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Smilla Hara Mallanna him and 100 in that he no matter who when a star you know who when a star Pharaoh who when our UI will be now he may show Rudy fusina

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women see Dr. Molina, Mayor de Nahu Philomel the Nana who may include the LIN fella had ILA.

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Well, I should wonder Ilaha illa Allah who is the WHO natuurlijk

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why shadow Allah, Mohammed Abdullah who was Lou Salawat Allah He was cinammon who I need to Sleeman Kathira Amma bottle for in the halal Kedem Cunnamulla he will Halal Houda Houda Rasulullah he's a Mullah who I knew he was a NEMA

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with Sharon or more my desire to ha what coulomb desert in bed iTune we're collaborating burada we'll call a banana to phenom

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come to a critical Hadith that has to be understood the correct way. Not too far to the right not too far to the left that people have to So Wolf, that people of negligence, they go too far.

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So we have to be balanced and something you have to know throughout your life.

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We have three narrations both of all three of them are saying the same thing.

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The first hadith is a Hadith NSCP nomadic may Allah be pleased with him who said a man came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and said yeah rasool Allah my camel

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when I dismount, shall just leave my camel and then have to walk call.

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The hadith said that the Prophet says some of them ah, who are they? He was, it was salam Killa Ha, what to work on. Target first, and then have a Tawakkol tie your camel.

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That hadith is a Hadith that has problems in the chain of narration and the amendment to the Mizzi collected Hadith that hadith and he himself pointed to that it's not authentic some issues with it.

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And Imam Yahya the marine sedulous amonkar Hadith the next hadith is a bad is similar to that collected by Imam even he banned an Imam Al Hakim and then the Imam and be happy in his book shabu Eman

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and the authority of amor even Omega rather young now I know who says something similar. That the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told people to get her what to work,

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create her time the finger tire Camela and then have a taco

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that Hadees all of the narrations have problems in it and with it. But with the mini narrations and shallot goes up to the level of being hassled rightly so, so authentic.

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Each individual hadith is problematic. But combined inshallah the Hadith goes up to being authentic.

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The third Hadith that the chef the Elif brought Rahmatullah. He had a similar Hadith Abdullah bin Allah, may Allah be pleased with him said the same thing that the Prophet says of Allah while he was setting them target and then have a token.

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So the hadith is authentic. And it is a Hadith that points to the important be bad of Ellis Lamb, the worship of a Tawakkol it is a tremendous rebounder that has a lot of benefit connected to it. So we have individuals the Baghdad of Al Islam, all of them are important like as such.

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As such, a corrupt Maya Kunal AB neurobehavioral was Sajid for x zero a DA. The closest a slave is to his Lord is when he's in prostration. So when you go into prostration, make dua to Allah.

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The man See Ya Rasulullah want to be with you as a Jana. I'm asking you. He said, asked me other than that, he said, No, that's what I want. Can you help me? He told the man help yourself because there are two sujood make a lot of sage that says doing your Salah says doing your tilava surged to Shaka when Allah bless you with something that's rabada reading the Quran is rabada fastest rabada sub rabada and hoef from Allah is rabada havin a Russia from Allah and nama yah, Moodle masajid bIllahi min I'm Anna Billa he will Yeoman

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welcome salat wa zakat. wallum Yasha Illa Allah for Eisah

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Hola Kenya Kunal menerima Deen verde those people who should take care of the masajid spending their money cleaning garden it taking care of it are those people believe in Alana last day, and those people who do Salah and those people give zakat and those people who fear Allah they have a Shia rabada

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those people have been described, it may be that there be from those who are rightly guided. So from those a Baghdad that 21 To remind you of here today in this hadith is the bad of a Tawakkol.

