Jinn and Black Magic – Part 12 – The Evil Eye

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The Ustadh talks about the dark realities of magic and how to ward off such curses!.


AI: Summary © The evil eye is a response to jealousy or amazement, rather than a fundamental lack of jealousy. People who believe in God and believe in God are aware of their evil eye, and they can easily diagnose their condition from their symptoms. The meaning of the evil eye is different for each situation, and the advice of letting it go naturally and eventually coming to a conclusion is important. The importance of affirming the name of Allah and not providing evidence that he has said it is important to collect water in public settings is emphasized. The transcript describes a situation where a woman named Joanie fell out of a gym and is considered vulnerable to the operation, and the woman is hesitant to give out her name and her own name. The situation is described as being related to the individual and not necessarily gender, and some people may give iron to control control control and take money for it.
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The reality of the evil eye, or the essence of the evil eye,

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is that when a person feels jealous, or amazed of somebody, instead of feeling a twinge of jealousy, or instead of feeling amazement, they actually cause harm to the person that they were feeling that about.

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Now I've looking at the teeth and looking at the evidence for the evil eye. I think it is safe to say that not everyone who gives the evil eye is jealous, and not every jealous person gives the evil eye. However, I will make a clear statement that there are some of the scholars of Islam, including the legendary Dima in Saudi Arabia who do not hold this opinion. And they say every person who gives the evil is jealous that the evil eye only happens through jealousy, however, we're going to look at some of the Hadith, which suggests that the second opinion, the opinion that evil eye can happen through jealousy or amazement is the correct one of the two. And that the evil eye does not require

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jealousy and Allah knows best. In any case, whether it does or it doesn't. The second part is universally agreed upon. Not every jealous person gives the evil eye.

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Not every jealous person gives the evil eye, you may be jealous of someone. And the only thing that you do is to ruin your deeds in the sight of Allah.

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And of course, jealousy comes from a lack of belief in God. Because if you believed in God, or with true belief, you will never be jealous of anybody. Because you know that whatever was written for you you have and what I was written for them they have, and there was no way for you to get what they got, and no way for them to get what you got.

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I think there is a decent body of evidence that it can be given to yourself and to your own children. And this is from the evidence that the evil eye doesn't require jealousy, because generally you would not be jealous of yourself.

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Generally, you not be jealous of yourself, but you might be amazed. You know, you come out of the shower, you've done your hair, and you put on your brand new clothes, you stand in front of the mirror, and you just look and think that's amazing.

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You could afflict yourself with evil and

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if you don't return it back to Allah. And if you don't return this blessing back to our last panatela

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Mm hmm met in a tournament he inherited that asthma, binter Mesa, viola and her said, O Messenger of Allah, the children of Jafar have been afflicted by the evil eye, shall we recite Rukia for them, the prophets lie Selim said yes, for if anything were to overtake the Divine Decree, it would be the evil eye.

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And we've seen cases of the evil eye. And indeed, our shield, who we studied from have seen cases of the evil eye that are worse than magic. I mean, you can be talked about completely taken out to the point where you are killed or the point where you are on your deathbed, and you can't even raise your head because of the effect of the evil eye.

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Signs of the evil eye include somebody with a praiseworthy attribute being afflicted in that attribute, or somebody suddenly becoming sick in a time when people might have seen from them there something positive or something that people would be jealous or amazed of.

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As an example, the man goes through the site, the client,

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and he has a beautiful voice. And suddenly after the prayer, his face swells up, his throat swells up, he can't speak, can't read, or during the prayer, he says start reading of hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Rahmani Raheem, nothing else comes out.

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The evil eye, in my opinion, is easier to diagnose from its symptoms than it is or its circumstances than it is to diagnose from the Rokia. Sometimes you do Rokia and you think it's magic and it's not it's the evil eye, and Subhanallah sometimes the evil eye is easier to diagnose from your understanding of the circumstances. What caused you to be like this? Well, I was stood in prayer, and I read Maliki Ahmed Deen and that's it. My throat just seized up. For a lot of people. This is going to relate to the evil eye, ie somebody was jealous of their citation.

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are amazed of they're in, they're amazed about their citation without

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returning the blessing to Allah or mentioning the blessing of Allah. And they afflicted that individual. Or a beautiful child suddenly becomes very sick.

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And it might be magic, it might be the gym, but you see a really beautiful child. And this child has become really sick for no reason. And the sickness is quite incurable. Nobody can find what the sickness has been caused by.

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Yes, it could be a gym problem. Yes, it could be magic, but you're thinking a little child who's gonna really, you know, maybe necessarily do magic on a small child, why the child why not the parents, perhaps the parents are afflicted. And I'm not saying this is a guarantee, but I'm saying this is giving you an inkling in your heart that okay, I'm thinking this might be the evil eye.

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Somebody says, yesterday, I went out to a wedding. And as soon as I came back from the wedding, I felt extremely ill to the point where I couldn't raise my head. And I could my skin came out or blotchy or something like that, or I thought a burning in my face, you suspect the evil eye. It's not guaranteed, but you do suspect it because they showed their you know sort of beauty or their their sort of appearance in front of everybody, and somebody likely is going to have given them the evil eye. So my advice with the evil eye in general is it is easier to diagnose from the circumstances than it is to diagnose from the Rokia.

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However, diagnosing it from the Rukia often occurs when you have eliminated gene possession and magic, ie there is no gene that you can see inside the body of the person. And you're not getting it's not fitting any of your other cases, it may well be that it's the evil eye. But again, I'm, I'm reluctant to give you, if you read this ayah and the person twitches, it's the evil eye. If their face flushes, it's the evil eye if they yawn, it's the evil eye. These are all things I've heard people say they're written in some of the books of rockier that if a person yawns when you read

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the eye at the end of

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when he Acad to live in a castle. Leslie has lovely clues. lacuna can be episodic him lemma semiotica. That if you read this ayah and a person's eye twitches, they've got the evil eye. These are not really very precise. They might be true for some, it might not be true for others. And as brother barsac said, and this is the reality of situation is it's not really going to change anything drastically. At the beginning, you're still going to recite a fella kindness, you're still going to recite a 30. Don't rush. Yes, you may. And someone comes along and says, you know, brother, Mohammed, you haven't told those brothers the truth because if you knew it was the evil eye, you

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could treat them with x y Zed. I agree with them. I agree with you. But what we're saying is don't rush. You don't need to rush. You know, give yourself some time, do some recitation, do some different citation. You know, let it let it go naturally and eventually you'll come to a conclusion not and you know, after a few weeks after a few sessions, I'm fairly sure this is the evil light. But you know, some of the brothers as brother Bassett said

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they want to compete with the magicians and so they want to have that instant diagnosis. You know, you go to the magician and the magician looks at you and says you have four gin. One of them is from here. One of them is from here. One of them is from here, and they were sent by you know, your uncle or your cousin twice removed and all of this stuff people want to be like them.

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So the rocky upon the sooner does the same thing. People come in, he's like, Okay, I'm gonna read three ayat, I'm gonna read an ayah that has the word Sal, and an ayah that has the word iron or something related to iron and an ayah that has the word Jin and whichever one you twitching, that's your problem. This isn't really very precise, and it's not very accurate and it leads the jinn to play with you. Because the jinn knows you're like that. The jinn knows it's been sent for magic. All it has to do is just twitch the person's eye when the word iron is red or the word

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bizarre is red. TWITCH the eye job done you've got the evil eye go home. You know Don't let the gym play with you in that regard. As for the evil eye in the suit, not only man I've met and medic and the same headband narrated from Salim and Hanif the prophets lie Selim came out and traveled with him towards Mecca until they were in the mountain pass of Ohara in a driver there sahelion hefted hosel and he was a handsome white skinned man with beautiful skin. American Robbie, Robbie, a lover and one of many ID urban cab looked at him while he was doing Ghazal and said I have never seen such beautiful skin as this. Not even the skin of a virgin and Salford fell to the ground. Now this

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Heidi's, she idle and some of the shoot we learn from they said this hadith is another evidence that it is not jealousy that knock this person down.

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Because he's not seeing words of jealousy. He says, I've never seen anything. Wow, I've never seen anything as beautiful as that. Bang, Sal hits the ground, and he can't even raise his head.

