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Bismillah Hanohano hamdulillah hillbrow demean was there was someone that also leave Mohammed while early was a homeodomain was set up with the same money cathedral cathedral my boss Ohana Karima Ilana alumna in the ghetto Hakeem will be shortly so they were surly Emery, one of them Lissoni of Concordia, my bad. So we're talking about the signs of the Day of Judgment, the minor signs of the Day of Judgment. The signs in particular that we are witnessing today that have been told to us by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam 1400 years ago, and we were talking about ignorance and how ignorance will prevail in society. And we also talked about and I cannot finish on this topic, about

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how people there will come a time, where instead of referring religious matters to all AMA and scholars, people will take it upon themselves, and they might try to even give Fatah's without even having proper, proper background in Islamic sciences. This happened or the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet, Allah Islam, he made this, He began to teach us a habit of the Allah on home. And he used this as an opportunity to teach them a very strong lesson. What happened was that there was some Sahaba, who went on this journey without us law so long while he was sending them. In the middle of this journey, there was one sahabi, who witnessed a wet dream.

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And he thought that I of course, we all know that when a person witnesses a wet dream, then Islamically he has to take a whistle in order to purify themselves. So he but at the same time, he has suffered an injury on his head. So he went to some of the Sahaba and he asked them, and one of the Sahaba said that no, even in this situation, no matter what the situation is, you should go and you should take a shower. So he never consulted with many. He came to him this hobby gave him this fatwa. He went he took a shower, and when water came in contact with that injury on his head, he eventually died. When the group of people they came when the Sahaba they came back to Medina, they

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would always come back to Medina and the very first thing they would do is they would inform us allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and tell him or ask him any questions that may have arise during that journey. And the when the Prophet Allah you get some he was informed about this. He was extremely upset. And then he says that in the MA she felt when I assume URL, that the cure of ignorance is asking questions mean that if you don't know something, instead of going online yourself, the best thing is to go and reach out to to a scholar to person who has studied and asked them and they will inform you and they will educate you better. Another sign of another sign of the

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day of judgment that the Prophet SAW Allah YT and send them has informed us about is it found in the Hadith Narrated by Abu mama or the ultra on whom the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and this has mentioned in most of the Akhmad, that the at the end of time, they will be men with whips like the tail of cattle, they will go out in the morning under the Wrath of Allah and we'll come back in the evening under the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala now

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this is something that the orlimar have talked about that there will come a time there will come a time in the uses Hadith to explain that there will come a time when people there was some there'll be so much injustice is taking place. Now watch listen, listen to this very

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carefully because what I'm about to share with you is will lie something that we see happening today.

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What the Anima are saying is what this hadith means that there will be so much injustice is taking place, that there will be certain men who are appointed to protect and serve as a just person. And not only that, but to to maintain security. And it will be these same people who will use these waves and they will oppress other people. Now, do we not see that happening today, in the United States, people who are committed, who are supposed to serve and protect the society, not all of them, but there are many of them, who have committed to serve and protect the society and the city. But it is these same people who are oppressing others, these same people who are shooting other

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innocent civilians. And this is something that we see happening today in our society, and Subhanallah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us about this 1400 years ago, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala, to protect us from that kind of evil in that that kind of shot. And we asked Allah Subhan to protect us from being a victim of that type of oppression. Unfortunately, we see that happening in our society all the time. And on a sidenote, one thing I do want to say is this.

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The police, the police brutality, that has increased in the last I will say, a year and a half or two years, a year and a half, probably two years. This is something that it becomes the responsibility of our all of ours, to fight this injustice. When there is an innocent civilian. Okay, when there's an innocent civilian, we see what happens today. They come at times they will go and we see this happening on social media, where an African American man, completely innocent or African American woman completely innocent, and how they become the victims of police brutality. And what happens is the on the other hand, you have a man who will have a man who went into a church and

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shot so many people, and then what happens after that they come they handcuff him from the front, and they take him in a way in an honorable way. This is an injustice first of all. Number two is that within all the Muslim communities where we need to understand where where our responsibility comes into the picture, is when people stand up, and they verbally fight this injustice. That as a Muslim community, what we learn from hateful falloon, the, the, the hateful Fulani incident that happened during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where he stood up for a man who was from Yemen, who was in Mecca who was treated in an unjust way. The Prophet alayhi salam stood up

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for him. And this was before prophet hood was she does us a very important lesson that no matter the man is a Muslim, the man is not a Muslim, the person Muslim or not Muslim, when there is social injustice taking place, it becomes a responsibility of a human being is not that you have to be even a Muslim. But if you are a human being, you need to stand up for that injustice, you ever stand up against that injustice. And so when you see this kind of things happening, or when you see people verbally expressing themselves, or when there's a situation when people are gathered to fight these injustices, it becomes our responsibility to join them. Unfortunately, brothers and sisters, we have

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come to a situation that we have put ourselves in a bubble, and we have disconnected ourselves from society. And when the situation comes, and it's right in front of our door, then we want to fight the situation. Why not fight the situation along with others, when you stand up for others, other people will stand up along your side when you need their help. You remember the time this happened right? In the very beginning, when the first Muslim ban came out, you're the first Muslim ban came out. There were so many people who were

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who were kept who were not there, we're not being permitted to exit at the airport DFW airport, not only DFW airport, and LaGuardia airport, there's so many airports around the nation where they were holding Muslims. And how many people showed up? How many people showed up? There were Muslims. And there were non Muslims that showed up to I remember I was there at DFW airport. While there was so much chanting that was taking place. There was so many non Muslims showing their support. When non Muslims are victims of abuse, it becomes our responsibility to stand up for them to when you and I we don't stand up for them and we complain when the situation and the problem comes out comes and

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shows up at our doorstep. Then that teaches us that that that's a lesson and that teaches us that we are truly selfish. We

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We are a selfish community. And a Muslim cannot be selfish. A Muslim is someone who cares for others, he puts others before himself. So this is something that I want to mention when it comes to this, these kinds of social and justices and how we need to stand up. Now the next thing the Prophet sallallahu, it was something he mentioned, which is, which is the last of honesty. So behind our in our times today, I believe that one of the greatest things that this Muslim Ummah has lost is honesty. Today, we don't trust one another, we talk to one another. We are best friends with others, we talk to each other. We all have a smile on our face, but there is deception in our hearts. And so

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned about this very clearly in a hadith. This is a Hadith narrated by David with the Allah Tala. And he says, Look, I'm a father or a to a huduma. Well, until the rule

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that he says I have seen one of them, but I'm waiting for the other one had that man. This is what Dave was saying. And then he says Hi, Amanda. Mesonet fie. Jesy Kulu Billy John summoners Al Quran Farley mill Qurani wha, wha wha Alamo Mirza Sana

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who narrates from the province of Salem. He says honesty was preserved in the roots of the man's heart. Then the Quran was revealed and they learned it from the Quran and the Sunnah. Now the hadith is not finished, listen to this carefully. So Maha death and I are offering Amana. So first he said that Amana was established, people understood it, people were honest with one another, if there was an Amana that was given to someone or if someone had an Amana, they will not be traded Amana. But then there came a time where he says I need to sit down that worry about the time then is the Amana disappears, he says a man will go to sleep and honestly honesty will be taken away from his heart

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and only is traced will remain then he will go to sleep again. And the remainder of that honesty mean that the trace of the honesty that was left the first time that will also be taken away from his heart, leaving a trace like a blister. And when an embryo touches your foot or raises a blister, which has nothing inside, then he continues, then that the person he continues, he says then

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but he was mentioning Thumma Hassan, then he picked up a handful of pebbles, and he rolled them on his leg and said people will engage in business

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people will engage in business with one another, but there will be hardly, but there will hardly be any honest person among them. It will be then said that such and such a tribe that does exist, there is a honest man over there. And then men. And so here, start list up here first. What are they saying that a time will come there'll be so much dishonesty in society that there'll be only a handful of people who have honesty in their dealings. And then we will say that yeah, there is that one brother, or there is that one sister who is honest. Whereas during the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, it was the complete opposite. You had majority of the community that

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was honest, and only a handful of people or those single individuals in society who were who are not honest. But today that the tides have turned the situation has been has completely flipped, where majority of the people in the community are dishonest. And now it is it is extremely difficult to find that one honest man, that one honest man who will who will preserve your information or who will preserve your trust. And then he says, there will be an A man will be admired mean that there will be a man who will be admired for his strength, his good manners and his intelligence, but they will not be listened very carefully. There will not be even a mustard seed of faith in his heart.

