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AI: Summary © A former pastor at Penn State explains to a new person on the call that he was trying to convert Muslims at one time, but was met with mixed reactions from Christian students. He advises the person to read the Bible and not be a fan of anyone who claims to be God. He also emphasizes the importance of worshiping God and giving back to the creator.
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Oh, this is very interesting. So former got a former pastor here. So you were actually trying to convert Muslims at one time? Yes, sir. You're listening to us here. Listen to the beach. You're watching the show before oh man since 2007 or 2008? Seven? Yes, sir. Yeah, tell us a little bit about while I was doing campus ministry at Penn State, I was a campus pastor at Penn State. So that's where I met a lot of people from other international students. A lot of them were practicing Muslims. So at that point, you know, I was trying to share my faith in Christ, we always come across Trinitarian issues, things like that. But I remember it was an atheist that actually said to me

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years ago, when I was saying that to them, that Jesus was God at the time. They said, well, where's that a requirement in the Bible to obtain salvation? What if you don't believe that Jesus is God? Do you go to *? And I cannot find the answer in the Bible, or a sense that I can never get a satisfactory answer. That's always in the back of my mind. But the deity of Christ was never a salvation issue to begin with. But Jesus never claimed to be God anyway, in actuality, when you're honest about what the Scriptures have to say, so the process of turning to Islam has been quite a process. It's not an overnight thing. And the key to it as a Christian is to read the Bible, not as

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one book, but as 66 separate books with different intentions by the authors. And when you see that, it becomes very clear what the truth is. This is really, really deep. I'm so glad that you approached me, or just given a presentation, we're doing a live D show, and he came up said, I used to be a pastor, I used to watch the D show 100. And now he's Muslim. What advice do you have for others, a lot of times, even people in that position, they have a position, they're out the pulpit, and many they're like, Okay, they know, a lot of the stuff that's being taught, preached and taught that they don't have tax there that aren't original or any original manuscripts don't have original

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manuscripts. So a lot of people end up compromising you actually didn't do that. You actually, you know, when deeper, you know, I'm sure you ask the Creator alone for guidance. Right? It's of course, so what was it? What advice do you give for other paths and other people out there? Who they know they go to seminary school, and they're seeing Matthew didn't write Matthew, Luke didn't write Luke, they're seeing certain contradictions, but they believe in God, they believe that there has to be that there's an ultimate truth, like you did. What do you advice do you have for? Well, it's interesting you say that because it's true that the Bible are actually anonymous letters. That's

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true, but that's not what my concern was. My concern is more of the theology. And so when you see the words of Christ, compared to Paul, I like to say to Christians today, they follow Pollyanna it not really Christianity, because what Jesus teaches is actually a different message than Paul. Paul says that he curses to people by name. Jesus says to forgive people, and he says on the cross Father, forgive them they know not what they do. But like I said, the apostle Paul, he curses people. Jesus says that not one jot or tittle tattle will remake rule go away from the law. But the Apostle Paul, he's against the eating restrictions. And he says the one false the Torah is accursed.

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Even though Psalms 19 says that God reveals His his life through the Torah, in all of Psalms 119 says that the tour the law gives you life. So how can someone who is believing Jew, Paul say that he's against the Torah and you're cursed for that? And Jesus agrees to the Old Testament, and if you find Muhammad you will find Jesus anyway. Because Muhammad needs you to Jesus, that Jesus does give life yes But Muhammad it's the this the message, they point to Allah they point to one God Jesus says Worship Allah worship God, Muhammad says the same. Abraham says the same. I just want to share that just separate Paul from Jesus and the truth to become clear. That's the one more thing and

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we're gonna have to have you on to talk deeper about these things. How much easier is it now when you're communicating to humanity, the simple message of pure monotheism because if people can understand that, that's what Islam is about worshiping the Creator not the creation that's instead of trying to you know convince people about trinity God being a man you know, part of God fully God half got whatever, you know, Trinity, how much easier is it now? I don't know. I think it's hard because like a lot of with Christians you're dealing with in America, at least as a whole. I mean, just the message conveyed the message. The guidance is in the hands of God Almighty Allah, but you

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know, just explaining this simple message, right? Oh, he's your monotheism. Yeah. Tell her your monotheism. I find it easier with non Christians actually. It seems like more people are accepting of one God because it's simple. And most Americans find that simple. Christians have a lot of presuppositions you have to contend with. So you really have to take more time with him and patients and things like that. But I always try to point to what Jesus says, go to one God, what is Abraham to go to one God and then sometimes the Christians will bring up race, I will say, well, job, the oldest book in the Torah is actually the book of Job not Genesis, and Job was a Gentile, not a Jew.

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Because it's not based on race. It's based on the message. So the message is to worship one God, you know, like the Shimano Shimano. Yes, right L at 100. God is one. And so that's what Islam teaches. Tao he, that God is one I feel like I got born again.

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When I finally realized that God has won, that's it now you know * Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah is nothing worthy of worship except the creator the Hamza Allah sinful that's what you have to do simple just worshiping God and be obedient, do your best. Just do your best to be obedient, worshiping God and given Thanks. That's me. Thank you. So thank you, sir. Here were former pastors say your name again, Brad. former pastor Brad here on the deen show. Look forward to having you back for a real episode, God Willing inshallah. Thank you, sir.

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