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They went to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and said, O Messenger of Allah, can you do anything for Sahel? Because by a law he can't even raise his head? He said, Do you accuse anyone with regard to him? They said, We accused armor even robbia who looked at him. So the prophets lie Selim called armor and rebuked him strongly

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and rebuked him strongly. So North prophesizing didn't say, Oh, this isn't your fault. He rebuked him strongly. And he said, why would one of you kill his brother? And this is the evidence that AI is powerful. Why would any of you kill his brother, if you see something that you like? Again, notice the profit size and didn't see if you see something you're jealous of. If you see something that you like, then pray for blessing for him. And this is the cure to stop afflicting people with dying. And the scholars have varying opinions about how to say it, perhaps the strongest of which is to pray for a lot of bluster. barakallahu li fique barakallahu like Allahumma barik you know one of

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these words that means or Allah bless them. However, I personally believe that whatever you were to say, regarding blessings, whatever you were to say, regarding the name of Allah, or to affirm that blessings come from Allah would be enough so to say Masha, Allah tabarka la Allahumma barik Alaa Mubarak lek Baraka lo fique. You know, Baraka like anything you say that involves affirming that blessings come from Allah, or asking a lot of bless them even more

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than he said to him, wash yourself for him. So amor washed his face, hands, forearms, knees, and the sides of his feet and inside of his lower government in the vessel, the water was collected was poured over him, and a man poured it over his head and back from behind. He did that to him and Sal got up and joined the people and there was nothing wrong with him. And this is an authentic Heidi's

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nothing wrong before. So the first cure for iron is to ask Do we know who might have afflicted the person. Now in this you do not require certainty?

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Very important, you do not require certainty. It is enough for you to have a valid battle run to have a feeling about it. You know that brother? You know, I swear I'm looking and I don't know, you know, go ask the brother. You're not accusing him Don't say I started a law. What are you doing this you know fear Allah simply say to him,

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I want you to make whoodle and the Prophet slice Allah mentioned in songs that I had if someone asks you to make Walsall, if they asked you to make whoodle or hosel, if they asked you to collect the water, because they fear you gave somebody iron, then do it. So as he said, so I said, so it's not amakhala so it's not allowed. If a person comes to you and says mercosul Makoto is not allowed for you to refuse. And it's not for you to get angry and say, how could you ever accuse me of giving iein Subhana Allah I said, barakallahu feek. I said Allahumma barik. I said, Mashallah, to botica la furillo Why you sings to me? No, we don't say this. Somebody comes, and they say to you, make

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whoodle for me made also for me. And you can do either also is mentioned in the Hadeeth Waldo is less than that. But sometimes you can't make muscle and the matter is urgent. You know, you can make World War in Sharla. And you collect the water, do it for a person. If you are stuck between two, let's say three people in the room, one of them drops down with iron, get both of them to do it. The end of the day, why are you going to subject that brother to Rukia for six months or a year to get rid of a problem that you could have got rid of by just collecting somebody's water there? Will there would water?

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No, at the end of the day, don't go that far, especially when it happens. You know, as a small group five, six people just get the multimeter or if you accuse somebody because you believe that that was the person because they said something like, wow, you know, you've lost weight bang, the person just drops on the floor. And remember, you may be afflicted in the attribute so badly his stomach may just zoom out.

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And that does happen. The stomach may just go bang out. You know, when someone says Wow, you've lost weight. straightaway, they just become fat in an instant. Or they may become afflicted like Sal in the whole body just dropped down. can't raise the head off your soil. Okay, no problem. Bismillah

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make the Lord

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Collect the water. So you're making when you're collecting the drops of the water off the skin into a bucket, if you may also, you need to do it somewhere where you can collect the water. So either in a bath, put the plug in, or something like that, where you can collect the water or in stand inside of a bucket and just, you know, make yourself over you, then take the water out of it, and pour the water from the back over the person's head and down their back in Sharla, they'll be absolutely fine. She didn't even realize he

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have it all out to Allah told me a story that happened to his little girl. He said, she was playing with her cousins. And suddenly her hair started to fall out in clumps.