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Then Are they first says though there has come there was a time when I did not mind dealing with any one of you. For if he was a Muslim, his religion would prevent him from cheating. Subhanallah I mean, there was a time today are we Muslims? Yes, we are Muslims. Are there's so many Muslims around the world. Yes, indeed. But unfortunately, because of our lack of faith, our deen is not strong enough. Our faith is not strong enough that it would prevent us from committing a sin. The higher a one's faith and one's Iman is because this has nothing to do with Islam here. This has to do with your faith. The more higher faith you have, the more it will protect you from committing sins. The

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more of faith a person has, the more Taqwa he has, the more he will say away from cheating. Then he says and if he was a Jew or a Christian, his Muslim ruler will prevent

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him from cheating. And buy he says, but today, I cannot deal in buying and selling except for with so and so people mean are they saying, now I cannot, I cannot buy and sell with everyone now. But there's only just a handful of people in the society that now I'm comfortable in going to them and talking to them, because I trust them. And so Subhanallah when you see our society today, how much dishonesty that takes place. And brothers and sisters, when we talk about Amana, Amanda does not mean that if someone gives you in a manner, to put this in your trust and you take care of it, we're not just talking about things in your possession, we're talking about even information, someone

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comes and shares some some important information with you some intimate knowledge, it is your responsibility to maintain that and do not spread it to others. You don't spread that to others. On the other hand, if we seen something, if we have seen something in the society, we see someone or we see someone, someone's family member doing something right away, we want to go out and we want to spread the news to everyone. We want to put on Twitter, on Facebook, on WhatsApp, we put it everywhere. Oh, this is what I saw. This is what I saw. If you see something, if you see something that is wrong, still, it's your responsibility to keep that to yourself. Honestly. Keep that to

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yourself. And I asked you this one question. What if we were on the other end? What if we were doing something wrong? And someone saw us? Would we want anyone to go and spread that knowledge in the society? Would we want anyone to go and inform others about the sins that we are committing? Or the sins that someone in our family may have done or the wrongdoing someone in our family may have done? Absolutely not. So when we see something when we know something, if it's important to share it with someone, you share it with the right people to fix a situation, but do not share with other people so that people can admire you people can can say say something good about you. You should never do

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it that way. Now, this is one aspect of honesty another aspect of honesty that the Prophet son he talked about is the unambiguous Rhodiola Anhu called Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say to Allah NASCI, sinner whatton Hot the tone, there will come he says beware of the autonomous says of the Prophet alayhi salam says they will come to the people years of treachery listens very carefully, because this is what's happening exactly in our time today. He says when the liar will be regarded as an honest person, and the honest person will be regarded as a liar, the traitor will be regarded as a faithful person, and the faithful man will be regarded as a traitor Subhanallah we see

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this happening today in our time today. Then the Prophet I think somebody continued to say, and the the rule be that a will decide the matters.

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The real way be law will decide matters is said who are the real way we law. He said despicable and corrupt men who control the affairs of the people. This is something that prophets are some has told us today, some holla when you look at a majority of our political leaders, this is what's happening today. People today, you know, people who are honest people, people don't want to go and they don't want to stand up on their side. But the people who are lying, they're lying through their face, open lies, corruption, they are people are going and voting and people are standing by their side. And so this is Subhan Allah We ask Allah Subhan Allah once again to protect us from the from these type of

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fitness, then the province has some you also mentioned that there will come a time when people there's there are two sides that are mentioned in the Hadith. He says they will then they will come after them people who will be who will give testimony when they're not even asked to do so. So people will be so dishonest, so dishonest, that even when they're not even asked their testimony, they will come and they will testify. And this is once again against our deen, they will be dishonest, there will be trustworthy, untrustworthy, they will make vows and they will not fulfill them mean that they will make a vow that I swear that I will testify the truth, but they are the

