Method of Performing Eid Salaah

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Could you explain to me what is the authentic method for performing the prayer? And perhaps you would give us a short description for the benefit of the viewers watching today as far as Ede Fela is concerned, there are different types of Muslims pray and the different opinion but as far as you go for authentic sources, the Quran and the Hadith then you have one common method and what are the authentic sources of all the say Hadith if you collect we come to know that I find the eat fella is concerned with they'll be do fitter or other we have to offer to Salah to Raka Salah two units of Salah its mission the hadith of sunon bakkie. One number three book of German Salah added number

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5719 Omar, may Allah be pleased with him, the law on who he said that the tireless prayer is to rocket. The other prayer is to recall talking about each other.

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And the Juma prayer is to rocket This is the full length of all these prayers as it came from the Messenger of Allah that we need Salah should be purified

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when we do that before it Salah there is no other and there's not a comma. It's mentioned in

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say Muslim one number two in the book of Salah Hadith number 1929 Java samura he said that he prayed along with the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala would eat on more than one or two occasions and there was no other no karma that made for each Salah there should be no other no comma it's different than the normal congregation Salah one of the three that there is no Salah before the it salah and after the Salah.

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There's no to rocastle before after that, and it's mentioned in the habit of so number one number one in the book of salah and the number one when feifei were near boss, Miller visit him. He says that the Prophet came out to play the Salah on either Saturday and your foot to record and before that and after that he did not pray that we won't have a Salah there are no other prayers. Further point number four when a person starts to eat Salah he should say the ihram that's allowed but and then say open supplication. This is followed by seven takbeer in the first circuit and the second record he should say phytic b this is a component of authentic sources of

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Sona without

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one number one in the book of Salah Hadith number 1145 and 146 we have a deja delana midlife predator. She says that the Prophet when needs to offer the eagle feather salah and the Salah, that means a lot of boded

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he used to say seven takbeer

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in the first circuit and fight a bit in the second part. This is authentic way of offering a Salah after that

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a person should say how's Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, they're cursed and In the name of Allah, most Gracious most Merciful and then he should decide certified there

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and after certified there in the first circuit, inside sort of chap number 50 followed by in the Second Circuit. So to cover chapter number 54. Or in the first record, you can decide sort of Allah chap number 87 and second record sort of Russia, Japanese baited both these types of first and second accounts have been proven from authentic hadith. But even if a person besides any other surah any other sort of the Karanja the salary be accepted, these are the recommended ones It is so now with the profit is it for the moon after the eat Salah there is a coda

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of the Salah it's mentioned say Buhari on number two in the bulk of tweets and ID number nine six to nine bhasma repeatedly said that he has offered it Salah with the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala musallam with aboubaker but Omar with man, may Allah be pleased with the model.

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And all of them. They offered the insula first, then refer better for

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all of them. They gave the for the bar after offering the Salah. It further mentioned in

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Wouldn't have a doubt

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on number one in the book of Salah How did number 11514 Mozilla seldom after afraid Salah, and before starting the coda of it, he said that all those who want to listen to the football can listen to the football, all those who want to go, they can go.

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Now here's a very important point. Most of the times you'll find in the foot bar of eat Salah most of the moms say they don't get up it is wrong and they prevent them from going and they say you have a sin and they say many things. It's haram to get up etc. Imagine the Prophet masala Solomon he gave the hotbar he said if you want to listen you can listen if you want to go you can go Does it mean that the Imam the goodbye that they give today is much more important than Akbar foreigners? It's a pity that they had the faith that buffaloes Rossum said if you want to get back in if you want, you can go but it's preferable to have docudrama, but the Prophet gave permission that if they want they

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can go and further it's mentioned in sort of a doubt are number one in the book of Salah is number 1068. The Prophet said that both the ego has synchronized The Illustrated and the fed the Fed is called a weak lead. So those who do not want to offer the Juma Salah may not do it because the eat salon congregation is sufficient but we will offer the Juma Salah that means imagine the prayer is so important congregation so if it falls in the same day, it supplies sufficient jamala may not be perfectly prayed is good amarilla but those who don't pledge masala it becomes compensate that they should pay the dual surah.

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This was in short regarding the authentic way of offering the Salah.