The Stories of The Prophets #05 – Regarding the Issue of Female Prophets

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I said I want to Kamala Harris will law he will Barakatuh All praise is due to Allah, the One and the unique. It is He alone that we worship, and it is His blessings that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed, and the one who answers the two of the week. We're continuing inshallah with the other in our series about the prophets anbiya wa Russel. And before I go on the last lecture that I gave, I had mentioned some of the main figures that are mentioned in the Quran by name, and also some figures that are disputed. Over the course of the last week, a number of emails came about the fact that I had forgotten a person, actually, the list was not conclusive, the list was not

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comprehensive or exhaustive. And I did not mention this person on purpose, because I viewed the controversy as being what I call the dead controversy, a controversy that is not a tangible one. And that person was looking on it his Salaam lachemann. And look, man, of course, as mentioned in the Quran, by explicitly my name. And yes, it is true that one or maybe two authorities and the very first generation of Assam, the generation at the top your own, that they mistakenly considered local man to be a prophet. But in reality, pretty much the the definitive statements from the giants, you know, even from the Sahaba, even Abbas and others, it's very clear that lokman is not a newbie, but

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rather a a hikkim A wise man. And that's why Allah says that we gave laquan and hikmah. And his advice is generic, good advice. And so Rockman, technically, if there is an exhaustive list, and he should be on that one, and therefore, if you want to add him that there has been a controversy, I'm not aware of anybody who held this view. Throughout the last 12 centuries, maybe there's one or two, but the main stream morphus serien, and the scholars of Hadith and those that comment on these issues, they have come to the conclusion that Look, man was a Hakeem, a wise man. And by the way, there are some fabricated a hadith about Rockman, or Mancha, like very, very weak, and all of them

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mentioned that he was a man from Africa, a man from the Nubia, and he lived Some say that he lived during the time, but we dealt with before that with it, his setup, and that he was a man who was a 1d and a Hakeem and a judge. And he there are many aphorisms or statements ascribed to Rockman. But in reality, he was not a prophet. Now it is mentioned by portada. And maybe one more person from that generation, that he was a Navy. But as I said, the Sahaba themselves a bit above, and most of his students, and the great top of your own and onwards, they all said, The Look, man is a wise man, he was not a prophet, by the way, as well. If you wanted to give an exhaustive list, we can add many

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more. I mean, this is not an exhaustive in Surah Yaseen, Allah mentions the three, the three people that were sent to the town, and you actually find it again, early Islam, some people assumed these to be three, three prophets or three messengers. And that is because they said, in a corner, Marcello, we have been sent to you. And so a number of people assume that these are actually profits, one after the other. So there were two profits, and a third came. And in reality, this is again, a misunderstanding of the verse. These aren't three profits, rather, they were three disciples of Jesus, three of the followers of Jesus Christ. And they are saying that, that Allah has

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sent the message of Jesus to all of us, okay, so the message of Jesus is sent to the people. And so we are coming to you to spread the gospel to spread the good news to spread the message of Jesus. So again, there's many other figures but I want to to emphasize the ones that there's a lot of controversy over and the biggest controversy is over fader, the companion of Moosa and the shallow one day, we're going to come and discuss that story in detail. Now, we now move on to the next topic. And that's going to be a significant portion of today's lecture. And that is the issue of the prophethood of women. Were there any female prophets? And this is a question that has been revived

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in our times. It was a discussion that was

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that was occurring over 1000 years ago. And by and large, the oma had achieved what not unanimous consensus, even though it has been claimed, but they achieved a normative stance, and then of course, in light of all of the social changes.

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Taking place the various trends that we are now witnessing that stem from the modern tide of rethinking through what it means to be male and female and gender and gender roles. That obviously in the course of all of this discussion, the notion of female profits profit test is has taken on a new significance. And that is because, obviously, the notion of a female profits, it might be used by some of these modern controversies taking place to somehow aid them in their new understandings of gender and gender roles to claim that, yes, men and women, we're both profits. From our perspective, modern controversies should not be back projected onto the past, from our perspectives,

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all of these trends that come and go and all of these new understandings and whatnot, they should not affect the reality of what happened in the past what happened happened, and let us see the facts. Were there actually female profits or not. And we begin by stating that it has been claimed by a number of very reputable and very famous Malema and great scholars of the past that there have been female prophets. and foremost amongst these people, is a bit hesitant alash ashari, founder of one of the main theological schools of Islam, at the shadow school, I have an entire lecture or a q&a that I talked about the differences between the various Sunni groups and the Sharia school,

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historically, for the last 800 years has been the dominant trend within Satanism and the founder of this movement over hustler Shadi, he claimed that there were at least six female profits how what, what the wife of Adam, Sarah, which is, of course the wife of Rocky Melissa, the mother of Musa hijo, the mother of his married Asya, the wife of Fidel, and Maria, the mother of Jesus. And the way that he derived this is that he claimed that if any angel sent was sent by Allah with a command or with an information, because never means a command, or no but means and information, and so if an angel is sent by a law with that type of information or command to a female, then by linguistic

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definition, this female becomes a nebby. Yeah, because Allah gave her a number directly via an angel. And so he said that we have at least six of these confirmed and so definitely, I would have said that Ushahidi is very clear in this in his book that he did affirm the the prophethood of these six females, and other scholars as well concurred with him. In particular groups of scholars have endogenous it appears that for a number of decades, if not centuries, many of the scholars of Andalus were sympathetic to this position. and foremost amongst them is Imam Al portobay. From Cordova or Toby from Cordova, the famous Cordova city and Cordova is called a call to be because he

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was the greatest scholar of Cordova, Cordova. And por to be says, the correct position is that Maria is an OB Yeah, Maria is an OBE a female Prophet, because Allah subhana wa tada inspired her via an angel. And as for us here, the wife of Freetown, he said, there is no evidence to indicate that she is a newbie, so portobay looks at this list. And he basically says, Well, that's a bit of a stretch to make all six we don't know all six. And so maybe some of them are definitely Mario is and Asya we don't know for sure. And so called Toby is still affirming the concept of a profit tests existing IE a female profit. And perhaps the most oft quoted authority in this regard is none other than the

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eccentric polymath and by eccentric I don't mean in any diminishing manner, or derogatory manner. He's just eccentric, meaning he's a typical, he's a very interesting figure and persona, and the more you study him, the more intrigued you get, and that is the famous once again, and the Lucien scholar even has an even hasn't even hasn't mentioned in his in his book, I'll feel fulfilled milele when the hell, which is a multi volume book that documents the controversies of Islamic theology and documents, you know, what groups have said and which groups say what and why there's differences of opinion. Even hasm says that according to his interpretation, understanding the majority of rouda ma

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claimed that a woman can be a prophet so even hasn't ascribed this to the majority. Now we're gonna see this is a claim. And it's interesting that other scholars claimed the exact opposite of this and so we have these these claims and counterclaims going on at the same time so even has them says that from his perspective, this is a done deal that of course there are female prophet testers but he says interesting hadn't been has died at the in the fifth century of the history so for hundreds he's alive right? Even has him says that in his time frame. A big controversy occurred in the

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City of Cordoba, right? So again Cordova in Spain. And some people said, It is impossible that there are female prophets and other said, this is an issue we should not be discussing and other said only Allah will ever know, and even has them then comments. I do not know of any evidence that they can use to deny that females can be prophets, except the verse in the Quran, that was a number that we have never sent a prophet in lady jail and no, he lay him except that they are men. Sorry, what am I sending the rasuna we are gonna center soon, except that he is a man that we have inspired, and even hasn't done comments, this verse mentions or assume not Navy, and we're talking about profit test is

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nebby nebia we're not talking about a Rasulullah we're not talking about a female rhassoul we're talking about a female nebby. And he says there is no dispute that there have never been a female or a soul. The dispute is over a female nebby and the verse that is quoted that is in the Quran that a lady Jalan which mentions that all of the rooms sold were men region, he says this is about rasuluh by the text of the verse, it doesn't mention nebby and he says that the fact that an angel came to these women and inform them of something from Allah subhanho wa Taala makes them an obeah by definition, and so he says, for example, that Allah says with regards to Abraham's wife, Salah one

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Bravo to Hawkeye imagine for Africa. furbish showrunner hub is halka woman, what are his helper? Yeah. So the angels came to the house of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and the the angel sat down, Ibrahim presented him the food. And the angel said that basically we're not going to to eat here and everyone became scared, what are these people who are they look different, they stay they they, they they are interacting to different matter. And so he became perched, perturbed. And then the angel said in rusu, Rob Baker, we are the angels coming to your to Allah angel sent to you to inform you of all of this. And to tell you that, you know, all of this is going to happen. And so Sarah stood

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up, and she laughed out loud. And so the angel said to Sarah, one row to qualify for the first shot, is how the angel said to Sarah, that you're going to have his hack. And not only will you have his hack, you will get Yahoo a grandson from his health as well now even has them says, here's an angel here is sada, the angel is telling and communicating to SATA information, that is from the LML hype, this is another this is a news. And so the fact that the angel is communicating by linguistic definition soudha becomes a nebby Yeah, okay. So this is even has an argument. And they also this group here, the group that believes in female prophet ss, they also argue with the story of money

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with the story of the mother of Musa, the mother of Moosa, that the mother of Musa through Moosa into the river. And this she did, based on a revelation based on a inspring not revelation, especially inspiration, right? What we're hanging out in the Mimosa are very hip, so we gave ye to the mother of Musa that you circle him for either 50 either lp phillium me that once you are scared, you're worried that the deep the soldiers are going to come and take him that throw him into the river and cover him in this manner and whatnot. So the word used for our hyena, okay, so this is explicit in the Koran, you can look this up sort of authors and other suitors for our hyena. So the

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word used by Allah subhana wa, tada is y. And so this group says, Allah is saying, We sent y to the mother of Musa and y is something that is given to profits, and therefore and and also by the way, they would say, How can a lady throw her son into the river? I mean, what lady does that you know, this is something that doesn't come from the mind of a sane and rational person. This is something that only comes obviously if you're insane, but she wasn't insane, or else Allah is telling you, just like Allah told Ibrahim to leave high Jordan is married and I'll take care of them. You don't do that you just don't leave them unless Allah tells you, in which case you put your trust in Allah

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and you realize Allah has a plan that you don't understand. So these are some of the evidences. There's also the famous evidence inside Bahati and others that to the Prophet salallahu it who was setting himself that Kamala Mary jolly Kathy, welcome Yuk. Melman Anissa, Illa, Maria, even a tear in Milan, well, arsia Binti hooser him in Morocco around that amongst men, many are those that have reached Komal perfection. And amongst women, none have reached perfection except Maria, the doctor of Milan and arsia the Binti Moosa him, the wife of fifth round now, even hedger comments on this and he says some have derived he does not derive

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Some have derived he distances himself like this is an opinion, he does not endorse it. Some have derived from this Hadith, that Maria and arsia were female prophets, because the word camula is used, and kamaal implies perfection, and the pinnacle of perfection. And therefore, if there is a perfect human, there is no concept of a perfect human other than the prophets. Therefore, the fact that the Prophet sallallahu it who was sent him is saying, there are only two women that have achieved come out and he says Miriam and Asya. So even Hydra says some people have derived from this that they must have been prophet Tess's, because how do you reach Kemal and you're just a righteous

