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Al-Anfal 59-75 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 61-64

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What in general who listen. So what do you have to do? You have to be prepared for battle. Whether you are going for battle or not, you have to be prepared. However, if the enemy inclines to peace, or sell what the sell mean peace, meaning if they want to have a peace treaty with you, for some time, they don't want to fight with you. They don't have a battle with you, then what should you do? Just because you have your arms ready, just because you have your soldiers ready? It means you must go for battle. No. Because many times what happens if a nation has its army ready? They have a lot of arms, they want to use them up, isn't it? They want to use them up. But what does Allah subhanaw

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taala say over here, even though you're fully prepared, fully prepared, but your enemy wants peace, then you're going to go for peace. Why?

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Because Allah wants there to be peace and not war.

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A love likes peace. Allah subhanaw taala is a set up. And he likes a Salam as well.

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Jenna is those around the greeting of Muslims as well as a center? So, what in general is selmy? If they inclined towards peace, then what should you do? first and then you should also inclined towards you should also agree to the peace treaty.

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And others have said that asylum over here actually been read as a sin. And what does a sin mean? Islam?

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Remember earlier,

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send me Kapha enter into a sin completely. So what does a cell mean the listener?

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So if they inclined towards Islam, meaning if they wish to become Muslim, on the surface, they say that they want to become Muslim, when you're going to fight them, then what should you do? accepted?

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What O'Connor and Allah and trust upon Allah don't think that that person is claiming to be a Muslim just to save his life. Don't think like that trust upon Allah, what are called Allah in the hall, who is Sameer in early indeed he is to hearing and he is doing

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this I was revealed when,

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after the Battle of birth, which was very early on in the modern period.

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And we learned that the prophets are a lot of sudden, in the year of who they via he accepted the peace treaty from

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from the people of Nakano, Michigan.

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And that peace treaty meant that there would be no battle between Muslims and Michigan, between the people of Medina and people of Makkah, for the next nine to 10 years.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam agreed the conditions of the treaty, some of them were apparently against the Muslims, they were not in favor of them.

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For example, the Muslims wish to go for that year, but what was the condition you go back home, you come next year. Imagine you go you spend all that money, you take out that time you go for it, and you returned from the water, how upset you would feel, even if you're given a free ticket for the next year, you can come back the next day and perform over how would you feel upset people are frustrated.

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Similarly, one of the conditions was that if a Muslim wishes to go from Mecca to Medina, he will be returned. He cannot go to Medina.

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Whereas if somebody comes from Medina to Makkah, he should be allowed to stay over there.

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So apparently, the clauses of the treaty were against the Muslims. And now the Muslims were able to battle as well, because it had been several years. However, the prophets have agreed for the peace treaty.

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He compromise on many things. Why? Because he preferred peace. Because only when there is peace, then the message of Islam can spread.

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Only then can the message of Islam spread. Because when there's War, when there is battle, and everybody's focus becomes what

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everybody's focused becomes that

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and when there is peace, then people can focus on other things, then people can think without bias. And we see that once this peace treaty was established, only then the prophets are allowed to suddenly sent the message of Islam to outside of Arabia as well. To the Persian Empire to the Roman Empire, he sent the message of Islam outside as well and it was during this time of peace, and it was only two years remember, because after two years, which again they broke the treaty themselves they violated the treaty. So when the dead that within two years of profits or losses that have been so much work in spreading the message of Islam

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So over here we learn that if the machine the inclined to peace, if the enemy inclines to peace, then accepted,

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accepted, and who should you trust upon Allah subhanaw taala Why is this mentioned over here? Because many times you may think that you know, if the other person is offering peace, then maybe

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He wants to buy time, in order to harm you even more later on.

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That, for example, the peace treaty is for three years, they're not allowed to fight you, you're not allowed to fight them. In those three years, what are they going to do prepare, in order to attack you at the end of those three years?

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Or maybe they're telling you, we're at peace, but they come and attack you secretly. It's possible. But what is Allah say, trust upon

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trust upon Allah, Allah will protect you alone will save you. He is Samir and he is already he hears what you say, and he knows your condition.

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So what's the lesson in this for us? that a person should not feel that if he compromises that if he accepts the offer of peace, it will stay in his prestige, it will affect his honor.

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Or that the dean will incur a loss? No, it's not like that. When you accept peace, when you compromise on some matters, it should not affect your ego. Because you're doing it for the greater good.

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You're doing it for the greater good, greater good of all, of people in general, and especially for the Muslims.

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So what's the conclusion of these two is

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that the Muslims should be prepared for battle, always, it does not mean that they must go for battle.

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Just because you're prepared, just because you have a standing army does not mean you must go and fight. when the need arises, you should be able to, therefore be prepared from before. However, if the enemy wants peace, that accept the peace,

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times of war, are times in which people are trying to survive on both sides, the one who is attacking the other and the one who is defending, both sides are trying to survive, whereas when there is peace, then there is more productivity,

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then people are more productive than they can focus on other things.

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Therefore, if the enemy offers peace accepted, don't get offended.

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What would he do? And if they intend, who intends the enemy intense? By offering ups in reality, what do they want as the ogre that they should deceive you?

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They intend the piece only as a deceptive measure to prepare for further attack just to harm you.

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Then what should you do for in housebroken law?

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then know that Indeed, Allah is sufficient for you.

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Allah is enough for you. In the husband, Allah What does has been has been when something is enough for someone sufficient for someone so that they don't need anything else after that.

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So know that Indeed, Allah is enough for you, because he is the one who helped you before he is the one who supported you before, and he is the one who will help you now as well. So just because of the fear of treachery, just because of the fear of deceit, don't refrain from peace.

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Because we're so high

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a soul inside in every situation in every circumstance. So just out of fear of deceit, don't refrain from it.

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Who under the He is the one who meaning Allah is the one who uh, yet again, he strengthened you, he aided you, Venus three, he With his help, will move meaning and with the believers. The Prophet said a lot of sort of is being addressed over here.

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That ally is the one who aided you, who strengthened you, with his help with his victory when at the Battle of battle.

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And he also helped you through who will move meaning and through the videos. So Allah centers a towards you at the Battle of brother through to means

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First of all NASA. And secondly, I mean,

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what does NASA refer to?

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NASA refers to all of the circumstances that were created, which were in favor of the Muslims, such as the rain, the sleep, the position of the Muslims. Similarly, the angels who were sent Sakina that was on the Muslims,

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all of this was held from Allah soprano.

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And the second way that a lot of times are sent held towards the prophets on autism and but it was how, through the believers, how

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that they were willing to support him and help him. What did that say? That we're not going to say to you what the bunny is like inside to you that you and your Lord, go fight and we're sitting here No, whatever you command is, even if you tell us to go to the sea will come with you will follow you. So who said these people to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam last Subhana?

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Allah aided you through these believers as well, the Mahajan and the answer.

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Therefore, trust upon Him because He is your supporter.

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What Allah vainikolo be him and he brought together their hearts, meaning Allah is the one who united the hearts of the believers.

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Just imagine if they were disunited. Just imagine if the Muslims were constantly arguing and disputing with one another throughout the battle. Would you be able to guide them? Would you be able to lead them? Would you be able to be successful with them? Not at all.

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Allah is the one who united their hearts because of which they were together and because of which they obeyed you. Because remember, earlier, we learned that the Muslims were taught, don't argue, don't fight. Because if people start fighting and arguing, then no matter what the leader says, you cannot control such a group of people, isn't it? When people are disunited, when people start arguing, fighting? Can you lead them? Can you guide them? Not at all?

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You cannot do anything to help them, for example of their children, three or four children, and the parents are telling them, okay, let's go, time to go. But they're busy fighting. They're busy arguing, what can the parents do? How many times will they tell the children

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eventually what happens even they get upset, even they get mad, and then they pull them out of the house and they take them wherever they have to.

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So I love her by Nakuru, by him, Allah is the one who united their hearts. And as a result of that, they were able to help you because if they were disunited, they would never be able to help you.

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The word and the fact is from the letters Hamza Lanza, what does elf mean? 1000. And 1000 is a big number in which many have come together. So elf is to be composed, to be put together, to be joined together. And from this, that leaf is to create love and unity.

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What does it mean, to create love and unity.

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And it is such love in the hearts that hearts are together, or that people are close together.

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They may have differences. But they're still together, they still support one another.

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They still may have differences, they may have different opinions, but they're still together, they still love each other. The love overcomes the difference of opinion. So Allah is the one who put affection in the hearts of the Sahaba.

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He is the one who united.

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If you look at it, some Sahaba were from where Makkah, and the others were from Medina, two completely different cities.

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And now they're here together in one city. And they're together, their hearts are united. Generally what happens?

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If there are people from various backgrounds from various cultures, and they're put together in one place, you will have one group or who are those people who are of similar background of similar culture, another group of those were the same cultural background.

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People don't overcome the differences in their ethnicity in their background in the language. They speak in the culture that they have. They don't overcome these differences. And despite the fact that they know that we're still equal, we're still the same still, they like to be with those who are similar to them. But we don't see this kind of disunity amongst us.

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We don't see that. And if anyone said something like that, they were told this as a part of Germany if anyone did anything like that.

