Zakir Naik – Mohan, a Hindu Accepts Islam

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A man named Morgan talks about his upcoming DVD series on Islam, which is focused on the "robbens of Islam" movement. He talks about his efforts to change his name and receive a translation of the Quran, which he claims is the best book in the world. The segment ends with Morgan expressing his desire to receive a translation and receive a reward for the upcoming exhibition.
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Is it fair Morgan? Now?

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Islami Mattila Sarah bassiana karma Islam and we're gonna do our Marie Kondo slumber party

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on the Wall Wash ma,

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ma, Airbus current and overthrow Murray. Islamic law

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to potentially overthrow solid

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real Muslim our

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forecast Vt tonglu dia tivity casiotone Tehran de la Vela coma or cats

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and the cat 17 on a path to the Cobra Amato

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upon the castle of otter Casa

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la ke appa Alma Medina

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kantipur Sharon Gregory are in Uttarakhand, Allah tada Nicola, Nikki slimmer

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in the para Amata la tengo de Morgan.

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Brother, his name is Morgan. For the past three years, he's thinking of Islam reverting to Islam. But in between he facing a lot of obstacles particularly Islam is the terrorism race in Islam that is terrorism and the other misconceptions that people are giving the wrong information to him. But fortunately he has got your DVD in Tamil translation regarding the terrorism now he is making his free will to revert to Islam. But the one that is good many of my DVDs are translated different languages into into Arabic into malayalam into Tamil Mashallah, you saw one of my DVDs instead of the Muslim monopoly and this major question has been answered.

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Brother Mohan Do you believe that there is one God

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Masha Allah

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de la la

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is strongly believed that Allah is the only one God only God Mashallah What do you

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Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the messenger

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he accepts in wholeheartedly Allah? Is anyone forcing you to accept Islam?

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No, no, no.

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Penguin Cassatt lappato A Lumia

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1000 a million lamacchia

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America they

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know he is totally convinced of your talk on terrorism that all the religions have terrorism but people are only facing it to Islam. So that point has convinced him to make DVDs for cinema.

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Completely because of your DVD Masha Allah May Allah reward him thanks to Allah Allah made me instrument personalized means significant metal accept my efforts, inshallah just say the shadow in Arabic and repeat.

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Repeat. I shall do a shadow Allah Allah de la ilaha illa Allah illallah wa shabu pasa Anna Anna Mohammedan Muhammadan Abu Abdullah rasuluh Mashallah, Mashallah I will give you him in Tamil completely.

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Brother, as I say, I bear witness I okay. I will give him in Tamil completely. repeat and repeat. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Allahu Allah, Allah Tara, we're carolee Leandra

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Nan Nan Amara, Amara Sachiko Raja Maha Maha vircle

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Allah who in a loving you to the to the Roku

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idemia whom

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Allah Puma, Puma

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actually today he has reverted to Islam. He needs advice from you. And his name is Mohan also he wants to change his name. His name is Mohan. You can keep the name Muhammad inshallah. Thank you

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Good name and as far the advisors canceled out request you the deed the translation of the Quran in time will request the volunteers to please give me a translation a few copies so that all those who accepted Islam can come on the stage. Please can the volunteers keep a stock of translation here in Tamil and in English inshallah, Allah declares the brother that you can come on the stage I'll give you a translation of the copy of the Quran. You read the translation of the Quran. The Quran is the best book of guidance. It is the most positive book in the world. It's a proclamation of humanity. It's a fountain of mercy and wisdom. It's a guide to the airing. It's the hope to those in despair.

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It's an assurance to those in doubt. It's the forest to the suffering. It's the best book. It's the book that can guide you and can give you peace in life. Because the volunteers to get some copies of the Quran DeAndre Swan the Tamil Oliveira Khurana on the totem the putting

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the laser on the Buddha Malaga and Mashallah that again reminds me of his genre soulive Alpha array the NASA coluna fee the nilaya fighter for sub BB and Arabic I was struck fit in no granite awaba that'll suit a NASA chapter 110 that you will find people entering into the fold of Islam in large numbers and we ask for forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala and Masha Allah, may Allah reward the organizers of this peace exhibition by the zakat. weathermaster Dr. k *, all the managing committee and May Allah inshallah, as a beloved Prophet said that if one person comes to the deen and the person responsible, it's more than the wealth of this world. So inshallah the organizers of

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this conference, may Allah reward you and guide you Mashallah, this peace exhibition is giving peace into the lives of hundreds of 1000s of people. And may Allah reward these people and I pray to Allah subhana wa Taala to grant them the best in this world as well as akhira and inshallah till the time the volunteers are getting the copy of the Quran, we can take one

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