Prophet Muhammad (p) need not be Literate to Hear from Others and then Claim it to be the Quran

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My name is Vinay Kumar, I am an artist, I am a painter.

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And out I was asked one question, that in your website you give two reasons why Muhammad could not have copied from the Holy Bible or from the other pre existing sources. So you gave answer that you claim that there were no Arabic translations of the Bible, during the time of Muhammad, but in say al Bukhari, volume number six, and book number 60, number 478. It says that the gospel has already been translated into Arabic by Baraka. And also second thing is, you said, moment was illiterate, and therefore, couldn't have read books such as the Holy Bible. But I am not satisfied with the answer. Because it wasn't necessary for Mohammed to be illiterate, in order to borrow stories from

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previous scriptures. Muhammad only needed to hear these stories orally for borrowing to take place, after hearing these stories moment, revised, then, and he wrote the theological p assumptions and then try to pass them off as revelation from God that will last

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forever Good question. He is goes to the website. So I'm happy about that. inshallah, we'll come to the truth. And I believe you're a Christian. The name is Vinay Kumar, Christian Emily's and brother said, I give two reasons or may have said not to have given several, we have picked up too

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many European context. These are not the only two reason, these are two of the many reasons I gave. And one of the reasons I gave that profit numbers are losses and Oh me,

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as Allah says in the Quran in surah, uncouth shaft number 29, verse number 48, that we have made the last profit as an ami, so that the bloggers will not use that as a pretext. You have to agree that between a literate and illiterate it is more difficult if I literally have to agree that Do you agree or not more difficult?

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more difficult.

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If a person who's literate for him to copy is much more than he can hear also indeed also for a person who is illiterate he can only hear so at least you have to agree with me for sake of argument. It is difficult. Do you agree? Yes. Mashallah. So, these are points that mentioning many, this is not the only one point amongst the many points. This is one of them all the other follow?

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Point number two, you mentioned, I said that no Arabic version of the Bible was present. And I agree with it yet. You got it say Bukhari Muslim number six, that verka Yes, he had knowledge about the gospel. Nowhere does He say that he translated

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weather I challenge you.

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I challenge you. According to Christian forces, the first time the first time the Bible was written was in the 10th century. That means the Christian scholars don't know the homework. The first Arabic version of the Bible came much hundreds of years after prophet knows, yes, we're coming from the Bani Israel. He had knowledge of the Scriptures and knew Arabic

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saying that he has translated he may have written some notes, but translated the full Bible impossible. Nowhere does He say that America translated the full Bible, I challenge you, it may say that Baraka had knowledge of the law and the gospel may have written some notes. If If you know salamanders this book salmaan dishnet bugloss was not the Quran. I can call it the Quran but salamander he wrote a book against the Quran. In that book, there are some Muslims of Quran that does not mean that in the Quran, there are other people like I, I read a book, I mentioned searching mostly of the Quran. In my book, Quran modern science, similar to Islam into that book is not the

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Quran. You cannot say Dr. sakeena translated the Quran. Just because if you go on the website and see Dr. Zakat, nagrota book Quran modern science and have quoted about 150 verses, you cannot say that it is some And furthermore, you said Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him wrote down and corrected. Okay, that's a very good point. Now, I have given a talk on Bible and Quran in the light of science and have proved there are so many scientific errors in the Bible. For example, the book of Genesis chapter one itself, it says that the world was created in 624 days. It says the light of the moon is its own light. Genesis chapter number one was through 1619. It says that the sun was

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created after the earth, Earth was created on third the sun on the fourth day, I can go on and on. So do you mean to say Prophet Muhammad took this and change it? The light of the moon is not its own light, it's the reflected light.

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Quran says in Surah Furqan, Chapter 25, verse 61, that the light of the moon is reflected light. Quran says the world was killed in 6am, six long period. So you mean to say mama Salas, Allah picked up all these things and corrected? Do you think as a scientist? No, it was a revelation from God. So go for my full talk, just quoting part of my talk, as though like you will say that I will you hear my full talk. And then I say that even if I agree, he copied from the Bible for sake of argument and then corrected, is it possible for a human being 1400 years back to correct all the scientific errors? Means What is wrong? he corrected it is impossible.

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Impossible. So this proves that it was not his work. It was the work of the Creator, Almighty God. Hope that answers the question.