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So we're sitting in the audience right now. People are trying to get married, they don't know if it's gonna work or not. They're seeking and trying to get married in the middle of it. They don't know if it's gonna happen or not. People are looking for jobs. People have been unemployed since Corona, people are in debt. People are sick, and they make themselves even more sicker by worrying having an him with him. But if you utilize that rebate of a Tawakkol tremendous benefits,

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having a Tawakkol will inshallah secure Allah's love for you. In nulla you hate bull matawa Killeen? Allah loves those who have a Tawakkol

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he has intelligence, he has people that he knows he tried to make some moves. But before he makes all of those moves, he makes that secondary. The primary issue with him is I relying on Allah because he believes my sha Allah can win my lamb Yasha Lamia con well Allah wanted is going to happen. What he doesn't want is never going to happen. He knows that. So he has a token from the benefit of a telecoil and it shows us it is a bad and is one of the most importantly Baghdad is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam brought the Quran with meaning I had commanded as Allahu Taala said fine but who? What what Ali? Worship Allah was a bad guy and have a taco taco that's rabada likes a

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lot so fast and and all of that stuff. He Tabata Katana mentioned what what can I handle? Hey, you levy larger moot? When everybody rely on the one who was hate, Allah doesn't die. He is living and he doesn't die. You rely on somebody else, they'll fail you.

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They may get it right. They may not get it right. They may be there and they may not be there. As Elijah Joe, he's always there for you. So we commanded, rely on hate Alethea your mood doesn't die, you won't let you down. All of Benny add them together can let you down and many of them will let you down during during the course of your life.

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From the benefits of a token is that Allah Allah subhana wa Taala has made it a condition of an E man. Not only is it a condition of an E man is one of the highest highest Marathi of Eman it's one of the highest signs that a person is meant. So it's a condition if you a real movement as you mentioned in the Quran,

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what Allah Allah He yet to work kill

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Allah Allah He fell yet the word killing continue meaning work have reliance on Allah if you people are truly believers, so it has a lot of benefits from the Sunnah and not come to a call to mallala He has to work Cooley he Barraza cocoon karma Yara Zirkel tire, if you people rely on Allah the true reliance, he is going to provide for you the same way he provides for the bird. The bird goes out and flies out of his nest early in the morning I look for food, and he's hungry. And because that bird has a taco and Allah it comes back after Allah gave it food. And that's what the man read today and those are yet from Surah Maryam that everybody is going to come to Alliance and

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that Allahu Taala is the one who provides for everything, everything and everyone. Concern is the issue with Toriko the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was sending them he brought that Quran that told us we're making it to what could not Allah for who husband, whoever relies on Allah, Allah has enough and many of ayat

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concerning the issue of Tawakkol and this is important because a lot of our community members are

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dealing with a rakia and we're always looking at people and asking people for rakia. I don't know how many calls I get people asking me do I do look here? Do I know people in Birmingham who do Rokia? Yeah, do rakia and myself. I do rakia and

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My wife, I do rakia and my children. But I don't do rakia for people come and ask me for Rokia. I know people do rakia and then take money from you to do rakia, but I'm not telling you who they are. I'm going to tell you doodle Qian yourself.

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The Prophet says Allah what He was selling, they will be 70,000 people will go into the Jannah and they'll go into Jannah yomo Kiama without any punishment, and they won't be asked about why did you do this? And why didn't you do that? No questions.

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The companions and who are those people? Yeah no sulla is that human lives in Allah yester cone, Wallah, your top five your own will rob be him yet our cologne. They are the people who have these qualities. They don't ask other people come to rock your army. Well, you're asking that for

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who doesn't know Surah Fatiha, which the Prophet said in itself sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a rakia? Who doesn't know sort of in fact,

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I had to concede the last two or three songs of the Kuru doesn't know that. Who doesn't know that. Even in those eight like cough, I mean flam mean

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those are I got the Quran that from the Quran.

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So they're the people who don't ask other people to do Rokia for them. And also, they're not superstitious. They don't wear the same T shirt, when they go out to play soccer. They think that T shirt helps them to when they don't do stuff like that. They don't look at birds and the way that birds fly, the color of the birds are a good omen to him and indication is going to work it's not going to work. They don't do that. They don't have to me My God, we none of that nonsense. And the third thing, they rely on Allah.