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lady, how do you reach Kemal and you just assaulted her or a severe because there are many signs he has there are many. So these are this is something that wouldn't be that difficult, even hydrolysing Some people say that so the fact that commodity is used, so then it makes them profit testers. Now, by the way, even hydro did not endorse the opinion to be very clear, he just simply saying some people have derived this now. So the main scholars who endorse this are a shady, or to be an admin hasn't these are the three main names that are quoted about female profits. And these are the summary of their arguments. Now, in contrast to this, pretty much everybody else disagrees with this

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notion. And a number of them have claimed there is a jamaa that all of the profits are men. Now, clearly, with our utmost respect to them, there cannot be a Jamaat, when I've just quoted you three people whose books are still around, and all three of them are very reputable. And in fact, I've been hesitant to say that he doesn't even know there's a controversy, why should they be a controversy, the majority say destroy, so from his mindset, and it does appear to be the case that at least in the lands of undos, for a significant period of time, large groups of people held this opinion. And that's why I've been hesitant, seemed surprised that this is a modern country, he is

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saying this is a modern controversy to negate and that the bulk According to him, felt otherwise. So, with our utmost respect, the issue of agema does not really hold weight here because again, you see, there has not been a drama. However, it is true to say that the bulk of the scholars outside of smaller groups of these have claimed otherwise and that is that these evidences don't are not weighty enough to consider these ladies to be prophets or prophet testers, and even has them sorry even taymiyah mentions this position of Ibn hasn't and he says what could that have been hasn't been hasn't has an opinion that is solitary shove, which means it really goes against the the bulk of the

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oma and in Tamia mentions that I'll call the walker about Kalani and Abuja Allah, Allah will model ju,

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Li L. Joanie, and all of them said this is it maintain me I'm quoting all of them said there is a Gema that none of the women have become nebia and the Quran and Sunnah clearly claim that all of the prophets are men, and they quote the verse one are sending a public ledger and know

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that we have never sent before you our cell now remember even has them says the word is out of selling the women are selling them public or illegal. And no hurry Lamia hora that Allah is saying, We have never sent anyone before you accept that he was a man from the people of the towns for the people of the villages and the cities IE a cultured person. He wasn't from the Bedouins. He wasn't from somebody that is away from society and the AV and Tamia says one of the most explicit evidences even taymiyah says is the verse in the Quran, Mel Massey who would embody in my era soon for the harlot now probably hoodoo will own more Whoo. So the thought this is an explicit verse in the Koran

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that Allah is saying that Jesus the son of Mary is but a rasuluh. Many are those that have come before him. And his mother was a subarea. Omar was a deacon even taymiyah says so via to mentor. The max that his mother reached was so difficult, and that is because as we know the Koran is very clear that there are categories of righteous people for that Kamala Dena anomala, who ID him in the Bina, what's the deal Tina will show her that he or Salim, these are the four categories of righteous people narrabeen so the clean Shahada and saw the head maybe we know what it is. So this like aboubaker has to deal shuhada are the martyrs who they they their their deaths are themselves signs

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that Allah subhana wa tada loves them, and then slowly again, righteous people. So the fact that explicitly in the Quran, Allah says what only horses do, his mother was a female, so do so do. This therefore indicates for even Tamia and for many people, that when Miriam

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And mme, who is mme. Mme is the one that gibreel came to her. And this is in the Quran. So she saw Djibouti, she spoke with Djibouti, and Djibouti. You told her you're going to have a son. So Djibouti is getting information, and she is seeing Djibouti and communicating with Djibouti. And yet still, Allah says she is a Cydia, and this is a very key point that we're going to come back to now, or reiterate here. Now, the points that the majority say when they when they respond back to the points have been has them and emammal core to be Annabelle has ended actually, what they say is that first and foremost, the notion of woman are sellner, merkabah, and Lady Javelin, that the notion of

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out of center and I mentioned this, and I think two lectures ago that Allah sends prophets and messengers, so the fact that Allah uses the word out of Center does not necessarily indicate that it is only out of school, rather, Allah does send a BIA and this is explicit in the Quran, there are multiple verses that the verb out of setup is mentioned with a nebby. Okay, and Allah subhana wa tada is therefore saying that a nebby can be sent doesn't mean he's not a nebby, Allah sends nnb and Allah sends out our soul as well. So the verse says one out of seven ml publica, in that region, and we have only sent region and region, of course, means men. And another point that they mentioned is

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that nebby has to have a public preaching has to be exhorting has to be guiding the people. And that's something that it is not common, or it is not the norm. In fact, it was not the norm in any society that women take on such a visible appearance, it didn't happen for women in past societies, and it wouldn't have done the job to appoint a woman to be a Navy, when the point of the Navy is to go in and form and to argue and to present and to convey and to make sure that there's a leadership and role model position for broader society. Also, they point out and this is a key point here, that interacting with an angel does not make you a nebby. And this is a very key point that really this

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is the key point of difference between you've been has them and others versus the other group that their main point is that any interaction with a prophet or with a with an angel automatically makes you a nebby. Any information that an angel conveys makes you unhappy. But that's not the case. Because it is very clear that angels can come to human beings and angels can convey things to human beings. And that doesn't make the human being a prophet. We know this because there are authentic a hadith in this regard in Sahaja, and others that Allah sent an angel to somebody who is visiting his brother, and the angel said, you know, what are you doing? Where are you going? And the man said,

