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It's going to take two minutes of your time Shala housekeeping items shallow. Number one, the policy of the masks. As you know, a big maintains a mandatory masks policy. That means you have to have the mask on throughout your stay here at Epic, least in the main hall while you're praying is really important, the mask has to be above your nose. So that way doesn't make the other people anxious praying next to you. So it's really important that you keep your masks above your nose throughout your stay here at Epic in sha Allah number one. Number two, this is the most important one, the parking a lot of the brothers, perhaps sisters as well. They're parking illegally by the fire lanes

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specially on the loop.

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So this is illegal brothers. This is a safety hazard. It's a major safety hazard. If we run into any sort of emergencies, which we had one in the past, we had to bring the paramedics in and out of this area, this parking lot this facility. And we always had problems with that this is a life threatening situation. So because it makes it easier for us to exit out in this parking, we tend to park illegally, which is not correct. We have tried many different ways, but apparently nothing work. The only way we have left now is if the car is parked illegally by the fire lanes where there was signs literally there are signs there says no parking, no parking, no parking, but you can go

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out and watch. There are cars parked there illegally.

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Yes, the driveways and whatnot right? So please if you if that happens, they have no choice but to tow the car. So this applies for Joomla for regular prayers as well. I really apologize for this but this is the

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highest priority for us to make sure that we are all safe. In case of emergency, we are able to handle those emergencies. If you're parked illegally, please going forward, do not park there. Otherwise the car is going to get towed. Salaam Alaikum to level a cat.

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So I'll come some final announcements. Inshallah. First and foremost, I would like to welcome the Islamic summit of America, they have a booth outside. I am the Dean of the seminary, Dr. Jimmy Jones, the President will be coming giving the second hold up. You can see their programs outside the classes that I teach as well. And also other classes and also today they're going to be having an event on their campus, which is in Richardson, which is entitled welcoming converts. They're bringing an author down, who has written a book about welcoming converts to Islam. From our side, these East Plano, Samick. Center and Hamdulillah. We have a lot of youth programs lined up. And so

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I've been asked to remind you to keep aware of what's going on via social media. We have a lot of programs in August and the most important one for today's announcement, a girl's basketball camp, which is from the fifth to the eighth of August. So if you have young girls at home teenagers, this is the ideal camp for them. We had a very successful boys basketball camp last week. We also have announcements for those that have passed away and those that are sick. We have three death announcements we were going to make two out for them. The mother of Dr. Mustafa Ali in Libya she has passed away. The father a brother said Jed has sent in Buxton has passed away. And the father of the

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Wahid has also passed away. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to forgive their sins to exalt their ranks to make the cupboard a place of Jana and to give Saba to their family members, and we also have a request of dua for our brother, the father of brother Asif Sajad, the who is sick and he's asking for dua We ask Allah azza wa jal for Shiva, Ajit compute pure Shiva We ask Allah de Shafi and McAfee to cure the sickness and do not leave any remnants of it

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Again, there seems to be a lot of people outside if we can just fill in the gaps insha Allah

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Alhamdulillah we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala for he alone is worthy of praise. And we thank Allah subhana wa Taala for having guided us to this religion and this faith. And indeed if Allah had not guided us we would not be guided. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala for the good of this world and the good of the next and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Whomever ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada guides nonconformist guide, and whomever he chooses to misguide, none can guide him to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam is his final prophet and his most perfect worshipper as to what follows ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has commanded us to be conscious of him and to submit until we die for he says in the Quran, yeah, you Hello Dina Amanita Allah Alka to call to Walter Mouton. illa Anta Muslim Moon dear Muslims. Today's hutzpah is a unique and different one. It is a hutzpah that is meant for inquiring and inquisitive minds. It is a hotbed that is catered to our next generation, a generation that is witnessing new challenges and new threats, the likes of which are completely unprecedented in human history. The advancements in technology and our understandings of science have allowed the spread of

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new ideologies new understandings new questions, that perhaps our ancestors never even thought of. It is now vogue to reject religion in totality. It is the norm amongst many in the scientific community to doubt the very existence of God, something that was unheard of for almost the entirety of human existence. So it is not surprising that when we live in such a new time, unprecedented time that questions ask are asked that even our own fathers and ancestors would not even have thought of. I get bombarded with emails and even people coming to my office verbalizing questions that I fully understand some of you elders would even not want to hear the question, much less began with the

