Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surah Al-Mu’minoon #10 V72-90

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript is a series of disconnected and disjointed conversations about Islam, financial aid, afterlife, and spiritual plants. The speakers discuss various examples of words and phrases that have been added to them, as well as the importance of "any" in the title of a book and a social media post about a person named Mohammed Salah Lahore. They also touch on the "monkey chef" and the importance of remembering oneself and asking for help from others. The conversation ends with a reminder to take time to think about the topic and encourage others to subscribe to the channel.
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shaddy in either home fee Moberly so

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Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala shortfill Mb you will mousseline either he of total Salah will attempt with teslin Barrett's Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

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I know some of you might be thinking, what has he Why is he tuning in right now at this time of the day? Well, we just finish sold out literally about a minute ago. just did my calendar real quick, and I just wanted to jump online. Reason why, of course is that I just I didn't want to wait until tomorrow really to speak to you. We didn't have a chance to do this today. So whatever you're doing now, especially the regular attendees, by all means, continue with your day if you can tune in with us now. That's fine. I'm going to do this video anyway. And I'm going to leave it with you guys so that you can look at it later in sha Allah hotevilla okie dokie We are now at verse number 70 Where

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are we? 72 Yep, 72 and test aloha Georgia. For Hot Rod Europe, Becca Hiram wahoo, Ohio Rosa pin. So is it that they asked you for some sort of financial aid huddle.

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This is a really remarkable word. huddle. Jeb is when you're asking for some kind of aid. And in this case here money financial aid power fahara jus. So there are two letters that have been added to the same verb, you have hotter Jaya, and then you now have the fare and an additional Elif is added to the second form of the same word. What does that mean? This means that when

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they ask you for some aid for Harajuku, Rob bigger, higher, but the aid of Allah is even better for you? How do we know this? So kind of watch how beautiful Arabic is just the fact that Allah adds on to additional letters to our verb alone entails or gives us the the indication that there is more to the same verb because of these additional two letters than how it was used in previously. So just the fact that even if you don't know what the word is talking about, the fact that the word has additional letters attached to it, immediately, you know, it's talking about something else, it's talking about more of the same thing. So panela Arabic is beautiful this way. So for Judo bigger,

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higher, Allah says the aid of Allah subhanho wa Taala is much better for you, well, who will hire or recipient and he is the best of the ones that provides for all of you. He's the highest, he's the best of providers. Now, that might sound standard. When I say to you, okay, you know, allows the best of providers, let me tell you and share with you what this means to a believer. Somebody could be making like a six figure salary. And you know, they're pretty happy and content and they're patting themselves on the back that you know, they went to school, they invested the money, the time they've done all of this in their life. Now they have a great job, great career stability, all of

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those things. You know what the six figure salary is for a true believer. It's any job that prover helps him or her provide for themselves and their families. period when a believer works, and was doing everything to see colossal risk, no matter how to what capacity, that risk comes to them, so whether it comes into them in a six out of six figure salary or anything

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Less, that's their six figure salary is that they could just be working minimum wage somewhere and barely getting by. It's really difficult. It's really tough. But they still go to work by saying have hamdulillah and they'd come home saying Alhamdulillah This is what what who a hiatal recipient is talking about. Every time you see this phrase in the entire court and understand to a believer, what that means is that you're always content. you're grateful with what ever level of provision Allah subhanho wa Taala gives you, period. You just Alhamdulillah all the time. And that's beautiful to me. And I hope it's beautiful to all of you.

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Well in Nicoletta, ooh, la la serata. Mr. Payne indeed You're the one that calls them and invites them to the straight path, you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So add to it, what was just mentioned in the previous a, Allah says they're asking you for some kind of power and aid, but the power of eight of Allah is the best and it's preferred because he is the best of providers and you are the one that is constantly inviting them to the set auto stop him. What did we just finished talking about? hiatal Razia pain, put them together now we're talking about set auto step aim, put them together, a reflection that you are on saltado stuff him the straight, righteous path is that

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you are always dependent on what ever raised Allah blesses you with you're pleased with that. You're content with that. You say it hamdulillah he for that

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beautiful so it synchronizes so well. Why Allah just finished talking to us about wealth and money and all of those things and then says oh, you by the way, Mohammed Salah Lahore, I do some You're the one that calls and invites them to sit out on the step team. Why? Well part of that is because you're teaching them that Allah is the best of providers. And you should always seek financial aid from Allah subhanho wa Taala first and foremost before anything else when you do that, you're calling them towards an inviting them towards the straight path.

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Well, in the Latina Allah you mean Oh, Nabeel Pharaoh, Tiana Surat Ilana ki Boone, and indeed those who don't have amen and they don't believe in the afterlife, our annual salty Lana keyboard. This is when they from the straight path, they are neck keyboard, you know when that key boon is from neck Abba,

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neck kieboom is when you try to sidetrack a conversation. So, if we're sitting and we're talking about something Islamic when we're talking about the Hereafter, we're talking about gender and we're talking about how to get to gender, then all of a sudden one person in the conversation is like, yeah, yeah, inshallah, you know, we'll get to Jenna. So man, did you watch the basketball game? Yes, it was rapturous man. So and So player was just off the chain. And you're like, we were just talking about the athleta. We were talking about problems in life, how to get through them how to please Allah, and you bring up that. But here's the point. That's done intentionally. That's netkey born.

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What Allah is saying is people who don't have Amen, always try to sidetrack the conversation of Islam. Always. Because why there's so much truth in it. And we've already looked at that one in the homeland hockey caddy one, but they're the ones that as a result, will act federal homeland help the caddy horn, most of them when they hear the truth, they hate it. So part of how to respond to that is okay, I can't show that I hate this conversation because I'm going to look bad if I say that. So let me just try to shift the concentration, the conversation, the topic to something else. until it gets crazy to be it's unbelievable, just how Allah subhanho wa Taala how far and calls out the these

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kinds of behaviors, these kinds of attitudes. Well, now mocha chef Nam, maybe human Boto, if we had mercy on them, then we exposed whatever level of misguidance and harm that they were involved in lella jiofi toyana himirror. Now when they would have insisted in their disbelief blindly, they would have insisted, this is a that I got the title of this video from. This is a unique brand of a unique level of control that we rarely see throughout the quarter. And this is probably the most extreme of them, this level of comfort or that the profit or the subtle cinema is being exposed to our people that now

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They know what the truth is. They understand who Allah subhana wa tada is, later on in the same episode, we're going to see how they're going to verbalize that they believe and they understand and they know who Allah subhanaw taala is, watch what's going to happen later on in the same episode. So they know all of this, but now they are insisting and deliberately trying to shift the conversation, shift the attention, and in addition to that continue to instill their brand of disbelief, their level of disbelief. So now it's, it's, it's where we get to the point where your D now is being made a mockery of Does this sound familiar?

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We're not just gonna show that we don't accept them and we don't like them. We're gonna make movies and all the bad guys are gonna be those Muslims. We're gonna draw cartoons. We're gonna draw comic books, we're gonna make fun of them. We're going to deliberately do this. And we're going to continue to push this narrative and expand it as much as we can. We're gonna do everything in our power to humiliate them and their religion. The only see that does that sound familiar? That's led jufeel to lionni him yet, just, it's gonna be insistent, and this is something our Prophet alayhi salatu salam is being exposed to in Mecca. Remember, I told you that Islamophobia began in the

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meccan period. And so we're seeing tons and tons of examples throughout met consumers with regards to this. Well, according to whom bill artha Allah says all we * them with a punishment from us that can only be him up above our own. They could not seek any sort of stability. They couldn't find any relief with their master. Nor could that nor could their master help them or cure them or affect them in any way. Because why? Once Allah issues the command for a punishment, it was a it was Case Closed. It was done. That day either fatahna Ali who babban that either been shed in either one fee him overly soon until we open for them doors or a door that had within it punishment. That was shady

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that was severe either houfy Mobley soon. If they continue to wear their disbelief. Moberly soon is a bit of sarcasm in this area.

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Well, we'll let the Sherlock Holmes seminar well above Soto well, f EDA tiempo de la Motta Sharon, he is the one that rose all of you to the ability to hear and to see, and to comprehend. lf EDA F. Ada is another name for heart in the core en f f. So Kyle Boone is the most common word called will mean something that's beating and it's moving constantly, it's be beating back and forth. So the beat of the heart is called caliber caliber. You can label you can label, right? So it's constantly beating and moving. So it's the flesh or the Oregon that's moving constantly. f e that describes the motions of the heart. So when Allah uses Effie, that means that this was a soft and gentle heart.

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You know, it is within our fifth law.

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It's our fifth law. It's who we are, that we are created and design as good people. It's inherit, nobody has to teach us that murder is wrong. Nobody has to teach us that stealing is wrong. Nobody has to teach us that hurting people is wrong. We know this. We're human beings. We have f EDA. We have hearts that can understand and that can comprehend this stuff. Nobody has to teach us that. You know, when we're in love, we're in love. Nobody has to teach us to do good for others. And that's what makes them feel good. No, no, because we end up feeling good when we do good for others as well. Nobody ever feels miserable. Oh my god, I helped so much homeless people today. What a

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terrible day it was we don't do that. So all of that boils down to the kind of heart that Allah designed within called EDA. And I pray that Allah subhanaw taala blesses all of us with FM

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potty in a matter scoodle here's how you preserve and protect effetre guys soft gentle heart here's how you protect it you know you protect it, buddy lemme Tisch School. Very few of them are grateful. So what do you have to do to protect it? Be grateful when you have a good heart and handle it, be grateful

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live a life of gratitude, express and illustrate and show that beauty that softness, the, the the gentleness in your heart. Let others see that through your actions through your lifestyle.

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Well, who will lead the thought accom Phil aadl de la he talks Sharon he is the one that spread you out.

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It's like when the farmer has the seeds and he spreads the seeds out into the land into his farm, that action of spreading and scattering seeds in on the farm that's called Allah said I scattered all of you human beings that are a cornfield all over the planet. I scattered you everywhere, just like a farmer scatter seeds. So what are we know? We are like spiritual plants. We're spiritual seeds of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I'm not using that intent. That phrase intentionally. That is actually captured in sort of Mohammed at the very end of sort of term Mohammed, cancelled or in a hot Raja shelter. Allah subhana wa darland says that talks to us about us being plants that or at

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least reflected of that imagery, that as we grow, and we nurture our soul, we feed it with the right things, we do the right things, then we are just like the plant, take care of and nurture the plant what ends up happening to it, it flourishes and it grows into something beautiful. If you do that with your soul, by taking sunos like this, then guess what ends up happening to you flourish beautifully spiritually in the sight of Allah. It's so beautiful, the language and the imagery is so beautiful. So the fact that Allah says Dada acoem it's not like an insult. It's not to embarrass you all. You're just like, nothing seeds. throw you away. Vera, what are seeds for farmers. That's their

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money. That's their life. That's their gold. That's, that's their purpose. They're hoping that these seeds were turning into something beautiful, they nurture it and they care for it for the entire year for ages, before they can reap the fruits. So we are spiritual plants of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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What you know, he took shown and eventually all of us are herded back to him to shed one hash

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is when you're hurting animals.

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You know, you ever see how those farmers heard like a, you know, dozens and dozens of goats and cheeps into one entrance, and it kind of hurting all of them together and their cows. That's called hash Otto. So one of the actions of herding certain groups of people on the Day of Judgment, to show them it's one of the actions of the Day of Judgment. Well, who will lead to you he will you need to well, a hearty laugh will lady wanna hurry a fellow Tareq de Lune he is the one that gives life He is the one that causes death. What a hearty laugh will lady when the * he is the one that causes the contrast between the night and day a fellow takhti Don't.

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Don't ever think about this stuff. You know, right now, normally I speak to you guys during the daylight hours, at least in my timezone timezone. Right now it's dark, we finished ballclub. We're going to be heading into a show real soon. So it's dark out there. That transition, I'm talking to you guys about the same sort of we're going through a same little routine. But the times now the timing, so at least for today was different.

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Therapy don't

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take the time now to reflect and think about just that transition of night and day is alone a sign of Allah's existence. It's a it's a loan, a sign of a loss of parent with Ireland's existence, you know, when you really appreciate this. I mean, this has happened to be dozens of times when you're flying and you're crossing into another time zone. So you leave home and it's daylight hours. 10 hours later, it's still day, when you land where you're going. And this happens to me like when I travel to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, those long haul flights, I will see the sunshine rise and set rise and so like three times while I'm in the air, he's just like, my God is really toying with

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my mind. So when I land where I'm going now, I don't know my body is so lost and so confused. I mentally like disoriented, because I don't want my body doesn't know what to do. Are you supposed to be sleeping? Are you supposed to be awake? I'm exhausted, but the sun is now starting to rise, and it starts playing these mind games with you. A fella tacky loon don't ever take the time to reflect that when I cause night to roll around. It also your body reacts to that and it starts to gradually relax itself. And as you get darker and darken the depths of the night. Then you just literally shut down and you go to bed. And when the sun begins to rise now, your body reacts to that your mind

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reacts to

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And it knows Okay, it's time to get going. I can continue sleeping for another 10 hours or 15 I can't sleep for 20 hours you will eventually become sick if that happens to you, right? So your body reacts to sunrise and it knows Okay, it's time to get up and you get up you get up and you go about your day. And then the same cycle happens again. So we get to see an experienced that sign in a of Allah subhanaw taala every single day

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belcaro mithila mal pilot alone. Rather what they did is that they said exactly what those who came before them said What did they say? Paul do either Connor taught me MIT now what we're gonna talk about Paulo ether mithuna wakulla taraba. They said that, okay, if we die, then we turn into dust, worry vomit and our bones disintegrate in marathon? Then we're going to come back to life and be resurrected. That's what they used to say. laqad worried and then what about Luna? Her the men in her that in the cell? gliadel a wedding? A wedding? They said, Men, everyone that came before us said the exact same thing. They promised us the exact same thing. Yeah, we're gonna die. We're gonna

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turn to dust and we're going to be resurrected and brought back all over again. Yeah. All right. So they're talking to the Prophet Darlene. So to start with the same sarcasm and exaggeration. Really, that's what's going to happen. Okay, sure, whatever. Illa little Willie, and they said this was the same thing that all of our forefathers came with. And previous generations came with, they promised us about some sort of afterlife, and it is nothing but just folklore, and stories. You know, what we learn about a set like this, that there was a discourse about the theater that came generations before us as well. People knew and understood what the etho was back then. Support and is

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highlighting that historically, this is not a new conversation. Muslims didn't come up with this whole idea of Okay, there's an afterlife, there's Jen and Jen them and the day of No, we didn't come up with that stuff. It's been going on ever since the beginning of time.

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called the man in the woman fee her in quantum Tyler moon say to them, oh, who is the one that causes you to be on this earth? And is with you, woman fee her in quantum tarla Moon and is with you, if you had any ounce of knowledge, they will say Oh say aku luminary law or that's actually a law of Allah portal of Allah to that karoun say to them, then don't you guys take the time and remember this stuff? Take the time and reflect. You're saying you know that there's a lot like, you know, there's a God, you know, that, you know, I wouldn't be surprised at all, if you ask every animal expert out there. Every animal expert out there, if there's a God, I wouldn't surprise me

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that none of them could deny that there was a god, just because of their exposure and their knowledge and their study of the variety of species and animals that they've come across. That they've discovered that the behavior, the habitat, the just the overall nature of what animals are, their design, their lifestyle, their their diets, everything.

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It's like they are their own planet, and the perfect coexistence that they have with other animals, their entire ecosystem, how all of that at the end of the day reflects something that is so complex, beyond the comprehension of any human being. How could you possibly deny that this did not come? For that this came from a Korean How could you deny that? I wouldn't. It wouldn't surprise me the slightest bit, that they respond to me like no, no, you're right. I just don't want to say that though. So that's what allies highlighting. When you ask who's with them in this on this earth? They will say to you Oh Allah is with us. God is with us. So I want you to take the time to think about

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this stuff. Fine. Next question, called non rhombus semi wet is severely water Bulava. Schiller alene. They then will be asked then who is your master of the seven heavens or skies above, and a master of the throne or above or below our shielding? So who is the master above you then the master of all the galaxies? The master of all the planets, the solar system, the universe? Will they say, say Abou lunalilo. That's that's also a lot as well that's also God qualified to uphold and say to them well, to just be conscious, none of this stuff. So first, it was about

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Thinking and remembering and constantly reminding yourself now it's about tactical, it's about allowing that remembrance to resonate with you. Okay, tucked up with consciousness of Allah.

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One last question. Remember de melaku to kulesza? In well, who are you God? Well are you generally he in corn to entire the moon?

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Then he says all ask them between whose hands is the kingdom of all things? Well, who are you God and he provides protection? Well, are you generally and he doesn't need any protection in quantum dalaman. If only you know, say aku Luna de la, they will sell a lot also provides and protects for us. Yeah, he does that to

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pull for analysis heroine then say like, has some sort of black magic come across you?

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Like, have you truly lost it to the point now that maybe there's a spell that's been on you, something's happening to you?

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Why won't you see why won't you realize why won't you submit? These were some of the questions that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, is using to challenge to challenge the mindset of the Cornish last a bell attainable, who will help you work in the home locality Boone, we came to them with the ultimate truth but they constantly responded with lies after lies. A love blatantly calls it out. Instead, they just continue to lie to your face over and over, they lie to your face.

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There's no other explanation, at least according to the poor end. Unless is there's nothing there just lying to your face now. Period.

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That's where I'm going to pause today inshallah, verse number 90. So, again, a lot of things to think about. Now, what's happening here is this, the theme of the sutra now had shifted where the Prophet Allah Azza wa sallam, how he would present and also respond or how he would have to conduct himself in terms of the responses that he would get from the Meccans how he would handle that, how would you cope with that? What what are the things you should say? And what are the things he should ask? That's what's happening here. Keeping in mind, what the mindset of a believer should be when all of this is happening. So Charla hotel, take that as food for thought and a point to reflect on

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in shallow Tyler. As I said to those of you that are just joining us, in the beginning of this short reminder, I know it's not really our time, but I just I couldn't wait to talk to you guys tomorrow. So I just decided to do it now. So please take some time. If you're following along each episode, please take some time to follow through this. Ensure that you're caught up with all the videos, we try to keep them 20 to 30 minutes maximum. I used to avoid saying 30 minutes but now 30 minutes just keeps happening all the time. So we might as well just keep them between 20 and 30 minutes max,

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giving us a bird's eye view of all of these sources and to also appreciate and reflect on some of the lessons and how relevant they are to you and I in our own lives. So with that being said, We ask Allah subhana wa tada bless us, honor us continue to teach us a lot. I mean, we will continue with verse number 90 onwards in sha Allah, Allah Allah tomorrow. Having said that, I believe we just probably have two episodes left so tomorrow as well as the day after inshallah, lo Tara Allah will come to all of you was Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Take care guys.

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