Zakir Naik – Masturbation is not Haraam or Sinful but Makrooh and Discouraged in Islam

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the differences between the definition of sexuality in Islam and the church's definition, as well as the use of "immediate" to avoid m-certification and the use of "immediate" to avoid m-certification. They also mention the importance of not being married and avoiding m-certification to maintain healthy mental health and avoid sexual desire. The speakers suggest avoiding activities like fasting and not having sex to reduce sexual desire and maintain healthy mental health.
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The second question is from Mark skin

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is * haram for teens. A similar question has been asked Assalamualaikum Dr. Zakir Naik? My name is Abdul Ghani you would like to know the ruling on *. I traveled and left my family behind for greener pasture for about one and a half years now. I miss my wife very much. When I call her online for video chat, we sometimes end up with *. I would like to know if this is sinful or not. A similar question is asked by third questioner Assalamualaikum

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I am habibollah Islam from Assam, India. I am a student

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is * Haram in Islam. I do this and later I regret I do Toba. But after some days, I do it again. I can't find the solution to this problem.

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I am unhappy with * and what I do.

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The question that is * permitted in Islam is a very common question. And literally, every session, I have one or two people asked me this question,

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but I've been trying to avoid answering this question. But today I decided that let me answer this question. As far as the act of * is concerned, the scholars in Islam

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there are different opinions. But the majority of the scholars they see that * in Islam is haram.

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Even though majority of the scholars say Haram, there's a large number, which also say that it is true. And there's another large number of scholars who say that it is Baba it's optional. So, I would like to say at the outset, that majority of the scholars in terms of percentage majority, they say that it is haram, but a large number there may not be majority, but the number is huge. A large number of scholars, they also say it is mcru discouraged, and another large number do not and majority. They also say that it is Baba and we'll discuss this issue today and let you know that which group of scholars do I agree with towards the end?

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As far

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as the jurist the fuqaha amongst the Shafi

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and the Maliki

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almost all of them they say that * is haram

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and appointing Imam Shafi, may Allah have mercy on him. He says it is haram. And he quotes the verse of the Quran from Surah Al mami noon, chapter number 23 was number five, six and seven.

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If you read for a moment on chapter number 23, was the one on what it faith that believers will eventually be successful. was number two says, Those who humble themselves in prayers was number three faith. Those who avoid when tox was number four says that those who do acts and deeds of charity was number five faith. Those who got the private marks are those who abstain from * was domestic safe, except those who they have married, that will their spouses, that the device and those with their right hand possesses. For them, there is an exception. And was number seven says that all those who cross these limits, they are transgressors. So here the Quran says in Surah

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maamoun, chapter number 23, verse number five, six and seven, that the moments are those who guard the private parts, abstain from illicit *, except from the spouses and what the right hand possesses. That's an exception. And all those who cross this limits, they are transgressors. So based on this verse of the Quran, Imam Shafi mela will visit him. He says that here the verse is very clear cut that * you can only have with your spouse, and what your right hand possesses, and everything else is prohibited. Now, this verse of the Quran can be interpreted in two ways. The first group of scholars, they understand this verse, as you're guarding your private parks. In

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Arabic, it means that all types of sexual pleasure, that means all types of sexual pleasures for a moment is only

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permitted with your wife, and what your right hand possesses that this lift girl. And now this slave woman has been abolished. So now it is restricted to only your wife. So based on this worse, if all sexual pleasures only permitted with your wife, then even * is haram. * is stimulation of your organ. And most of the time, it is self stimulation of your private part size that there is decoration, or the *. But the other group was called a fee that this was God your private parts, it's only restricted to sexual *. So the verse of the Quran actually means that you can have sexual * only with your wife and water right and possesses

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other than sexual *, this world doesn't refer to other things. So if you agree with the second group of scholars, then * doesn't fall under this verse of the Quran. That's the reason the scholars are divided. But if you literally know the verse of the Quran, the meaning it says, God your private parts.