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Oh, I'm visiting my brother, why do you have any money? No. Is there any issue? No, I'm just visiting him for the sake of Allah subhana wa, tada, the angel den says, I am an angel sent to you by Allah to tell you that such and such another point being it's very clear, the angel conveys the information from a lot to this person didn't make him a prophet. And so the point being that the main point, or the the main contention is that the interaction with an angel and we know from from the Sierra that a number of Sahaba saw angels, and the angels are saying things that they don't or they're not aware of, in the bottle of bourbon and the bottle of water, the number of Sahaba saw

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angels, and when in the cyber hottie, when one of the companions was reciting Surah Al Kahf. And lights came down. And the President said that was an angel you saw, he saw light in there that was listening to him. That was an angel that you saw. And I showed your loved one and multiple times, she saw God in the form of a human, and she could hear things here and there, but she didn't know. And gibreel came in the form of a human and asked what is Islam? What is a man What is a son, this is conveying information to all of the Sahaba and yet the Sahaba did not become prophets when they saw a human being in the shape of Djibouti. They were conveyed information, they're being taught

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things by God. And the Prophet says, God is asking questions and then verifying so doctors are doctors a doctor, right? And so they are learning things directly from God. It doesn't make all of the Sahaba sitting there into profits, obviously. And and of course, another point that can be added here is even Tamia is very clear point that when Allah himself says that Miriam was a Cydia, then that's kind of sort of QED and a story like in the context of these verses, Allah is praising Risa and praising Maria and Allah says that Isa was our school. And Maria was a Sudhir. So in this context, this is a praise. If there had been a higher praise from odium, if she had been an obeah,

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then it would have been appropriate to mention this over here. And as for the Hadith that only two have perfected Well, there's another version that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that

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For the women who have perfected their Eamon and he added Fatima and Khadija, and we all know the fact that men were not profit testers. And so perfecting a man does not mean you are a prophet. So this shows us that you can perfect eema outside of prophethood. And of course, the first part of the Hadeeth written negates the second part because our profitsystem said, many are the men that have perfected their Eman and amongst the women. Only two have done so many are the men he didn't say the prophets have perfected their Eman. He is talking about the fact that there are many men who have perfected their Eman. So perfecting your Eman to the level that a nonprofit can do it is possible

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obviously the amount of the profit is a higher level of perfection. Perfection has levels. It's not just a light switch on and off. Perfection has levels and the prophets have achieved a higher level of perfection no doubt about that, but the nonprofit's it is possible to achieve perfection and our Prophet sallallahu it said missing amongst the women muddiman ossia have achieved the highest level. And in another Hadith He added that the Greatest Women in history were four and muddiman ossia and Fatima and Khadija and so this clearly indicates that we cannot use the hadith of comoda. To mention that or to indicate that these were prophet SS. Now as for the notion of washi to the mother of

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Moosa that Allah says what o hanaa elomi Moosa. So we're going to come to this point in a few minutes, while he is of many, many different categories. And Allah says in the Quran, that were o Hara, buka Illa, Allah has inspired the bee, Allah has inspired the bee This is the Quran in surah 10. And the chapter of the beat, Allah says, We have inspired the bee to take nests and hives, in mountains and in trees and in the structures of men and then eat and drink, you know from the Allah's blessings and then produce a honey that is going to be beneficial. Now, we inspired the bees, to the bees become prophets, obviously not. So we're going to talk about this in a few

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minutes. Inspiration is of many, many, many different categories. And there is a category of hate, that happens to nonprofits. And that is the way that is given to the bees, the way that is given to the mother of mosa that there is something in Arabic is called ill ham, and Ill ham is an intuition that we cannot be certain is from Allah or not, we cannot be certain. And if it happens, it happens if it's from our own cells, then we can only blame ourselves. So in ham is not something that it is from Allah subhana wa Tada, but it cannot be definitively claimed. And so we can say that the mother of Moosa God, this type of ill ham, that she just began thinking, This is what I need to do this

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what I need to do, she doesn't know where she doesn't know how. And of course, there is no alternative because if you keep the baby at home, it will be massacred, 100% is going to be killed. There's no question about that. And so doing something of this nature, it's actually not to that unfeasible to imagine because the alternative is certain death, whereas putting the baby in a basket and throwing in the river, Allah knows who's going to find out what's going to happen. So there's a possibility of survival. Therefore, with all of this, we say that the position of the vast majority of scholars and I'll call the Riyadh mentions this in his Shiva and LG waney. And you've been

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telling me and others, they say that the older jhoom Who are those who said that there's a jamaa again, one of our problems. And this is a very awkward topic, because always we hear each marriage management and the point is that it's a totally different topic most of the time, whereas you might have claimed there is not a Jamaat, but sometimes there is. And that's the question Who's going to decide when that's why you need to do a deeper dive. That's why you need to look critically, just because somebody said there's unanimous consensus doesn't mean there is. But generally speaking, when people, lots of people came unanimous consensus, and we don't find a reputable scholar, that

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has an alternative opinion, well, then it does indicate unanimous consensus. However, if somebody says unanimous and that we find multiple people, you know, holding the position that he is saying, has unanimously been disagreed, then we can take that with a grain of salt. And this is one of those issues. It should not be said it should not be said that there is unanimous consensus that all the prophets are men, that is simply not true. Many are the scholars and I quoted you three of the most famous aroma of our history who said that women can be prophets. However, we can say the majority of odema looked at their evidences. And this isn't. I mean, again, our problem comes and this is a

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sensitive topic that, you know, people want to use this issue of female profits for a modern cause, right? Because they have their notions of gender and whatnot. And you know, that's a whole different topic. I definitely don't want to go there right now. And maybe one day I will and we'll worry about the reputations when they happen. But for now, I just want to say that, you know, this notion of rethinking through gender and gender roles and whatnot, and then you want to find female profits to cite to try to prove your particular narrative.

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If you don't, even if you were to follow a call to B, or even hasm, or a shadow others, it really doesn't solve the problem that you have. It's not an actual problem or problem that is a modern creation. Because the type of equality you're asking for simply does not exist neither in the Scriptures, nor in Islamic history, nor even in live to reality, such an equality has never existed. And frankly, it still doesn't exist. And that is because and that's a whole different discussion, obviously. I mean, you know, the, Allah created two genders, each of them is equal in the eyes of Allah spiritually. And each of them has a role and a function. And each of them is equally bless it

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in their own ways. There is no competition, there is no trying to match up each and every of the two genders, each one has a role to play what they said in that group concept. But the point is that even if you were to claim a few of these figures, our Prophet ss, it still doesn't do it doesn't serve as your narrative or the narrative of some people that they have with or disregard. Because Well, firstly, as you've been hasn't himself says, nobody is claiming there's a female or a soul. Okay, hell, that's right there. There's no equality. Nobody ever said in the history of is now that there was a female or a soul. Okay, there isn't a whole lot you the whole point of equality, the

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type of equality trying to prove it doesn't exist, as well, even if you say that, oh,

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he said there are six j, it Okay, six versus 124,000. That is less than 0.01%. What are you exactly proving in this report? Even if you were to say, it has an opinion or an opinion, how does that help you in this claim that you're trying to make? No, it doesn't work. And frankly, it's just a not a very academic. It's a bit of a desperate attempt to try to prove that which cannot be proven from the Scripture, the entire scripture beginning to end and lived realities and our human history, not just Islamic history. human history teaches us that what they said that caloocan into the male is not like the female as the Koran says. And there is no competition is a problem setting up a

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competition and trying to see you know, gender doesn't lie under the feet of the one who gives the Juma hope, but gender lies under the feet of the mother, Allah bless the mother with things that he did not bless the father with. And Allah gave the father and men things that he did not give to women. And this is why this whole attempt to try to prove this type of modern agenda is simply not going to be conducive. And rather than trying to reorient the scriptures in the past, my honest advice is to reorient your own paradigm, so as to be more in line with common sense and with religion, and with history, and frankly, even with biology. But that is a whole different point

00:32:45--> 00:33:25

altogether. Now. So we conclude this particular issue, we move on to our next topic, and what we conclude this particular issue by saying that yes, some Reema affirmed, there were female prophets, and they had their evidences, but the reality is that their definition of prophets was different than the definition of mainstream Muslims. That's really what is at stake here has nothing to do with feminism and femininity. It has to do with the definition of a prophet. If you say that a prophet is a human that Allah azza wa jal communicates with via an angel, then yes, according to that definition, yes, Maria, and Sarah and others to become prophets. But the problem with that is

00:33:25--> 00:34:04

that that definition is simply not consistent, because we know plenty of human beings whom prophets whom angels communicate with, and they didn't become prophets. And we already explained was it two lectures ago, the definition of a prophet What is it and that is some a person whom Allah has inspired and who then has to preach and teach. And you see all of these six alleged names, all of them right, or I should say, none of them preached anything to anybody. None of them preached anything to anybody. Miriam. What is she doing? What is she going and preaching people to worship and to pray? That's her son, Jesus. Jesus, Risa is the one telling the people to pray and to fast.

00:34:04--> 00:34:43

You know what Asante was Salatu was the karate Madame bahrami validated that's the one that's doing the preaching what preaching that asiedu to the rest of mankind, we're preaching to the mother of musou. So the notion of them being prophet Tess's, it doesn't make sense at all, as I said, and this has nothing to do with gender and feminism is to do with definitions and it has to do with how what is the role of a prophet and who becomes a prophet. So I think I think it is very clear. And I do of course, agree with the majority, the bulk of the oma and again, it has nothing to do with modern controversies. It is the reality of our scriptures that the ladies that are mentioned in the Quran,

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

they are noble ladies or in the suit that they are noble ladies, that they didn't become prophets by the visitation of the angels to them and a lot of xojo knows best. Now, we now move on to the next topic. We're going to continue this topic of our next lesson as well because it is very long topic and that is that

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

The profits of course we have already mentioned that they're all human beings we know that but they're obviously not just like me and you are they right there's got to be something different about them something that is special. So, for the rest of today's lecture Anisha Allah our next lecture, we're going to be doing a deeper dive into the speciality of the prophets what makes the prophets special? What are the unique characteristics that the prophets have that we do not have? Okay, because the prophets are yes definitely flesh and blood Allah says in the Quran, that I am just a bunch of like you I'm a human being like you. The prophets were normal human beings flesh and

00:35:37--> 00:36:22

blood DNA, if you poke them, they're gonna bleed they, as Allah says in the Quran, every prophet walks in the soup and he eats and drinks Allah says in the Koran Jesus and his mother, can I call that a Tom? no prophet, you know, didn't eat and drink. every prophet is fully human. But clearly prophets have certain blessings, certain privileges and statuses and ranks that we do not have. And actually we know this, because our profits are the law. Why do you set them told us so in a very famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim? He said, seeing a true dream is one out of 46 of what makes a profit, okay? is a very interesting idea. Seeing a true dream, a ruya or salejaw, in another version

00:36:22--> 00:37:07

of real saw the Jews own mean, sit that in what albarino Jews Amina Nobu. It is one Jews out of 46 aspects of being a prophet. Now, what this hadith is saying is that prophets have 46 things we do not have, right, they might not have even more, but this had it mentioned, there are 46 things that we do not have. And one of them is a true dream. And what a true dream means, of course, is that whatever dreams and prophets have there, they they they come real, and all they will bucket him in and out of he again also an Lucien scholar, he said, these 46 things that make a profit, no one knows what they are, except the angels and the prophets, Danny themselves, we do not know what today

00:37:07--> 00:37:52

are, and the what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam conveyed to us is that the ruya are the good dream is one of them. And that is because in a good dream, a person sees their element of life that otherwise he would not know. Because you see, what is a prophet, a prophet is somebody who is conveyed information by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. Now one of the things that the prophets have, that we do not have and one of the mechanisms of communication is to see the future in a dream. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, this aspect of prophecy, it remains and you don't become a prophet, because it to be a prophet, you need to have all 46 of these things. But

00:37:52--> 00:38:38

there's one thing that any one of us can have it any one of us can have it, and that is to see a true dream. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lamb Yabba min and abou wa t il l mobile shirat Nothing is left of prophethood other than good news, Uber shirat. They said What do you mean, you're a sola with good news. What does this mean? Baba shirat. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the true and the correct dream aronia asylum is headed as reported in Bahati. Now what this study tells us is that all of this list of 46 is gone. No human being has anything on that list, these special realities that the prophets have, it is completely the door has been shut with

00:38:38--> 00:39:14

the going of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but one aspect remains and only one and that is true dreams. And of course the concept of dreams. I have spoken about this a lot and and in many scholars and authors, you can look up this online and whatnot. This is not the time to get into that. But the point of course is that what is a true dream. A true dream is a vision that you have while you're asleep. That shows you something in the future. And it could be an expat exact vision, you see exactly what's going to happen. Or it could be symbolic and somebody interprets it for you and it predicts the future. And so a true dream is from Allah subhana wa tada and a true dream is

00:39:14--> 00:39:50

telling you something good by the way I have spoken about this in other lectures mobis shirat by definition are always good news. nightmares are never from Allah bad news in a dream is never from Allah. Dreams are always positive what the if they're from Allah dreams are always positive. Again, I don't want to go down that tangent. There are three types of dreams dreams from Allah dreams from our own Westwater and souls and nightmares from shavon and the nightmare from shavon that which is from shavon it is that which terrifies us we wake up in a sweat or that which is sexual in nature. This is from shavon so anything that is vulgar and sexually explicit. This is from shaytaan anything

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

that we see something horrifying, horrible, you know, an accident a death that terrifies us we wake up in a sweat anything of this nature. It is from

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

A THON we simply ignore it it is not the future shaitan does not know the future it least does not know what's going to happen tomorrow he just wants to irritate you and scare you that's not from Allah subhana wa tada ignore it completely seek refuge in Allah from shaitaan turn away, you know, pray to the God who will do whatever it needs to be done, do not give it any attention. The the dreams of the minority talked about the many, many lectures and that is that, you know, somebody might be daydreaming of having a car or whatever and he sees himself driving the car. This is your own mind that the the main sign of this dream is that you forget it as soon as you wake up, right?

00:40:34--> 00:40:39

So it goes away very quickly. And we dream pretty much every single night.

00:40:40--> 00:40:46

And these are the dreams of our own, you know, minds the our own end, the dreams that don't don't make any sense to us at all.

00:40:49--> 00:41:10

The dreams that they're linked to if somebody knocks on the door, and in the dream, somebody's knocking within the dream, this is our own West verse has nothing to do from Allah subhanho wa Taala, or from a thought, and this is the most common type. And it is something we completely neglect and ignore. And the sign of this, as I said, it doesn't stick in our memory. The main point of this is the dreams that come from Allah subhana wa Tada. And those dreams are always

00:41:12--> 00:41:21

either positive, explicitly or cryptic, but not negative, right? That's the key point here. You can have a cryptic dream that you don't understand, but it's not going to terrify you.

00:41:22--> 00:42:04

Well, again, I don't want to go into too much because the more detail going to sometimes a dream might make you feel scared of a law that might be from Allah. If the fear is of Allah in the dream, then of course it is from Allah. But if the fear is for anything of the dunya this cannot be from Allah, this is from shaper. So again, keep this point in mind, sometimes a righteous man can see a dream that makes him scared of a law in the dream. Okay. That is yes, Allah is basically giving him a wake up call Allah xojo is telling him to get his act together and whatnot. And this is a gift from Allah to a person to correct himself and, and whatnot. But there is no dream that is from the

00:42:04--> 00:42:18

biggest shot that will cause somebody to be terrified of the dunya to be terrified of going to work to be terrified of sitting in the car, anything of that nature is from shirt on any case, that was a whole tangent wasn't expecting to go down that one I was just supposed to go over this. So we were saying

00:42:19--> 00:42:55

that the prophets have a number of things, the process, some said 46. But in reality, again, it could be more but we know at least 46 are there. And one of them is true dreams. And we have multiple examples of true dreams of the prophets. Most famously, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw when they were going to have a beer, and when they're going to have a beer when they're going in the incident of Arabia, in the sixth year of the Hydra, when the Prophet salallahu it who was setting them was taking on our own but our expedition to Makkah for the first time, for the first time since leaving Mecca, you all know what happened that they stopped him and they weren't

00:42:55--> 00:43:41

able to perform their own now on the way to Mecca, the Prophet sallallahu it he was sending him said, I saw a dream last night that I saw myself performing go off around the Kava, and the Sahaba were elated and Hamdulillah, that loss is gonna happen. Now when they were stopped, there was grumbling. And one of them said, deatils, hula, didn't you tell us that you saw the dream that we're going to do a walk around the Kaaba. And the Prophet has said, Indeed, I saw it and it shall happen. But did I tell you it would be this year I saw the dream, it's going to happen. But did I tell you it will be this year? No. Okay, and what happened? The very next year, that dream came true. The

00:43:41--> 00:44:17

very next year when they came and didn't want to talk about that dream dream came true. And of course, the famous hadith of Aisha as well, that the beginning of the prophethood for the prophets of Allah who it who was selling them was the good dreams that he would see the true dreams he would see. For six months, he would see a dream that would happen the next day, every single night, he would go to sleep, and he would see something's gonna happen. The next day he meets somebody a business transaction, an incident in the cab, and the exact same dream that he saw, it would happen the next day. This is MOBA shirat. This is

00:44:19--> 00:44:59

a sadhaka. And, of course, let's call this have commented that six months is exactly 1/46 of the profits of our profits of the law while he was selling them because he was inspired directly from Allah for 23 years, and six months, was pre profited. He's seeing these dreams, so six months is point 523 years. So point five over 23 equals one over 46. And that matches exactly what the number of the profitsystem said when he said that true dreams are 1/46 of prophethood. And of course, we also have the famous dream of Ibrahim alayhis salam, that Yamuna year in Iraq filmin army I need a biochar from Burma.

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

That's all that oh my son, I have seen in my dream that I am slaughtering you, I am doing of you. So Ibrahim saw a dream that he is sacrificing his smile. And in that dream, he saw it so he realized this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's why he told his son that this is a command from Allah basically interpreted as a command. And by the way, there's a whole tangent here about a lot of people are skeptical of this a lot of Muslims, they say How could Allah subhana wa Tada, command Ibrahim to sacrifice his own innocent son. This is an unjust commander said this is their own, you know, interpretation. In reality, actually, we can easily respond to this. Well, firstly, Allah is

00:45:41--> 00:46:28

capable of doing anything, whatever Allah wants, he does. But secondly, more importantly, Allah didn't explicitly command Ibrahim anything. Allah did not say, kill an innocent child. He didn't say that. Rather, Ibrahim saw a vision. And in that vision is married is laid down flat. And Ibrahim has an axe. He's raising it. Okay, that vision it took place. Because the dreams of the prophets are true. I want you to understand this point, the snippet that Ibrahim saw in his sleep, that is mine is lying flat, and the knife is going up. Right? Exactly what Ibrahim saw, did that happen? Yes or no? Yes, it did call us. That's the point. And that's why when Ibrahim raised the axe from a slum or

00:46:28--> 00:46:58

water level jabeen when they know who and yeah, Ibrahim, by the sadaqa Roja, you have fulfilled the dream. Okay, you have fulfilled. So it's very interesting that when it came to this command, Allah did not actually command verbally, Allah showed the future. And it was the future, and it became the future. Right? So it's a very interesting point here. So you get out of this issue, the moral conundrum because again, you have a bunch of you know, these pseudo philosophers, they try to

00:46:59--> 00:47:38

problematize that which really is not problematic. And they say, how could Allah How can I edit and the responses, as I said, Well, he didn't actually command it was simply an indication of a dream. And the dream, indirectly is a is a something that's going to happen, right? The dreams indicate the future. And what Ibrahim saw, in fact, did happen. Okay, so the point is that and of course only the prophets have, you know, dreams that are certain the rest of us, we are never going to be 100% certain the rest of us, yes, we can hope and guess. But in reality, we cannot be certain and that's one of the differences between our dreams and the dreams of the prophets that because we have

00:47:38--> 00:48:06

different types of dreams, we can never be absolutely certain. And if it is a cryptic dream, then we cannot be certain of its interpretation as well. The profits can be certain, not us, that is another gift that is given to the prophets. They can interpret dreams in a way that we cannot interpret even the best of mankind. In a famous Hadith in Bukhari, the prophet system saw a dream and Abu Bakar said or messenger Allah, let me interpret it and

00:48:07--> 00:48:50

when when he interpreted the Prophet system said you are right in some things and wrong in the others, so boubakeur, so the rhodiola one was not able to interpret 100% accurately and the profitsystem obviously was able to interpret it. So the point being that the the issue for us as nonprofits, that Yes, it is true, that dreams can be a type of prophecy from Allah. But the question is, how do you know for certain what if what if it is from your own Westwater because yes, I said generally you forget your West Twisted Dreams, but that's generally sometimes like if you really aren't, let me give you a simple example that again, you know, real realistic example that suppose

00:48:50--> 00:49:26

Mashallah Tabata Kala and he, you know, boy and girl or Mashallah, they wanted to get married together and whatnot, and they're making Duan there whatnot. So the boy sees the dream that I have married the girl okay? How does he know that this is from Allah? Or from his own West versa? How does he know he could he does not know he cannot know for certain. And therefore if that marriage does not take place, he cannot go around saying, Oh Allah, you showed me the dream? How does he know? So this is really the issue that comes here that nobody can compare our dreams to the dreams of the prophets. As for the prophets, they do not dream except from Allah Subhana, WA, tada, and all

00:49:26--> 00:50:00

of their dreams without exception or portends of the future, all of their dreams indicate something that's going to happen in the future. So this is one of the main points of difference between us and deep profits. Now, obviously, this leads us to the other issue, which is that the fact that profits or profits obviously the main thing that makes them profits is not just dreams. It is the notion of inspiration. Dreams are one type of inspiration. Dreams are one type of inspiration. What makes profits profits, the main thing the main number one issue is all

00:50:00--> 00:50:29

Obviously direct communication from Allah subhana wa tada to the prophets and the certain knowledge that the prophets have that this is a communication from Allah subhana wa tada and this is the notion of ye ye and the Arabic word ye it means to communicate in a manner that is not detectable to other people. That's what what he means you are communicating in a way or a fashion or form that others are not aware of. And Allah mentions in the Quran Surah Nisa, verse 163.

