Morocco and Libya Tragedy

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In the fact that he learned how to stand in a one stop shop.

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Now rather than let him in Troy unfussy Naomi see Marina Yfp long Fernando de la oh my god man Fela ha de la Masha Allah ilaha illallah wa Shetty color or shadow under Mohammed an act of wasu Yeah, even Latina I'm on top of Wahaca to party in LA and Taco Musk Do you witness with Apollo Pakula the Hallmark movie nursing Mahina wahala campaign has been serving humanity Jenna Kathina when he said WhatsApp, Allah Halladay to sell the view of ham in Allah Khanna La Cumbre Kiba Yeah, you hunger Deena and on top of one of our cool new opponents in either your slash local

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affiliate console Google Chrome. What were your

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first thoughts on how he was a man no but Hayakawa even if Howard and Yahoo

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will be here come whatever to one time and I'm sure come with about one or two minute Jannetty Mozilla was ALLAH to analytische Emma Hanafi hazard maccagnan Mobile akala Ponte and the edge man they have so he opened in Belleville

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Sherbourne men on laser fields come with a monumental no value

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yet no comma who either to heat or either a better team that is handed over to Ireland

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a you have a pool for the poem

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how do we call who wants who led the country fair?

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For them, oh, who? And in my journey you're more often now.

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Mother in a room have a chef Minh

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has spoon Allah when you're working

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for the has own Allah when you're working

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for spoon Allah,

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Allah who care for you caffeine la sallahu because

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well may Allah Allah Azza wa has spoke

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for the the Shaquil movement has gone Allah Who are the women working for EJ women who cannot afford to at the heart of Allah

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Guney both of them was

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ALLAH even though he

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although do we he came first. Yeah. And now we want to ask sorry for the gentleman who subhanho wa Taala add a minute Kobe to how he

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won national Yeoman

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has gone along with men work he

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has gone Allah

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has spoon Allah, Isla motor Livia shahada, Olivia has one Allah one your

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husband Allah fie and share your hookah

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and Lisa

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has spoon Allah when they are working ladies and

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what order

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they set up hoo financial whatever.

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so, the word Tolkien what a

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what a young man another

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word he will Allah Who madness

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for now Cornel listen another busua.

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for him as a

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woman to Allah Kabila for a Mullah hospital.

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In Milan, I saw many yeah and Olivia Walla, who your ship was soggy.

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Brothers and sisters, a young man.

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He was the only man the only believer on Earth,

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calling his people towards

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calling his nation toward

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errs, the Oneness of Allah came his own people

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who lit up this huge fire.

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And instead of answering his golf, they said, how will they call who wants who earlier?

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They said, burn him, burned this young boy. And just so you know, sisters and brothers, this man, this boy, in fact, this young man was only 16 years old.

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This young boy was only 16 years four years old, who did not accept the fact that his people were worshipping idols. Compare that to our 16 years old today.

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Compare this fact, to our 16 years old today, who may be the ornery that concern is the PlayStation who's not working or maybe their cell phone that stopped working or maybe that needs an upgrade. This young boy His concern was people who worshipping idols. So he goes on, he calls them tours to eat.

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So they call the nation they call the town and they put him into this catapult. And here he is, this young boy tied around this catapult looking at all this nation who came to witness this atrocity.

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So much so that she can eat himself. Shah who's equally or Carla who? Yeah, I got him. And then and then I mean, hija under kind and I mean, has your ID do you need our help? Who's coming to him she didn't himself, the master of all angels say even

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telling him genius, our head part of that woman the entire color, from you know, has to be Allah one and metalworking, Allah is sufficient for me. I don't need your help, did throw him into the fire of Allah Wolfin na. So Allah subhanho wa Taala and trust of our brothers and sisters, he went towards Allah, He connected to Allah, he put his trust to Allah, he invoked Allah, the help came from Allah, the one that came from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. When you call Allah when you supplicate Allah, Allah comes to your rescue. He asked for the help from Allah. Allah came to his rescue. So Allah tries to fire one ma Shan do Minjung the Allah, Allah to help you BMP Allah. Allah has made me learn a sick

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kid yet special because Allah, Fernanda Allah, Allah called them Fire whose only a soldier of Allah it can only burn with the wind and permission of Allah. So Allah azza wa jal addressed the fire of fire be queued and peaceful on Ibrahim, the fire did not burn him. So Allah azza wa jal says,

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he came there. But you know when I said he, they wanted to cause him the distress they want to or they flooded things against him. And Allah made them the losers non Allah made them the losers. So if Allah is with you, if you seek the help of Allah, You shall be the winner. But if you seek the help of anyone other than Allah, unfortunately, you will be the loser.

