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Okay, so what is the definition of meta?

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In any member of Saudi Arabia Rahim Allah crafted a very beautiful definition that was accepted by the scholars afterwards that other scholars know something he is an eighth century scholars from the Maliki melfa.

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He crafted this definition that was found to be a very good definition for a better by the other scholars.

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He said that in beta, Polycom, da da, da, da, he saw a sub minimum of about a quarter below law or close to that. So for a term of terrassa D, it is a way that is invented with regards to their religion, concerning their religion in a way that is inventive, innovative, concerning their religion.

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Today shirt that resembles the correct one that resembles the correct guidance, but it is it is not identical. It looks like it's a look alike. But it's not identical.

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the Caribbean, Alaska, it is intended by it to draw closer to one intelligence by doing it to draw closer to Allah. This is an important definition, because it is accepted by the generality of the scholars from all developed after sought to be, you know, put the finishing together, it does not mean that the concept was missing for eight centuries. It just means that the one who put the finishing together is the finishes are helpful.

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But the scholars, the earlier scholars, they have the concepts in their mind. So when we say that, that you understand how you wrote the book, and Rosado saw that.

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And he is considered to be the founder of a certain chapter because of the varicella is the first book but also that it does not mean that the Sahaba and Evelyn and Tabitha have no skin in the minds, it just means he puts it together, you know, in a separate science.

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So you know, there's also

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the best the first one who put together or crafted to come up with the legal Maxim's, we'll talk about it the best he was one of the greatest Hanafi scholars from the third century. And then came an immigrant country. Also another great Hanafi scholars, remember that the best came up with 17, lemon coffee added to them, the reach about 34. When we say that they found that this, we mean that they they just put this together as a separate science, we do not mean that it was lacking before and the Sahaba had no concept of of this, but we just mean that these are the people who put them together in the form of an academic science.

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Remember, so to put this definition together, it helps us a great deal, because when we say beta and beta alpha 2015, it's an innovative matter concerning the religion. You said concerning the religion. You relieve us from a lot of argumentation with people who will come and say, You know what, we'll drive cars and aeroplanes. And listen, we're not talking about any of that. We're talking about innovations concerning the religion.

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curriculum without fit D. It is not innovative. It's not innovation, concerning you know, buildings are a means of transportation or anything containing the deal with the turbine suraiya. It looks like that sharp anyway, because people do not necessarily or usually just make up a whole act of leadership out of nothing from scratch.

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But they ascribe a noun or a number or place or time or cause for this act of worship, the altar seems modified. So there will be resemblance to the way of the premises on them. And it may look like a pseudonym. But it's actually not from the profits of the server.

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So by suraiya, submitted more verbally at the corporate level,

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but by routinely doing it by doing it routinely, one intends to draw closer to Allah. By doing it routinely, doing it routinely is very helpful. Because if it just comes to your mind that I want to sit down and say suppiler of the loving have 100 750 times

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a 1%. And you know, I'm

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stunned when I say to myself

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Let me sit down and say some kind of law or become the use of

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any of the 750 times, would that be a problem? No, it wouldn't be a problem. Because if it is done randomly, then it is not a problem. You're not making as soon as

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you're not making routine of it just happened, so happened to you that you want to sit down and say, some kind of

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1000 times 10,000 times as much as you want.

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But once you say

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that, you know, after every honest, I would say some kind of a little meme of 100 700 times, then you have made it as similar, then the question that with the question that is warranted, and appropriate at this point, is to say, Where did you get this from?

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Like, is this from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? Did the Prophet ever say that you say, it's 700 times? Where did you get this from?

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But the last part of the definition is also very important. Last part of the definition is also very important, because it says, You observe no more than

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one intense by routinely doing it to draw closer to Allah.

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But this say, we said,

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let's have a, you know, PM, here on Saturdays for, you know, a year for for some extended period of time. Let's have pm on Saturdays.

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Then the question, then the appropriate question is why Saturdays?

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If the answer is because that is when everybody is on, you know, is off, because Sunday is off. And that's where everybody can make it. Then the response is, you're good, you're fine. That would be okay. That would be fine. Here your mouth basically claiming any, any virtue 4pm on Saturday night.

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But if you say because Saturday is a special day, or if it's because people do this, it would be very easy if people say because, you know, because of some logistical purpose. We were doing it this way because of some logistical purpose. But once he tried to come up to concoct, you know, justifications, and he say because you know, Saturday was mentioned in the sore hour, this was and people tried to do this, then you then you brought trouble on yourself, which he did not mean. You can just say he could have just said, because that is the most convenient for the people. And we're not we're making it clear that this there is no version for pm on Saturday, but it is the day that

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we could all meet

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