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So from those three things, at Tawakkol, all of that is important. A lot of things can be saved in the way of Tawakkol. Some people came from Yemen, and they were Muslims. And it came to perform the hajj during the time of recruiting that Salah who it was setting him for millennium and they decided amongst themselves. We're not going to bring any money. We're just going to rely on Allah to look cool. We're not going to save our money. We're just going to get on our camels and other animals. We're going to walk and when we get there, wherever the food comes from, that's how we're going to get down.

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When the Prophet heard about that Salah who it was sending them, the Quran was revealed. What does all we do for interfaith Azad Taqwa what de Kooning, l bad Allah commanded us and this ummah, tanza we do bring your food and bring your positions. Don't take a trip like that. Bring your full bring your provisions make a way for your trip. Don't be one of those people, the brothers are going to go to London, and on their way to London, there's going to be a big conference there and he goes with zero.

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If he decides to do that, he has to tell his us hob. I ain't got nothing but a doughnut.

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And I mean a doughnut that I'm gonna share with you I ain't got no money. Don't go there talking about I'm just gonna take from the people. We call that in America a bum.

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So we have to take care of tying our camels. Now let's say that one today

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is one of the last days from the blessed month of regime but a sacred month from the four sacred moments. Many things have been mentioned in the Quran and l Islam, about taking precautions, putting your seatbelt on and driving according to the law. All of that is a Torkel taking precautions. We have something that's called Salah salata Cove, where if we afraid the enemy is going to get us, half of us will pray and the other half will hold our guns to protect those who are praying isn't that they pray one last guy with the Eman after they finish. We pray with them and they hold their guns looking for the people to protect us and bless them. We don't throw caution to the wind and say

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we're gonna pray Allah is gonna protect us.

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I'm not going to protect us. You better lock your door. You gotta lock your house door. Always a mistake waiting to happen a catastrophe. Someone walking up and down your street a crackhead. A crackhead. And he goes into somebody's house and then there's a big problem. You better fix that back door

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and have a taco.

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Allah Tada commanded us in this religion. Yeah, you heard Manu who has rock home for free, rueful baton. I want to free to Jimmy oh you believe or who you believe. Take your precautions when you go out and fight

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Did you go out all together? If that's what's needed, all of us at the same time all go out in groups, dependent upon what the situation requires. You also Salewa to lie, he was so damn whiny when his brothers went to their father to tell them, we have to go to Egypt in order to try to get our brother. We want to get him. He's dead. He said, Okay. When you go, go in different doors, when you enter into the city, don't all of you go into the same door, don't go into the same door.

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Even a kofod when it comes to war, when people are walking, they tend not to be walking bunched up together, so that if something happens, everybody got at the same time. Got to take precautions in our religion. Today being the month that Roger the 28th Roger, these are the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and some of the ayat that had been revealed, but Rasul Allah used to do the same thing. Salah who it was, Senator, I'm sure that you know, some of the Muslims have introduced in our religion in this blessed month, things that they had no authority to do so. Some believe that the month of Rajab is the month in waves, Al Israa with Mirage happened, there is no

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deal on that. Maybe it happened. Maybe it didn't. But to come up in to introduce these prayers, Salado a bit is not permissible. The first Thursday night we do this, the first Friday we do that. The first Monday, the last Monday of Roger we do this we do that stemmed from our religion. But in the Israel our Meraj the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa it was setting them he got on the Baroque

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side, some Nam narration said Rui, some narration said when Jabril boy him the Baroque Rasulullah got on it and the rock star a Birkin

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and the Nabi SallAllahu Senna was on top of it, some of the narration said that Jabril set to the backdrop, a second take it easy. I like to stay. You're not shy. The one who's writing you right now is the best one who ever wrote you Sallalahu it was setting them that narration seems like it came from the people to share your who added a lot of corte factor has it been shipped in the story of El Israa, one Mirage, but what is authentic is he said I got on that Baroque. And when I started going on that Baroque, he saw a lot of things a great scholar of Islam, and the man had been hydrated, said had a normal man had to go through what the Prophet went through Salah while he was sending

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them in that incident. He wouldn't have been able to handle it.

