Guidebook to God #02 – The obligation of seeking knowledge

Yahya Ibrahim


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The importance of pursuing knowledge to build faith is emphasized in Islam, with science and technology being key pillars. The speaker also emphasizes the need to learn to teach others and pursue their obligations. The importance of knowing one's own history and history of others is emphasized, as well as the need to pursue material sciences to achieve obligations. The importance of pursuing one's own history and history of others is also emphasized.

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Knowledge is power. Knowledge is light. And knowledge is the one thing that nobody can restrict from you if you seek it. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran we're folk who live here in a limb above everyone who has knowledge. There's one who is more knowledgeable, until you come to that level of the knowledge of the prophets. I said lemon, of course, then that which is after it, that nobody is beyond the knowledge of Elohim the all knowing the Almighty Allah Subhana Allah to honor one of the most important aspects of our character of our ethics and ethos as Muslims of the things that makes us people of faith is that we are sent to be those who are witnesses on to mankind with

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the evidence provided to us by a loss of Hannah went to Adam. In fact, one of the most important aspects of our faith in a lot of our dealings with each other is that we seek to have it Allah bossy, Ratan, no many tabanan Allah says to us in the prophets, I send them that he commanded the prophets I sell them to say to humanity, I have been sent to call you to a place of righteousness, upon basura upon insightfulness, clear sightedness, we are not people who fail, who have faith in a law without seeking to develop it through an understanding and an opportunity of learning. And therefore, you see of the first instructions given to the prophet SAW Selim is that Allah subhanho

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wa Taala says fadd Lem anahola illa Illa Allah, come to know come to a certainty of knowledge that none is worthy of worship through a loss of Hannah and to Adam. And one of the ways that we come to appreciate Allah is through science is through knowledge is through learning it through the knowledge of the material world, knowledge of the esoteric world, knowledge of the inward aspects of our life, knowledge of the physical environments that surround us, knowledge of the things that are beyond us. Notice how Allah Subhana Allah speaks about the relationship he developed within Ibrahim for himself, that Ibrahim alayhis salam as a very young child, he would ask his father who was an

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egregious unbeliever, one who was full of wickedness and sinfulness who went one who was committed to the graven images in the idolatry of his purpose and worship, to the point that he wanted to even murder his own child to preserve his standing within his community as the chief priest and the idol maker. He asked his father, yeah, Betty, my father, does this idol that you worship? Yes, Matt una de la moon, REM Ferran, do they here? Do they benefit do they speak? Do they hold any regard for you? And as father, of course, doesn't have a sufficient answer that can prove to Ibrahim that thought and therefore of the first steps of Ibrahim coming to faith wasn't that he received

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revelation wasn't that an angel came to, you know, provide him knowledge of God is that Ibrahim began to think and anyone who begins to think they begin to appreciate that that which is material that which is man made that which is of substance that which had life, and therefore the consequence of death, that which was brought into existence by the hands of those who will at one point not exist, cannot be the ultimate power cannot be the ultimate being who has brought everything into existence. Alien is therefore one of the most stressed upon aspects of the Quran. And Allah subhanho wa Taala in encourages us to be from those who pursue knowledge. The prophets I seldom have the very

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earliest revelation that was sent to him. The very beginning of the Orion was Accra read, recite, read to yourself read out loud to others hear you read often read in a deliberate tone that other people can appreciate that there's more than what they may know of themselves. It could be some Arabic But seek in it the name of your Lord your Lord yeah Mohammed Salah My Lord as as as an individual that I have a possesses over a loss of Hannah to Anna, that to me, it's as if he is mine and and i turn everybody else away that I wanted and I want that relationship with a law of exclusivity. And let the HELOC you will come to know that he is the only one who was brought

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creation, not manufacturing, not bringing things from other smaller parts into bigger parts, not through genetic modifications or tinkering with DNA, but actually bringing in a lot of them from

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That which was nothingness, something that do somehow it will add up knowledge and awareness of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah becomes one of the most important ways of knowing who we are. You know very early on philosophers Plato, Aristotle, you know, they all have this statement, Know thyself know who you are. And for you to know who you are, you have to know where you came from, who brought you into this world who gave you the consciousness and the awareness that you have? And therefore, when people would come and question the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about whether there would be resurrection whether there would be life after death, he would at times turn back people

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from joining him in a military expedition, going out to defend the lens of Islam. Could you imagine on the day of bed that the Prophet would turn back zeytinburnu sabotaged the Allahu anhu Abdullah Hebner, Marathi Allahu anhu. And he would say, you, you stay behind. There's other things that I want you to do, that you didn't miss out. But I want you to learn to read and write what is a greater contribution than standing next to the prophets, I sell them on the day of the great onslaught, where the numbers of the believers were dwindled in amount, where there was the chance that if they were eliminated in battle, that there would be no more faith. And then the prophets

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life was a danger that every man counts, but the prophets I seldom turns them back and says, Do you have a greater purpose in your study of language in your study of learning, because you will carry forward the tradition after me the greatest of people who inherit from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who inherit from the prophets or their odema, the prophets of Allah, it was seldom said to me,

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let me worry through D Now don't want to deal with Hama enamelware Rasulullah. In Thurman Ahava who have to be held in warfare, know that the prophets of God do not leave behind any estates or monetary finance to be inherited from them. What they leave behind is knowledge for men aka who the one who takes hold of it, the one who masters it, and is able to convey it to others has taken something substantial. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam tells us in in the authentic hadith

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that tolerable at me for Riba seeking knowledge seeking to learn seeking an opportunity to know something you did not know yesterday, is an obligation, I could Leroy Julian, Muslim in one Muslim upon every man and woman, Muslim men, Muslim woman. This is an obligation that all of us should seek to know not just aspects of our faith that are important for our practice of faith, but to go beyond it, so that we are able to teach and instruct others. And therefore you will find that after the enlightenment of the Koran, came the enlightenment of the sciences, and language and poetry in the study of physics and astronomy. All of this was part and parcel of the Renaissance that the world

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experience. It began in the dark ages of Europe, where the radian grade at days of Islam and Islamic land, the canon of medicine that was studied for nearly 100 800 years, as the primary textbook was written by Muslim physicians, the optics that we put in front of our eyes as glasses today, its origin was Islam, algebra, algebra, algebra, to make numbers into smaller and fractioned concepts comes very much from Islamic roots. In fact, the Arabic numeral system and the concept of a slip for our cipher or a zero comes from the lands of Islam know as well that the greatest Muslim theological scholars, were not people who were ignorant of the sciences, and Imam and now we all have this who

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all of us we read the 40 hadith of Allah, ma'am and knowing all of us we hear every Aldo salia when he was a physician, and an astronomer and physicist, and he was also a master of the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed Sai Salim and a master of the sooner and tradition let us come come back to achieving the heights of Islam the glory of Islam by taking the first step after believing in Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is to learn about our obligations to him, our obligations to each other, and to pursue the material sciences that bring us closer to each other. If Cora bismil Rob Baker, and levy Halak wa sallallahu wasallam osito barik ala Sayidina Wahhabi Vina when ebina Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam