Maryam The Chosen 15 – Are Stories In Quran Less Detailed Than Bible

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AI: Summary © The title of the Bible is not a historical book, but rather a science-based title that focuses on the teachings of the Bible. The speaker discusses the use of " marks" in the title of the book to indicate the duration of a pregnancy, and the importance of understanding the language and language of the people involved in media. The title is not a book of history, but rather a science-based title that focuses on the teachings of the Bible.
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Why are so many of the Quranic stories without all of the details that we find in the Bible

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says for hemella to fantabulous be Hema canon Casia Maryam is now pregnant, she became pregnant with him and she took him to a remote place. Now the scholars have deaf seed. They then discussed as to how long mediums pregnancy was in our bass, he said that she wasn't pregnant for a long time. In fact, she got pregnant long enough to go to a distant place Bethlehem, and she gave birth, meaning that it could have happened within a day because Bethlehem is only nine miles south of Jerusalem. So it's just a day trip. And the argument that he uses is the fat because fat in Arabic indicates immediacy. So Allah says family to Fenter. But that became a Canon Casia for

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Elijah and Muhammad. So she got pregnant went to a particular place and she went into labor others like it has an imbecile it said that it was only nine hours say the new bed said nine months. Others said three hours other said different amount of hours. Alana is best there's nothing to indicate that she didn't have a normal duration of pregnancy. And so that's the default number to just think about it like if she was pregnant for only a day. And then she came the next day saying here, here's my baby. What would you do if somebody came to you who you saw fine yesterday, not pregnant at all. And then the next day they come carrying a baby and saying this is my baby. You say no, that's not

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your baby. That's somebody else's baby. anybody else's baby but it's not yours. I saw you yesterday I saw you last week I saw you two weeks ago you weren't pregnant at all. How did you go through all of this? And so she had to have been away from people for a period where a pregnancy and natural pregnancy could have happened right as far as the duration of the pregnancy period. So she was pregnant for nine months and Allah Subhana Allah knows best but as powerful as what Allah mentioned in the Quran is I want you to also pay attention to what Allah doesn't mention in the Quran. Allah doesn't mention the duration of mediums pregnancy. Allah doesn't even mention where she goes a lot

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earlier says you go she went to a place in the East here we're being told that she went to a place that's far off. It doesn't mention Bethlehem. It doesn't mention Jerusalem. It doesn't even mention Nazareth. It doesn't mention any of these places. Allah subhana wa Tada doesn't mention these places. For us. Allah doesn't mention her age was that she was 13 years old. Whether she was older than that, however old she was, Allah doesn't mention it. The Quran is powerful in its ability to communicate messages while leaving that what you do not need, it is 100% guidance. It's zero fat, not a single word listening the letter, not a single accent of a word is there that you don't need.

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And when the scholars of TF seed are mentioning these details that are not in the Quran, unless there is a detail that is coming to us authentically reported from the province I'm gonna lie to you I said where the authenticity can be verified by the science of Hadith that we have that's in our tradition. So if it's not coming from our tradition, then it is coming from Judeo Christian sources, which are called Islam Aliette, the province cellulitis and I'm told us with regards to psychiatric Judeo Christian sources, he said, You can narrate from the people of the book, but don't believe them and don't build them. Like I'm not going to die on this hill. When it comes to a Judeo

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Christian source. If it is something that is a principle that is confirmed in the Quran, then I can confirm it that Solomon was the son of David and that they were kings in that they were both prophets. I can confirm that because the Quran confirms it. And if it is something that is categorically denied by the Quran, then I categorically deny it if it's coming from a Judeo Christian source, because it's

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denied in the Quran. So for example, that Jesus Christ is divine, I categorically deny that and then at the same time if it is something that is neither confirmed nor denied in the Quran, and it is not going against a principle that is confirmed or denied in the Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet stumble like this, and

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then it's something that I can just stay silent about. It's a detail. I'm not, I don't have to, as the province of the lightest him said, do not believe it, and don't believe it. So it is what it is. But one major difference in the Quranic telling of many of the stories that are shared between these three faiths, is that the Quran speaks in generalities gives you the main points of the story designed for your guidance, what are the lessons, not the historical details, not the when and where and all of that type of stuff. But what are the lessons, the theological implications, the spiritual lessons, the Quran isn't a book of history, it's not a book of history to tell you about past times.

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It's not a book of mystery. It's not a book of science. It's not a book of literature. It's not a Book of Rhymes, to book a guidance. It's a book of science. And so we have the same stories, but without the liabilities that come with the biblical stories. I say this, again, we have the same stories, but without the liabilities that come with the biblical stories. So the one I mentioned is that Noah has a flood, but nowhere does it say that there's a flood that covered the entire world. And so I don't as a Muslim, I don't have the liability of someone coming to me and saying, there's no archaeological evidence for a flood that ever encompassed the entire globe. I say, Well, I don't

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have the Quran didn't say that. There was a flood that covered the entire world. They said that no US people had a flood That's it. That's all it says. Or a person. You know, one time I got a message, someone came to me and said

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how do we resolve the fact that the Quran says that there's the earth is 6000 years old? I said Quran doesn't say that the earth is 6000 years old. I don't have to resolve anything. I'm like, What do you mean I have a Muslim kid who's telling me that

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tell Muslim kid that the Quran doesn't say that the earth is the Quran doesn't date the earth. The Quran doesn't date humanity. The Quran doesn't date. We don't we don't have any of these problems. When we have these problems is because of absorption of quotations that are coming to us from Judeo Christian sources. The Quran says Adam was created. But the Quran doesn't give us any timeline for humanity. There's no mention of it at all, or in the setting of the prophets of Allah it is and and the way that we interact as Muslims with these details that are coming to us from the people of the book is that we accept what is confirmed in the Quran and Sunnah. We reject what is rejected by the

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Quran and Sunnah. And every other detail we take with a grain of salt. Now back to medium. And you'll see even in my storytelling of medium, I'm not going too much into what the biblical narrations are, there's, there's a treasure of the statements of the scholars of the of seed, and it's likely that but for me, I would rather pay more attention to what the the wording of the Quran is. I would rather explore a placement of a word in a verse telling the story of medium then going into the narrations of the slide yet so I hope you appreciate the experience so far inshallah to Allah but this is the general methodology that I'm attempting to follow.

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is pregnant, and she's going to a far off place. Where is this far off place? From the biblical narrations? We know that it is Bethlehem, but not just the biblical narrations. We have a hadith that's controversial in its authenticity, where the province of Elijah is sending them on the night of it is Sora. And he is honored Buraq when he is traveling past Bethlehem, on his way to Jerusalem, Djibouti, Lady Salam tells him and he says, that is Bethlehem, that is Bethlehem where he's at. He said I was born. And so she goes nine miles away from Jerusalem. She goes to a far off place for a Jahan mojado Elijah inocula and the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of on palm tree. This

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is a fatigued mother, who's about to give birth. She's looking for something to rest on. The pain of childbirth, drives her to the trunk of a palm tree, and the world's about to change