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He wouldn't have been able to handle it. Because of all the stuff that he saw and all of the things that happened from what happened. Gibreel came and opened up his chest and took his heart out and washed it with the water of zamzam and II man why preparation for the trip? He's getting ready to go up in the sky without an asking Ching. But I know it's serious trip. He said when I was traveling, I saw a Musa praying in his grave

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and many things. When I arrived at beta luctus, our beta luctus when I arrived at beta muftis, I took the Baroque, and I tied him on to the post.

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I took the Barak and I tagged him onto the pulse.

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Which is the deal that the prophets of Allah what He was sending them, the issue of Israel El Mirage, it was real. It wasn't in his dream. He's on that animal. He's tying that animal.

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He mentioned in that ration. That was the post that the prophets used to tie the animals on that post. So taking precautions as the Sunnah of the NBN and the rustle. Yes, they did some miraculous things where it appears that they didn't have to work on but Allahu Taala was divinely guiding them. The man from Benny instra eel who borrowed 1000 dinars from another man, and he told them Allah was a witness, and Allah is the guarantor. And the man gave him the money based on that he didn't write it down, didn't take any witnesses. He said, Take the money. When that man wanted to pay him his money back, he couldn't find any ship to take him. He put that money and some wood and thought and

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said, Oh Allah, that man gave me this money. And he asks for you to be asked me for witness. I said, cuff I believe Shahida he asked for me for a DOM and someone will guarantee a guarantor, I said, Allah and he did that for me. Oh Allah, get this get this money to him, and he threw it in the water.

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that hadith is authentic. But I don't advise you to do that. Especially if you owe me money don't throw no money that you owe people no water don't do that. You're going to go on top of the building and throw the money in the air Salah you're in charge of the wind, sin, these realities and send these pounds to the brother's house. I want to ask you can I do that? Yes, he could send birds along and they take in they could do that. But is that what we've been commanded to? Do? You better take that money and bring that man his money.

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So the prophets of the messengers and the ODA of the Quran and the Sunnah who did these miraculous things? That's not for you and me to do. You will be blameworthy if you do something like that. So as it relates to the Nibi of Islam, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, I went into the masjid and bake the muchness and I pray two rakaat

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Salam wasn't even why'd you have upon him yet. The Salah didn't become wajib upon him until he went up and then miraj but he prayed to God was the delille. The importance of the two Rakhine is that a documented masjid for Nigeria is hotter yourself. Attain. If you come into the masjid don't sit down until you pray two rakaat greed in the masjid that Salat is wedge of upon you. Like the five friends like Joomla like their eat? That's a lot is watch it? So someone say nah, there's a hadith Allah has made Whadjuk five prison a day and night. Yeah, such an awesome McGivney shut Joomla is watch it.

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And he does watch it. This allow this watch it. If you've made an oath and you said if my wife delivers that baby will lie he for the rest of this month, the next month and the next month. I'm going to pray camel lane that prays Whadjuk now

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he said I prayed so Lola while he was setting up, I looked and there was Musa praying again a second time.

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He said Musa was a tall man, very muscular. And he was brown. Like the people of should should know. He was brown, not a Caucasian like they show in all these pitches. He said the one who looked like he was otherwise sucker feet. He said I looked and there was a submenu Millennium praying. He was slimmer. He was at murder. He was wrecked. But the error is sometimes called someone who's white red with a reddish glow. He said he looked like so and so he said then I saw Ibrahim praying and the one who looks like him the most is me. Salallahu Alaihe was setting up

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Rasul Allah turned around after turning around all of the prophets and the messengers were standing behind him and one line. There are 120,000 prophets

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and 318 Russell Salawat Allah He was salam. Why don't you Jemaine they were not enrolls. 120,000 plus the Russell in one role.

