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AI: Summary © The importance of knowing oneself and finding one's own success is emphasized in Islam. historical events and finding one's own success are discussed, along with the use of conditional sentences and Hadith. The speaker emphasizes the importance of belief in Yama, Yama, and the Prophet's peace and blessings, as well as helping those affected by COVID-19. The need for people to help their neighbors and friends is also emphasized.
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Salam aleikum.

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I'm your host Muhammad Hussain joining in from Los Angeles currently volunteering for why Islam Southern California, I would like to welcome you all ignored our conference 2020 Islam the solution in the time of confusion.

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This will be the final session title, even your voice shakes. Please also pay attention to two important links slash donation and also Baraka. The first one is definitely we need your help and support and the second one is you can join us at the received a burqa from Allah so

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my next speaker is I think everybody knows he is great.

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Mr. popper, call him a mama.

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So we know the why he would call him a mom of America. Well let's mom's Raja Jai is a currently a mom of Masuda tbwa everybody know his popular place in Brooklyn, New York accepted Islam in 1969. He received the ibanc training at omokoroa University of Makkah in 1978.

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If I'm Mohammed was the first person to give a Slavic invocation to the United States Congress montserrado heart is also known as a marvel marvel does

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come to LA so La la la la

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la shodhana Mohammed Abu Salama, but I want to thank all of our speakers, useful one of my favorite people in the world, my last honor the blessing our sister, I want to thank Allah for Aigner, and for having convening this conference and all the great work that they do, I want to speak to you for a couple minutes you know, have a I have a lot to talk about. So feel free Brother, you know to stop me, you may have you may have to stop me because I have to speak about

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you know, someone once said that the most important knowledge that you can have is the knowledge of yourself. And I do think that the knowledge of yourself is critical, we should know who we are. The Quran talks about who we are as human beings. The Hadith talks about that, but I would argue that the most important knowledge we can ever have is the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala I am amazed. The more I studied the Quran, the more I studied to traditions of our Prophet Muhammad Ali salat wa salam. The more I'm amazed with Allah subhanho wa Taala and Nana understand La Casa La haka country, they have not, you know, made a true estimate and Allah subhanho wa Taala. He is

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incredible. I ran out of adjectives to describe Allah subhanho wa Taala. The thing that I'm going to talk about

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this evening,

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is based upon an IOU from the Quran. On Yeoman dam, it will be said to us, Ecuador, kita ibaka

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we directly read your book.

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Almost every week, wherever I go. In the country outside of the country, people ask me, ma'am Suraj when you're going to write your autobiography in Montserrat, when you're going to write your life story,

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in a real sense, I am writing my story. All of us are writing our story. And we may have some idea what will be in our book that we're writing right now, one of the books that I recommend, by the way is The Autobiography of Malcolm X. I strongly recommend that that read it but right now we reading whole autobiography.

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One thing I have discovered in the Quran, and obviously I'm not the only one that have discovered it. And then Hadeeth is what the album's called Joomla to shorty yet Joomla shorty less conditional sentences, and almost seems like an infinite number of verses and an infinite number of Hardys.

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course I'm exaggerating, but is filled with replete with conditional sentences. Let me give you one idea. And in the course of my my speech, I may give about five or six of these conditional sentences. Yeah, are you out to dinner I'm in law, in tensile law eusipco fabic, a gamma con, all you who believe.

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If you help Allah

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Allah will help you and make fun your feet. Of course, Allah don't need our help. But it's implying that we hope in the cause of Allah as you said, and the sister said, that our

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if you help Allah, Allah will help you. So you will see all throughout the Quran. All of these conditional sentences and Hadith. Getting to know Allah subhana wa Taala

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let me give you a couple of words. Allah mentioned Quran fifth koroni F korakuen remember me and I remember you.

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Everyone is always asking the question, what's in it for me?

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Why should I be Muslim? Why should I make salad? Why should I fast in the month of Ramadan? Why should I make pilgrimage? Why should I spend my money and make a pilgrimage to Mecca? Why should I go to the masjid? Why should I pray five times a day? Why should I do all of this?

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And two things you have to learn about Allah number one, you cannot benefit him.

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Nothing that we do. 7,800,000,000 people praying to Allah every day, five times a day or 50 times a day will not benefit him at all. And number two, you can't harm Allah can't hurt him. You don't take away from his kingdom. You don't add to his kingdom. But we do it for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala so everything we do, Allah subhana wa pelaa he makes a notation of the familiar with call a lot of Van Halen euro whoever even does it Adams were worth of good. shall see it on Adams wave weight of evil shall see.

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conditional sentences are Isha regular and has said which to me is amazing. If ally mentioned Quran, fifth Quran EF core calm remember me and I remember you there's a hadith that says that if you think about Allah, remember a lot in company you mentioned Allah to other people like we mentioned Allah now, Allah will mention you, in a company better than your company.

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Meaning the angels.

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If you think about a lot to yourself, how often we do vicara be by ourselves, we in our homes, we don't call

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we on the beach in the forest, when the woods when the masjid

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and we think about Allah. And if you think about a lot to yourself,

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Allah will think about you to himself. Well, naka de la Cudahy, you can't you can't imagine all these people at the same time. Allah knows exactly what we are doing. What we are thinking, what we are saying, what we are doing. So I saw the Lorena she said,

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cannot assume Allah He sallallahu Sallam he of course Allah Allah Cooley hearing the Messenger of Allah remember the line, every circumstance, all you have to do is get a hadith literature. And you see the Prophet is always remembering Allah when he eat when he finished eating before he eats when he put his clothes off, when he take his clothes off. He's always remembered Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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That must mean that our laws always remembering him. Let me give you something that I discovered maybe 2530 years ago,

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it's a Hadith, a Juma to Shanti, a condition, Hadith. And there's plenty of them. And every since I learned it, and been making this, this vicara every day, every day for the last maybe 30 years.

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And listen to what the prophet SAW last summer. He says, When call Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah whoever says there's no God but Allah, Allah, he has no Pons. Well, who MOOC is the kingdom, who Allah Cooley, Shane Kudu, and he has power over all things, whoever does that, who says that 100 times in one day

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was enough for me. Let me tell you what the prophet sallahu alayhi salat wa salam, he said, Allah will write down for you 100 good deeds

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will take away from you erase from you. 100 bad deeds

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will give you the equivalent of upsetting 10 slaves free

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and will protect you from shaytaan until the evening.

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all of that

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from saying that when I learned that 2530 years ago, I save every day. Why wouldn't you say it

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You see all throughout the Quran and the Hadith is this janitor shall be taught our shorty This is conditional sentence.

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You know some people when they say the Prophet they don't want to say some a lot I said them

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he's encouraging us to say some a lot of peace and blessings be upon them. Listen to what he said, mins Allah Allah your Sultan salaallah alayhi behalf or shrimp. Whoever says sallallahu alayhi salam on me. Allah will give

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praise or

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thankfulness to him

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10 times because you can outdo a loss upon Allah tala What about other people, the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said.

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He says, Allah, only Abdi McKenna Abdu fiandre.

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Allah will help his slave to the degree that his slave helps his brother.

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So what am I saying brothers and sisters, let me leave you with my major point

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right now and the people suffering

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COVID-19 people losing their jobs, people losing their homes, their apartments, people hungry.

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I cried the other day we were raising money for Gaza. When I learned about some of the tragedies in Gaza. I say you know what, we have to do something we have to do something about all the people that are suffering.

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Two weeks ago, three weeks ago, I drove from New York City to Atlanta, Georgia, it's about 900 miles in and right when I was beginning of my trip to the car.

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I noticed before I got on the highway, there was a man with two prosthetic legs. And he was asking people for money. I called him over to me and gave him $20 $20 not going to hurt me. But that $20 to do a lot from him. He was so grateful. so thankful.

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I didn't ask him his religion. I didn't ask him you know, were you even religious or what book that you read? Because this is something in the in the human in the human soul. And I learned this about Allah subhanho wa Taala you cannot even begin to imagine. Um, his his generosity. And I'm going to bring two witnesses and then I'm going to finish about how much time do I have?

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Let me know how much time about

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you can't hear me

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all right.

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Thomas time I have Shay.

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Fine, fine. Okay, good. Let me let me try that.

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Let me try to bring that to conclusion.

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One of the principles of Islam is belief in Yama, Yama, Yama.

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You it's it's everything. It's it's the Prophet peace and blessings be upon himself. Allah Houma. La Ayesha Illa, I should ask Allah is no life except the life of the hereafter. We don't know about this. I don't care how smart you are, how many universities you went to how many degrees you have. You won't know about the hereafter. Unless the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam. Allah mentions it himself in his scripture. And every prophet talks about Yama, Yama. And so Allah subhana wa far he makes some some promises. I like to bring to you two witnesses.

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Number one, you know all Hellfire is not the same. According to the Quran, the monastic the hypocrite will be in the lowest of the Hellfire worse than a Kaffir So anyway, Allah subhana wa Fatah on yo mo PMO will go to the person least punished in the Hellfire all the hell is not the same.

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He go to the person least punished and acts that person if you will give him everything in the earth.

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Would you ransom that to free yourself from this?

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Cause he says yes.

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But you're not going to know about that until you're no gamma but when you're mme calm people going to see the next one I want to bring is a shade a martyr a person in his life.

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You know what, what more than that, and the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said no one who dies

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and go to Jenna will want to come back to the earth even though he's given everything in it. Illa Shaheed except for Shahe, the martyr, a martyr will come back. Why? Because he wanted to be slain. He wanted to be killed, he want to be murdered 10 more times in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala because of the great honor that Allah has given to him. What am I saying? Brothers and sisters, you've got to be firm in your faith promises basis.

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on two things, number one is based on integrity. Are you honest? Are you truthful? And number two is based on ability. Let me tell you something I left. I told my wife this morning I left. I was listening to a speech of Donald Trump this morning, speaking towards his supporters. And it's a Yes, I'm going to create 9 million jobs for black people.

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I said, Really?

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Yes. And I'm going to create 500,000 businesses, for black people. And I'm going to give them access to all of this money.

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And I left because I know politicians, you know, the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon them almost finish. I have to monastic philosophy is covered by either the left or the dominant corner. The sign of a hypocrite is three, when they talk the law. According to walk the Washington Post, they say that the President, since he took office, I've told more than 20,000 lies and misrepresentation. When they promise they break their promise many politicians, they get an office, they make these promises and nothing. And when they aren't trusted. they violate the trust a lot upon the worker

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in law,

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Allah soprano Ouattara always keeps his promise. Always. Does he have the ability to raise us up? You bet. So brothers and sisters, what am I saying today to all of this good deeds for yourself, for this life, and for the hereafter? Help your brothers and sisters help the people help the people that are suffering these people in the United States and the rest of the world is suffering and let the Muslims do it. Because it's the right thing to do. Welcome the Lord Rob Bellamy

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is like a lover's

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mazing inspiration.