When Can We Cast Jamaraat, Can It Be Before Noon?

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni Explains

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The speaker discusses the importance of praying before war, as it is not allowed to be done before war. They also mention that jamara should not be used before war, as it is not the best time for it. The speaker suggests that people should pray before war to make it easier for others to do it.

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isn't allowed to cast the gym a lot before noon. And when it is allowed

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the majority of the football how to handle a lot of Muslim tourists. Like Shafi Malik one donation from the hanabi law must be an authority on a large number of scholars

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from the Sahaba, the Serbian the successor and so forth. They said it has to be after law, and it cannot be before war. Some scholars said it is allowed to be thrown before the hook, only in the third day of minutes, so if you're going to complete three days a minute, in the third day, you can do it before work. And that's a very famous opinion among the half. And one eration from William Amador him allow time.

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The third position which is for those who gone to stay only two days in minute, entirely, they will go early. The day they leaving early they are allowed to throw the Murat before

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only and this one nation from Abu hanifa him a whole lot. A crema power was among the tablet in mentioned that as well. Then the fourth opinion, which it says it is allowed to pray before war, regardless of which Allah every day you can do it before though, you don't need to wait until wartime. So you can do it after federal sunrise. It's up and you can do it anytime you want. And I do believe that

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nowadays jemalloc should not be done before the war. Why? Because before people used to say let's do before Lord to make it easy on people, but whoever go to Hajj now and see how the Jamaat expansion of Jamaat, it is so big, so wide, that is all Muslim, the last few years no incident, per se reported that people died or injured because of too many people or be just too crowded, you know, and you're having for other reasons. But and this reason has nothing to do with the timing of the jamara. So, by the way, the way it isn't right now on the setup is now there's really no need to say make it easy for you because it's already easy. And also because you do need to write after load you

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have from lower all the way to the next day. And you can combine between couple of days even if you want. So there is no need for status. Now in these two before maybe before the expansion Yes, we say you know, it became so hard for people. So, it is we can look for the other opinion to make it easy for people. I only say this in case you are going with the group that they will travel or reservation with the airline that it will not allow you to stay after law. In this case, you can take the opinion that it says before vote to ccommodate decision but enormous observation, you should do it before after law. Why? Because it never be so solid never ever put through jamara

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before the vote nor he approved anyone or give permission to anyone to do so. And maybe so someone said to me, man, a seeker can do your hydrometer the way I do it. Number two, if it is allowed for you to do jamara before

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and maybe Salam would have done it, or would have told us about it. And you know law is very hot. It's not the best time for making jamara and it will be much better and easier for people to do during their early in the daytime. And we know and maybe Salah never was giving the choice between two mobile things to permissible things unless you choose the easiest one. So in Ibiza Salaam, if it is allowed for him to pray before to make jamala before work, he wouldn't choose the hardest one. He would have taken the easy one. Why would he let the Sahaba goes out of time so that he only did this because it's not an option to do it's early in the day. Third reason why I'm saying that romilda

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Murat should be after war. The Hadith said couldn't enter to hayan

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a Shem. See the Zealot fenati that is a solemn and the companion they used to watch the sun when the sun move from the middle of the sky and the loss of time start the process and we'll go through a demo right then pray after that. So it shows you that in the bees even more we should pray early. But in the B cell allottee What is a lamb would do the Gemini at first then he will pray though which it shows you that enables a solemn watching the sun waiting for the time to come in. If it is allowed to do it before

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what the point from the present under Sahaba watching the sun

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And carefully seeing if it's moving or not. That shows you that the time is meant for itself. So they know that it is not the time it is looks a lot of Look, the time of it's not yet a lot of us it is not the time for it yet. That's why even tomorrow the Allah, Allah said la terminologie Mar, a yummy Saraswati had that azula shrimps Do not throw the jamara in the three days until the sun moved from the middle of the sky and the whole time started. And even when mama said if you do, you should do it again.

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So that's why I do believe that you should make Jamaat after a lot lower, except in the case that I mentioned earlier. If your airlines ticket will not allow your reservation or your group moving and he can't stay behind Nellis, Montana make it easy for all of us and except for

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