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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the emotional toll of the upcoming vlog and a group of people on a bus. They also mention a previous experience where people were held for a long time and felt like they were never leaving. The psychological feeling of group shooter in Ontario is discussed, including a vlog on Facebook about a woman who was held for an hour while waiting on buses. They also mention a new touring project and a video tour of the area, including a video of a man named Jada Muhammad.
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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar de number nine friends the final dwarf. I am going to start out with a clip of just me walking for the last time to the Haram from our hotel.

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The walk to the Haram as I prepare for the final Cola, try to put yourself in my life. Take a look

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good morning. Good morning. We are headed from Jeddah train terminal guys today Salam I'll edit it in in sha Allah. That's my perfect Hodge group 25 till we die, Allah mommy, Tony every go keep your stuff. sha Allah doc located guys, we're taking the train three hours 17 minutes to Medina to Ramona water. Let's get ready. And I'll take you on the train for the first time get their train station is flawless. Look at these beautiful people. I'm gonna have to blur this out on the camera too much beauty. Too much beauty. Too much beauty. A lot of goodwill on the fader off me

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too much too much. Too much. We're gonna have to blur your guys's faces out too much beauty too much. Too much beauty.

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Like Allahu fatale.

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And there we are salons upon you around you and they salaam emanating all things that you do. The s&d Friends, taking the train ride to Yes, Jetta to Madina Munawwara on the bullet train a great experience, very organized, super clean. And of course there was no one there at the train terminal except us. Dar Salam folks a great opportunity for everyone to kind of everyone felt a little bit of that luxurious feeling that we're we're special and and I hope that we've carried that feeling of specialist not because we're on a train, but because we just had. So yes, I didn't touch base with you guys yesterday, if you would allow me now that yesterday was crazy Du Bois sign our steam room.

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Last few moments in Makkah.

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Helping people giving sadaqa was everything was everything that had was spirituality at the highest level making the walk easily. Everything was amazing. Then we have to get back to the hotel and from the hotel.

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We had to begin taking our ride from muckety muck aroma to Jeddah. So we took a bus and that experience is where people got tested big time. That experience is where people have to wait to take the buses. And I don't know if you know about the psychological feeling that group it's called mob mentality. And everyone's feels like there's not enough oh my god and there's, I know I'm gonna miss my bus. I'm not going to be able to do this. So with Allah subhanaw taala has mercy. That was the first time I felt like we started losing hunch. So that's the next thing I want to tell you guys about

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was in MCCA as we were going off there probably 500 people in a room trying to get on a bus that only hurt 49 at a time. So pandemonium pushing,

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like as if they never went to Hutch and I'm being super judgmental and rude. And hey guys, if you see the blog leader, I thought the busting was ugly. Even if you're being held. No one used any power of Ottawa we were held for one hour in Ottawa, but it was like a disconnect. So if I'm being super judgmental, judgmental, I will keep working on it. But I'm trying to get to my to the viewers the vloggers will watch along with me guys.

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It was that quick ecstasy of the highest level doing go off and being able to apply standing in one place making a vicar waiting for the staggering to go through. So anyone could I'm sure maybe someone in the comments might be like, oh, you know, they made us wait, they could have made us wait downstairs. So what they could have like they staggered us to go for Jamara they staggered us to go for the train. So I'm asking us now our Hutch folk and anyone who watches this, your don't do hudge and not learn anything from it. Don't go and stand for an hour and then not be able to go to the post office and then boom, turn on that button screaming sitting stillness awareness acceptance

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our arrival to Medina today

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train station

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Alhamdulillah and welcome to Madina Munawwara we took the train round from Jeddah to Madina Munawwara train station and guys it took two hours 30 minutes can explain that to you. It was awesome new tiling project so this has been going on for a while. Retrospectively I guess for you guys from the last vlog till now, if you recall, this touches on the corridor around

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Door number 15. So this is door number 15 where we always meet. So what they're doing here is taking down all of the museum's the 99 names of Allah subhanaw taala Museum, and they are now extending it. And museums are gone. I was kind of salty about losing the museums. And now the museums are gone. And now they're going to do the retiling section here. So this place will be retailed at 100 I wish you guys can meet one of my jobs. Only go after life. Can you Richard? Yes Hamdulillah I was

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there anything to be afraid of? What Allah takes care of everything? Oh, you said just say one more time law takes care of everything. You got it from the law and people do encourage them to come guys you heard it here. Richard said it is more important. I'll see you inside

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I'm gonna take him inside guys. The retailing project Thank you retailing projects taking place. We're gonna they've knocked down the museums and now it's our opportunity to see the Haram girl Molly come into this so the government paid for the healing to their victims families to come forth. And this in the background is them being welcomed into our hotel. Absolutely beautiful. Some of the victims families and those who were injured in the New Zealand mustard shooting this is.

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Love my son Jada Muhammad Ali Mohammed. Welcome to Majid Nepali first time entry we've done Salam,

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I'd hope that is not read, raise my voice in the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Masjid is beautiful. And now it's our opportunity for us to judge because we just finished how much to make to raka wherever we go. I hope that you can join me and maybe I know it's a blog. Can you make Touriga right now? Can you pause and be able to make Touriga in the place you are and remember Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Judaism take a look at the rest of the masjid Allah ma slightly muddy water

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come on slow later

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on earlier below him and Nick Amina Majeed along MOBOTIX many wide array Mohammed come about Tada

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along with

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the intersection of the masjid

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there are two such

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look over here where the lights coming in. There are two such open corridors. Let's take a right here. Let's take a right here on La

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you see it a lot more flooding.

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Hola, Slovenia

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Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina

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Muhammad Mustafa SallAllahu ala they are so much welcome everyone to the house of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam if you may not have experienced this before, it can be overwhelming it can be a sense of I don't know what I'm looking at. But right around here is the house of the Prophet sallallaahu it was

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you more money and all he had

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me been wanting kita been movie in, in.

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De la ILA team mobile worker in

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the scene.

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we complete our journey and head back home. But hopefully with the words I am and an affirmation connected to the end of it. I am a Haji