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Nearly all praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls in the consequences of our actions. Indeed whomever Allah subhanaw taala guides, none can misguide. And whomever Allah chooses to misguide, none can guide him back to the straight path. I have a witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that Muhammad Sallallahu I knew he was setting them as his final prophet, and his most perfect worshipper. As to what follows Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has reminded us in the Quran to be conscious of him until we die for He says, Yeah, you already know

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I'm an otaku. Allah Allah to Allah to one at a moto Illa one to Muslim moon, or you who believe be conscious of Allah fear Allah the way that he deserves, that you be conscious of him and do not die except in the state of submission. My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, it is reported in the sight of Imam Muslim that once our Prophet salallahu idea he was selling was sitting with a group of companions on top of the roof of one of the larger houses of Medina. And it was a beautiful day and the city was clear and front front of them. And he said to them, Do you see what I see? They said Allah and His Messenger know best. We don't know what you're seeing Yasuda Allah, He said, I see

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Phaeton, calamities and trials falling on you on all of these houses, the way that rain falls down on them. I see that you and the entire Ummah, not just the city of Medina will be engulfed in a torrent of trials and tribulations, you do not see them, but I see that it is going to happen.

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And we learned in another Hadith also report in Sahih Muslim, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, every prophet has come in order to warn his people to protect them from the harm and to guide them to the good and what I am telling you with a warning I am going to give to you what I am telling you is that the blessed state of this ummah is its early your states. As for its later state, firstly, you will see what are the Raha Birla on what are more on tune Corona, as for its later states, calamities and trials will befall that you will end up rejecting them. So he told us in this hadith I'll go on, that the earliest phase would be a blessing phase, the phase of the whole

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of Russia Dune, the phase of Al Bakr and Omar on Earth man and I do the Allahu anhu, the face of the sahaba. That was the blessing era. That was the era of Baraka. That was the era of him. That was the era of expansion. That was the era of conquest, that was the era even if minor issues happened overall, the OMA was in a state of glory in the State of Israel, as for after that blessed state, as for later timeframes, and there is no question we are in those later timeframes. They shall be tested and tried with calamities that will cause you to reject calamities that the earlier almost did not see. And he said in the same Hadith what would you will fit in fitness are going to come for

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your Cobra Guha alga each one of them is going to make the previous one appear to be soft, appear to be easy appear to be not too big deal. Every time a fitna comes the Prophet says I'm said a person will say howdy he Monica t this fitna will destroy me from mutton cashew, then it will be lifted up, then another one will come then the believer will say how the he had the this is the one that will destroy me. This is the one that will destroy me. And that hadith goes on. We're going to come back to his ending at the end of our hotbar today, but let's pause here for a while. I quoted you two or three traditions of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which he told us a number of things.

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First and foremost. He predicted the future that's what a prophet does. He prophesizes he predicts the future by the permission of Allah He tells us what's going to happen. And he told us of something that was inconceivable in the peace of Medina in the stability of the new Islamic State in that great and glorious era. He said you guys you don't see what I am seeing this OMA will be immersed in turmoil fitness. Secondly, he said there will be a lot in quantity He compared them to the drops of rain, just like you cannot protect yourself from the rain. Even if you have an umbrella that mashallah protects you your house your your your your property, your friends, they will all get

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wet. Even if you managed to protect yourself partially. You cannot save yourself totally from the Phaeton and thirdly, he told us something that is a little bit scary, but the purpose is

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Don't make us firm. And he said, the Phaeton will continue to come so much so that each time one comes you will think the worst has come. And yet the worst is yet to come. Every time the fitna comes, you think there can't be anything worse than this? And then another one comes and you realize, you know what? We faced an easier one. Now we have a bigger one. So what exactly is this concept of fitna? And why is Allah subhanho wa Taala immersing us what is the wisdom of these fitness? The word fatahna in Arabic means to examine to test. The word fattener means to examine to test and to make something pure. Both of them are there because what does an examination do? It

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makes you pure, or it makes the classroom pure. What does the professor do when he tests the students, he sifts the good and he knows who the good out are in classical Arabic. The goldsmith, who would take raw gold ore from the ground and then purify it via the furnace, the goldsmith was called for tan the one who causes fitna the goldsmith was called for tan the one who causes fitna why he would take raw gold and raw gold has within it. Pebbles, rocks, stone, dirt, and it has the most precious substance and that is gold. And he would then sift through it, throw it through the furnace and at the end of the furnace, what do you have? You have pure gold that is worth the most

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expensive thing and you have the rocks and the pebbles. That person was called foot tan, the one who causes fitna from this linguistic meaning, we already understand the theological implications of a fitna from the Luhan we get to aqidah from the language what is fitna? What is the photon, we understand some of the wisdoms of Allah subhanho wa Taala in creating and causing these types of trials and tests. Allah subhana wa Tada tells us in the Quran, I live meme a hassy Bananas who are new Turaco and your own who are mana when when you turn on one of the Fontana Levina may accommodate him further. Yeah and Amanda Hola. Hola Dino sada or whether you're Anna Mandel kasi been Alif Lam

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Meem didn't mankind think? Were they so arrogant as to presume that we would create them and then let them be without testing them? Of assurity we tested the people before so why do they think there will be got off scot free of assurity we tested the generations before one of the fraternal that in America Billiam. And what is the purpose of the fitna for the man Hola Hola, Dino Sadako Allah we'll see who is telling the truth. And Allah will see who is the liar who is telling the truth. I believe in Allah and who is the liar? He says he believes but his actions do not match up to his words. Who is telling the truth? Yes, I will have supper. I will have Eman I will have to work cool. I will

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have a class he says it who doesn't say it versus who is the one who is not able to live up to that. And Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran, that this whole life is a fitna. Everything in it is a fitna. You see my dear brothers and sisters, it is not of the philosophy of the believer to presume that Jana is in this world. That's the philosophy of those who reject Allah they want to be gifted Jana on a silver platter. Um, has ever come into the hotel Jana one Amaya animala hula

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slobin Do you think you will enter Jannah just like that. And Allah has yet to test and see who is the one striving who is the one that is patient. It is the non Muslim as the Quran says, who demands Janna for nothing. I want gender just because you created me. You give me with Jana. And this is what we hear by the way of those who reject God. They say, well look at all this evil and suffering. If God existed, why doesn't we just live in complete peace? See, they want Jana in this world. And that's not the philosophy of Iman and Taqwa. Jana is the gift that Allah gives to those who I'm not gonna say deserve it because Jana is too precious to deserve I'm not gonna say earn it because Jenna

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cannot be earned by our actions. Jana is a gift to those who demonstrate a desire to achieve it. That's what it is. You want Jana and you put in a little bit of effort, just a little bit of effort and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will gift it to you as a Karim as a generosity from him. And how is that gift decided by how we react to the Phaeton the purpose of fitten the purpose we want the gold what is the goal, Jana? We want the price what is the price, Allah's pleasure? We have to go through the furnace, and that furnace is the furnace of Phaeton. That furnace is the furnace of trials and tribulations. This world is a place of trial and tribulation. This world is not the place of Jannah

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this world is not the place of rest. This world is not the place of complete and perpetual bliss that will be in the eye

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Akira if we prepare and we desire it. As for this world, there is not a single human being who is in full bliss and harmony in with his or her life. This is the reality. Every person has anxieties. Every person has struggle. Every person has inner and outer pain. This is what life is. And some of these are bigger than others. No doubt we are not comparing every single pain and suffering. But still, it is impossible for a human being to live except that there's going to be internal and external suffering and anxiety and pain. In fact, everything is a fitna in some level, Allah says in them and Wailuku comfort in your money is a fitna for you. Your children are a fit enough for you.

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What is it been a fitna there are trial there are test every one of us is struggling with family in our own way. Every one of us without exception has family issues. This is the reality of life. And you as well are a fitna to others you are looking at it from your paradigm. Yet the reality is you are a fitna to others just like they are a fitna to you, if you are a father as a child, they will look to you and they are you are their test. If you are a husband, the wife will look to you and you are her test and vice versa. As Allah says in the Quran, what you're gonna bow out in fitna, every one of you we have made a fitna unto others, no one is innocent. Don't just look at the world

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through your eyes, put yourself in the eyes of the other, you are being used to test other people and other people are being used to test you. Every one of us is a test to the other. The rich are a test to the poor. The poor are a test to the rich, the kings are a test to their subjects. The subjects are a test to their kings, men are a test to women. Women are a test to men, every group is a test unto others and they too are going to be tested by others. This is the Sunnah of Allah and His creation. And of course the fitna of wealth. We all understand the fitna of wealth, Hadith and Timothy, our prophets of Allah Who are they who was setting them said every Ummah has been tested

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with one particular fitna more than others and the fitna, that will be the fitting of for my ummah will be the fitna of money. We're in the fitting into Almighty almal, surplus, abundance of wealth. And Allah will then ask us what we did with that wealth, how we earn that wealth, how we spent that wealth. This is the fitna of money, the fitna of our relations with other people, the fitna of domestic and international affairs, we are painfully aware of what is going on across the globe, we're painfully aware of the domestic Fitton that are taking place. And in fact, some wrote I must say when the Prophet system predicted the fitna like the drops of rain, he is not talking about