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And don't think everyone's hair falls out as an EIN problem. You know, there. We have one little extreme when it comes to, like, you know, I tend to get you know, the Auntie who comes and says, you know, son, you know, my son's not doing very well in school. And I think he has another guy say to you know, Subhanallah you know, okay, let me talk to him and you talk to him. And you see he's just lazy, you just don't want to work you don't doesn't want to revise. I see it doesn't have NASA but he has just, you know, he just needs to work a little bit harder. So you know, the be balanced about it. But the chef said her hair or naturally started to just come out a little girl. I don't know,

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she's not very old Joanie little, her hair came out in clumps, big clumps of hair just start to fall out till her hair completely almost fell out. I don't remember if he said all of it fell out or a large amount of it fell out.

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So the shape he said, again, that he read over her. He read rockier over her because he didn't know who it was. And it transpired through talking to her that her cousins had been playing with her. And one of her cousins had said to her, you've got pretty hair.

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And her hair started to fall out. So the shifts that we found out what it was, we're able to advise the family and we're able to tell them and of course, if you know that you give it to somebody, then you must be extra extra cautious with regard to saying the barlick invoking our laws blessings, Mashallah to particolare alarm evatik and so on, and so forth.

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Even Okay, him or him all asset.

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Regarding the statement of a law woman shudder he has it in his or her said from the evil of the NVR, when he envies the word has it is more general than the word are in the word hazard, or jealousy is more general than the word. So seeking refuge with Allah from the one who envies including includes seeking refuge from the one who puts it on another, the iron is like an arrow, which comes from the soul of the one who envies and the one who puts it on the other or on another towards the one who is envied, and on whom the iron is put. So it's like an arrow that goes from your soul to attack them. Sometimes it hits them and sometimes it misses. If the target is exposed

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and unprotected, it will affect him. But if the target is cautious and armed, the arrow will have no effect, and may even come back on the one who launched it. So even Okay, him gave a very clear understanding that you don't it's not necessarily gender related. Although the gym can follow the eye in the gym can attack somebody, the iron could make someone vulnerable to the gin, you often get people of iron and Gene problems and magic problems. But the aim is like the arrow might hit it might miss but if you're cautious with your car, then indeed, you'll be protected. And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned and indeed those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes

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when they hear the message. And they say Indeed, he is mad and shaken with me and more love to Allah use this ayah to prove the non Muslims can give it to others, as we said, is easier to diagnose from symptoms than it is from Rokia. But it is possible. And generally, if you've had it, and you know how it feels me personally, my face starts to flush, go read, and I feel it like I've been hit with something, you know, like you feel like you've been hit with something and you become you know, sort of agitated and and you recognize that it's a

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this is the last point that I wanted to make design happen to objects. Yes, it does. We asked this question to our share idol. Having a whole lot. He said yes. But the thing that happens to objects is related to the individual. So again, I know Brother, brother says to me, got a brand new car. When I drove I overtook a friend of mine on the road and I waved to him, and my engine went out. So he didn't think it was anything wrong with his car. He just thought regular you know, he's not one of those people who says everything is fine. So he pulled over supanova got his engine repaired. Two days later the engines out again.

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Got a brand new engine put in maybe I got a dud you know the guy didn't do it. He said he complained. He said you didn't put a good one in whatever got another engine put in. Everything checked. Fine. Bang engine runs out again. Yeah, any of the brothers been afflicted by iron because of the car. The car

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Showing the effect but the line was done on the brother You don't read on the car you read on the brother. But if you would, I mean if you had the iron water you could try throwing it over the car but you don't really you don't do Rokia on the car sit there Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, what you do Rokia on the individual that owns it a

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couple of last points very very, very quickly. I know Jin, some of the scholars are firm and there are some Hadith that indicate that the jinn can give iron and Alonso's best iron followed by the shape on again this is there is a weak Hadees for this, but it does seem to be true that you get iron and it can be followed by a gin so iron and then you get a gin afflict you as well.

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And you get something that's close to see her, which is paid. People who know they give iron and learn to control it and actually take money to give it to other people. And that is very close to Saturn has a similar ruling to sale