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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, who either early he was a heavy woman who had a hammer bad shoulder in today's short Hatha, we haven't done tafsir for a while we used to do tafsir remember pre COVID and today I recited surah number or Amrita sat alone. Obviously, we don't have time to do a detailed Tafseer of the entire sutra. But I think that it is important that all of us should know the general meaning of the sutras we recite in the Salah, and this is going to increase our culture and allow us to appreciate the Quran as we recite it. Surah number is actually one of the most amazing and powerful sutras and it is an early makansutra. And like all early MK

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consumers it has, well we'll call it English fiery eloquence, the eloquence is a very unique type. If you know the Madani eloquence is different than the the eloquence is longer versus the Maquis eloquence it is short verses that are generally speaking, more rhythmic. And we find this in Surah nebo. And the theme of Surah number is actually the main themes of all of the mucky sutras, and therefore one of the main themes of the Quran, and that is to prove the birth or the resurrection. This is the main theme of Surah number from beginning to end. It is all about proving and affirming this fundamental fact of our religion and the Quraysh. The Americans, Arabia overall, did not

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believe in a Hereafter they do not believe in a piano in Heaven and Hell, they did not believe in a resurrection of the soul. We'll call you in here a La Jolla tuna dunya number two one out here, woman I have a mobile routine. They said we have one life to live, we will live we're going to die we shall not be resurrected again. So one of the main goals of the entire Quran was to prove the reality of a hereafter. And this is a belief that separates the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam from all other faith traditions, it is a fundamental pillar of our religion and Surah to Amma Amma Tessa alone, it illustrates the many techniques that Allah uses in the Quran.

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Surah Nabob summarizes all of the techniques of proving the accuracy. And again, we don't have time to go over detail, but very briefly, what are they asking about amateurs that alone? This is a rhetorical question to intrigue the listener. This is a rhetorical device. What type of question is this? What question are you asking? People are now paying attention? What is Allah asking that they are asking? I'm Metis that alone, that Allah says I didn't never allow them. They're asking about the most magnificent news, the biggest news, nothing more significant than the Day of Judgment will happen. To us. The most significant event of the entire creation is the day of judgment. I didn't

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know but in all the the biggest news and the biggest, important event of our entire existence, the most decisive day is going to be your multi AMA. I never allow him a lady home female telephone, they are differing about it, meaning Allah has not differed about it. The prophets have not differed about it. You guys might be confused. But Allah is very clear, the Quran is clear. And in a telephone can say and I'm gonna assume McCullough say and the moon. This is one of the techniques of the Quran, the certainty with which Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the Day of Judgment and affirms the Day of Judgment, in contrast to the uncertainty because in the end of the day, just like

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agnostics, just like those who reject God, they're like, maybe there's a God, maybe there isn't. Maybe there's a hereafter there isn't. This is an uncertainty. In contrast to this, the Quran always affirms with unambiguous equivalence, it's very firm. II want to be in the hula Hawk a by Allah it is true, right? So Allah azza wa jal affirms the Yama with a certainty we can call it a confidence that should shake those people who are agnostics who are atheists, because they don't speak from certainty. How can a person negate there's going to be a clear hammer you cannot negate it, it is your lung it is your presumption. So the Quran comes with the level of confidence now labor fi that

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only Allah azza wa jal can have or else how can we bring that so Allah azza wa jal says that colors are the moonstone McCullough say, Andaman, this is one technique of the Quran. Another technique to prove the Day of Judgment is to discuss the miracle of creation and the miracle of life, two separate things, the miracle of overall the harmony of the world of the reality of existence, and also the miracle of life itself. This is a common theme throughout the Quran, that Allah subhanho wa Taala is challenging the intellect of those who did not pay Yama. On what basis Don't you see the miracle around you of life? Why would you think that the one who created life the way that it is

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recreated in another way in the next life and so the next series of verses 10 verses or so talks about the miracle of life and the many examples there many examples of the reality of existence God Allah said Adam within Macalester and one LM natural origami had have it we made this earth a vast place right and we created you in pairs Allah is not to pair you are in pairs wahala cannot come as Roger was your unknown Macomb Subrata and we gave you a sleep that is going to be a rest for you. While you're under LEILA DE basta which I don't know how Rama Asha, we made the night and the day the night is a time of rest the day when you're earning your risk sustenance in the day we feel in

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the night we feel sleepy we find rest in the day we have the energy to go and get our risk. So the one who created the heavens and earth the night and the day can he not recreate can he not bring it again? What John No no mapusua was unavailable. So Jana, how am I Aisha? Well Ben Aina fo Hukam Saba and she died up we made in front to ahead of you and on top of you so many layers of heavens were Gianna Siraj Anwar Hajah This is the Sun we made the sun a blazing light. So this power of the sun that gives you light and energy it brings about photosynthesis, the power of the one who placed the sun there surely that one can re bring life again. We're Jana Suraj ohada We're Ansel nomina, more