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liars. These are the ones who are causing that. That corruption and so Subhanallah once when we take a step back, brothers and sisters, if you look at honesty, and dishonesty, when a person is dishonest, you are creating an alternate reality, that's what you're doing. And when a person is dishonest, then you have to at times you have to put on the hat of a person who is pricing the truth. And sometimes you put on the hat of a person who's not seeing the truth and you're living in two separate worlds. You're trying to please two different groups of people and your life becomes even more complicated. To keep life simplistic. The best thing is to say the truth, to be honest in

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all your matters. And not only that, but when a person is honest, Allah Subhana Allah gives them a reason why Allah Allah will give them a reason. Today in our society, we

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saying that the smart person we say this, are you? Are you street smart or not? And the definition of street smart is that if you can fool people, you are street smart. Today we admire those people who can fool others who can lie to others. And we pat it, we pat them on the back the mashallah this man. He says, he's street smart. And then we tell our own children, you should learn from him, you should learn from him know, when a person is dishonest, you stay away from that the Prophet SAW son has made it very clear that saying the truth will save a person and a person who lies and he will he will be destroyed. And we see this. Now the next thing I show it will stop on this is disrespecting

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parents. This is something that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has talked about in a great in great amount of detail. First of all, in the hadith of Gibreel Alayhis Salam, where he says that a slave woman will give birth to her master, what does that exactly mean? What that means is that just like some automatic, they say that just like, there will come a time that the children, that children would treat their parents, as if when you go back and you reflect upon the past, how Masters would treat their slaves, how Masters would talk in an abusive way to the to the slaves, they would mistreat their slaves, they would not give them their rights. Likewise, some Allah

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mentioned that this is exactly what will happen, the time will come the children will treat their parents as if they are the masters, and they are the slaves. This is why, as someone that I mentioned that this person said the slave woman will give birth to her master. So once again, there can be so many different interpretations of this. But one thing I do want to mention is this.

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Whenever, you know, as I said earlier, that as a Muslim community, we become very selfish, we become very selfish. So whenever there's a lecture, whenever there's a lecture about the rights of a husband, every husband listens very carefully, he will turn on his phone, he will record it. And then he will go home to his wife, and he will say, You know what, I heard something very great today. Why don't you listen to this?

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Why don't you listen to this, and then they will listen to the entire lecture. If the wife hears a lecture, where her rights are being talked about, and how the husband needs to fulfill her rights, she will take it she was shared on WhatsApp, even the men may share on WhatsApp there was they will spread it everywhere. When the parents hear a football or a lecture about respecting parents. It gets spread everywhere. When and hardly I'd be honest with you hardly. There's a chutzpah where the importance of the rights of the children I ever talked about, we never I have never in my life. I have never in my life heard a hookah about the rights of children. Never in my life. How many times

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I've heard about parents. Yes, indeed, I've heard it so many times. And yes, indeed, they do deserve the respect. But there's one thing I want to share with all of you, that is that when you look at Rasulullah sallallahu, it was some this is why Subhan Allah, rasool Allah saw some was such an amazing figure, such an amazing individual. Because whenever the Prophet SAW Selim was sit down, and he would talk about the rights of the husband. In the same time, he would talk about the rights of the wife. Whenever the person would talk about the rights of the parents, he will talk about the rights of the children, the person will talk about the rights of your neighbors, because I want to

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talk about the rights of everyone else. And look at the life of the prophet saw Selim. Did he ever think about this? Did he ever say to his own wives? Did he ever go to his own children and say, You don't fulfill my rights? You don't do this? Do you know who I am? I am useless. I was. Never did you do that. The province son has taught all of us a very important lesson of life. Yes. Do we have rights? Yes, if I'm a father, I have rights. If I'm a brother, I have rights. If I'm a relative, I have rights. If I am a neighbor, I have rights. If I am a son, I have rights. We have we have rights on so many different levels. But what we learned from this lesson Salaam is that do not focus on

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your own rights. Focus on the rights of others. When you focus on the rights of others, others will focus on your rights. Now I asked you imagine we were living in a world where we were just focused and we were worried about fulfilling other people's rights. I guarantee you this dunya will be a different place to live in. I guarantee you that everyone will be worried about the other person. This is what we hear from the Sahaba or the alotta on home, in a battlefield in a battlefield. They are thirsty, they want to drink water, what happens at the time of death right before they're dead, they're injured, they're thirsty, but when once a hobby wants something, they give the water they

