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Hello and welcome to evil hamdulillah

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salatu salam ala should have been a VA will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Steven Cassian cathedra

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a brother sister, let me talk to you about

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what I call the

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so called Secrets of Success.

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And this is these are true irrespective of

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your career choice your location irrespective of your nationality irrespective of religion, everything is things apply these are universal they apply anywhere in any situation.

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And the first and foremost of them

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is to differentiate is to do and be something which sets you apart from everyone else on your bench.

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Many times people

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introduce themselves most of the time.

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So, introduce yourself who will tell you a name

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and then you will say I am in it.

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Or I am an IT engineer or I am in construction.

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What does it mean?

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I'm in construction millwork

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we are rocking the foundation, what is in

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their bag of cement? Oh boy.

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Right I mean it what is it?

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So, people give this vague definition. And on top of that, usually,

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especially if you are

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talking to somebody from a different culture, different language backgrounds on

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your name

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will more than likely be difficult for them to understand and almost impossible to remember.

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So, last opportunity that we do this thing called

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the elevator speech.

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And when I teach that course, I tell people imagine that you are in the 20th floor and on the 20th floor getting in the elevator. And just as the door is about to close, somebody says hold the door and you hold the door and somebody walks in and this person and I live imagine for yourself, this person who walks in is a person

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who can potentially change your life. So if you are in the government world, maybe it's the CEO of your company, maybe it is you know, you don't know right?

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Somebody who can potentially change your life somebody was that Power Authority, whatnot.

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So now you have this person alter yourself in this elevated way, stay down for maybe 15 seconds 20 seconds max, it doesn't take longer than that for New York elevators to come down.

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So what is it that you can say to this person in that 20 seconds,

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which has the potential of doing something really good for you?

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And 99 times out of 100 Maybe even 100 or 100 people will start with

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you? Hello, Mr. Musk? My name is misery I will be

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going over that he will not he will not even be able to understand what it means I have a big he doesn't care a hoot. What is it when you can be a frog is very disconcerting.

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Okay, so let's assume best is over. Oh, nice to meet you.

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Remember, the elevator is booming right now.

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Being door opens,

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God finished.

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So differentiate.

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The way to differentiate is to think of yourself and what you do in the context of others.

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Imagine that

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somebody else who's standing in front of you is asking you

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how can you help me?

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What's in it for me? Wi I fm?

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Why should I listen to

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you? Usually people are polite. So they won't ask you this question directly. Because it sounds rude. No, I mean, somebody says

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I'm so and so is what do I care? He won't say that. But that is the reality. Why does he get

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that is the question that you must think about and answer without being asked. Because nobody will ask you this question but that question is in the mind of everyone else.

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Somebody knows here that you recognize Elon Musk right the guy's in among other things into electric cars.

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So forget your name. Is it Mr. Musk?

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Will USB size stick from your pocket and say this

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can run a Tesla for 1000 miles? I will just

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not your elevator still only halfway down

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right? You want to say yes.

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To that I can't tell you that in the elevator. So tell me when can I see? Okay, is the right dog um, let go

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the incident supporting, you know, I am in the process of inventing, I'm an inventor, I think I have invented something gone finished opportunity loss.

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So the key thing is how can you present yourself and what you do to the world in a way, which makes sense to them in the context of their goals.

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So you will achieve your goals, if you can present your goals to the other person in the context of their goals?

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Now obvious obviously, you cannot be expected to know everybody's personal goals. But generally speaking, what do people want out of life? Can I present what I do in that context?

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So whether it is same thing applies to Islam, if you want to present Islam somebody? How do you present Islam seven?

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I can guarantee you if you go to the person say, do you want non Muslim believers or No?

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do you want to know who your Creator is? No.

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In today's world,

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here, the actual average interest in religion any religion

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is in the minus is not even zero it less than zero.

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And I'm talking from personal experience we've had

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two or three years consecutively, we had, you know, understand Islam kind of thing in one of the colleges where I teach. And we have a desk there. And we are sitting there the MSL, MSA people and I'm sitting with them. And we have all kinds of literature this that.

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Guess how many in a period of almost two hours are sitting there Guess how many students or anyone come to that desk to ask any question. And this is in the lobby, there are there are people going in and out of that thing of that place the whole time. It's not as if you're sitting in some corner somewhere, nobody's gonna be right there in front.

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In two hours, if you get one person you are lucky.

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You dance with joy.

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So in that environment, if you want to present, you have to be able to put it to them in a way.

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Which answers for them questions that they are asking themselves.

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They were asking you, but they ask you the question themselves, and you present it to them. So it answers the question.

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Nevada route as an ACN exempt Yeah, without you thinking.

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Obviously, you can't just ask any random question. He was also an answer answer to that. But the point is that how can you differentiate by presenting what you do in a way that makes sense to the other person in the context of their goals?

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Today, we're looking at a life ages, shoe list stressful

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message for everybody.

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It's just well, because of external factors is just because of your own personal struggles and somebody's got loans to pay off. Somebody's got other things to do. And you know, all kinds of stuff, marital problems, children's problem.

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And this is what our religion is what Islam addresses this word Islam has answers to.

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So let me leave this out with you. How will you present Islam? How will you introduce yourself in a way that differentiates? And how will you present his love in a way that makes sense to people from their context

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and not around other users?

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Same technique in the Quran Allah said yeah you will live in our house I don't look home Allah teacher routine jiko mean as I mean any Allah said all you who believe Shall I show you or trade a business which will save you from a grievous punishment?

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What is the need to ask the question because same thing why FM

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Allah is telling us I can show you something I will address it

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that you like yes, please show me.

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So, let me leave this question and think about this and say how will you present Islam in a way which answers this question of wi I fm what's in it for me, for your audience?

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He asked us monetarily to give us words which we speak and which we have which we practice and which will be the source of current moniker for us in our lives. And for this was a lot of Karim Allah Allah He was I remember how to go online