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personal fit and like the drops of rain effects society, he is talking about societal fit and he's talking about civil war. He's talking about political pressures that we're very familiar with in the timeframes that we're living in right now. So in reality, my dear brothers and sisters, rather than ask why are we being tested? In fact, we should understand life is a test that is the purpose of life, Allah azza wa jal created us to be tested so that those who pass the test will inshallah be rewarded with a reward that the test itself would never have given them. It is a gift from Allah, but just because you passed it Allah we rewarded you much more imagine my dear brothers this is just

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imagine if you pass up undergraduate class in mathematics, that organic chemistry and as a reward, the teacher says to you, the professor says to you from now on, here's $10 million. You never have to work for the rest of your life. You think that is fair? Of course not. We would like it, but it's not the way the world works. Jana is worth more than $10 million. Jenna is worth much more. And Allah is gifting us Jana for a measly effort, a small effort if we want to pass the test. So how then do we pass the test? What do we do in the face of fitten? What is the response to fit in? A number of things? First and foremost, my dear brothers and sisters have the most important aspects

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that help us deal with all types of fit in the fitting of our wealth, the fitna of our spousal relations if none of our children the fitting of domestic international affairs, all types of fitna number one, turn to Allah with dua to Allah do bIllahi min ash shaytani Malveaux Hara minha botten Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Where do you send them seek refuge in Allah from every Phaeton the hidden and the apparent, the big and the small, the large and the tiny seek refuge in Allah? And he would say Allama indena Ruby come in and we seek refuge in Allah from Phaeton.

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So the first thing we do, do our to Allah to Allah. Number two, we realize and understand the purpose of a fitna is to pass the test, so we had better not failed. Simple as that. How does one feel the fitna? Many ways but the most important way we seek Allah's refuge is to lose faith and trust and hope in Allah.

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Allah says in the Quran,

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that there are those who worship Allah with a condition. If things are good, it's never he's happy and he'll worship Allah and when things go bad, he will turn away from Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah says in the Quran that there are those people that

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do July 5 letter Nastika Billa they make the Pfitzner of people like the punishment of Allah subhana wa Tada. they equate the fitna that comes from mankind. They equate that fifth Naka Isaiah Billa like the punishment from Allah do not equate the fitna from people whether it is the fitna of money or the fitna of politics or the fitna of fame or the fitna of persecution. This is this dunya it comes it goes you will die I will die never equate the fitna of this world will die the love of Allah subhana wa Tada and Allah criticizes those people who think the fitna of this world is the end all and that's it, and they cannot bear it and this and that this world is temporary all of his

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problems are temporary, think of the permanent solution and that is the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala do not make the fitna of this world like the punishment of Allah. So number two, we do not lose hope in Allah subhana wa Tada we do not lose our Eman and our trust in Allah. You know, the Hadith I began with, in which the prophets have said fitness are going to come one after the other, each one will make the one before it to be trivial. How did he finish that hadith? He said, whoever wants to be saved from the fire of hell? And enter Jannah let death come to him. Well, who are you meno Billa he wore a suit and his Iman in Allah and His Messenger is still there. That's the way we

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saved from fitten to be brutally honest, may Allah protect me and you so what if we lose something of this dunya but through it, we gained the Acura we don't want to lose this dunya dunya has an orphan, but in the bigger scale and the larger scale. So what if we lose this dunya for the sake of the permanent akhira never equate the fitna of this world with the love of Allah. That's point number two, pass the test by having a man and Allah strong. Number three, and this goes back again to Iman, for number one, two and three all go back to him and do Eman and number three is Amel deeds.

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So hey Buhari reports one day the Prophet says and woke up. He had seen a vision a dream of fit and coming down. He didn't tell us what he saw. He had seen a dream of a future event. And he said, I seek refuge in Allah from the Phaeton that have come down. I seek refuge in Allah, from what Allah has decreed for the future. We don't know what he saw. It was something that made him worried, anxious, terrified, and he stood up to pray tahajjud and then he said, Go and wake the women. He told the servants but I don't want to go and wake the women and tell them to pray as well. His wives go wake up my wives, tell them to pray as well. What is interesting here, what was the response to

