10 Days of Zul-Hijjah

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We sweated Brothers and Sisters in Islam. As you all know that we have entered into the very first 10 Sacred days of the month of the ledger.

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Of course, as you all know that the month of July especially the very first 10 days has a great hidden array high position according to the teachings of the Quran and the teaching resource a lot of articles.

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These this month in particular is very, very special. It is the last month of our lunar calendar which is our Islamic year. Then followed by the atom of haram once again. It is the month where people who go for Hajj they go and they revive not only do they but the ones who are even at home who are not able to perform Hijjah year we revive the Sunnah of Ibrahim alayhi salam, the ones who are going for hydrogen, they revive the practices of Ibrahim writing is set out and hydraulic is set up. This is the month where when people when they go for a hike, it is such an amazing experience. That first of all, if for those who have not gone for Hajj, and even if we have gone from not only

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once or twice, this should not stop us from asking Allah over and over again, to give us the ability to go and make this era of this sacred place. The most sacred place on the face of this earth. Keeping in mind is that this height when a person he goes for hygiene is such an experience and is acceptance by Allah subhanho wa Taala that a person can have have fulfilled all the resources, a person can be financially be stable, he can have the time he could he or she can make all the arrangements. But Allah does not want a person to come to him, this person will never be able to perform high touch.

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This is a set a very special acceptance by Allah Subhana Allah. So that's why first of all is that we should continue to make dua to Allah the overall regardless of my financial resources, regardless of what I have, in my capacity to go for a hike, Oh Allah, you bring me to your place. Oh ALLAH has served me and that is when people when they go for Hajj, if Allah does accept them, they continue to go for heights. I graduated from a Southern University in 2003. Till that time, my own teacher who told me so Hey, buddy, he had performed a hedge. Before that year, he had gone for hedge for 24 years consecutively. He had gone for hedge to till this year. Just right now I found out from some

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cell phone, some of my class fellows that his wife has passed away, yet he is in hygiene. He's making dua for his wife, and he has now been in hygiene for almost 34 years consecutively. When a person is accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala he will continue to go and make the era of this special place on the face of this earth. But keeping in mind is that this is the month where you're gonna actually

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Way back to height, that in height, it is so special. So special such a space is such an amazing experience that everyone is equal before Allah subhanho wa taala. When you look in when the pilgrims and the for Judge, the brothers and sisters, when they go to Mina, when they go to Arafa, when they go to miss Delica, when they go back to Mina, they're all in white, regardless of their color, regardless of their ethnicity, regardless of their financial status. It can be a cane, it could be the poorest person on the face of this earth, it could be a person of this ethnicity, or that ethnicity from this culture or from that culture. But when you see everyone is doing something

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together, whether it is in Mina, whether it is in Iowa, whether it is in was delivered, in was delivered, there are no exceptions for anyone, regardless of your status. Everyone is sleeping beneath the stars, everyone is sleeping on the faces earth beneath the stars, everyone is equal before Allah subhanho wa taala. So first of all, is that this month is very, very special, because of the sacred because of this sacred experience, because of this very amazing experience, which is called a hike. But keeping in mind is that why besides hike? Where did this all start from? It all started from Ibrahim alayhis salam, there are so many things that we can learn from Ibrahim alayhis

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salam, and what I would encourage even parents, that you must create an atmosphere in your home, you must create an environment in the home where there is a vibe where children are looking forward to the month of their hijab, they are aware of the month of their parents, the easy 10 And the poor, and you rely completely on Islamic schools or Sunday schools that they should teach our children about what is who Ibrahim alayhis. Salam was, and why is this month so special? And why is Hudson special? And this day of reading out how what is coming up soon? Why is it so special? We tend to rely on those kinds of things. Whereas we need to create an atmosphere in our own home. Parents

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should sit down with their own children and tell them the story of Ibrahim, who was Ibrahim? What did he do? How was his early life I struggle how he was thrown into the fire. And he was tested in that way, and how he was forced to make him draw with his wife.

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And then what happened to her what happened to Israel?

