Assalaamu Alaikum or Om Shanti

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Hello Welcome sir. My name is Ajay voice now I'm working in your catering in VIP launch. My question is from my family that everyone in all the books it's written that Gods are same and God is one. When I say you Salah like boom, you can say me that Hari O'Meara Hari Om Shanti Salalah ko means that maybe peace on you and ohm Shanthi means that maybe peace on you then why can't you say that Ohm Shanthi was the question that we says surround with Peace be on you Ohm Shanthi also means your new Shanti is no problem only the problem

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is the own the Hindus think that that is god oh Shanti no problem if I translate Assalamu alaikum upay Shanthi oh no problem Shanti no problem pieces, no problem salami no problem. The problem is

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what we have to realize that we may be beyond you were requesting Allah for that, oh, is another concept which people have a different concept about home. So if you say May God be beyond you No problem, but the moment is their own people may start having a negative picture or is it about Hinduism? Is it about a god something maybe having it because to divert, not to divert? It's better to be clear, so only thing shanties no problem and Arabic with the Salaam wa Alaykum may be beyond in English or Spanish until the moment you add that Shanthi somebody else will give you besides creator, then there's a problem

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for hope pieces on your brother. Yes. I hope that you live in peace. Say yes. Thank you, brother. Hi.