60 and 69. The Quran says that the worker bee the female bee previously thought it was the male bee currencies instrumental

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chapter 16 verse number 69, that the worker bees a female bee. Quran speaks about the lifestyle of the spider in Surah, an caboolture between and Muslim 41 the Quran speaks about the lifetime of the ant incident number, chapter number 27 verse number 1718, which we have come to recently put on speaks about genetics, that it is a male field it is the sperm which is responsible for the sex of the child and for an Isaiah chapter number 53 verse number 45 and 46 as well as chapter number 75 verse number 3739, which became known recently, Quran speaks about embryology that all the human beings are made from alika Elise like suffering something which clings into the Alex or a

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crusherplant stick was number two, which became recently Quran speaks about the various Mrs. Stages alika motika is I'ma let him

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in for a moment on chapter number 23 verse number 2014, which we have come to recently.

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There are various scientific facts mentioned the Quran

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as just mentioned, to Moe,

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there are people who say that after we human beings die, and after we are buried, and our bones are disintegrated, how will Allah subhana wa Taala be able to reconstruct the bone on the day of judgment? For law says

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it's mentioned the Quran Chapter number 75 verse number three and for that, when they say that how will Allah be able to reconstruct the bones of the Day of Judgment tell them Allah can not only reconstruct the bones, he can even reconstruct in perfect order the very tips of the fingers. What does Allah mean by saying he can not only reconstruct the bones he can even reconstruct in perfect order the very tips of the fingers. It was an alien entity, that's a Francis gold

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He discovered the fingerprinting method and said that no two fingerprints, even in a million human beings are identical. Today the police, the CIA, the FBI, the CIA, they use the fingerprinting method to identify the criminal. Quran speaks about the fingerprinting method 1400 years ago and we discovered in 1880.

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Who could I mentioned this?

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I would like to mention one more thing, before I end the scientific facts is that there was a scientist by the name of proto rashaan Professor Tara dashawn, hails from Thailand. And he will be doing a great deal of research in the pain receptors.

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Previously we human beings, we thought, and the doctors thought that only the brain was responsible for the feeling of pain. Today, we come to know that there are certain receptors in the skin, which are also responsible for the feeling of pain. that the reason when a person of burn injury comes to a doctor, the doctor takes a pin and pricks it in the area of burn. If the patient feels pain, the doctor is happy. The pain receptors are intact. If the patient does not feel pain,

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the doctor is sad. The pain receptors are being destroyed.

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It's mentioned the Quran in Surah Nisa, chapter number four, verse 56, that asked to those who reject our signs, we shall cast them in the hellfire. And as often as the skins are roasted, we should give them fresh skin so that they feel the pain

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indicating there is something in the skin which is responsible for the feeling of pain.

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Imagine Quran speaks about the pain receptors 14 years ago, and Professor Tara dashawn when he came to know this and mentioned the Quran, in the night medical conference in Riyadh, in the conference itself, he said the Shahada and said, Lyla Illallah, Muhammad Rasulullah there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon the Messenger of Allah.

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So when you asked a theist who could have mentioned this in the Quran, the only reply can give you is the same which he gave you earlier. It is the creator, it is the maker, it is the producer, it is the manufacturer, it is the inventor, this creator, this producer, this manufacturer, this maker, this inventor, we Muslims call him as a law.

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that the reason today science is not eliminating God, it is eliminating models of God, La ilaha illAllah.

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Scientists today, they're eliminating models of God. This cannot be God. This cannot be God now and eliminating God.

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And the famous philosopher and scientist Francis Bacon, he said that those who have little knowledge of science, they become atheist, but those who have in depth knowledge of science, they become a believer in God. I would like to end my talk with the condition of the Quran from Surah forcella. Chapter 41 worse than 53 verses sanitarium Athena philosophy Buffy unfussy him Hata yottabyte yellowman no luck.

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No luck, Alicia and she that soon we shall show them our signs into the furthest reaches of the horizons and into the souls until it is clear to them that this is the throat chakra Donna hamdulillah Bellamy