Answering Interesting Questions – Part 3

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Answering Interesting Questions – Part 3 – Ramadan 2016

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Guys, I just finished a live cast with some of the questions. And there's a bunch more questions here. But I wanted to encourage all of you that are part of the Facebook group is to make other people aware of our campaign called Slash Ramadan. 2016 2016. Just some more questions that I thought maybe I can quickly dabble into, for my benefit in yours and Sharla. The first of them is how do I know Allah will accept my Ramadan? No, nobody knows what deeds Allah will accept and not accept but we we have to be optimistic. Don't be. Don't start questioning whether Allah will accept or not, Allah is not looking to reject your deeds.

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Just like you know, a tough teacher is looking to just reject your homework assignment or throw your test out the window and things like that. It's not a level, we know we have flaws in everything that we do. And that's why I open up the cabin Mina, Allah accept from us, like, I know it's not the best, but yeah, like just I did whatever I could. And so I have optimism and inshallah, Allah will accept.

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You don't have to, you know, a lot of times, a lot of you asked actually a similar question about what special thing can I do this Ramadan? I think, yeah, Ramadan is special, and you do have to make special arrangements. My advice, though, sincerely would be if you can get rid of the first problem. And the first problem is, you know, do no harm, like, don't hurt people don't miss the, you know, the mandatory prayers, if you're going to, you know, go to the taraweeh prayer, and then you're going to come back late at night, you're going to miss support, and fudger, that's a bigger problem, make sure that the things that are mandatory are taken care of first, and then you add other things

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and don't compare yourself to other people. Other people may be able to do all of it, and then some and recite the entire Quran every week. And like, all of that, and you can't do it, that's okay. That's not your problem. They're good for them. But that's not something a lot required of you and don't put yourself in pressure to want to want to have to do that in Sharla.

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Somebody asked, you know, they have exams in the in Ramadan? Are they really busy? Like moms are talking about how busy they are with their children? How are they supposed to make the most of Ramadan. And my advice to all of you would be, Allah did not put all of us in the same situation. Right, some of us have work, some of us have big families to take care of some of us have other obligations. And then comes the month of Ramadan. And so when you see other people being able to make all kinds of time for all kinds of worship, that doesn't mean that you are any less like the things you're doing are any less an act of worship. And as a matter of fact, while you're fasting

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and you're still taking care of your family, taking care of family is an act of worship. It's not something Allah dismisses, you know, earning income is an act of worship, and you're doing so even though you're fasting. That is something acknowledged by Allah within Yes, try to add more spiritual deeds, try to add more recitation of the Quran. But don't exhaust yourself to a point where it once again your primary obligations to Allah, and your primary obligations to the people around you are being violated. So May Allah make us all you know, make it easy for all of us to be able to make the most of Ramadan and not feel bad. Again, in comparing ourselves to others. Some of you are scared of

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Ramadan, because it's gonna be hot this year. And, you know, some of you have medical situations and you feel guilty Look, if you have a genuine medical situation, your physician is telling you not to fast, etc, then, you know, this is something Allah Himself does not put on people. Allah does not put that kind of burden on people that they can't be. That's why even the thought of Ramadan from Academy in Cambodia when,

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you know, whoever's

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sick, or in the middle of a journey, you know, you can't even say well, I had to, I shouldn't have planned even a journey in Ramadan. Some people don't have a choice, they have to travel at that time. And that's okay. And that's why those provisions in the revolution are there.

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This is a very, very strong one, my husband passed away tragically in an accident in December 2015. In other law, he went Nikola john mill except him among the Shahada and May Allah grant him forgiveness and your family patience and give you agenda as a result of that patience. And this will be my first Ramadan without him Can you tell me how I can increase my Ahmed so that he will benefit from it you just do what you do best and you're in Ramadan and outside of Ramadan is going to reach you know, the the your the good that he left behind you and you know, and your his children or the good that he left behind, and we pray that when we die, that our loved ones continue to carry on

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good things. You know, I you know, people are always looking for some kind of special remedy. It's actually so much simpler in our Deen it's so much simpler our sincerity to Allah, our genuine prayers for the people that we love that have passed away and our continued good deeds simple good deeds are the ones that are going to mean the most inshallah.

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Some things about this interesting question if Shabbat has changed during Ramadan, why do people still commit sins because she thought that the only shaitaan of the jinns are chained. She thought of the human beings are not chained. bad influences are still bad influences, to have messed up friends that want to do messed up things and you're hanging out with them. It doesn't matter if it's normal and you're still gonna do messed up things. You're enough's itself. There are there inside of yourself. There are there's a tendency to do better.

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things that's been trained for 11 months by shaitaan. So 30 days of no shape and influence doesn't mean that you're completely you become an angel overnight. You know, it's, it's still gonna take a lot of discipline on your part, to stay away from bad behavior, and from losing your temper. And some of you, you know, you don't handle hunger, hunger well, or thirst well, so when you're not, when you're not fed, then you crankier and you're angrier, and you have more of those episodes. So those are things you're going to have to look out for within yourselves. And it's, you know, we can't just blame everything we do on Shetland, by the way, anyway.

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Then there are those that sometimes I feel so depressed, I feel like Ally's not listening to me, because I'm very sinful.

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Sometimes I feel like I'm worried because I'm going through a trial or shaitan is playing with my emotions in my brain, please help me. Listen, that's the first problem in all of this is that you felt that Allah is not listening, that is the ultimate success of shaitaan. To convince somebody that, you know, the shaitaan is that Allah has dismissed you, because of your sins, people dismiss each other because of mistakes, a lot does not so long as he's giving you breath, and your lungs are still functioning and your heart is still beating, that actually is an indication that Allah has still given you a chance. If you are a hopeless case, there's no reason for you to still be alive.