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And then what happened after that what Abraham Allison came back to visit his family. And then they constructed the Kaaba, where people were they were making a wall around the Kaaba, what happened to the wealth of samsara, the history of the worlds themselves, who wasn't read, then the world sums up was then covered. And it was it was not to be found for so many years, who rediscovered the world sums up, we don't sit down with our children. And we don't give them this history. First of all, is that there are two reasons first of all, is that we don't think it is important. Number two is that we may not even know about history, by ourselves. We as parents, we may not even know the full full

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and entire information regarding Ibrahima yourself, but we need to create an atmosphere within our own homes. We must if this environment is not created within our own homes, where will orange children learn from? Where will our children learn from sit down with them and teach them who Ibraheem Alehissalaam was? When we look at the story and when we analyze the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam don't many things that we can learn. But I just want to share with you only just two things from the story we brought him on, it's not that we can really learn from the very first thing is that there will be times in our life where we will have to make a sacrifice for the sake of

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Allah. And keeping in mind is that when a person he made a sacrifice, he or she made a sacrifice for Allah, Allah will never, Allah will never let our efforts go to waste. Imagine. Imagine the situation Ibrahim alayhis salam is he is ordered by Allah to leave your family. Today when a person has to move from one place to another place. They go and the scout out the area. They go and they look out they look they look at the area, which area is closest to the masjid which area is is a good place where my and my family me and my family could live a place that is very, very safe. A place where less crimes are committed a place that is close to school. We look for all these things.

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But imagine Ibrahim alayhis salam is all just to go and meet his family in a place where

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As the Quran describes, be wild in rainy these are entering the vehicle, there is no resource of why there is no sources of life. Wherever you see there is a desert. Would anyone today go and meet their family, a wife and a small child in a desert? Absolutely not. No one had to do that. But he brought him on to you some he did this why? Because he was the order of Allah. And when he left his family, when he left his family, his wife as early as them, she says that, are you going to leave us here in a place where there is nothing? There is nothing here? I don't see anything around there is no water, there is no source of life here.

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And then he says and then in fact, hydrolase um, she says to Ibrahim Ali, is that

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alone to you to put us here in this situation, the allah God order you to leave us here. And he just gave the nod. He said yes. And then look at his eemaan Look at the Emaar of this woman, when she knew that it was the order of law, what came out of her mouth, she had not seen you brought him you have lost her mind, or you brought him to have gone crazy that you are leaving us here in a place where there is nothing she said event name you lady, I left that if Allah has ordered us to be here in this situation with all the circumstances that Allah will not we're not let our efforts go to waste. Not only that, but then a primary concern was challenged again, he sees in a dream that he is

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sacrificing his side. It was not something easy, because according to the Pavarotti that these the the dreams and Ambiga were a direct message from Allah subhanaw taala there they weren't they were hailed from Allah. Ibrahim alayhis salam, he comes to his son and he and he executes the order of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada What was that was a challenge from Allah subhanaw taala not only that, but then hydrolase um, she was also tested for a single for mother like that with a small child where it says that she was running between the mountains of Safa and Marwa says beloved, it was so beloved to Allah that till today every person that goes for hygiene Onra they perform this surgery between Safa

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and Marwa not only that, but they perform the action are worn by Hydra. I used to love that when she was trying to be perceived by shape on when she won came to hazard ASR. And he said that Allah the Ibrahim alayhi salam has taken her son to sacrifice him.

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What does she do that she's she realized that this was the order of Allah and to keep Shavon away from her, she picked up stones and she pelted the shaman, she threw out the shape on this was also so beloved to Allah that today a person goes for Hajj for three consecutive days on the 10th of the hijab, the 11th of the hijab and other two other than hijab, they will help the shape on all three days, the very first need to count the shape on Sunday Times this the other two days they'll accomplish it on 21 times each. This was so beloved to Allah that till today, every person who goes for hygiene, they have to perform these actions. So first of all, what we learned from the story we

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brought the body instead is that there will be challenges that will come our way from Allah, it will happen is part of the challenge of life. Allah says, I see by NASA in neutron Aimia Pulu Amanda hola afternoon. Do you simply believe that you say that I believe in Allah and you will not be challenged. Every person sitting here in this gathering. We have our own challenges. We have our own problems, something that bother us something that may bother us or night, something that may bother us at work. There's something that's always bothering us, we may have our own issues, we may have our own challenges, but a true believer like we learn from Ibrahim Ali Islam is that they never lose

