Zakir Naik – Media and Misconceptions about Islam

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the common questions asked by non Muslims regarding Islam, including ones related to their religious beliefs. They stress the importance of being aware of the common questions and the need for further clarification. The speaker also mentions that some non Muslims may go out of the way to read material against Islam and may go to anti- admission sites.
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In the past couple of decades, that have been in the field of Dawa,

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I have realized that there are about 20 most common questions which the non Muslims have regarding Islam.

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When the non Muslim poses three or four questions about Islam, invariably, these three or four questions fall amongst the 20 most common questions

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if all the Muslims know that apply to these 20 common questions posed by the non Muslims with reason, logic and science, with the quotation from Quran and Hadith, and the condition of the Scripture, the non Muslim, even if he cannot make the non Muslim accept Islam, at least he can neutralize the animosity that is there in the minds of the non Muslims, at least he can neutralize the negative feeling that the person has regarding Islam.

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That's the reason it's very important that we Muslims are aware

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about these 20 common questions.

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How do these 20 common questions arise in the minds of the non Muslims?

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Every day?

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The non Muslims, they are being bombarded by the international media.

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Regarding misinformation about Islam, there is virulent propaganda regarding Islam in the national media,

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where they read the international newspapers, the International magazines, the radio broadcast stations, the television satellite channels, the internet, we find there is virulent propaganda regarding Islam.

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And depending how the media portrays Islam, these 20 common questions they keep on changing

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the 20 common questions that were there a couple of decades earlier, they were different than what they are today.

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The 20 common questions a couple of decades later may change again, depending upon how the media portrays Islam. Similarly, the 20 common questions keep on changing in the minds of the non Muslims. And believe me, Bella grace, after I will do most of the major countries in the world, USA, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, South Africa, India, wherever you travel, these 20 common questions are the same.

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There may be an additional one or two questions depending upon the local surrounding and the environment of that place. For example,

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if you go into Western countries, there may be an additional question, why does Islam prohibit the taking and giving of interest, but the remaining 20 common questions are the same.

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If every Muslim masters the reply to these pretty common questions, he will be able to do the further the complexity of our to the non Muslims, when you appear for an examination, if you at least want to pass with a good grade not excellent at least good grade. What you do you read the guide in India, we have the known myths 21 most likely questions. If you want to appear and pass favorably well, then you study the most common questions in India we have no need 21 most likely questions to appear in the examination.

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In every country, you have such books, that if you want to do a shortcut,

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and at least pass as far as the exam is concerned. Similarly, these 20 common questions will at least make you a part time die.

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If it cannot

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make the non Muslim accept Islam, it will at least remove the animosity that is there in the mind the non Muslim

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time may not permit me to cover all the 20 questions in this time. due to the limited time that I have, you can surely go on the internet on a website where all the answers are given in detail.

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There may be certain non Muslims who may go out of the way and read material against Islam, for example, they may go to the anti Islamic sites. They may read books with hatred against Islam, as far as these non Muslims are concerned, who go out of the way to find additional material against Islam for that we have another 20 common questions asked by non Muslims who have gone to anti Islamic sites and have read material against Islam that we won't discuss today. That if you want to get to know maybe first class or distinction you have to do that

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The reply to these 20 common questions asked by non Muslims who go to anti Islamic sites is also given on our website www dot IRF dotnet

Media and Misconceptions about Islam | Dr Zakir Naik

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