00:50:30--> 00:51:08

In our hayner, ilica, karma or hayner illusion when the beginning of Kabbalah what do I mean by that? Well, hey, Deborah hemos Manos, how can I better Swati? Well, he said, Well, you but we lose our Hello Sorry, man. What are Tina with as a Buddha? This is a very explicit verse which again, it's common sense. We have inspired you in Ohio in a Laker as we gave way to No wonder we eat I'm embarrassed he and all of the MBR after him. So what makes the Profit System and no, and this long list of Ibrahima is my ILA was halfway a boba. Well, it's about the where Isa you but we'll use our who knows who they matter what I think that would what makes this long list different. The beginning

00:51:08--> 00:51:51

of the verse in Oh hayner, Allah is what he has been given to them. So the main difference between us and the prophets is of course, the notion of why. And we already mentioned 10 minutes or so that not every way he makes you a profit, there is why he that is generic, there is why he that can be given to the nonprofits. And the Quran is explicit that Allah, Allah will have to nonprofits, and he gives way even to the animals or to the creation. And we know that the Prophet sallallahu I said, I've said that there's something called moon moon, that they have enhanced from a lot that there's not going to be any prophet after him. But there is intuition that comes from a law and that

00:51:51--> 00:52:32

intuition. If there's anybody in my mind that has it, it is formidable hubbub. So we have this notion of communication that is indirect, but it is not definitive and certain and that is a type of way that we get which is called Ilham. It doesn't make us profits. It does not make us profits, what type of wipe comes to the profits. The Quran mentions multiple categories. And the most famous verse is Surah assura, verse 51, and inshallah we'll mention the verse explain it, and then pause and continue next week because this is a much longer discussion. The Quran mentions that why he is a multiple types is not one type. How does Allah communicate? The realities are never going to be

00:52:32--> 00:52:55

known to our limited minds. But the Quran tells us that there are different ways of doing that. And the most important verse in this regard is suta assura verse 51, Surah assura verse 51, that Allah says that Matt Ghana that it is not possible that our children mechanic that it is not possible for a person to come into

00:52:57--> 00:53:37

so I'm forgetting the Arabic here. You call him a lot in the Washington only wore a hijab and oh you sir. azulon for your abs nehemia sharp mcanally Basha excuse me sometimes my mind just goes blank as all of the profile that happens sometimes, right, that Mike Kennedy Bechet and it is not possible for a human that Allah azza wa jal speaks to him, okay. And you call him a hula hoop, Allah speaks to him, no Bashar can be spoken to, by Allah subhana wa Tada. Then Allah says, in the Washington, a woman wore a hijab, and oh, you're a sailor suit and for you heavy the Nehemiah three things are mentioned. look this up sort of shoot of risk 51 it is not possible for a human to have Allah

00:53:37--> 00:54:27

communicate with him, except through Ye, or from behind a veil or curtain, or by sending a Angel basically another messenger, an angel, right, so that the angel then informs what Allah xojo wants to speak by his permission. So in this verse, we learn the very important reality that ye from a law to the prophets is not the same type. And there's different types of ye. And this is the notion of the categories of wipe. This verse mentions the highest three other scholars have derived another four or five or six. And so some scholars have eight or nine total categories of milk. Liam has a famous category, seven categories in his in his books out there. But this verse mentions the top

00:54:27--> 00:54:59

three that went along once to mark Kennedy bash in it, and you can live a whole law when Allah wants to speak to a man, when Allah wants to speak to a human, it must be through one of three categories. And number one is a way that Allah subhana wa Taala puts it into the heart of the Prophet directly. So the Prophet knows this is from Allah. This is only for the Prophet. If anybody who's not a prophet says God is speaking to me He's lying. Allah does not speak to any except the prophets and the profits are spoken to in different manners. So there is

00:55:00--> 00:55:43

Speaking that is directly into the heart in our hand, right? So there is the way that comes to the heart that the prophets know Allah is telling me to do this and how do they know? We're never going to know it's not our responsibility, it is from their animals, they owe me a job in or from behind the hijab of Allah. Allah has a hijab. How do you design Muslim, Allah has a veil, and that veil is there because the brightness of the Nord of Allah is so powerful that the new of Allah would destroy the entire creation because of the brilliance and the majesty of Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah has taken a veil and that veil itself is light, and the prophets of Allah while he was setting them

00:55:43--> 00:56:22

approach that hijab, and he spoke to Allah from behind that hijab. And so that's what Allah is saying, Oh man, what a hijab and and it's been mentioned and others that the prophets and spoke to Allah from behind the hijab, and then the third category of us that are suited for you here be the new heemeyer Shah, he will send an angel and the angel will then inspire whatever Allah once and of course, the main angel is gibreel but other angels have also been sent by Allah for other messages to be given, but the primary angel that Allah has chosen for this task is of course the angel Jubilee. So this verse mentions the different categories of why inshallah we're going to stop here

00:56:22--> 00:56:36

and then continue next week, and we'll resume from exactly where we left off. I will talk about the categories of inspiration, the categories of why, and then we'll move on to other specific things that the prophets have until next time, Jamila halen said I'm wanting more muscle while your body

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He can't