Dua for Anxiety and Debt

Abu Abdissalam


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Episode Notes

Abu Abdissalam provides us with a Hadith and advice regarding overcoming anxiety, sorrow, debt etc.

Do THIS if you’re in debt, feeling anxious or even lazy!


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The speaker discusses a memorized recitation of a woman named Assalam informing people of her debt and anxiety. They also talk about a man named Cassatt who is struggling with debt and is reciting a memorized recitation of a woman named Assalam. The speaker also mentions a woman named Hope who is helping people with anxiety and stress.

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a slur of man Rahim Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen was suddenly what was suddenly more alarming boys are off methyl amine, while early he was off, be he edge mine Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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some of you have said that you're in debt, or maybe there are other people that have said that, you know, they're facing some kind of anxiety, or they're upset about something and they don't know what to do about it is there some kind of law that they can recite, to help them from some of these problems? In fact, the prophets lifestyle himself used to recite some beautiful daughters and one of them is specifically about debt about anxiety and a host of other things. So the process of himself used to recite this to make this to I regularly and I strongly advise you to learn this memorize this and literally just recite it after every Salah after every prayer in the morning in the

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evening, and really it will help you a lot so what's this

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Allahumma inni are all the bigger mean and humbly will happen? Well I just see, well, caisson, while bookly will do pretty well Bala I Dany wahala theory.

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And this means Oh Allah, I take refuge in You.

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Allah mainly out of the bucket mineral hum me Will hazard from anxiety and sorrow. When I see well Cassatt and from incapacity or weakness, and from laziness will actually will cause a while bookly will Germany and from being stingy, as well as from cowardice. wadala I Dany wirkkala, bertera gel, and from, you know, the burden of debt, and from being overpowered by men or by other people. Now, this guy is really amazing. In fact, I know of a person specifically he said that he was in so much debt, that, you know, he couldn't, he didn't know how to pay people back and his creditors were getting upset, and people were getting annoyed with him. In fact, you know, some people have become

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like an enemy of them of him because of these debts anyway, so this brother, he said, I didn't know what to where to turn to. And then a chef told me to recite this regularly as it is a duet from the son of the Prophet slicin. So he says that I kept reciting this over and over again after every prayer regularly. And over time, so panela, something amazing happened.

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Firstly, some of the people that I owed money to they started forgiving me of this debt of their debt. Other people, they started reducing the amount that I owed them. So they said, Look, instead of paying X amount, you pay much less back, they forgave the rest of it. And he said, he started getting more Baraka or blessing in his wealth. So that wealth, whatever he was earning, it was, it was, you know, it was going a lot further than it was previously. And so this guy is really amazing. If you find yourself being lazy, you don't you know, especially with regards to acts of worship, or whether it's, you know, just you know, regularly, just genuinely finding yourself lethargic. This

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though is amazing for that. Likewise, if you've got something that is making you anxious, or you're feeling upset about something, you know, for me personally as well, this has helped me immensely you know, especially a few years ago, when I went through certain trials and tribulations I was reciting the story I regularly and it really helped me so once again the star Allahumma inni also bigger mean and humbly will happen will I jersey, well cousin, well, book Lee will company. Well bola I daini work collaboratively to make sure you recite this memorize this recite it after every prayer recite as often as you possibly can. For the love of Salah mobile Baraka, Allah Nabina Muhammad, what I

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learned early, he was Safi he's a Jemaine Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh