Meaning of Jew, Christian, Hindu and Muslim

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What is the meaning of the word Jew?

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Jew means a person who loves God.

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I love God.

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So by definition, I am a Jew, I love God. But we say no Jew

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is the person who follow the third mood under the following thing. Yes, then I'm going to do.

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What is the meaning of the word Christian? Christian means one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, I follow the teaching of jfks peace be upon him. But if he's a Christian, to the person who worship Jesus Christ, peace be upon him know and and worship Jesus Caspian open, I've given a talk on similarity between Islam and Christianity, and have proven there that the Muslims are more Christian than the Christian themselves, because we follow more of the teachings of Jesus Christ than the Christian themselves. So by definition, I'm a Christian. I love Jesus Christ, and I follow his teachings. But if you say, Christian means a person who worships Christ, I'm not a

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What is the meaning of the word Hindu? Hindu is a geographical definition. Hindu means a person who lives in the land of the Indus Valley. It was given by the Arabs the word Hindu, you know, with a hindi hindi, and I go to Guelph, Canada called me Hindi, Indian. So Hindu is a geographical definition. So by definition, geographically, I live in India. But if you say Hindu is a person who does idol worship, then I'm not a Hindu.

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What's the meaning of the word Islam? Islam comes from the root word salam, which means peace. It's also derived from the Arabic word sin, which means to submit your will to Almighty God. So Islam in short means peace acquired by submitting a will to Almighty God. So anyone

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who submits a will to Almighty God and acquire spief. He's called the Muslim