Media Controlled by Politicians is One of the Cause of Terrorism

Zakir Naik


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the media's control over black and white media, and how it often portrays Muslims as hero and villain. They stress the importance of acknowledging the truth of the media and the need for faith in the enforcement of the thirteenth amendment. The speaker also mentions the use of non-fascist media and the desire for the people to see the truth.
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One of the other cause is the media. Mainly that media which is controlled by the politicians, we have to be careful of this. And this media, they can convert black to white, day to night, hero and villain villain to hero. And we see that very often if you see my tapes have been very sad examples. But in India, it's fortunate that the more popular media is not controlled by the politicians. And we find that this media really gave the true picture, whether it be the Gujarat riots, the Bombay riots in 93, or even today, they know that Muslims are being harassed, the media, whether it be the newspaper, the news channels, they've really given a true picture of what's happening, not 100%.

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Sometimes they get involved in news which sensational, so when they get the news without checking up the game, it

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is sensational given, but as a whole, we have to agree the media has been honest. I'm talking about non Muslim media. I'm not talking to Muslim media. And here we find that they were honest and the project in the real picture.

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But what we have to be careful is of the media which is controlled by the politicians. And as far as the judiciary system is concerned in India, the innocent citizen of India, especially the Muslim victims, we have faith in the Indian judiciary system. Though some people say that some are corrupt, they are blaming the committee, but as a whole, we know most of the judges, they're upright, and they're honest. We only hope

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that these people are not influenced by the politicians. So far. I know. Most of the judges, they don't care much for the politicians. If once the politicians get hold of the judicial system, then God save this country. Yet we have faith in the judiciary system.