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answer. But with my utmost respect to the elders, you're ignoring the question will not make the questions go away. And we need to be frank and address the challenges given the times that we have today. Now one hood but can only do so much, but I want to begin the discussion and in sha Allah spark the intellectual dialogue and insha Allah I'm here for anybody that wants to follow up with other questions or concerns. We began with the very basic premise, how do we even know there is a Creator and a god. And if we look at the Quran, we find quite interestingly, that the Quran does not engage with this notion of atheism, the way that we understand it. The Quran takes the existence of

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God as a given. The Quran does not give complex multifaceted proofs in order to prove the existence of God. On the contrary, the Quran assumes that the existence of God is self evident, our existence is enough evidence of his existence. And in fact, this is the logical and rational understanding of the world around us. Descartes famously remarked, I think, therefore I am, he doubted his own existence, we as Muslims will add to that, I think, therefore, he is the very fact that I exist, and the very fact that I have consciousness, and the very fact that I am thinking, it is enough of a proof, it is enough of a realization that he exists, I would not be here if he were not here. And I

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would not be able to be conscious and think if he did not imbibe in me, the faculties to be conscious and to be inquisitive. And in fact, dear Muslims, we are just beginning to understand the complexity of life around us the amount of information that is stored in our DNA. Our supercomputers of today have challenges to unpack the complex circuitry of ourselves. We continually make discoveries in every single discipline in biology and physics, in astronomy that continue to astound us and these disciplines that we study. These disciplines that we specialize in, you can only specialize in one you cannot be a cutting edge physicist and a cutting edge biologist at the same

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time, we can only specialize in one, but the reality is that the world around us be specializations and these disciplines do not exist separately from one

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In other in reality, the laws of physics and biology and chemistry and astronomy all Interplay together, they simultaneously exist in our cells and within our bodies. And the seamless working together of all of this around us is enough of an indication that there is a designer out there of supreme power and supreme knowledge and that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala challenges in the Quran. Look at the creation do you find a flaw? Look again and keep on looking Korean Allah says in the Quran photo GL Basara helter Amin photo so managerial vasara Kira Chang, Jung, Colombia, Colombian, Jacob Rojas, in what was the year you will become tired, your mind will become fatigued you will not

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find a flaw in this perfect all perfect design, the strength and the power and the perfection and the beauty of the creation is an indication of the strength and the power and the knowledge of the Creator. Allah subhana wa to Allah says in the Quran, explicitly in the end of Surah Totara go read it. Allah explicitly says that he has created the creation Lita, Allah mu, so that you may know and Allah Allah colletion Kadir, one Allah how to how to do collusion, that Allah is all powerful and all knowledgeable. Notice Allah is powerful and knowledgeable. The creation itself will tell you forget the existence of the Creator that is a given. It will tell you the attributes of the Creator,

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it will tell you the names of the creator, the creator of this creation must be all powerful, must be all knowledgeable, must be aware of everything and that is why Allah Subhan Allah subhanho wa Taala links these two attributes in particular to the existence of the creation, in fact, the Quran, the Quran does not even challenge the Quran does not even address atheists, the way that it addresses pagans and the way that it addresses idolaters. If you were to say there are verses in the Quran about atheists, perhaps you can extract only one verse in the entire Quran and that is in surah tour when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I'm Holly Coleman, Heidi Shea in a woman call your

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own, did they create the word they created from nothing? Or did they create themselves? Where did they come from? Were they created from nothing? This is the most explicit verse in the Quran that talks about the phenomenon of atheism. And even then Allah does not address it directly. He addresses it as a rhetorical question. Do you really think all of this came out of nothing? Can anybody actually say this And subhanAllah brothers and sisters, the Quran constantly challenges us to think about the creation to affirm the Creator. So many verses don't they see themselves? Don't they see the camel don't they see the stars don't they see within themselves so many verses? But

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here's the point. Here's the catch. None of those verses is directed to atheists. All of them are directed to polytheists. Those who worship multiple gods, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives more credit to polytheism than he gives to atheism. He actually engages with polytheist intellectually he engages with them and says, How can you believe in a multiple of Gods when the harmony around us indicates there is but one God so the verses of the Quran that are about to the bottom to * code that are about examining the creation, they are addressed to those who who believed in multiple gods and Allah subhanho wa Taala says if there were multiple gods this harmony would not exist Hello

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canopy Hema Ali Hassan il Allah who the fossa data. If there were other gods besides Allah, this creation would become chaotic, it will be have nothing but facade and sort of movement on Allah subhanho wa Taala says that if there were other gods besides Allah, the Sahaba Kulu Illa him Bhima hudec Every God would take its own creation away from the other gods what I love about Oklahoma about and the gods would be fighting one another, you would not have the perfect harmony, harmony, the symmetry, you would not have this entire universe working in unison and cooperating for a common goal if there were multiple gods. So the purpose of all of these verses is to prove monotheism. And

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that's where all of these verses come into play. As for agnosticism, as for atheism, the fact of the matter is that denying a God does not stem from Rational evidence. It stems from a spiritual arrogance. It stems from an arrogance of not wanting to believe because the evidences for the existence of a creator are too numerous to count. The very fact that you are looking for evidence the very fact that you exist and you have a rationality to hunt for evidence is enough of an evidence that he exists. So how can somebody who denies the existence of God be given any proof when he himself is the existence of God? He's not even willing to look at himself and he wants external

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proof so the Quran

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is not give them too much weight. And the Quran dismisses it as a spiritual arrogance, you cannot argue for to the one who is already arrogant in his mind. But you can argue and debate with the one who has a rational fault. And that is why the Quran gives more credit to the allocator, and even to the polytheist than it does to those who reject the concept of a god. So as we said, the concept of a god is a given. And in fact, the Quran affirms monotheism via the perfection of the Creation around us. But then the next question arises, some people say, yes, there might have there might be a God, I believe that but I don't believe in organized religion. And this is very common 32% of the

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people of this land, and 60 to 70% of some of the lands in Europe. They tick the box that says spiritual but not religious 30% of our nation, one out of every three, they believe in some being, but they don't believe in religion, spiritual, I believe there's something but not religious. I don't affiliate with a particular religion, and this philosophy, it's called deism or theism, that you believe there is a God but you don't believe in religion, and this to the Quran challenges directly. And the Quran refutes this concept as being inconsistent, intellectually inconsistent. Allah says in the Quran, that is I will insert a new trucker Sudha did man think that he would be

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left after being created without being given guidance? Did man think he would be left without any guidance? In other words, the perfection of the Creation indicates that the Creator is active in our lives. He is not a passive God who created us and left the world. No, the way that he created this world indicates he is an active God he participates he takes care of he answers. So how could such a God take care of our physical needs and ignore our spiritual ones? How can the world be created so perfectly such that every single atom of creation is in harmony and perfection? Every aspect of our physical lives is taken care of. And yet the spiritual question, the question of why we are here,

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what is the purpose of life? What is right and wrong? What will happen after death? How can those be ignored? In fact, it would make more sense to ignore the physical and concentrate on the spiritual but Allah has ignored neither and Allah has neglected neither Allah has taken care of our physical and of our spiritual and intellectual well beings. And that is why Allah sends the prophets and the messengers to communicate with us. We believe as Muslims that a true God would not just abandon his creation, what type of God is it that creates and then leaves No, Allah says in the Quran did man think recreating or for no reason? Boulton as a just Allah says, I don't play games. It says in the

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Quran, I don't play games, I don't do something for no reason. So the fact that we exist in such perfection is an indication that there is a reason for existence. Now, how do we know that reason, Allah must tell us and he tells us via prophets and via messengers, and that is why we as Muslims firmly believe that if you believe in a God, you must believe in religion as well. To believe in a God without religion is to not believe in a real God. This is an imaginary God, a God, by definition, will be involved in the spiritual well being of His creation. And that is why religion is a necessary part of life. It informs us of the purpose of life. It tells us why we are here. It

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teaches us morality without religion, by the way, and study your philosophy without religion, there is no ultimate morality, any action, any lifestyle, any deed can be justified intellectually, if you remove God from the picture only with God and only with faith. Do you have morality? Do you have civil society? Do you have identity and community if you reject religion, the alternative is a complete free for all. Every person becomes a religion, and a theology and a morality unto himself. And frankly, we're already seeing the beginnings of this in the current world that we live in, where everything goes in every person follows his own desires. This is not the sign of a true God. The

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true God communicates with his creation and tells his creation right from wrong. So we believe in Allah azza wa jal, we believe in a god I should say, right now we believe in faith. But then the question arises, what faith that's the next question. How do we know my faith is the correct faith because an outside critic will come to you at some point in your life and He will say to you, you're just a Muslim, because your parents are Muslim. You're just a Muslim because you were born in a Muslim household and your neighbors are Christian because his parents are Christian and your other neighbors a Jew because his parents are a Jew. And this will bring an element of doubt because

