What Is The Role of SPIRITUALITY In Islam

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of spirituality in Islam, citing the quote of Allah's statement that everything is possible without love, faith, or desire. They also mention the use of Korans and the importance of practicing prayer to increase one's spirituality. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to fill their own lives with spirituality and pursue their spirituality outside of what is simply required.
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When it comes to the role of spirituality in a slam, I mean, it's it's an enormous and it's vast because we have this sort of bare minimum set of rituals and things that you have to do. And yet, even those if you don't infuse them, and imbue them with a spiritual quality of Taqwa of awareness of, you know, awe of reverence, and they're worthless, right, you might be checking your boxes, right, you might be doing the very, very bare minimum, but it's without love, without true faith. And so it's not going to be worth very much. So there's an ethical imperative in Islam, to develop one's spirituality, to the point where all of the worship that they do is infused with this love of

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Allah, this fear of Allah, this hope, and Allah, you know, all of these sorts of things. And the other sort of aspect and this is cited or founded in the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Sudan, where he says that there's nothing more beloved to Allah than the thorough and the things that are the obligations. Okay? So that makes us not put the cart before the horse and get involved with all these sorts of extra things at the expense of the obligations. However, the next thing that he says Are they he said to Saddam, is that after those are taken care of, then the you know, the worshipper, they continue to draw closer to Allah Spano. Dada with that which is extra, okay, the

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things that aren't required. And so when it comes to prayers, and fasting and liquor, and you know, all these sorts of there's categories of worship, and there are some that are rather open ended in the sense not saying you can do whatever you want, but they're much more open ended in the sense that there's a lot of room to grow and inhabit them. Right. So obviously, you know, the best thicker is the thicker is the Koran and the thicker the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but the times and situations in which you're doing this, show how the law Juan has said that the prophesy southern would make liquor in every situation, right? And so there's a lot of room to grow, right? There's a

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lot of room to kind of fill up your time with these sorts of extra sort of avenues of worship charity, you know, worshiping with your money is another avenue and one's spirituality is developed by going above and beyond and filling up their lives and making their activity and their attention and their care put in these avenues that are beyond what's simply required of them.