Message for the Rally in Turkey for the Palestinians

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hungered Allah. Wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah savage me and my man are over bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Makoto JAL was alkyl battle in El battle conasauga rubbishy Sadri Visalia, Emery, Wa La org at the millennia.

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My dear brothers and sisters of Palestine, especially the people of Gaza, I would like to tell you, that we love you, and we respect you, you know, you are doing funny CalFire on behalf of the Muslim ummah, you are protecting the third holiest site in Islam, that the masjid Aqsa, you're looking for a file on behalf of the Muslim ummah, that ready then you pray to Allah subhanaw taala that we give you steadfastness may give you somewhere may ease your sufferings, and me He give during the front doors to the matters. And what's happening in the last one month did nothing but gentle side.

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More than 75 years ago, you all gave production and refugee and home to the people, the Jews. And few years later, the same Jews, they kick you out of your house. And when you want your home back, and when you're crying for justice, they're falling, you perished. What they're doing now for the last one month is nothing but genocide. And as of today, that is the 11th of November, the Israelis have killed more than Levin, 1000 innocent Palestinians, and more than two thirds of them. They are children and women, more than 40% more than 4400 children and more than 27% more than 2900 a woman and they are breaking all the rules of the international rules. That is supposed to be followed

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during war. They are targeting innocent people, especially children, especially woman, they are targeting hospitals, what they did, they destroyed an earlier hospital where they killed hundreds of people targeting the hospital especially. And what they're doing is nothing but genocide with pay to Allah subhanaw taala that means if you're suffering, and I would like to tell you that Allah subhanho wa Taala is testing whenever there is a calamity, it's either a punishment, or it's a test. Allah subhanaw taala is testing us through this calamity. And I'm sure that majority of the Palestinians, especially from Gaza, almost all they will pass this test with flying colors. And we

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know that there are many mothers, even after the children are being martyred, they are saying Hamdulillah this is the will of Allah and they say that even if you have more children, we would love to send them in the call of Allah subhanaw taala. At the same time, Allah is even testing the people outside Palestine. What are we doing? What are the Muslims outside Palestine doing? And a beloved prophet masala Salam said that the Ummah is like one body, if one part suffers the whole body's in pain. I've given a talk on the topic 13 Point action plan for the Muslim ummah, regarding the Palestine calls, time will not permit me to say that now, but if you have time, do watch this

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program. And you will realize I've given a 13 point action plan for the Muslim ummah. And it's the duty of every Muslim, that besides the Palestinian, they're passing with flying colors, even we should do our duty. And whatever we can do, whether we pray for them, whether we spread the message to the social media, whether we go in a protest against what's happening against the killing, whether we boycott the product, whether we contribute what we can from our own way, you can see the full talk of mine, and I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that me, he is the suffering of the people of Gaza. May He bless them, May He give them steadfastness may give them suffered, and may He granted

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the front doors to all the matters of Palestine. And Allah promises in the door is grant in no less than three different places. And so the Toba chapter number nine was to mechanically and so the Fatah chapter number 48, verse number 28. And for itself, chapter number 61. Mr. Mani, who was the Ursula solo Buddha with us he developed the Nikolay that Alesund messenger with the region of truth so that it will Piero all the other religions or all the reasons

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Whether it be atheism, whether it be communism, whether it be fortunately them, whether it be Christianity them, whether it be Judaism within Hinduism, Islam is this tends to precede all CoolerMaster them all Milaca humor Shikun and however much the machine don't like it, and one day the law says that mocha will lay shaida and enough in the lives of witness, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala does not require you and me the rubbish that we are for Allah to solve this problem of Palestine is very easy. He can do it in a second just by confocal but he's testing us. It is our duty that we stand up for the cause of Palestine against the terrorist that is Israel against those who are

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causing atrocities and repeat Allah subhanho wa Taala that we inshallah the people of Palestine be victorious in this course. What for the 100 Blasphemy