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give water to the others a hobby and they shared with one another they always put others before themselves. Today, unfortunately, our Muslim Ummah has lost that our Muslim OMA has lost that and because of that,

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Once again we have become selfish, we have become selfish. We always want to tell people that what are our rights, but we never educate ourselves about what are the rights of others? How many of us here as husbands, we know what are the rights of our wives, how many sisters over here know the rights of your husband? How many children over here know the rights of your your parents, how many parents will be here know the rights of your children, when we care about others, others will care about us, when I become selfish, everyone around me will become selfish. Now, on the other hand, do we need to show respect to our parents? Yes, indeed. And what's important to understand here too, is

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that one is disrespect. And one is disagreement. Disagreement does not necessarily mean that people are disrespecting, if you know, you know, the the time Yes, in the Quran, the Quran mentions very clearly, well, ethical Lahoma often,

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often, but unfortunately, many of us have translated or interpret that as that if the parent says one thing that the child does not even have the right to even express his opinion. That's not who we learn from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam how many times a person had a conversation with his own daughters, with his own children, and they will have a conversation back and forth. How many times the person had a conversation with his own wives, back and forth in when it was fine. One is disrespect, you can have a conversation, you can have a conversation. But when people begin to raise their voices, when people begin to hurt one another, that is where Islam draws the line, that a

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child cannot disrespect their parents, you can disagree with your parents. But in a respectful way, you can never show disrespect, you can never raise your voices in front of your parents, never once, even whether you like it or not, you cannot raise your voices, you cannot talk to them in a rude way. I see so many children, I've seen it here epic, parents are talking to their children. And the end, the parent is talking to the child and the child is walking away. And the parent, I'm standing over there, the parent sees it. And then later on, I grabbed that child, I grabbed that child and I said the next time when someone is talking to you, you listen to them, you see you make eye contact,

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you talk to them, once the conversation is over, then you can part that in itself as a district. So if our parents are talking to us, and we're walking away, that is a disrespect. If my parents are talking to us, and we keep on cutting them off, and we say offensive things. That's a disrespect. So once again the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he has mentioned this very clearly about, you know how honestly we taken away how this how disrespect will increase. And then he also talks about disrespecting parents and how this will increase and Subhanallah another form of disrespect to the parents is that the the children officials Inshallah, that children will eventually give preference

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to their friends over their parents. They'll give preference to their friends over their parents, they will take their friends to be more more more trustworthy than their own parents. And I have a I have a one to one piece of message for all the youth over here and all the chilling over here that remember one thing that no one is going to be more honest in your life than your parents. No one is going to be more honest in your life and your parents. If you ever believe that there is some friend in your life, that they are more important than your parents. And they're always going to have your side. Let me make one thing very, very clear when it comes to this dunya when it comes to this dunya

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when it comes push to shove, every person will push away another person. When it comes to their own matters. They will push you away in a heartbeat. Yes, as long as things are fine, things are happy and dandy they will keep you close, but the minute it comes to push shove and it comes you versus them, they will always give preference to themselves over you. If there is two people you want to hold on to in your life. It is your parents and they will be the most honest people in your life. And no matter what happens, they will always be on your side. They will never be treacherous to you. They will always be honest to you and you should hold on to them more dearly and hold on to them

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more than you hold on to your own friends. So inshallah having said that we'll stop right here and there are more of course there are many more signs of the Day of Judgment inshallah we will cover this in the upcoming session Inshallah, I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he gives us the ability to act what's been sent heard. Just as a recap, we talked about disrespecting parents, we talked about honesty, we talked about Amana. And we also talked about how when it comes to knowledge, on letting the scholars take care of answering people's questions, and we also saw about in justices that will take place May Allah Subhan give all this ability to her husband said and

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heard me Allah Subhan protect us. May Allah may Allah Subhan protect us and our families from ever being the victims of oppression and Boon Zack Kamala Harris Subhanak Allah Who

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How many can actually win La Ilaha? illa Anta stuff Luca wanted to be late Zack Malachite somebody's gonna play with

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