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The next question is from brother is one from West Bengal, India, which is the most important and effective method of giving Dawa. There are various different ways and strategies of doing Dawa. Some are less effective. While some are more effective, the most common method used by Muslims while doing Dawa to non Muslims is that whenever they meet a non Muslim, they speak 100 good things about Islam.

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Even if that non Muslim agrees with those 100 good things we have mentioned regarding Islam, yet at the back of his mind, he will think ah, you are the same Muslim was a terrorist. Ah, you are the same Muslim who is a fundamentalist. You're the same Muslim who married more than one woman. You are the same Muslim who subjugates the woman by keeping up behind the veil, these few negative factors at the back of his mind, will prevent him from accepting the beauty of Islam. Whenever I meet a non Muslim.

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The first question I asked him, I asked him upfront that with your limited knowledge, whether you're right or wrong, what do you feel is wrong with Islam, and I make him comfortable? You can criticize Islam, you can attack Islam, you can speak again as Oh, hold on, no problem. You only tell me what do you feel is wrong with Islam? And after making him comfortable? he poses about three or four questions. And invariably, these three or four questions fall amongst the 20 most common questions asked by non Muslims regarding Islam,

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if every Muslim

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memorizes and knows the reply to these 20 most common questions asked by non Muslims quoting from Quran and say howdy quoting from the scripture of the non Muslims, the Bible, the Vedas, giving answer with reason and logic giving answer on the basis of science. inshallah, even if you cannot convert the non Muslims, he can at least neutralize the animosity which they have.

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The logic is, when the cup is full, when you pour,

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it will overflow. So, first empty the cup. Whatever misconceptions the non Muslim have regarding Islam, you first remove it, then, even if you speak a few good points about Islam, he will accept it. These 20 Common Questions? How do they arrive in the minds of the non Muslim? Depending on how the media portrays Islam and the misconception they spread? These 20 common questions keep on changing. The plenty common question we have today.

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10 years back there were different.

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few decades earlier, they were different depending upon how the media portrays Islam, these 20 common questions keep on changing. And these 20 common questions are the same throughout the world when they go to America, UK, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, whichever part of the world you go to India, these 20 common questions are the same. They may be an additional two or three questions based on the society and the customs of that particular country.

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Maybe if you go to Western country where interest is more common than mass, why is interest private interest? But the remaining 20 common questions are the same. So it's preferable to learn the answers of the 20 most common questions than to learn answers of 100 uncommon questions. So number one is you memorize the replies are good. And I've written a book on this.

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On the common question asked by non Muslims, almost considerable Islam and it's translated to various languages of the world and you memorize it, it's one of the best ways to dava

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one of the most important criteria for Dawa is given the Glorious Quran in surah alleman.

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The chapter number three was from 64 where Allah says Coolio. So people have to book tallow, Illa Kalimantan Sawa in bare minimum, come to common terms as a senior, which is the first term Allah, Allah that Allah will unleash macabeo that we associate to partner with him while he is about to Nevada and urban Manila, that we elect not among ourselves, lords and but other than Allah, tala and if bitten by Felicia to say paratis we are no Muslim moon that we are Muslim is bombing of Iran. So one of the best criteria of doing Dawa is come to common terms aspirin us and you come into common terms with the non Muslim is one of the best criteria for Tao tala Illa Kalamata in Sawa in binomial

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come to common terms as a senior and amongst the common term

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The most important term is Allah Illallah that we worship and Matala well under shirakami SEO, that we associate no partner with him, while I utter his abandon abandon Alibaba and Manila, that we erect not among ourselves, nodes and pages other than Allah.

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That means when you're doing Java, the most important point of Java is tauheed.

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Removing shift from the life of the nonmuscle while starting now, you can start dava with Quran in science, you can start out with literature, depending upon which subject the person is interested in, no problem. But your main aim should be you have to convince them about talking about one Allah subhanaw taala, worshipping Him alone and no one else and remove the sheikh in his life, this is the most important if you cannot do this, or Tao is useless, you may convince a non booster not to have alcohol, you may convince him not to poke, you may convince him not to gamble, but if you do not remove the shinnick from his life,

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you do not remove the idol worship from his life, you do not get him to tauheed oneness of Allah subhanaw taala this

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that the reason for a die, his main goal should be convincing about tawheed, the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. then number two is about the last and final messenger, Prophet nominalism these two are the most important criteria. For now, all these aspects are secondary, you can start with other things in which the non Muslim is interested. But these two are the most important, then recommend Cara then become Salah, so on and so forth.

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Why coming to common term that is important that if you read the Scripture of the non Muslims, you will be in a better position to talk about how he'd mentioned in the scriptures. And I've given the talk on concept of God in major world religion and I proved from the Bible, from the Vedas, from the scriptures of Christians, Jews, Hindus parties, about oneness of Allah subhanaw taala I've given a talk on masala Zalman the way this worldly scriptures and from the scriptures of the Christians, Jews.

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Hindus from the scriptures of the parties have proved the coming of the last and final messenger prophet masala Salah. So if you're doing dry and if you read the Scripture, that's one of the criteria I mentioned the Quran, it becomes easier.

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The other important verse of the Quran for technique of Dawa is foreign affairs chapter number 16 verse number 125 is safe. Although Illa sabi lira become the hikma was not acetyl hasna weijun bility acid in white all the way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue with them, and breathe in with them in the ways that are best and most Christian here are laughing, that in white all in white, the non Muslims, to the teachings of Islam to Allah subhanaw taala we take Ma and hosmer very new dava you have to do the job of a sigma and Ozma with reason with wisdom and beautiful preaching.

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But many people think that wisdom always means being soft. Yes, most of the time you have to be soft, but at times you have to be tough.

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If you read

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this ruku the few verses before citronelle chapter 16 was 125. It says that in Prophet Abraham is a beautiful example. Peace be upon him and what Prophet Abraham did. He broke dials

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so that was a bad thing. So depending upon the severity Dyckman doesn't mean always being soft. Most of the time, yes being soft, but sometimes they have to be tough. And all these strategies you can hear in my talk I've given for more information you can go to my website, Zack and nick.com there's a separate section international doubt any program which gives you various strategies etc. and will give you a training how to become a DI hub themselves. Question