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the fitna? What was the response when the Prophet says some sort of fitna to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala to increase one's Riba, the one Salah and in an authentic hadith our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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riba to fill fitna can hit you rotten in a year. Worshiping Allah during times of fitna is the same as making Hegira. To me, and this is a beautiful Hadith because those Sahaba who were being persecuted across the Arabian Peninsula, when they came to Medina, under the leadership of the Prophet system, what did they find? peace, tranquility, here is honor, glory. That's what they found. What did our Prophet system say? Worshiping Allah during times of fitna is like making the hedgerow to me you will find your honor, your is your strength, your glory, your stability, you will find it in the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. So at times of fitna, never ever ever be lazy about

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your solder. What about your Ibadat about your Salah about your charity always be on the top when it comes to these issues. This is point number three. Point number four. How do we respond to the challenge of the fitna also Hadith in Sahih Bukhari our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said towards the end of times there are going to be many things that happen. And he said in a long list, he put two things together. He said,

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knowledge will be lifted up. Knowledge will be taken away and fitna will spread. Notice the two are causally related. The two are linked together. Knowledge lifted up fitna spreads. So one of the ways we battle against fitna is to be educated about our religion to learn our religion to have it in of Islam of the Quran of our Shetty our theology, to study what does our religion teach us? These are Hadith that the professors have told us about the under times. These are Hadith about fit and increasing. They are not meant to terrify. They're not meant to make us feel scared.

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If they're meant to prepare us, they're meant for us to have our courage, our moral fortitude. They're meant for us to stand up and deal with these adversaries like true believers. It is a warning. If we study them, we will be better prepared. So learn your religion, study the traditions of Islam, attend the circles of knowledge, associate yourself with those who will teach you about Allah and His Messenger learn in and that will help you during times of fit. And so he mentioned number one, seek refuge in Allah and make dua to Allah. We mentioned number two, have your Eman strong when it comes to these issues and never allow a fitna to shake your iman in Allah. And

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unfortunately this is happening that many of our young men and women they don't understand the purpose of life. So when they are troubled, they give up religion they say oh, why would a god do this and they end up leaving religion as if that will solve their problems and it makes their problems even worse. Number three, after you have Iran and Allah subhanaw taala increase your good deeds, make sure you have a strong relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. And number four, and that is knowledge of this religion. And there are other things that can be said as well. But this is a brief way to respond to every fifth and the fifth and that are apparent and the fifth and that are

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hidden, that fits and that are personal and they fit in that are domestic and international. May Allah azza wa jal protect all of us from defeats and may Allah bless me and you with and through the Quran. And May He make us of those who is versus they understand and those who applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah to forgive me you as well ask Him for He is the food or human.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah helwa de la had a summer that lady them Yoga will have you let them your cooler who phoned ahead. Well, that drew

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my dear brothers and sisters of the Phaeton that appears to be brewing in the world today as if we didn't have any enough of them and remember what our prophets Islam said, fit and will continue to come. There is no end to fit in. But of the feats and that are brewing and we need to raise public awareness. And every one of us should be monitoring the situation is what is currently happening in that beautiful land of Kashmir, Kashmir, for those of you who are not aware, Kashmir is the only province of the current country of India, that is a majority Muslim province. And to make a long story short, especially most of our brothers not from that region are not aware, when the partition

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took place in 1947. The goal was Muslim majority provinces would be given to the land of Buxton, and Hindu majority would be in the land of India. And the only exception to this, which was something that the British engineered with the Hindu Maharaja of Kashmir, Kashmir was a majority Muslim, but the ruler of Kashmir was Hindu. But the people were Muslim majority Muslim more than 95% Muslim, but for reasons beyond the scope of our code, but the one in charge of Kashmir, the ruling family, the Maha Maha Raja dynasty of Kashmir, it was a Hindu dynasty and long story short, they made a deal the British perfect pressure etc, etc. And so, the Maharaja signed on to the Indian side, even though

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the people of the land at the time what happened afterwards is beyond the scope of the at the time there is no question at the time. The majority of them wanted obviously to be with their Muslim brother and on the other side, which is Buxton but what happened happened because of that double conniving because of this trickery and deceit. The two countries went to war multiple times. Some parts of Kashmir were then taken over about Pakistan and that is now Azad Kashmir or there's a section of Kashmir that is ruled by Pakistan, but the bulk of Kashmir the Jammu and Kashmir province, the region of synagogue, synagogue and others, they are ruled under occupation state under

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complete brutal military surveillance by the regime in India. And of course, the situation has been bad as long as I can remember growing up in the 80s We've always been hearing about the brutal tactics of the Indian Army and the oppression and the stock for Allah stock for Allah rapes and the use of pellet guns and tear gas and killing and torture. I have met and many of my Pakistani Indian brethren have met people that have been tortured in the jail's of India, we know firsthand what is going on in that region. It was always bad. But what happened in the last few months, in fact, last few weeks is something that should make all of our hearts go go cold and seek Allah's refuge and