00:23:20--> 00:23:29

And Malaysia there is a metric called El aesthetic love. It holds 150,000 people

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and Pakistan there's a masjid in Islamabad and Karachi Islamabad hold 140,000 people spread out. Imagine 100,000 120,000 prophets and messages in the same row? What does the same roaming land no Frederick Cobain, a member of SULI we make no distinctions between the prophets and the messages in one row. And who was the Imam Rasul Allah is Allah Allah who it was setting him who was the Imam and awesome the greatest man, not Abu Hanifa not an Imam Malik. Not a humble man an imam Shafi, the Imam and awesome out of luck is the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now if people say an Imam Abu Hanifa is the Imam of them, just giving them respect, like Sheikh will slam Sheikh will slam the set

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of did not like these kinds of nicknames for people, shareholder SNAM Tagil, Dean subdural Dean at the moment our VM but if someone says that just meaning he's a great Imam will say okay, okay, okay. But it's better to leave those kinds of words, because some people will follow an Imam, Abu Hanifa and really looking at him as the Imam because they'll reject what the Hadith said, and they'll say and take what the men have been saying

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So taking these few minutes out Inshallah, as it relates to Raja and as it relates to Israel Neeraj, a lot happened during an Israeli Mirage gotta go back you got to read it. I key the issues, issues of IDI issues of I came from them gibril came to the newbies of Allah who it was setting them, and he had two vessels. One of those vessels had coming in it shut up alcohol, the other one had milk in it. He said choose. And up into that point. Alcohol wasn't haram.

00:25:39--> 00:25:43

Muslims were drinking alcohol in Mecca. At that point it wasn't haram.

00:25:44--> 00:26:37

Alcohol became haram after they made the Hijra. This thing happened right before the Hijra. Some scholars said it happened in the first year, some said the second year, some said the third year, fourth year, fifth year, sixth year after he came in Nibi. But we know that's not true. And that's because our mother I issued may Allah be pleased with her. She said our mother Khadija died before the salon was made obligatory before the salon was made obligatory. This a lot was made obligatory. And it's right when Meraj before the Prophet went to Medina Salallahu Alaihe where it was setting up. He said choose Rasul Allah chose the milk Gibreel was said to him, a subtitle fitrah, you got

00:26:37--> 00:27:20

the fitrah. You got the niche, natural disposition. Every child is born upon the fitrah the natural disposition to want to do the right thing, the natural disposition to be upright, and he's been created to do the right thing if he tries, whereas comer, he described the common as among Baptists, it is the mother of all filthy things. If a man drinks it, smoke, crack, smoke, weed, drink calmer, do drugs, if he does that? Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who have relationships with his mother. He can have relationships with his auntie, he got relationships with his daughter.

00:27:22--> 00:27:31

Does everyone who drink come and do things like that? No, not necessarily. But when you drink come up and makes you not pray, and it makes you a bad individual.

00:27:33--> 00:28:28

Whereas the milk is beneficial. Allah azza wa jal mentioned in the Quran, were in conflict and let Abraham knew speaker mammography but to me from the alarm, those candles that have milk, it is an idea for you people, it's a lesson for you. We give you the milk we give you we cause you to drink from what's in the stomach of those animals. And he described the two things that are happening. He said in the animal is the fun of and dumb, and the animal is that purity, where the milk is being kept, and the blood, the pollutants, but Allah brings that milk out and it's pure and it's clean. Leben and Carly, Sir, sir, isn't the sherry beam, the milk comes out and it's pure milk and it is

00:28:28--> 00:28:35

beneficial for the ones who drink it. These people tell us you should drink milk every day, especially our Shabbat.

00:28:37--> 00:28:46

So as from the fitrah, whereas comer snap from the fitrah. Getting High Shabaab is a problem. Getting High is a problem.

