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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to another episode of the power of victory. We continue to talking. We're continuing talking about the virtues of remembering Allah spirit Allah, and really thinking about how important this deed is for us to do. And we need to know these virtues so that we can build upon them by motivating ourselves to actually be from those people who remember Allah azza wa jal much whether they are male or whether they are female. So from the benefits of remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala is that it removes your sins wipes out your sins, the remembrance of Allah wipes out the sins completely. There is a hadith in the Muslim head of Imam

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Ahmed from the hadith of moradabad Jabberwocky Allahu Allah and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, no human being, does an action, which is nearer or which is better for removing the punishment of Allah from him than the remembrance of Allah.

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That is going to save him more from the punishment of Allah than the remembrance of Allah. No human being does an action, which is going to save him more, or which is going to be more significant in saving him from the punishment of Allah than the remembrance of Allah. So this is something which is extremely important. If there is no action we can do that is more likely to save us from the punishment of Allah, then we're going to have to give this action some serious thought and some serious time to it, because it is the most significant action in saving you from the punishment of Allah, which of course we all deserve. Every single one of us deserves punishment from Allah. None

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of us deserve to be saved. If allow us to punish all of us it would not be unjust. Allah blesses us as a guy as a blessing and a favor He guides us as a blessing and a favor, it's not something we deserve. So we need this thing to save us from the punishment of Allah. The number one most significant thing that is going to save you from the punishment of a lie is the remembrance of Allah.

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There are rewards for remembering Allah that are not applicable to any other good deeds. Let's have a look at some of the examples of the rewards that are given for remembering Allah in Bukhari and Muslim from the hadith of Abu hooray Allah. May Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever says La ilaha illallah wa de who lashley Cara la Hulu milk while a whole hand well who are either Cooley Shea in Kadir let's go back. Whoever says La ilaha illallah wa the hula Sheree Terra la Hallmark wala who will hand well who are Allah Cooley Shea in Korea

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in a day 100 times. He has the reward of freeing 10 slaves as the reward of freeing 10 slaves and it is written for him 100 good deeds and 100 sins are wiped away from him. And he has a protection, a barrier which protects him from the shade time for the whole day until he reaches the evening. And nobody is able to bring a deed which is better than what he did. Except the man who did more of it than him. spatola This is a huge, huge article. Look at this. Whoever says La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lah haulmark la Hamed Well, I will hand over Allah cliche in 100 times in a day

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in this episode alone in this last 30 seconds, three times and you said it 100 times it's very simple, just you know once an hour, every now

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And again, you mentioned it 234 510 times, very, very, very easy to do very short. You get what you get the reward of freeing 10 slaves to huge reward in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. And you get 100 good deeds 100 sins are taken away from you, and you have a protection from the shape time until you reach the evening. And there is nobody who can come with a deed that is better. No party who gave charity, nobody who was striving for the sake of a law, nobody who was doing any kind of prayer or remembrance, nobody can do anything better than you except the person who did it more. It's panela. hugely, hugely significant. And at this point, it is useful to mention and I think it is

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important that we begin to emphasize this as we have emphasized it in previous episodes, that it is about you acting upon it and understanding as well, not just about the tongue moving, but about the heart being present, and about the limbs acting upon what it is that you say, because if your tongue is simply moving in your heart is not there. It's not going to have the impact that we want. Also narrated by Al Bukhari Muslim from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that he said, Whoever says Suhana law will be handing 100 times in a day

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100 times in a day, all of his sins will be wiped away, even if they are like the form of the see

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how many of us have sins like the form of the sea, sin after sin, mountains of sins every single day? All you have to do to wipe out those sins. If there are major sins, it must be accompanied by repentance is that along with your repentance, all you have to say is these simple words subpanel law will be handy, somehow an ally will be handy.

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Very, very simple, very short words. And yet you see them 100 times in a day and all of your deeds or all of your evil deeds are wiped out, even if they are like the form of deceit. In Sahih Muslim from the hadith of Abba, hooray Allah May Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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for me to say Subhana Allah

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will hamdu Lillah wa la ilaha illallah wa la who

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is more beloved to me than everything that the sun rises over

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the whole earth and everything that's in it. Somebody said, I will give you the keys to Fort Knox, I will give you the keys to all of the wealth of the world, I will give you an entire country. Just there. There you go. Have this whole country it's yours. Everything in it is yours. All of the houses, all of the buildings, all of the wealth, all of the money, it's all yours. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for me to simply say Subhana Allah, while hamdulillah Well, our inner her in laws illallah wa, Allahu Akbar is more beloved to me than everything the sunrises over the whole world. So again, we are seeing that these are and there are many, many Hadees like this,

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we are seeing that there are some these few words that take the other from the easiest and the smallest, and the most simple of deeds, and yet they carry with them rewards that are not given to any other deeds in Islam. So this is really something we have to understand. And really something we have to focus upon. That, yes, you may be striving to do all of those prayers, you may be striving too fast, you may be striving to do all the things that you need to do, and that's great. But if you're not also striving to remember Allah, you're missing out on the best of deeds. And you risk the fact that you're going to be working very, very, very hard for something that isn't necessarily

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like, you know, when you see somebody who is trying to cycle uphill, on a bicycle, and their legs are going and going and they're working so, so hard. But in the end, they're working very hard for very little gain. Whereas with the remembrance of Allah in addition to your prayer, in addition to your fasting in a different in addition to your online to your Hajj, you can build up the quality of your good deeds and get much much more reward for the actions that you do. And you can do these alongside the actions that you do. By simply mentioning these few words from time to time. Throughout the day, you remind yourself of Allah, your heart is thinking about them, your tongue is

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thinking about them, you're implementing them in your actions. And suddenly, you are getting rewards that other people are not able to match. Other people are not able to match from the great virtues of the remembrance of Allah. And I mean, there are literally there is virtue after virtue after virtue, but from the great virtues of the remembrance of Allah is that it is a light for you in this world, and a light for

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You in your grave and a light for you in the hereafter. It's a light for you in this world. It's a light for you in the grave and it's a light for you in the Hereafter, and it will be a light that will lighten the Sirat for you. Now we know the story of what it's going to be like to go over the hellfire. There is this Sirat this path over the hellfire. And it is extremely slippery, and extremely pencil thin, small, very, very small, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny space. It's slippery, it's sharp, it's not easy for you to stand upon. There are hooks coming up and they are pulling you off.

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And yet you can have a light that will precede you over the ciroc that will take you over the Hellfire in the blink of an eye or in the speed of a fast horse. Or like the speed of the wind and the other things that are underrated in the Hadeeth by simply being from those people who remember Allah. So this is a huge, huge reward. Allah azza wa jal talks about this in the Quran mentions this in the call out our main kana meter. What about the one who was dead? He was dead for a year you know who was your idol? Who knew our young Sheba he fineness came a muscle photo Mati lace, Bihari Jimena.

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Allah azza wa jal says, We're like the one who is dead, and we brought him to life. And we gave him a light with which he walks amongst the people,

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is he like the one who is in darkness, and is never ever going to be able to get out.

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You imagine that suddenly in your house full of a light switch off,

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and there's no moonlight, you are left, you're left. Even worse than in your house. Imagine you're in an unfamiliar place. And then there is one person who has a light torch light flicks on the torch light, and he can see everywhere he needs to go, he just wanders up, and he's not harmed by anything. Whereas even in your own house, if the lights go off, and you don't have a light, you probably fall over something, you bang your leg against something, you hit your head against something. And even then you struggle to be able to see what it is you need to do to put the lights back on. Now imagine you're in unfamiliar territory, you're somewhere in the middle of a valley

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there are that you are on top of a mountain and there are places to fall off left and right. There's no moonlight there's a dense fog, you can't see anywhere, you don't have a light. And then there is one person who has a light just walks calmly down until he reaches his destination, the person without a light, if he doesn't fall off the side of a mountain, he's going to break his foot on something or stop his torn something. He's going to find it very, very, very difficult. Allah azza wa jal has given you a light with which you can walk with and part of this light. And a significant part of this light, as we've heard in the many ahaadeeth that have preceded us, or that we have

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proceeded and mentioned in these episodes, is the remembrance of Allah. And that is the situation of the believer.

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And Imam Muslim mentions in his, sorry, in his book Sahih Muslim, from the hadith of Abdullah Abdullah does may Allah be pleased with them both. That he mentioned the dua of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they used to make at night. And he used to say, or law make in my heart alight, and in my sight alight. And in my hearing a light, and on my right, a light, and on my left and a light, and in front of me a light, and underneath me a light and in front of me and not a light and behind me a light and make my light, great. And another narrator he added to this that he mentioned, all of he mentioned his, his bones, and he mentioned his, his his, the his flesh, and he

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mentioned his blood, and he mentioned his hair, and he mentioned his skin. And he mentioned all of these different things in each one saying, make for me a light. And this light, it comes by the remembrance of Allah, by this remembrance and these two are that he was making. This was a light for the heart of the person who remembers it was a light for him in this dunya guiding him through the worldly troubles guiding him through the trials and the tribulations that happen. It is a light for that person in the hereafter. It is a light for the person in the grave. I mean, you imagine when the grave is so dark, when the grid is a situation where you know your grave is compressed, it's

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extremely dark, you don't know where you are, and you have a light from a lot. Imagine on the day of judgment on the people are running from place to place and you have a light from Allah. Imagine crossing the Hellfire when it's so slippery and source sharp and so thin and you have a light from Allah, this light

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from Allah comes when you remember Allah subhanho wa Taala much.

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Another benefit of remembering Allah is that Allah subhanaw taala sends his Salah he sends His blessings and he sends Baraka upon the person who remembers Allah azza wa jal. And so Allah as part of the other mentions, all of you who believe remember Allah much and glorify Allah in the morning in the evening, he is the one who sends his Salah upon you he sends His blessings upon you, he mentions you to the angels and he mentions you to those who are closest to him, and he takes you out from darkness into light from darkness into light. SubhanAllah that's all we have time for in this episode and in sha Allah to Allah. please do join us in a future episode of the power of Vicar.

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Until then. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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