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You can be the winner, it's your choice, or choose to be the loser is still your choice. It depends who you side with.

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And today my brothers and sisters we say because the the essence of this hotbar today is has gone Allah see that couldn't be more. Si.

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Si, mi see, the pain has one Allah is the weapon of every believer has one Allah when you are working, it is the weapon of those who are patient has to be Allah when everyone working well husband Allah Who an admin working, it is indeed a weapon that you shall utilize at Thompson distress and the times of need to where all the doors have you lucky for you, and then the only one that you can seek and really from is Allah Hassan Allah when

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Allah comes to his rescue. Brothers and sisters, let us live with the name of Allah and her Siva has one Allah has to be Allah derived from the name of Allah and hassy. Allah had caffeine when we get our cup Allah Allah has spoke

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whosoever puts his trust in Allah, Allah is sufficient for him. This is what it means has when Allah when they have been working, it means our

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La is sufficient for me.

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Allah is sufficient for me.

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He cannot help. She cannot help no one can help. Allah is sufficient for me. I don't need no help from anyone. Allah is my hacienda, the rector Subhana who had to Allah and then Allah King, the ultimate trustee and the best protector, Allah husband, Allah, what do you remember? What can we say to those brothers and sisters, to those people of Morocco now, to those victims under the rubble, those who lost just belonging is those who yesterday were rich. And today the poor, those who yesterday were handsome, and beautiful. And today, they are living with a, a some sort of, of of a disability. Yesterday, you had properties yesterday, they had houses today, they've got nothing we

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say to those who have lost everything, and to those who are still under the rubble has got family in there, some are still under the rubble. And people have some of them have lost despair. Why? Because they have no way to get onto them. And you may be wondering, because I try to put myself in their head of what goes on around the people nowadays, who could be saying, why

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you may say maybe that town who's the touristic town, or this other town or this other town who there's so much haram, by why this bois, the mother had his poor, old buddy and it was given very, why these innocent innocent finishes, villages, maybe this boy even internet in there.

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And you may be wondering, because they live in the outskirts of the town, it's not in the middle of the city, those that happen in the midst of city it's only meant something so trivial from minor compared to what happened in the these, these outskirts and then it may be saying, What crime do these people do for Allah to destroy the houses on top of their heads?

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Wha hoo, yeah, don't move until we have that moment.

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And Allah knows and you do not know Allah is unhappy. Allah is an ally. And rest assured because Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam said,

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Those who die under the rubble, the other martyrs, a che a che Allah azza wa jal said those who are drowning out Alia Shahi accordingly, Mota will have the Kalia of you has shahada

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Glad Tidings to you.

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Those who are drowning are also martyrs. I've also matters so maybe what's happening now is Allah subhanho wa taala. Will not superficial, selected meticulously those who are rented the martyrdom was raised. You and I today, yesterday, as I mentioned Turkey, and then Syria. It happened in Iraq. It happened in Libya. It happened in Yemen, it happened in the US it happened in Maui, a hurricane but what someone's hurricane and hurricanes and like any other hurricane in August, a hurricane with fire people they ran away and the fire full of them destroyed the whole island. One problem one tragedy after another and people are still in the state of being so oblivious. And Allah subhana wa

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Taala says Muhammad fasea

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at 900

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On this day, Allah azza wa jal says that atrocities tragedies have happened all over the world.

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So Allah can make people test a little bit of what they have done. Why so they may come back to Allah subhanho The Allah who

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we say has one on one.

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If you go to any distress, we say has one Allah when

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Allah is sufficient for us?

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Yeah and Olivia

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Habib Habiba

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Yemen, not poured in Allah ma sabe the one that could will Wahoo your ship was Soviet in the US human Rama

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Rama Tina, don't ever despair, somebody despair but the spread from what you know, let's go one by one. You have a certain I say no. In our way. After calling them for 950 years. Imagine a profit

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calling his people for more than, what? 900 years 950 years calling them one day after another calling them day and night. She ha she ha de la la Jara. How many people believe in him? It's been said that only 80 or 82 people believe in life after calling them or 950 years.

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What occurred now?

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Fallen emoji who

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won a trainer who

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may not COVID

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won a trainer who has a level of COVID as we know has called upon us brothers and sisters when you have no one you have Allah know after nine industry two years he called Carlos he disparaged from his people. Up in Africa, I've given him caffeine in the Yarra what Allah Quran if anyone on Earth from these non believers has destroyed them, the answer came from Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah has never done a notion for the name and will Jeevan No, it has called upon us indeed we have called upon we have answered his call. And what did Allah say What did Allah does to Noah? He saved him and his family without COVID. Avi from the distress Musa alayhis salam when his people call in nanomolar

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code in code what is how was work done? We're done with death and noise with the with the utmost believe in Allah.

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What did he say Kulla in ERP, say a de ne Allah is with me, he shall say me, he shall guide me the answer came from Allah subhanaw taala that Gina who worked on Ajay now Huma will come home at me no cover of it. And we saved him, him and moose and Hello, I'm recovering away from the distressed who else who else you will know Suganuma you will assume no matter when he runs himself, and then he went and jumped into the ocean, when he went into that, that Safina into the ship. And they threw him into the into the into the ocean, in the midst of the night in the belly of the ocean, the darkness of the ocean, and the darkness of the bed of the of the baby of the ocean. He called upon

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his Lord, what did he say?

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Sort of Hana in a container volume he got the Subhanak indeed I was from the wrongdoers came the answer from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Foster Trevena we answered his call first the Jana Wanda Gina who we know from what he cannot do what we need, we answered his call, and we saved from the stress even more, and we shall save those who are going through to the stress from the believers who has a you have and he said, are you balancing 18 years? Imagine this 18 year has been sick, he lost everything. How much did you lose?

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What did you lose? And how much did you lose this man? Not only he he lost one time, he lost all his children, one after another, all his belongings, one after another, all his wealth, all his properties was filled with him. The only person who stood with him was his wife.

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And then he calls upon his Lord, lo and behold, upbeat must sunny a boom. Well, I'm having my first picture of

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him and why paint our

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house is this especially if he called upon his Lord, Oh Allah, I've been been afflicted with this dog with this evil Allah answered is called Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, He answered his call with a

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human. And then we released and relieved him from the evil that has been default upon him. That was a yoga and he said that God was Musa that was that was new. And on and on and on. Yeah, cool.

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How could I forget? Yeah, to who cry, who cried so much. Enter. He lost his eyesight. When he lost his child when he lost his most beloved son, Yusuf Alayhi Salam.

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He lost his crying and crying and crying, what happened to you? More? Yeah, to Jacob. He lost his child. And this other child he cried and cried and cried, and then he invoked Allah Subhana Allah Allah. The answer came from Allah Subhana Allah Tada brought back his son brought back his children. And Allah azza wa jal says at the end, for a never money a tepee was great for in Allah Allah.

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CD, those who fear those who show patients Allah does not waste the work of a massive amount of questioning. Those who do good brothers and sisters will say

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A husband Allah.

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Allah is sufficient for us. And whosoever put his trust in Allah for

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Allah is sufficient for him. So

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brothers and sisters, Manuel caliber will may Allah, Allah for he is heading over you will be writing the love for her to him as a loved one who's to ever put his trust in Allah that is that is. That is the honor when you hook when you connect when you put your trust in Allah when you put your trust and you connect with anyone other than Allah, it is a disgrace. And it is a disgrace.

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Again, yeah, and Olivia again, has gone on what

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has moved Allah from those who burn the Quran has been a Muslim those who wronged the women for those who work the children for those who love their husbands for those that were parents has when Allah for those who work with the Muslims all over the world has put a lot what's happening to the state has got a lot to lose. It's happening this church has gone on left to the Muslims, anyone in your household a loved one yet

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go to public high that was from a local festival in Abu.

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Dhabi Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah

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Should we sit and wait and come and live in the masjid

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and wait for death?

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Because brothers and sisters I don't mean here to frighten you are only raising this alarm this reality it is happening and it's still gonna be happening. Is it the end of time? Is it really the end of time?

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The father

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as I mentioned Maui before that, Turkey, Syria, Libya, a lovely and on and on and on. And some of us are still as I mentioned oblivious. I keep on driving some times and I heal I see these youth thriving Muslims driving the wedding says mashallah the season mashallah can see Happy singing in the cars, the music, it's so our cloud as if God of Allah were safe? No, we're not saying no, you cannot see because maybe some people said, Oh, that was so far away in Turkey so far away in VBA. So far away, and if I believe it's so far away, yeah. And then if I believe is the far west and Turkey is the almost Far East. Nobody's safe.

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We're not safe. But what should we be doing brothers and sisters? First and foremost, we have to go back to our law. We have to make the word Allah we have to repent to Allah. I'm here I am here. I have and I have and I have to warn you have done we ought to come back to Allah Subhan Allah since live Tomoko ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala Save yourselves. Save your children. Save your family. Save your loved ones. You cannot see what 700 We have gone through we have removed yeah baby you don't know even here. How many times have you heard fire just happened in that house? The whole house isn't has been demolished. And no insurance Congress you when you have a fire that happens that no pinches

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what some people they left they found themselves with nothing even in his own country. So you cannot say we are safe. Make Toba to Allah. seek forgiveness from Allah. Asana, Asana, Asana, Asana, come back, pray, pray, pray, pray, Why pray? I'm on here. But what happens? Is this gathering here right after the Zoom app where people go, Where do people go? Where are people in awesome, it works. The business is fine. How about how about Asia? What are you doing in Florida? Are you busy?

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Are you busy really so busy at work? And no, you're not? Except very few. Why don't you talk to the Russians at

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Infocomm Save yourselves, make thinking of Allah azza wa jal. These are the things that can save us. The thicket of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is the father of Sumatra had never

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sent his salutations about Prophet Muhammad is a Savior as well. Making lots of solicitations sending lots of solicitations. Our Prophet Muhammad Ali subtle said is also a way out to allow salvation to any problems and a calamity that may be afflicted upon us, Allah whomever from Allah. Let me send another policy worker for that group. What I can follow through Allah who my enemy, your lunch will come on the new y'all.

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Y'all pa of these have beaten out of them in the other one

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The woman, Danny, Allah whom was a bit of an enemy, Allah who may have been motel also Kumar, Allah, Allah who may be motel

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Allah, Allah who my other business I love for summer. Allahu Allahu Allah Who was 11 was so rewarding to meet Allah who met hammer rock, I mean,

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Allah, Allah, who may Allah be at the winner Shuhada

00:25:26--> 00:25:30

even a shahada, your economic Accra V. Eleni Yaga

00:25:32--> 00:25:38

Yaga Bina gina de Sen to see what kind of enemies for the Gina Hola. Hola. Hola.

00:25:39--> 00:25:40

Hola. Hola.

00:25:42--> 00:25:49

Yeah, house number fitna Yahoo je was designee Dora inna Allah Who may I mean? Yah yah

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00:25:54--> 00:25:58

Misaki yada yada yada yada

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yeah all Filion

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00:26:05--> 00:26:07

Allah who may Allah him when

00:26:08--> 00:26:15

you have all of your work for under you as a PA was called customer whose work customer whose will cause

00:26:17--> 00:26:18

Catherine Muslim

00:26:20--> 00:26:23

Allah who my official who spoke to us on Allah.

00:26:24--> 00:26:26

Allah who was one customer who Allahu

00:26:27--> 00:26:34

Allah Subhana Allah who will have to ask you to be my philosopher Amina Anna enemy you're gonna come in in the seat Fernando

00:26:38--> 00:26:51

shared me do it then the extra Allah who my other Allah Masha Allah Who Mexican name what I'm wondering how much freedom that shows I don't know when we're on this Washington ended on

00:26:52--> 00:26:58

October I'll be doing a dentist of Seville Milan Satalia he was telling me about the law in Milan.

00:26:59--> 00:27:02

What are you waiting for and in fact I will go one by

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00:27:07--> 00:27:07


00:27:09--> 00:27:12

Lagos yo has one hola one yet been working?