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So but naturally, there is no explicit verse in the Quran, which says that * is prohibited. And what we realized from this word, it means sexual *.

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And there are various other verses which have prohibited sexual * with people outside the marital bonds, or if they're not what your right hand possessive, if they're not your slave woman, as Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Surah, chapter number 17 verse commentary to come not close to adultery,

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or fornication, for it is an evil opening or the retrieval. So based on this was on the Quran, the other group was called they say that this verse specifically refers to sexual *. That means sexual * is only permitted with your wife, and with what your right hand possesses. Otherwise, it doesn't mean other things. So if you agree, the meaning of this was only restricted to sexual *, then * is not included in this verse. So that is the reason scholars differ.

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And according to him, nasm He says, that our beloved prophet has permitted a person to touch his private part and the Hadith, it says touch with your left hand, no problem, it is your gun, you can touch he also says that it is your fruit you can emit it if you want. So based on that, he says when the Prophet has permitted to touch a private organ, and that is what you do. In *, it is self stimulation. So surely it is permitted. And * is of two types. One is stimulation. The other type of * is your spouse, or your sexual partner is stimulating you. And no scholar ever says that your wife or your spouse is not permitted to touch your private part. So

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based on this, surely the other type of * where your spouse touch is permitted. So when you can enjoy with the spouse touching a private part, then why can't you do it yourself. So based on this, the second group of scholars, which are less than number, they said that this was does not include * at all. It is just talking about sexual *. So sexual * is only permitted with your wife, with your spouse, and with what your right hand possesses, it doesn't include *. So that's how the scholars differ. There is an argument given by the first group of scholars who say that * is privated and the code of our beloved Prophet Musa al

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Salaam, which is mentioned in say Buhari, while number seven, Hadith number 5066, in which our beloved prophet of Allah Salaam said that only young people who has the means to get married, they shouldn't get married, for it will help you to lower your case. And God, your modesty, guard your private parts,

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and it continues, those who cannot marry, they should fast for it will reduce your sexual desire. So you're the first group of scholars they face fear the Prophet said, If you cannot marry, you should fast. The Prophet did not say *. That is the reason * Haram. Now this logic to say that just because the Prophet did not say masturbate, doesn't make * Haram. Yes, what we have to understand from this idea that the young people should marry if they can, if they cannot marry, they should fast that means fasting in Musab. Nowhere Does it mean that * is haram because it's not mentioned as Haram.

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Suppose if I say that eat date, it's good for nourishment, and for energy. And if the Prophet says he did, that does not mean eating mangoes Hara. It means eating data is good. It must up there the fruits become MOBA. So it is wrong to conclude

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From this hadith of say Bukhari that * is haram it is wrong logic because for Haram, there should be strong evidence from the Quran or from say Howdy. So based on this the second group of scholars will say it is not Haram. They said there is no text at all, anywhere in the Quran. This is the only verse with the scholars, Koto, Surah maamoun chapter number 23 verse number five to seven, which they say doesn't include *, there is no clear cut evidence it only speaks about sexual *. And there is no say Hadees prohibiting *, there are some days and modal Hadith.

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We say * is prohibited but that is not good enough evidence. So we come to the second group of scholars, and we'll discuss what they say they believe that * is Nakuru amongst them. If Abner bass Mallaby Peter Tim was the Companion of the Prophet, there is a person who comes to him and says that I have been *. He says that * is better than fornication. Marriage is better than *. That means the call the verdict of Abner Bosman lebap, the Tim, who was a close Companion of the Prophet Musa al Salaam, according to him, marriage is better than *. * is better than fornication. Indirectly it means that surely

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* is permitted, but it is mcru.