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statistically that is pretty much correct the majority

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Have people of one faith happen to be born into that faith? So the external critic comes along and he challenges you. He says, You really are just a born Muslim. We're talking here to those who are born in the US for the Congress, they have 100 they passed the test. As for us who are born, the external critical come and plant that seed of doubt. He's gonna say you haven't done your research, you haven't done all the fates and studied them to come to the logical conclusion that Islam and only Islam is true. And this will cause a question to come. How do I know my faith is true? Okay, we've shown there's a God we've shown that God is one we've shown monotheism, we've shown that God

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must reveal their religion, but then how do we know which religion now this is a very again, all of these are very lengthy questions. I'll give three simple responses. How do we know Islam is true? Three simple responses. Firstly, an external evidence, secondly, an internal evidence to the faith and thirdly, an internal evidence in our souls external internal to the faith internal to our souls. As for the external evidence that Islam is true, the number one miracle that gives us Yaqeen beyond the shadow of a doubt, is that of the Quran. Whenever in doubt, read the Quran. Whenever a Westwater comes, the doubt comes to you listen to the Quran. The Quran is the ultimate miracle that any

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prophet has ever been given. It is the miracle of miracles. No prophet has been given a miracle that even comes close to that of the Quran. It is the eternal the living the tangible miracle. It is the miracle that every single one here in this audience and across the globe that listens to the Quran knows it to be true for an unlettered prophet without any formal education in the desert of the seventh century of Arabia to produce a recitation who is very words movement to tears, who sounds produced spiritual awakenings. Even amongst those who don't understand it, their emotions are moved whose teachings transcend any time and place whose preservation is beyond question. The Quran is the

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ultimate miracle of miracles. And all one needs to do is to listen and to read and to recite the very fact that this is a lived book, a memorized book that a non Arab who doesn't understand a word of Arabic can memorize the entire Quran cover to cover line by line, every half of the Quran is a walking miracle. What other book forget holy, what other book is there that can be memorized in this fashion other than the Quran and Allah mentions in the Quran, Bell who can begin to feel so do the lady in the Quran is clear ayat in the chest of the people of knowledge. It's mentioned in the Quran that the Quran is going to be preserved in the chests of men as we see it today. So this is the

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first proof it's external, the Quran the second mechanism is internal to the faith and that is the teachings of Islam. Look at what Islam teaches no other religion is as logical as Islam no other religion is as simple So by process of elimination polytheism does not make any sense Trinity nobody understands that the God is the son the father. What is this? The notion that the the ethnicity of one group is only good which is not our religion or other religion says one religion. One race is the chosen race doesn't make any sense. Islams theology is simple, it is logical, even a child can understand it, one God, one purpose, one mankind, worship Him live more lives, there is life after

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death in that life after that, you will find the wisdom of suffering and pain, infinite justice, because one of the biggest problems of these atheists is to explain evil and to explain justice, why is there evil? Why is there pain? Why is there suffering? We answer all of this with the IRA. There is infinite justice, but not in this world, every pain, every suffering, you will be rewarded, but in the next world, we bring in the concept of the akhira to understand some of the problems of this world. So the simple theology of Islam to hear that he Salah Akira, we believe in one God, He sent a series of prophets with the same message and we believe in life after death. There is no other faith

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that is as simple and as rational and as logical and answers the big questions. It explains life and death, pain and suffering infinite justice all is explained in the simple theology of la ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, the third mechanism of knowing that our faith is true, we said the first was external, the Quran, the second was internal to the faith, theology and teachings. The third is internal to us in our own souls, and that is a miracle of creation. Allah subhanho wa Taala created us not just with the faculties of hearing and seeing and speaking and the faculty of intelligence, there is another faculty and this faculty is one of intuition spiritual intuition. The Arabic term

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is FITARA fitrah

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

And fitrah is a spiritual faculty. It's embedded not in our brains, but in our soul group. Because of the fitrah. Because of this embedded inherent faculty, all of mankind has an intrinsic understanding of right and wrong. When we do something good, we feel good. When we do something bad, we feel guilty. When we worship Allah, we feel a sense of purpose. There is an intuition within all of us. We are born with it. It's not acquired, we are born with it. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, every single child is born with the fitrah, then his parents, corrupt him, his parents change him to this faith or that faith. He did not say his parents make him a Muslim. No, his

00:35:42--> 00:36:24

parents make him this faith or that faith. But the fitrah and Islam are compatible. How do we know Islam is true? Because to the very core of our being, to the very depths of our being, our intuition is in harmony with the theology of Islam with the teachings of Islam. We know internally that Islam makes sense. We don't have to research every one of the 500 religions on earth. We don't have to read the Holy Books of every other scripture, intuitively, our soul, our psyche, our rule is in harmony with our faith. And the fact of the matter is every other faith tradition, their soul is not in harmony with their faith. And that explains, by the way, why people convert to Islam, and why

00:36:24--> 00:37:03

hardly anybody in the history of Islam has hardly anybody. In fact, we do not know of any scholar any half of the Quran, we did not know of any researcher who after researching all the religions have left Islam and then embraced another faith. You do find people who were never really Muslim in the first place, then they accept another faith. But in reality, as we're all aware, people convert to our faith in every community across this country and across the globe, you will find converts to Islam. Why? Because the fitrah is in harmony with Islam. So a person of a pure soul, a person of a pure fitrah will be attracted to Islam. By the way, the fitrah also explains many other phenomenons,

00:37:03--> 00:37:47

for example religiosity why is it that Muslim lands across the globe belief in God belief in morality, belief in the hereafter is very high. Gallup survey did a poll about who believes in God in the world, you can see a huge difference between Muslim countries 90% 95% I think the highest or the lowest was like 78 79% versus Western countries 3540 50% In many countries 20% Why is this mark a difference between Muslim lands and others because when Eman settles in the heart, when faith comes in the heart, the fitrah and the faith are going to be cooperating together, they stick together. This is the reality we see another manifestation of the football very interesting.

00:37:48--> 00:38:31

Wherever Muslim civilization went, Islam remained, even if the civilization left wherever Muslim empires came, the religion remained even when the Empire is left. However, anytime an empire came of another faith, they left and their faith left and their culture left. Alexander the Great conquered more than half of the world. Where is his kingdom? Where is his faith? Where's his paganism, Changez Khan conquered most of the world of his time, where are the people who follow his ideology, nowhere to be found, wherever the Muslims went, even if the powers went, the Kings went, the dynasty went, Islam remained amongst the people. And it remained with pride. It remained as their main heritage

00:38:31--> 00:39:09

from the borders of China all the way to Africa, Islam wherever it went and spread. It's settled into people's heart, unless they were politically persecuted like an undiluted in Spain. Otherwise, this is a sign of a true faith, that where it goes, the people embrace it, and they keep it even after the conquerors leave, they still retain the faith, because the fitrah and the faith are in harmony together. So dear Muslims, I have spoken very briefly about the fact that it is obvious that there is a God it is obvious that God is one, it is obvious that that God is all powerful, all knowledgeable, it is obvious that that God would send the religion and that religion will be for all

00:39:09--> 00:39:45

of mankind, and communicate with us. And then we have to affirm our faith tradition. And we affirm that via a number of things, other things can also be mentioned, but I mentioned three of them. And with that, we come to the conclusion of every rational mind that Islam is true and Allah is true, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is true and the Quran is true, much more can be said but with these basic truths, I want you to start thinking about other issues and we'll continue in the second hold but as well may Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you will turn to the Quran and May He make us of those who is vs. They understand and applies head on and haram throughout our lifespan as

00:39:45--> 00:39:49

scholars forgiveness you as well ask him for his liver for and the ramen.

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

Alhamdulillah Allah

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praise is due to Allah, the One and the unique. It is He alone that we worship, and it is His blessings that we seek. He is the Lord of the week and he answers the call of the oppressed. Dear Muslim, one of the other issues that needs to be discussed and time is very limited, is the very complex and difficult question, which is actually another genre of questions. A lot of people come in, they say, I don't understand this ruling of Islam, how could adjust Lord have allowed this? Why did Allah make this haram? Why did Allah allow this for the Prophet system? And he asked a very, a very specific question about an issue of morality, an issue, a fix a commandment, a ruling, it's an

