Logical Evidence that Men and Women are Equal in Islam

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the issue of equal roles in society, including the physical and mental differences between men and women in Olympics. The speaker gives examples of physical engagement and the desire for women to participate in sport, citing the Western media's point towards Islam. They also discuss the physical and mental differences between men and women in Olympics, citing the use of mixed emotions when discussing the sport. The decision to accept Islam depends on the man's psychological makeup and that men and women are not sub navigated.
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But as I mentioned earlier to you

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and Islam, men and women equal equality does not mean I inequality

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depending upon the makeup, depending upon the background, men and women there are different physiologically, psychologically, biologically, physically and depending upon the makeup Almighty God, our creator had set roles for them.

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the verse in the Quran

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from Surah Nisa, chapter number four, was committed to Daya.

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Our honored curry from Saudi Arabia, Trotman recited

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the third last I decided to run inside chapter 432. It says,

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that, do not commit things.

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Don't say this is right or this is wrong. You may never know Allah knows what is best for you. What you may think is best for you may not be good for you. What do you think is bad for you may be good for you. If you read the Newsela Quran

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Why was this worth revealed? This verse was revealed because the wives of the prophet who objected to the Prophet and said that why can't we to go for jihad, beyond our rights?

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What about inheritance?

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Why aren't we equal? This was supposed to read

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because Allah knows the logic you don't know.

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And I gave you the logic of inheritance. Imagine the woman want to go for God they want to fight.

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A beloved prophet masala Salam said, when others die Shambhala will be the last that can you call for jihad is mentioned sable Hadith, the Prophet said the best jihad for the woman into the perfect Hajj.

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Allah knows what is good for them.

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And those people who object to Islam and the Quran, they do know. But they don't want to admit this western world, the Western media which are pointing fingers to Islam, I'm asking this media, the Western world they too if they say

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that Islam subjugate the woman, they are bigger subjugate us. I asked a simple question

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that when we have sports,

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why do you have men and women taking part separately? In Olympics? For the 100 meter dash? Why don't the men and women run together? Why? Why separate for men and separate for men? Why?

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When we are swimming, freestyle swimming, my men and women are separate why they should have together?

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You know when you have lawn tennis and badminton, men's badminton, women's badminton why?

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You have mixed double, mixed double means one man one woman, one is superior one is inferior.

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Why don't they have two men and two women against each other? You have man man man who made in one team, other demand man, one woman? Why don't you have two men in one team and two men in the other team if they equal?

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Because the Western world knows that physically, men and women are different. Why don't you go and tell the judges of Olympics? Why are you subjugating the woman? Why don't you let the woman and men run together?

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Has any media ever objected to the Olympics?

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To the Wimbledon?

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Yep, boxing matches have men and women together against each other? Why not?

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See when you appear for your examination, standard 10 men and women sit together when you appear for graduation. Men and women appear because they know fine, very sturdy, they're concerned men and women are equal.

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But the physical thing is concerned that different you may have beauty contest.

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in Beauty context, you are female, separate and male separate Do you have together?

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Do you have any beauty contests? We have seen the men and women taking part together? Have you seen any?

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Well, the beauty of women default and the beauty of a man

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so even the Western world knows that. But they don't want to admit it.

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So many a time the competition they are identical.

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Sometimes the under indicate so depending upon

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what field are they competing in? We decide? Oh yeah, men, women are separate. Yeah, men women are same, but who is better than our Creator? Who knows the human being better than our Creator? Allah subhanaw taala and he has mentioned in the Quran, his last and final revelation where the woman and men are identical, where they are different over

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Not all men and women are equal, but they are not identical. And I would like to end my talk by giving a simple example to you.

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Suppose in a class, two students a and b, both get 80 out of 100 in the examination, and both come out first,

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when you examine the answer sheet, the 10 questions, each carrying 10 marks.

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When you examine the answer sheet, you come to know the student a got nine out of 10 and answer number one to then be get seven out of 10. And answer number one. So, in answer number one, Student A has a degree of advantage over Student B.

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In answer number two, B gets nine out of 10 and Student A gets seven out of 10. So, in answer number two, Student B has a degree of advantage over a in all the remaining eight answers from question number three to question number 10. Both Student A and B they get eight out of 10 both are equal.

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If you total

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the aggregate is it to 200 both are equal. But in answer number one student AI the degree of advantage. Answer number two shouldn't be as regret advantage, all the other answers both are equal

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to similarly in Islam, Allah subhana wa Taala knows where women are equal, they have equal role, where the identical wherever the identical they have identical role. In some aspects, the men have a degree advantage in some aspect, though men have a degree of advantage. For example,

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when it comes

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for love, and compassion towards parents,

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as I mentioned the hadith of Bokhari while number eight,

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book of adab book of manners, chapter number two,

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Hadith number 5971.

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When a man comes in as the prophet who deserves the maximum love and compassion, the Prophet said, your mother, your mother, your mother, and then the Father. So here, the mother gets three times more love and compassion from the children as compared to the Father. So you're the mother I particularly advantage.

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But for example, if a robber enters my house, if a thief enters my house, I will not tell my wife and my daughter go and fight, I believe in women's rights.

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Law says in the Quran in surah Nisa, chapter number four, verse number 34, Allah has given more strength to the men as compared to the woman, so it might lead you to fight one degree additional responsibilities supporting her.

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Have ever men objected? That why can't I give birth to a child?

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That's the prerogative of the female.

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Why don't the men object that why can't I Breastfeed the child? That's the prerogative of the female. So depending upon the biological makeup, depending upon the physiological makeup, depending on psychological makeup, Almighty God has given different roles for the men and women. Sometimes the men have particular advantage sometimes dominate to your advantage. All men and women are equal, that there isn't. If you analyze the woman's rights in Islam, based on Quran and authentic hadith, you have no option but to agree that the woman and Islam they're protected and they're not subjugated was her Dharma And Alhamdulillah believe me