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Similarly, the people of Medina the O's and the husbands, the error cries of Olson featheredge. They were very disunited before Islam came very disunited that on the smallest of things even they would start killing one another.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is the one who put love and affection in the hearts of these people that they became united.

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So a lot of times that is showing one of his miracles over here to the prophets autoloaders another look at how Allah has aided you. You think Allah will not aid you in the future, using along will not help you in the future, he will help you to trust upon him and accept the peace treaty if they wish to offer that to you.

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And the fact that Allah united the hearts of the Muslims, this is a miracle. Because if you tried yourself, you would never be successful.

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No un*ed if you spent murfin of bgmea on everything that is in the jamir. And altogether, or profits, or a lot of them, if you had spent everything in this linear in order to do what, in order to unite the hearts of these people, mad enough to go avena Guru beat him, you would never have been able to unite their hearts. Never ever,

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you would never have been able to unite their hearts yourselves. What do people do to create unity amongst people.

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Perhaps they will hire someone who can come and train them, who can give them professional training, professional development training.

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And they can teach them from different perspectives and guide them so that somehow the other people can come up on the same page. And you know how much these trainings cost, these seminars cost 1000s and 1000s of dollars.

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So if you had spent all that money, so much money, everything on this dunya to somehow figure out how to unite the hearts of these people, you would never have been able to.

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This is the special gift of Allah. This is a mercy of Allah, that Allah has united their hearts. So what is this show to us? That if people are united, if their hearts are united, this is the Rama of Allah, this is the mercy of Allah. No person can be given credit for that. Because it's purely from our last presenter.

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That if you look at it the Sahaba because they had this kind of unity. This is why they were able to change the world completely. This is the reason

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because only when you can overcome yourself, only when you can overcome the little differences that are between you and your partner between you and your friend, between you and your co worker. Only then can you overcome bigger differences and bigger problems.

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So the prophet SAW a lot of things being told over here that lo un*, the method or the Jumeirah met and left avena kuruva, who you would never have been able to unite their hearts. Well, I can Aloha and never been I hope Allah is the one who put affection between them. Because no human effort could do this. No human effort could do this. In a horror season, Hakeem indeed he is mighty. And he's also wise in a loss of penalties able to accomplish whatever that he wants. And he's also wise in the way that he accomplishes whatever he wishes.

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So we learned from this ayah that love, it cannot be earned through wealth. Unity cannot be acquired to wealth or any material things of this dunya it's Allah special mercy.

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Sometimes if people want to earn the love of another person, what do they do, we'll give them gifts, they will start praising them. Definitely the hairdo to have boo. giving gifts does increase love. But sometimes no matter what you do, you cannot win the heart of the other person. You smile at them, you try to be nice to them. You help them you give gifts to them. But still what happens? hearts are completely different. They're completely separated. One is in one place, and the other is another place. They're just never on the same page.

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Sometimes it happens even within a family. People just don't get along together. It just doesn't happen. No matter how much one person gives gifts to the other it doesn't happen. So what is it true that nothing of this dunya can make you acquire the love of the other person, nothing at all. And nothing in this dunya that you can do to unite the hearts of people. It's only by the mercy of Allah.

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If you look at how diverse the group of the Sahaba were, some are from Medina. Some are from Makkah. One is from Persia. Some were slaves before and such a diverse group of people. Some are so rich, some are from the Quran, tribes are from other tribes, because you're in Arabs, your tribe meant everything you try meant everything. So Muslims were not just from one tribe, but from various tribes, not just from Mecca and Medina, but from all over Arabia. So just imagine the diversity in that group, but still the we're so united and so united, that when they went for battle at birth,

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With the fighting against

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some of them, or fighting against their own relatives, and there's an incident in which is mentioned that most urban roommate, his brother was being tied up by another Muslim and he was captured as a as a prisoner of war.

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And when WhatsApp saw that, he said, Yes, tie him up firmly and properly for his mother is very rich, and she will do anything to release him.

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Just imagine what kind of love would you have for your friend, that you see him overcoming your own brother? And you can tolerate that?

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What does it show the unity in the hearts of the believers. And this was a special gift of Allah.

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So we see that over here as well, that no matter how much you spend, no matter what you do, you cannot win the hearts of people. It's only by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And we learn that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he gave a speech to the and thought about the division of war booty that was collected in the Battle of her name. And the Battle of her name was one of the last battles to be fought one of the last battles to be fought by the prophet sort of Odyssey in itself. And he said to them that Oh, I'm sorry, did I not find you misguided and Allah guided you by me?

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A lot guided you by me. Did I not find you poor and Allah enriched you by me? Did I not find you divided and Allah united you by me?