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Sri tema and fed jajah Luca Gibeah have been one Obata where Jana tin alfalfa all of this is about the rain coming down and the crops growing and the dense forests. So Allah is talking about the miracle of the crops and the animals and our engagement with the creation around us. So Allah azza wa jal brings all of these points to tell us about the creation. And then Allah azza wa jal brings another argument, and that it will call an English the moral argument. What is the moral argument, the moral argument of the Day of Judgment is that okay, there's an argument of the creation, there's an argument of life itself, then there's an argument of common sense and morality in dealing with

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Tokina Mufasa. Those that are righteous, they deserve a reward. Right, the tall enough above those that are unrighteous, right, those that are evil, they should go to jahannam. This is called the moral argument. What is the moral argument? The moral argument is that look around you Life is not fair. We all know this, right? Life is not fair. We feel it sometimes that why is it that the evil person gets away with his crime? Why is it that sometimes the worst criminals, they live the best lives and the most pious and righteous, they're not living good lives, so we feel something and this feeling in and of itself, if we don't believe in an IRA, it cannot be explained. But once you

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believe in a hereafter, and you realize that this life is a test, and you realize the righteous will be rewarded, and the wicked and the evil shall be punished. This is the moral argument for the Hereafter. And Allah uses it in this sutra and in many other sutras in the Quran that Allah says in the Quran FNH clinical,

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clinical, would you remain, which

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I finish on and Muslim economies remain Medicare for TacoMan? Are we going to make the righteous like the criminal? What is the matter with you? How are you thinking model concave attack common? This is a very powerful verse that are we going to make the righteous and the criminals the same? Right? I'm not sure I don't know why middle Salia hottie Cal move Sedena fill Earth, right? I'm not sure I'm gonna call for job. Do you think Allah is asking? We are going to make those who do good, and those who live righteous lives the same as those who are causing evil in the earth? Or do you think that the motel clean and the food jar should be the same? This is a powerful question. Explain

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to me, Oh, mankind explained to me Where is justice if it's not going to be in the hereafter. So this is then mentioned in surah number as well that Allah azza wa jal mentions that those that are righteous are going to be rewarded Mufasa they shall be the ones that are rewarded, and those that are unrighteous, that all the those that are evil, they're going to go to jahannam. And then obviously the descriptions of Heaven and Hell is another reality that underscores belief in karma. And then Allah subhanaw taala concludes this sort of with a threat or a warning, that if you're not going to listen to this, then there's only one option, and that is you shall regret on the Day of

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Judgment, you shall regret that you didn't think about these things. So Allah is warning the Quran and through the Quran, all of us because these verses, even though they primarily apply to those who reject Qiyamah at some level, they will also apply to those who don't

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Prepare for karma and that category we seek Allah's refuge we can we can be in that category we don't want to be, but we can be in that category inshallah we all believe in karma. And that's great Alhamdulillah but many amongst us haven't prepared for it. So by warning the Quraysh Allah is indirectly warning us as well. And you owe me a Palmer Rolla, Malacca to soften Allah describes on the Day of Judgment Gibreel and the angels all of them will be standing in ranks and rows, and on that day, they themselves will not speak on less Allah allows them to speak meaning, oh kurush Do you think you will be able to argue with Allah on the Day of Judgment? Do you think you because we

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find this arrogance even to this day or with a biller, you find it and agnostics and atheists and whatnot? If there is a God, I will ask him on the day of judgment. Why did he do this? I was a biller, you think you will have the gall The audacity. On that day Djibouti is going to be silent. On that day, the entire melodica will be terrified, seldom Allahumma seldom. And now this fool comes along and he thinks if there is a God, I'm going to challenge him. This is just arrogance and the Quran negates this arrogance. On that day, all of the creation for that test smell ill Hamsa you're going to hear nothing except small whisperings amongst the people. Everybody's going to be

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terrified. Seldom Allahumma seldom the only one who will speak Ilam and Athena la hora man, Allah has allowed him permission the Prophet system will speak others will speak Allah will allow them permission and when they speak they will speak deep truth will follow Sawa radical yo ml hack. This is one of the ways of proving Judgment Day. Allah has confidence if you like the Quran conference, I should say the explicit narration that Ecole Yom will help how can you deny it is the hack So now Allah gives the choice Furman SHA da de la Robbie Hema Alba. Now whoever wants to if you want to accept this, you will find safety and security with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Right, and whoever

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doesn't and whoever rejects it, then on that day, you have no one to blame but yourself and when you see all that is happening while your code will Kaffir so be Mikado Machida every person will see what they have prepared and the one who believes in Allah will find my Abba which is security, the one who rejected Allah and did not prepare what are they gonna say? Yeah, late any con to to robber How I wish I had never been created or recreated How I wish I had never been here and never had to face the day of judgment. So Surah Nava in a nutshell, it is a reminder about the reality of piano and the fact that we should prepare for it and the one who prepares shall get gain Allah's

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protection and Jana and the one who rejects or does not prepare will have nothing but regret We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us of the zine of those who win on the day of judgment and to protect us from those who don't prepare for that day and you're gonna feel regret with Xochimilco who was somebody come rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh