It is Compulsory for Muslims to Convey the Message of Islam to Non-Muslims in Non-Muslim Society?

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It is the duty of every Muslim, to convey the message of Islam to the non Muslims.

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I'd like to ask you a question.

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Suppose you go away from your home,

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house for work,

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and your neighbor.

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He abuses your mother. He uses foul language against your mother.

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When you come back home, and when you come to know that your neighbor has used foul language against your mother, what will you do?

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What will you do? When you get back home? And you come to know that your neighbor has used foul language against a mother for no reason at all? And when you get back home, and when you come to know about this, what will you do?

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What will you do?

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What do you do?

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Beat him up?

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What do you do?

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Bash him.

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What do you do?

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Kill him.

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Man by the saying beat him up. Other brothers saying Bash him third persons and kill him.

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When you get back home, and you come to know that your neighbor has abused use foul language against your mother for no rhyme or reason. Someone wants to beat him up. Someone wants to bash him. Someone wants to kill him. But you see to it that your neighbor has taught a lesson. Will you or not?

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Yes or no? Of course, if you cannot do it yourself, you will hire someone else to do the job. Yes or no? Of course, because we love our mother.

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We respect our mother.

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Fine. We'll see to it that we will teach that neighbor a lesson

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on to ask your question that's in this world. Who do you love the most? Number one?

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Who do you love the most?

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Allah we love Allah subhana wa Taala more than our mother more than our father more than our wife more than our children. We love him. Number one, you ask any Muslim and the reply would be the same that the person you love the most is Allah.

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Allah says in the Quran

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in surah, Miriam,

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Chapter 19, verse number 88, to 92 Allah says wirkkala takahama Nevada, that they say

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the non Muslims, the Jews and the Christians that Allah subhana wa Taala has begotten son laka g Thomas a DA indeed Deaf put forth a thing which is most monstrous, that are the savatya to fatahna minoo as though the skies are ready to burst what unshackled the earth to fit asunder, but the carriage Avada and the mountains to fall down to utter ruin. Allah says in the Quran, if anyone says that Allah has forgotten the sun, if the sky had feelings, the sky would have burst open. If the earth had feelings, the Earth would split open, the mountains would have fallen down to utter ruin. If anyone says that Allah has forgotten the sun, because anyone who says that Allah is bigger than

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the sun, it is one of the most ingenious things you can say about Allah subhana wa Taala we see today, especially in the non Muslim society, every day,

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our non Muslim friends or non Muslim colleagues, they are abusing Allah subhanaw taala they are saying Allah has forgotten the sun, and we can't even open our mouth.

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When we ask a Muslim, who do you love the most the replies Allah.

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When someone wants to abuse our mother, you will fall language against a mother. You want to beat him up. You want to bash him, you want to kill him. And everyday people abusing Allah subhanho wa Taala and you can't even open your mouth. I'm not telling that you go and Bash him.

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I'm not telling go and beat him. I'm not saying go and kill him. It's not allowed in Islam.

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You can kill

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a non Muslim because abusing Allah subhanaw taala

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is not allowed for that. At least open a mouth.

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When someone is abusing your mother, you want to beat him you want to bash him every day. Our non Muslim friends or non Muslim colleagues.

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They are abusing Allah subhanho wa Taala and we can't even open amount. Leave aside opening amount we go and become party to them

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very soon after a couple of weeks is going to be Christmas season.

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And many of us Muslims. We wish our Christian friends Merry Christmas. Leave us at correcting them. You are becoming party to them. You know the Christians. They celebrate Christmas

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Myth and they say that Jesus Christ peace be upon him is the Son of God and God be God, Jesus Christ, please bear by nose Billa on 25th of December, leave aside correcting them, you're congratulating them you are giving Shahada that Allah subhana wa Taala no spiller has forgotten a son on the 25th of December.

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diva side correcting them, you are giving Shahada Merry Christmas means what?

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Your congratulating you and giving witness that knows Billa Allah has gotten a son on the 25th of December.

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We have to open amount.

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I'm not saying go and beat them or bash them. It does open a mouth.

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Can you open a mouth?

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non Muslim society whether it's a Christian society or Hindu society?

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Same thing there. The festival was very common from where I come that is Ganesha tutti Ganpati

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and many Muslims go to this festival and when they offer the prasada

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the food which is put in front of the idol.

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The Muslim is no it is haram. But how can they offend? their friend will feel bad. So what they do, they say bismil and habit.

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So tomorrow they say Bismillah and have poked, they after tomorrow they say Bismillah and alcohol. What's happened to the Muslim Ummah, we can't even open our mouth. Who are we afraid of?

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It is so easy.

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Believe me to talk is so easy. The only thing you have to open your mouth.

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You'd have to insult him, you'd have to abuse him. Quran clearly says in Surah Nam chapter number six was reviled, not close abused, not those Gods worship besides Allah left in the ignorance they will abuse Allah subhanho wa Taala they will reveal Allah subhanaw taala. So you do not have to use foul language against them. Only thing you have to ask them simple questions. It's so easy.

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But we Muslims, we are afraid to open amount. We are afraid to dow because if I open my mouth, I will lose this friendship. We are more interested in keeping friends with a non Muslim than the friendship with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And believe me, if you really speak about her, they will respect you.

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The experience that I have in my life, being a medical college, I never had problems. In fact, when I studied in Bombay, the percentage of Muslim was very few, five 6%. When asked to speak with a non Muslims or Muslims, they run away, you have to pick one and now he's going to give the bashing so they've run away.

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But I never had a problem. No non Muslim as yet got my collar.

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When you speak the truth, they respect you. And

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when I was in medical college, it's compulsory we have to pass in via was in Bible and 50% of our marks and all the subjects for waiver and after dhaba even with my professors,

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many people said that

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if you do too much power they will fail you. So I said no problem Allah if he wants that I should do one more year with them. No problem.

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When hamdulillah What should we be afraid of?

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We should open a mouth but unfortunately, we Muslims. We are afraid we are more interested in keeping the friendship of our non Muslim friends rather than friendship of Allah subhanho wa Taala