00:40:39--> 00:41:24

ethical dilemma. So this brother, the sister, they say, you know, I agree with a lot of things are saying, but I don't understand this one ruling of Islam. And my mind finds it problematic that Allah would allow this or obligated or whatnot. So this is a whole other topic time is very limited, but we have to simply answer in a very generic manner. First and foremost, you have to ask yourself, how do you decide the truth of a faith? Is it decided based upon whether you understand every single ruling? Or is it decided based upon the bigger questions? You see, if Allah allowed or didn't allow some issue, some commandments, some ruling, some fit? These are smaller issues. The bigger issue is

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that of theology of Eman of the akhira. And that's how we decide the truth of a religion. We do not decide the truth of religion on the secondary issues, we decide on the big issues, who created me, what's the purpose of life? What's going to happen after death? And only Islam solves all of these answers. Now you come to an ethical dilemma. The Quran might allow x the Quran might forbid why, and you don't understand why that is the case. We say you do not decide the validity of a ruling simply because you do not understand it. The first person to reject the worship of Allah because he didn't understand the ruling was beliefs. When Allah said to IBLEES bow down to Adam IBLEES thought I am

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better his mind told him I'm better why should I follow Allah azza wa jal, I should be the one the angel should bow down to be very careful and put the mind in its proper place. Secondly, dear Muslim, when it comes to these ethical issues, we have to differentiate between what might have been allowed in the past versus what is obligated in the present. And this is a very deep topic. And please don't misunderstand me, Islam came for all times in places. And therefore, there's a lot of laxity in the Shetty out in the revelation about certain things that maybe in our times are no longer done. And just because it was allowed in the past does not mean it needs to be replicated in

00:42:48--> 00:43:24

our time. And it is up to the IrDA ma trained or Allah, ma and jurists to decide for every time for every culture, for every place, a simple example is the age of marriage, once upon a time, younger people got married very young, and that was the norm, we might problematize that. And we don't have to follow that ruling that was there for the past, nothing wrong with them doing that. But we do have the right and the field Council and others have raised the age of marriages that you know, in our time in place, a young boy or young girl should not get married, we should raise that to which is a sensible age. This is something that the Sharia has to cater to the entire globe for all of

00:43:24--> 00:44:01

eternity for all of mankind. So the fact that the Sharia is silent, does not mean we have to take that ruling and apply it in our age. So we have to be very careful, most of the ethical issues that our young men and women bring, it can be said, you know, different times different places, and the fact that it was permissible in the past, we now have the right for example, across the globe, slavery has now been finished and banned. And they're Allama of this religion 100 years ago also did this that across the globe, there's no more milk came in and what not. So this is something we can think about. We'll leave it to the aroma to do and thirdly, if it is something that Allah azza wa

00:44:01--> 00:44:45

jal obligated, Allah made haram because the second category was MOBA has neutral. The third category What if Allah said It is haram? or Allah says you must do it. In this case, we have to understand our fragile and imperfect minds here we have to understand that perhaps our ethical standards, our moral compass might be corrupted by the society. We live in the Quran of the past. They found the Quranic prohibition of racism, highly problematic. They said, Why is racism bad? The Arabs are better than non Arabs. Everybody believed that back then they firmly believed in a hierarchy of races, and some of them rejected Islam because Islam said all races are equal. We have to be careful

00:44:45--> 00:45:00

of trying to replicate that mindset. If all of society doesn't evil, and we are born in that society, don't be surprised that we might see that evil is good. We have to be brave enough to acknowledge the fragility of

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

our own minds and our own intellects and if it is a secondary issue of ethics of sexuality of something to do with gender or something of this nature and the Sharia is clear, this was how long this is halal. Then even if we don't understand there is an element of I submit to Allah, there must be a leap of faith because the biggest questions have been answered by Islam. We know Allah is true. We know the Prophet system is true. We know the Quran is true. Now the Quran comes and says this is out on and there's no ambiguity, even if I don't understand why. This is where faith comes in, Oh Allah, I must trust you because I know you are my Creator. Subhanallah dear Muslims, Allah says

00:45:39--> 00:46:16

about alcohol. Everybody would drink alcohol back then even those who converted to Islam, the first batch of Muslims, the Sahaba and Maccha. Many of them would drink alcohol is halal back then right before it was haram. Allah revealed in the Quran, alcohol, they're asking you about home or about wine, there is some benefit, but there is much harm and the harm is more than the benefit. Now I asked you, do you think an alcoholic would understand that the harm is more than the benefit? Of course not. In his mind, he sees the good is more than the evil How can you expect the one involved to understand so there must be an element of trust that Allah subhanho wa Taala knows and I do not