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focus from Allah subhanho wa Taala they always realize that when there is a challenge, and you have to give up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will never let your efforts go to waste. This is the very first lesson that we learned from the study of Rahim Allah is the second lesson the very second important lesson that we learn from Australia by him it is something that we see that took place within the family, which is something that we need to work upon as a family, each individual family we need to work upon this. When we look at the story of growing polyester. We learn that look at the the level of Imani Brahim Anisa he was able to lead his family he never second guessed when

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Allah older him

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to leave his family in a desert, he never question again. He never asked Allah again. When hydrolic Islam knew that she has to stay here, she never second guessed the order of Allah. She never questioned the order of Allah subhanho wa taala. Look at this, the man or the child is smart eaglets. When he brought him on a Sunday, he says to him that it needs are often by now. And he as banca funboard mother after all, that if today a child was approached, just like a smart era, Islam was approached by his own father. And his violin lesson is told by his beloved Father, that I see in my dream that I'm sacrificing you for the sake of Allah Funland my data, what is your opinion in

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regards to this? What do you think about this? What is my earning some say? He says, Paula. Yeah, but defilement match. That Oh, my father Oh, my beloved father, you do as you have been told to do? This is what you call it the mind strong the mind of a child. Does any one of our children. Do they have the Eman like an E minor is mine? Are they? Absolutely not. Our children today are teenagers don't have that same emaan today, but look at the man and his family. Look at the again, look at the Imana hydrolase. When Shavon comes to her to tell her that your son has been taken away from you sacrifice. This was not and when she knew that this was the order of Allah, she never second guessed

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she never question but rather she held the shape on to keep the shape on away from her. My respected Medusa, two brothers sisters, what we learned from this is that there was a constant effort in the family, this family, the father, the mother, the child, during eemaan was very, very strong. Their connection with Allah was very, very strong. And we need to work upon this. Today we see in our family that sometimes a father is very weak, and the Wi Fi be very, very strong. It may be vice versa, it might be the complete opposite. It may be that the Father is very, very strong comes to the measure all the time. There's so much and the wife she's she's lacking in here in her in mind,

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sometimes there is the case where both parents are lacking in the children, there are the ones who are very, very active in their society, and they come to the budget and then your mind is strong. And sometimes it might be the complete opposite, that the parents are doing so much, but the children are not doing what we learned from Ibrahim alayhis salam is that everyone in the family needs to make an effort to increase their Iman, everyone needs to do something better, to become closer to Allah and to become Muslims who are more adhering to the teaching of Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu by the Westerner, we need to continue to make an effort upon this. Once

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again, I'm going to say this, and I have no problem saying this, do not if your kids are going to the summit school, do not rely on this summer school therapy starts at home. Don't store it at home. It does not it is not the responsibility of some schools, you have to teach your kids at home, and you have to do the proper therapy on your kids at home. And that is where the A starts. So that's why we need to create an environment within our homes regarding these 10 days, teach them about Ibrahim alayhis salam, and let them know who he is finally, some was our wives should know what hydraulic system was and how much sacrifices she made, how much sacrifice she made Overall, these 10

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days, especially the very first 10 days of the HR great, very special was all online he was setting up this is a Hadith in Bukhari narrated by Abba the olaleye. That he said the focus on something he says a nearby effect. He said that the the man that are that are performed. And these 10 days are very, very beloved, very, very dear to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Sahaba sitting around and sitting in the gathering of the Prophet alayhi salam, they question the prophet and he they asked that What about even is this is this even more beloved and more virtuous than striving in the path of Allah? And he says yes, this is even more than that, unless a person he goes with his wealth and he goes

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with his belongings and he does not return back. So this is something that we need to understand that these 10 days are scraping beloved, not only that, but in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala swears upon these 10 days, he says when Fajr he swears upon the the mood, the time or budget, the break of God and then he says when they add in I should he swears upon these 10 knights according to many