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The best is marriage if you cannot marry that masturbate, because it will prevent you from fornication. So based on this, the second group of scholars who say * is permitted because the Monica degree is Mmm, humble. He's of the opinion that * should not be done. But if you're willing to do fornication, then you can do *, and he puts it in the mcru category. So the humbly school of thought most of them, they say that * comes under the mcru category. That means it's discouraged. And this is also said by Mujahid. He said that * it should be avoided. But if it is done to prevent fornication, or Zina, it is

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permitted. This is the view even of nasm that even has them says that * is makrooh is discouraged. But if you're involved with fornication and better to *, it is permitted in such cases. And he says that though * is permitted, it is not amongst the deeds of the noble people. It's not the deeds of nobility. That's for his say in NASA. That means the normal people normally don't do it. So it is discouraged. So that is the reason this group of scholars put it in the mcru category. There are many other scholars in this category are not permitted discuss that. The third group of scholars, they put in the mobile category, the students of Airbus, some of

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the students understood that Abner bass has put * in the mcru category when they say it is mcru. But the other group of students have Abner Bassman lab up with him. They said that it is mobile permitted without any condition. Amongst them.

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We have Jeff urban said he was a Tabby, mela mercy on him. And he was a student of eponymous mela visit him. And his opinion is that * is permitted. There is no harm at all in doing it is MOBA. There is no sin, under normal circumstances permitted. There's another turbine by the name of Mr. Ben dinar. According to him also, * is permitted. There is no restriction it comes down to the MOBA category. If you want to do it, do it. If you don't want to do Don't do it. It is in the MOBA category. Even the famous scholar, Mr. McCarney, he very famous just 150 200 years back he was there. And according to him, also * is boba. It is permitted, it is optional. If

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you want to do it, do it, there is no sin. If you don't do it also, there is no problem it is under the MOBA category. And even according to Mark Davi, he says that * is makrooh but depending upon the situation, if it causes you trouble, it comes down to the ram category. And he also goes on to say that if you fear you will do fornication, * become further the Philippines. So here you have three groups of scholars. One group which is the majority thing it is haram, based on the Warsaw sorry moment, chapter number 23, verse number five to seven, whereas the second group of scholars say it is macro is discouraged, and the third group said is MOBA. It is

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upon you. According to me, I being a medical doctor, that in our medical college when I did my medicine,

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this will say

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that when you ask

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a person, do you masturbate? 99% will say yes. And the remaining 1% they are lying. Anyway, this is just a joke. It's amongst the medical students. It's not a fact. But according to research today, research tells us that amongst the males 95% masturbate amongst the females approximately 80% masturbate.

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I'm not saying that it is normal to masturbate, but it is very common.

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And there is a myth that which is there if you go to some of the Islamic sites, and those who believe it is haram. They say that * causes blindness, *, it causes nervous problem. All these things are admitted. In no way does * cause blindness in nowhere does it cause a nervous problem? Yes, if you do excessive *, they can be certain problem that is excessive *, and even medical science tells us if you do excessive sexual * with your wife, maybe 10 times a day, even that will cause problem. So excessive anything or excessive, most of the things will cause the problem. But normal * medically doesn't

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cause any problem. If you do * according to medical science, that is normal. If you don't also it is normal. But the majority of the people are involved in *, but I'm not saying it is the norm. But I'm saying that majority people do it. So based on what the scholars say, and what medical sciences, I agree more with the second group of scholars, and I would say that * is mcru it is discouraged to make anything haram you require a strong evidence from the Quran or from sahadi and there is no evidence whatsoever, the verse of the Quran I do agree with a second group of scholars. For me the number Malawi president, and the other group was called Abner

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bass Mila, visited, I believe with the bass call that it is not Haram. And this was also a mommy noon. chap number 23 was number five to seven does not include *, it's not prohibited or restricted to sexual *. And

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I put it because there's no evidence it will either come in the MOBA I put in the macro, because I agree with the call of hypnotism that it is not the act of nobility, but because majority of human beings involved in it and there is no evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah. to prohibit it. I put in the category. Everything the majority do is not correct. For example, today according to research 95% of the woman in the Western countries before they passed the university, that word Regina, that does not make dinner holla Not at all. The Quran is very clear cut in Surah Surah chapter 17 verse number 32. That is prohibited. It is haram. Majority do doesn't give it a sanction to make it a lot.