00:46:16--> 00:46:56

know. So these are the three simple ways that we do this to understand these complex issues. And of course, every one of these issues can be elaborated on in more detail to conclude your Muslims. I want to just remind me and you have some very basic things first and foremost, when in doubt, turn to Allah subhanho wa taala. Then also autonomous stalking, always make dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. We firmly believe anybody who is sincere will never be misguided, Allah does not misguide the sincere turn to Allah subhana wa to either. Secondly, fill your life up with elements of spirituality with elements of practice, because sometimes the problem is not in the mind. It is in

00:46:56--> 00:47:32

the soul. So make sure you're feeding the soul read the Quran, do your car, pray your prayers as you ask Allah for guidance. Thirdly, ask the people of knowledge now I fully understand that sometimes your elders and some of the elders of the community will not be able to respond in ways that you appreciate understand, these are difficult questions, cut them some slack. Nobody's asked these questions until your generation but you will find answers do your research if I'm here to help you inshallah I'm here. Others can also there's online many people are answering where there's a will there's a way turn to Allah make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. fill your life with spiritual,

00:47:32--> 00:48:11

meaningful aspects and then ask the people of knowledge. And then lastly, dear Muslims understand that your mind is not the ultimate criterion of good and evil, there might be things you don't understand. Understand that there might be things you don't understand. And there's nothing wrong with admitting you're a fallible human being Allah knows best and that knowledge of Allah knows best should be enough for you to accept all of the revelation as it is May Allah subhana wa Tada guide all of us to the truth I am making the answers I mean after me, Oh Allah, we ask that you leave not leave any sin of ours here except that you overlook them. Oh Allah do not leave any sick amongst us

00:48:11--> 00:48:47

except that you have healed them. Oh Allah do not leave any diseased amongst us, except that you have forgiven them. Oh Allah do not leave any misguided amongst us except that you have guided them. Oh Allah do not leave any depth of ours except that you have repaid them. Oh Allah do not leave any problem of ours except that you have blessed us to overcome them. Era Manu Yara Haim? Oh Allah, we beg from you to lift from us display again this disease and to bless us with a life of comfort and ease you are the away and the Aziz Oh ALLAH of this dunya we ask you it's best and on judgement day that we passed the test and of the Africa that you make us amongst the blessed Oh Allah bless Islam

00:48:47--> 00:49:23

and its people and the OMA make it safe and peaceful and protected against those who doesn't desire for it evil or Muslims, ALLAH SubhanA which Allah has commanded you with a command that he began with himself and he seconded with the angels, and he then told all of us to follow for he says in the Quran in Allah homiletical Teresa Luna Anna Nebby Yeah, you already know Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with a steamer Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Abdi Costa Rica Muhammad wa while early he was a big marine everybody Allah in Allah to Allah motivate loudly what your Sunday waiter at the quarterback were young handle fracture it will mean kill your belly. Your Illumina Allah come to the

00:49:23--> 00:49:29

karoun Oh the Quran Allah Allah Allah Allah come wash Kuru yes idre come what are the Kula heeta Allah Akbar Wa Themis Salah

00:49:40--> 00:49:59

long leg bone long like I shouldn't one night and a long more a shadow Mohamed Rasulo more fun you Jana sauna de Hi yada, yada. Well knock on my door sorta dupatta calm I just wanna along like boom wall like boom.

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Alhamdulillah here are Bella Mia in rockleigh No Rahane Miley and Kia wounded doing II can boudoir

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kinda styling? It did not sleep at all it's one of them was stomping sled all 2019 I'm Johnny him on MeLuna behind him on on all rolling

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Aloha hola como Chaka Soto hatters hola to Moonmilk all the gala Sal Fatah Munna so um I can sell photo Allah Moon gala Munna in money I'll clean lots out

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jogging some mileage out I won't know how I eat I'll clean so my that was

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uma is in

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hola hola como

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Alhamdulillah here I've been I mean r Rahmani r Rahim Imani Kenya women Dini UK and I want to do on kindness in the nose sleep at all one of them was stomping him mostly long enough and lay him the lady in the middle wound behind him more don't go on being

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going home on Long

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Haul saw my doing them me I didn't want them you do lamea laden while I'm you ladder while I'm Mia Hong Kong for one had Allahu Allah Kalam.

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Semi Allahu naman Hamidah

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long, long, long.

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