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protection. What has happened is essentially, the current government and all of us should be aware that the current government is the most hostile government that has ever ruled that line. It is one of the most brutal anti Muslim regimes that we have ever seen. The current prime minister of that land, and I don't like bring the politics in but sometimes sometimes we need to be blunt and clear. The current prime minister of that land is a Hindu fascist, and Hinduism is not necessarily some

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thing that is violent. You have many good Hindus that are peaceful people. They're not wanting to kill anyone. But this person in particular is of a strand of Hindu ideology that goes back to even pre partition the RSS if you look up his history, and his understanding is that India is a land only for Hindus. There should be no Muslims in that country. And he has been on an agenda and a campaign to massacre Muslims ever since he was a minor politician until he became the governor of the state of the Gujarat and in the few remember, in the early 2000s, there was a Gujarat massacre where 1000s of Muslims died. Do you know why they were killed because this particular minister, this particular

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governor of the state of Gujarat, explicitly told his police forces to turn a blind eye and at times participate in the brutal massacre of 1000s of Muslims. In fact, this very prime minister was considered guilty by many courts of law. Our country banned him as a minute as a minister and as a governor, our country America said we cannot allow a mass murderer into this country on a visit visa, when he becomes the prime minister, then they had to let him in. But before this point in time, the same person he is called the Butcher of Gujarat, because he is somebody who has caused the life the death of 1000s of Muslims, and far from expressing regrets and remorse. I do believe this

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man, he has publicly boasted, he has publicly boasted of what he has done, and he has threatened the other Muslims there that just wait I will do the same to you. He has called the Muslim nation of India, the Muslim and the Muslims of India Hamdulillah 10 15%. They are we all know them to be good people loving people caring about their country and everything, yet he doesn't care because of their Islam. And he has called them in public and to to crowds that are all you know, Hindus that want to cause violence. He has said Muslims are baby manufacturing corporations, meaning Muslim families, their secret weapon is babies, you have to kill their babies, if you want them to not conquer you.

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And so there is this mentality of wanting to eliminate the Muslims of the region. And this is something that we are now seeing He has declared Kashmir essentially to an unprotected territory, which basically means now he has the legal impunity to do whatever he wants and the Constitution or the parliament, I should say, will not call it cause him to be faulted for anything that he does. communications have been cut off in that region, the water and food supply has diminished. There is no internet we do not know what's going on. Journalists have been kicked out. And this person has a history, a track record an agenda of wanting to kill Muslims. He has a history of wanting to Hindu

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wise India, and now the price of Kashmir is now in front of him and Allah azza wa jal knows what he will do. What can we do my dear brothers and sisters, the first thing, the most obvious thing is to monitor the situation knowledge. The second thing due to Allah subhanho wa taala, lots of dua, if we can physically do something, at least at least raise our hands. And the third thing, public awareness, do whatever we can spread it to family and friends on our Facebook and our social media, raise public awareness. And other than this, perhaps the experts of that region who are living amongst us, they can tell us more concrete steps but the purpose of this whole book is at least to

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raise that public awareness so that we understand what is going on. This is a catastrophic situation that is potentially going to become genocidal, perhaps even worse than some of the genocides we have seen. May Allah protect the Muslims of Kashmir and the Muslims all over the world. Allahumma in NIDA in a mineral Allah humbler? I don't know if you had to deal with them and in love affair with a Hammond Illa for Raja wala Jain. Illa Kobita wala Maria on Illa Shia feta while I see Ron Illa your sarta Allahumma fildena When he is 100 legenda Saba Pune Bill Iman wala Cubana Zilla Linda Dena Amano Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Houma is Islam I will Muslim in Allahumma Islam I will Muslim

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in Allahumma Islam I will Muslim in Allah whom Allah Jenna Otto that Islam and Muslim in Ebisu and fish really who've been upset What's your altijd mural feet at bat here are we you yah Aziz rebels Allah in Allah to Americana Eminem better behavior NFC within the Malacca codici was added as a become a U haul. Engineer here. We're insane for all Azim and quoted in an email in the law one day because we also Luna other Nebby Yeah, you heard Adina Amanu Sallu ie he was selling him with a steamer Allahumma salli wa salim robotic or abducted or Sudha Mohamed why the early he was such a big marine about a lot in the law to motivate I live with so anyway Terry the quarterback when her

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ankle fracture it will mean kirribilli Your Illumina Allah come to the karoun Ooh Kuru law Halima come wash crew who yesterday welcome Wally the crew la heeta Allah Akbar Wa La masala