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Every human being that's alive today, every single human being has hope that they will, that Allah has not dismissed them, that Allah has not written them off. And so we shouldn't think we shouldn't be hopeless with Allah, or think because of our sins, Allah has stopped listening. Would you do that with a daddy, you know that I respond to the call of the one who calls whenever they call? In other words, if you're calling Allah He didn't qualify you as a good person or a scholar or worshipper, so long as you call the law, good enough for him, he will respond inshallah.

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A lot of you actually in one way or the other had a similar question about should we increase the recitation of the Quran in the month of Ramadan? Or should we increased reflection or steady and pondering and thinking about the Quran in the month of Ramadan, I would personally argue this is a month to do both and to find a healthy balance between both, that's what I'm going to try to do. inshallah, I'm going to be doing a lot of study of Quran this Ramadan. But I also promised myself that I'll be doing a lot of recitation and memorization in the month of Ramadan. So if you can find a good balance between those two things, that is a very healthy combination, too much of one and not

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the other. It's actually a problem. If you're only studying the Quran and not reciting you'll feel the damage spiritually. And if you're only reciting and not pondering, you'll still feel the damage spiritually. So you want to be able to balance both of those things in Sharla if you have just an hour, give it half and half, you know, but to me personally, my recommendation the best time to recite Quran to really recycle and enjoy recitation of Quran is like early early morning, you know, even before school or right after fudger that's the time to really enjoy the recitation of Quran that's why Quran even says Bach or Anil fudger in the Quran is a different image to the Quran and

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Virgil is truly witnessed, you know,

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then some interesting intellectual questions some people have why is it important for us to go through scholars to understand the Quran? Why can't we ponder upon the Koran ourselves? Actually, every human being has to ponder the Quran for themselves. Allah even ask them to ponder over the Quran. The jinn that passed by heard some of Quran pondered over the Quran themselves, the role of scholars is for me to take advantage of some things they pondered. These are people that spent a lot more time than I did, pondering and thinking and trying to understand the book of Allah. So I want to take advantage of their thoughts and their insights. And maybe that'll help me get gain better

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insight myself, it's not one or the other, it's one and the other, you will continue on your journey. You, as you read the Quran, you'll develop questions. And when you develop questions, it's going to be so beautiful that you have you can go and ask, you know, or consult books of scholarship or as scholars and say, What do you think about the site? What have you learned about this ayah. And so this is going to be a continual journey for you, between your own reflections and consulting with Allah, something with people of knowledge. And that's something I personally continue to do. And I benefit from it so much. I study Quran, I develop a lot of tough questions. And then I, you know,

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call a bunch of scholars that I really lean on, and give them such a hard time I give them the hardest questions I can find, you know,

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just some other things in Sharla, about the study of the Quran. And we'll wrap this up, even though I

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do all ions in the Koran that refer to the Jews and Christians talk about Jews and Christians living in today in 2016, or were they just a group of using Christians back then, as a matter of fact, you can't say all out of honor this way or the other way, there are some items of the Quran that are talking about the historical Jews, some of them talking particularly about the brand of Judaism found in Arabia and not even found anywhere else in the Jewish world. Sometimes there were discussions about Christians that are particular to the Christians of that time. Other times there are general statements being made about the Christian civilization. So it's not one way or the

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other. Try to take this there are a few takeaways in the study of the Quran that really helped me. Don't make broad assumptions about the Quran. Just Just stay away from it. Like the Quran always does this or the

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On officers that don't do that this is the word of Allah. Before you make generalizations, just take a step back and take the humble pill and say maybe there are exceptions and I don't know, I haven't realized yet. Maybe there's a surah there's an ayah that I haven't pondered upon properly enough to know that that would be an exception to the broad generalization that I've just made. So this is something that you should, you know, try to inshallah Be humble about in your studies, I will try to be humble in my own. Last thing about just one advice for all of you, is memorize as much as you can, in the month of Ramadan, little or a lot. Memorize, memorize, memorize those of you who don't

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know how to read Arabic at all, do the 10 day challenge on Vienna TV, just do the just get started. Get engaged with the Arabic of the Quran, in the month of Ramadan and easy tip, for those of you that have a hard time memorizing if your reading is good. If your reading of Quran is good, then just take one ayah repeated 10 times look at it, recite it 10 times look away recited 10 times, look at it 10 times, look away 10 times do this process a couple of times, you've got the IR move on to the next IR combine both of them, repeat, repeat, repeat within 2030 minutes, you'll know a couple of times, you know and if you keep this process going, you'll be able to memorize a page of Quran in

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30 minutes or less, it's not going to be a difficulty. For those of you who don't know how to read, just focus on your reading, just for that time that this time for reflection and pondering and another time dedicated in the month of Ramadan to just to try to get to read the Quran better. There are resources I put together on BNN TV you can take advantage of. And there are other resources out there online that you can take advantage of doesn't matter where you go. But so long as you have that intention that you're going to be better with hold on in your reading because when when reading flow comes, then memorization will become easier. Right? That's, that's the next step. So if you're

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not at the memorization stage yet, just work on your reading in Charlottetown. These are a few things that I wanted to share with you. Thank you so very much everybody for joining the group. Hopefully we'll have some more you know, healthy interaction on it. And may Allah reward me and all of you and your families and my family for what we're trying to do here. May Allah bring all of us closer to the book of Allah and better at living the book of Allah through this beautiful month coming month of Ramadan. Somali