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I found you divided. And Allah subhanaw taala united you how by me through me. So every question that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked them, they said, Allahu Allah, Zulu, Amanda. Julie, the favorite is from Allah and His messenger.

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So we see that the enmity that was amongst the people, it was changed into love and unity, when they became Muslim. And this is one of the gifts that allows penta gives to a believer, when he becomes a Muslim, when he accepts

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that he's able to overcome the differences that are between him and other people based on race, color, background culture, he's able to look beyond that. And he looks at the other person as his Muslim brother, Muslim sister, and nothing else comes in between.

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Yeah, you have never you? Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has broken law, who sufficient for you is Allah. Allah is enough for you, woman Tabak I mean, I mean, and for whoever follows you after believers,

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Allah is enough for you. Allah is enough to protect you, to help you against everything that worries you, against everything that concerns you. Whether it is the fear of the enemy, or the concern of the enemy, or it is fear about deceit from them, treachery from them. Any worry, any concern you have a lot is enough for you.

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And this is something that we must learn as well, especially from the Battle of Reddit. Because the Muslims were not able to be victorious except by the help of Allah, except by the aid of Allah.

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So who helped you over there Allah, so Allah is enough for you, he was enough for you there and is enough for you everywhere. What many of our communal meaning and also for those who follow you amongst the believers, this part of the eye has been understood in two ways.

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First of all, women in America men, women, and those who follow you of the believers, this is connected with Allah, that Allah is enough for you are prophets are louder Salah. And who else is enough for you? Those people who follow you amongst the believers, believers are alone are sufficient for you. You don't need to go to other people to get their help. You don't need to do that anymore. Allies enough. And the believers are enough.

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Because in Arabia, if you wanted to help, who would you go to your tribe, or you would go to your allies, you would go to your old friends or something like that, if you wanted help,

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like, for example, the profits or loss and when he was still in Makkah, and he needed that protection and help, he went to a five isn't at all to get that help from there. So later on when he migrated to Medina, Allah Subhana, Allah is telling him that Allah is enough for you to protect you. And these believers are enough for you to protect you. You don't need to go to anyone else. You don't need to rely on anything else.

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Secondly, it is said that a woman in America many, many, this is connected with his buka

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that Allah is enough for you. And Allah is also enough for who for those who follow you amongst the believers,

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Allah is enough to protect you. And Allah is also enough to

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Protect to those who follow you of the believers.

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Avaya is also sufficient for them. So this the help of a lot is not just extended to the messenger, but is also extended to who? Those who follow Him and those who believe in him.

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So if we want the help of Allah, if we want the aid of a love today, then what do we have to do? We have to follow the way of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Because if you notice, it hasn't been said, While many believers only are not mentioned, who has been mentioned, those who follow you are amongst the believers, those who follow you after believers, woman in America many, many. So this shows that if we want the help of Allah, if we wanted Allah should be enough for us for everything we need to follow the way of the prophets of Allah. We need to follow his son.

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And if you look at it, for example of the Sunnah is to read has to be Allahu la isla Allahu la Hito cultiva, horrible shalabi when seven times in the morning and seven times in the evening, it's up to so now what's the benefit? What's the benefit?

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Allah is sufficient for you.

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So how will we get the help of Allah when we follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And it starts with these little little things. Little things simple things like a car, we think of big things. Follow the sun is when we go to battle, following the Sunnah, even when it comes to a car, do what you can do, then Allah will give you other opportunities. We don't even look at what we can do right now in the situation that we're in. And we keep thinking about the future we never live in the present

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these particular words as Buccola they give you so much strength that if Allah is with me, no matter how many people are trying to betray us or are being treacherous to us, Allah is going to save us exactly. Because it's mentioned so many times has become a lie sufficient for you Allah is enough for you, so trust upon him. So we're here the prophet SAW the Lord as in him as being reassured, that do not grieve over what the enemies are doing over their activities, over their conspiracies against you over their plots and fans against you trust upon him.

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So, in every situation, a believer should be optimistic, a believer should be hopeful. And he should reflect on the help of a loss of penalty that he extended towards his messenger and also towards others, towards his sincere friends.

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So in every situation, we have to be reliant upon who the last time

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we listen to the recitation desired and then we'll continue.

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know long

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money coming in.

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I was thinking that only

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puts love in the hearts of people right? to heart. So if we want that there should be unity amongst Muslims, that their hearts should be united. Then what should we do?

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ask Allah to put that unity in law

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and the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala center as well. Allahumma I live by Nakuru Bina

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that overlap with Unity and affection in our hearts. Today, what is the problem that Muslims are suffering from? But we're not united? Neither in our families, nor at a community level, we're not United at all. And if people are not united, they cannot do anything. They cannot accomplish anything.

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We listen to the recitation

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please join me