00:28:48--> 00:29:37

As it relates to the issue of Israel will Mirage then maybe use Allah Who and he went it was setting them right there while he was in or on the ground before going up. There are too many things to mention that he did. I want to call your attention to go back and read those narrations. Now consider those narrations, the narration of an Israeli Mirage has been collected or narrated by over 20 companions by defense mutawatir. Some companions, they mentioned some things other companions didn't mention. Some companions mentioned some things first, another companion mentions what happened after you have those things. But what are you going to do as a Muslim if you don't read

00:29:37--> 00:29:49

about these things, and then the one comes on this internet or you meet a knucklehead from your relatives from someone and they start bringing these shuba hacks in your religion. Like I give you an example.

00:29:50--> 00:29:55

One narration said that the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in his house

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

and Jabril came the roof open and up

00:30:00--> 00:30:09

Yo came, washed his chest and all of that stuff. Another narration said he was lying in the head. You know what to hit the man's,

00:30:11--> 00:30:28

you know, have a compass like this right? And right here on the top is the semi circle there. The Prophet was sleeping there sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. One Hadith said he was in a house. The other had he said he was sleeping here. Which one was it? Was it the house? It wasn't here.

00:30:30--> 00:30:48

So what do we do? We do what Allah told us to do. First Allah, Allah zikr income tonight and a moon as those who know if you don't know. Now I asked you, what should we do? How do we understand this? One of us will say, leave those Hadith altogether, just take the Quran.

00:30:50--> 00:31:36

And then he becomes a calf and he becomes a mullet as a result of that. But the intelligent one says, let's see what our scholars said. And explaining that those scholars said we make the harmonization of the situation. The harmonization is he came to the house first washed his chest, took them to the masjid after that, and then took them up sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. There are some plausible explanation. And these are Hadith some of them seem to conflict seems to your job to go back and read about them and to read of them. Because in this issue, there are many many issues that people can run you a stray off of your deen. So this is what we want to mention about the

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Hadith today of tie your camel Yom doula. You want to get married, you want to get married, tie your camel. Ask questions about the person and ask the people know that person. You want to get married, make sure you check the people out as much as possible. When you marry that girl, you're marrying her family. You got to look at all of that.

00:32:00--> 00:32:18

Whatever the case is, you want to borrow money. You better ask about that, brother. You want to buy a car, you better ask someone to check that car out. Especially with us living during this time. The time of deceit. Most of what you see is not the reality.

00:32:19--> 00:32:24

I just want to ask how many of you have bought a car and you got ripped off after buying a car? How many of you

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how many you have you every car you bought? You never got ripped off?

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How many of you never bought a car?

00:32:35--> 00:32:48

Oh, I helped them a set can get cars say I mean? Oh Allah helped them a sack can get cars. So a lot of people don't have cars. Well, when you brothers start driving, and you have to buy a car

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those people are playing games. They're learning and they're changing stuff in that car. That's why you can always go on the internet and you can always find out what you're about to buy. You can find things out what to ask and what to do.

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Do your homework. If you guys have any questions you can put your questions phone inshallah Tada. And can intercom che Do you guys have anything? Any questions?

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For the

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the difference between the word Tila can Ottawa call an actual call? A terroir call is the person who throws caution to the wind. He's not relying on Allah but instead he's being negligent. This is not from our religion where a Tilak goal is you make the husband as bad and as part of an Eman. It doesn't go against having Reliance a Torkel you do everything necessary to ensure and to safeguard your decision. You go down the right road, you drive the right way. You don't do things and you just throw caution to the wind. You tie your camel literally the way it happened and this hadith. Any more questions acquainting?

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The question I think Subhanak Allahumma YB Ambika shadowing that either Illa and iStockphoto taboo like Santa Monica Mirage to La he will Berta cat

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is not a dean here.

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Know what a Dean from Cameroon or his brother Kalwa

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Hi Dawie Allah