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But if there is no text in the Quran recited it, prohibiting it, it becomes a MOBA. I put it into the mcru category for various reasons. What are the reasons it's not the act of the noble people? Number two, that excessive * is haram. It can cause problems. It can cause health problems, it can cause psychological problems. And most of the time, * is associated with haram activities.

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Most of the time * is associated with *, whether you're watching a blue flame, or a * film, or you're watching obscene photographs, images, here itself if it associated to a haram activity, that again.

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So if you associate * with * or with obscene photographs, it is haram. And that is prohibited. And it leads to that high chances that the reason I would say that best is to avoid but if you cannot marry for various reasons that we have. So the best would be you fast as was recommended by Beloved Prophet and say Buhari Warden number 700. Number 5066. That all young people will have the means to get married, they should get married, for it will help you to lower your gaze and guarded modesty. And if you cannot marry then you fast it reduce sexual urge. And this is scientifically proven that if you fast, it reduces your urge

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of your sexual desires. So the best is to fast but it's not impossible to fast always and depending upon the levels of sexual logic that keeps on deferring. So based on this, the monster is too fast. But if you cannot order

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That's not sufficient to suppress your desire. And if you have to masturbate, it is permitted. It is not a sin. There is no evidence anywhere in the Quran just say Hadith. We say that if you masturbate, we get a punishment.

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Yo, the reason I'm saying this, that I'm being a medical doctor, I know that there are many Muslims, many of them hundreds who have come to me for consultation. And they believe because of the views of most of the Muslims. They are good practicing Muslims, but they believe it is haram. So they come to me and the similar what question was asked that he stands, he's unhappy. And he has got mental stress.

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Because they are good practicing Muslims. They pray five times Salah, but they realize and they think * is haram. So they get tensed up and worked up. And this causes many a time, big problem. Because the thing it is haram, and they're doing it, and they have the guilty feeling. This guilty conscious, prevents them sometimes or many times, even to do good deeds. It disturbs them in their Salah, it disturbed them the reading of the Quran. So because of not knowing the fact what is there in the medical science today. These people think it's Haram, it disturbs them. So I would like to tell you that I'm not giving a blanket rule that do it. I'm just telling you best avoided. But if

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you have sexual urges, which you cannot suppress, doing * is not Haram. According to me. It is permissible. Don't do it excessively. Once in a while. No problem. Don't be mentally disturbed. That is haram. And as the questioner asked, I have asked for forgiveness. Again, I do it, I repent. Again, I do it. So let me tell you that if you come into this category, where you have sexual desire that keeps on differing from different people, some people high sexual desire, some people are medium, some people have less. So if you fall in the category of people who have high sexual desires, and if you're not married, and if you have to masturbate, though it is mcru out

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there discouraged, but don't have the guilt feeling. Don't do it excessively, don't do along with *. And I will go to the extent that if, because of this, you're going to do fornication, or dinner, or adultery. Then, according to me, * becomes pasta.

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And as mentioned, by my humble and naboth, may Allah be pleased with him that * is better than fornication. So normally, according to me, I would like to repeat, I'm not giving a blanket permission all of you should do. According to me, * comes in the mcru category Best avoided

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if you have the agenda for not married, better that you passed.

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If the day that * is permitted, there is no sin, there is no punishment. You don't have to feel guilty. And if you have the urge, and if you think you're fornication, then build a * and avoid fornication and marry as soon as possible. We know that * differs in different people even after marriage. * majority of the people masturbate 70% of the male after married the masturbate, but of course by age it keeps on reducing marriage just reduces the most sexual * you have it reduces. So this is my view regarding * mcru avoiding is the best. Next option and fasting if you yet have the urges, then permissible don't have

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the guilt feeling and seafood that you practice and stay on the Quran sunnah of for your Salah, and do a bother and inshallah pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he keeps you on the straight back. Hope that switched

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