Prophesies about Prophet Muhammad (p) in Other Religious Scriptures were Added Later to Spread Islam

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Salam Alaikum My name is Mahmoud. I have to ask a question on behalf of my non Muslim friend. It's not my question. He's feeling shy to come on mic. So can I go ahead?

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I am a revert. But it's a question on behalf of my non Muslim friend, he doesn't wants to come on mic. So if you allow, okay, Sam, welcome to a few.

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This question is all the prophecies that occur by quartet? Is it possible that these prophecies were being edited later on in all the various scriptures of the world to

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preach Islam in other ways? So, there is also a good question, can it be possible that all these prophecies are added in all the scriptures later on? Can it be yes, it can be.

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If it is not added, if the Scripture is pure, you have to believe it to be the Word of God. You have to follow masala. If you say it is added, that means the Scripture is corrupted, you leave your scripture aside. So if you leave your scripture side, the only pure scripture is the Quran both ways you come to the Quran heads I win tails, you lose.