Moments with Allah #29 – How to end your Ramadan

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107 stuff Allah and our children of Adam will begin in the name of Allah Subhana. Whoever either we do so seeking His blessings, we seek refuge in Him, we seek his assistance and we seek His guidance. And we request praises and blessings upon our Master and our teacher. The final messenger and receiver for profits will humbly be our beloved son, Allah violin he was

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right here as Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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At this very juncture,

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in the best of all months, during the best of all moments of this month,

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a narration comes to mind, amongst other generations, but perhaps this narration stands out, because it depicts a sense of agency.

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Once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, ascended the member.

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And as he did so, he said the mean three times, and also have the Rhodiola one legendary in the usual diligence, with everything which he said, and everything which he did, which included his whispers some Allah for me, he was telling them, they took note of it, and immediately asked him about it, no doubt, in some of their minds was the idea that this could be a new etiquette of how a person should ascend. Remember, they were taking the religion from him, some Allah while he was sent back. And upon asking him, he responded by saying that a nuanced situation happened on that moment. On that day, at that time, when He ascended the member, for at that moment, Allah subhanho wa taala,

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permitted the greatest of all angels degree that led salaam to descend.

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Allah permitted the greatest of all angels to descend to the greatest of all messengers, and they had an exchange and exchange which included Allah subhanho wa Taala himself for Giuffrida Annie, who Salah made three supplications. And from them he said, Rahim Allah and for Rajamouli at rockcrusher Salama one, fan salah, one of you for Allah, and this is one version of the duration to greet them with a derived set. May the downfall be upon a person who witnesses the month of Ramadan, and then the month peels away in Salah. It leaves him or her and it leaves him or her without them being

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to this. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I said,

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No, I pondered over this narration Brothers and Sisters in Islam, and this should be our mannerism with our sources. We should be interactive with our sources we don't just read stories is not storytime when we learn from the Quran and the Sunnah. I pondered over thinking Subhan Allah, Allah tells us in the Quran, that the messenger SallAllahu Allah He was in this very messenger, our messenger, the Seal of all Prophets and the final messenger, he's a mercy to the world, a mercy to the lungs, and the mercy to the world's seas to a derived from the greatest of all angels are mean. And this dua is one of destruction upon a person who would this is Ramadan, and Ramadan leaves them

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without them being forgiven. What would make the mercy of the world's say I mean to listen to knowing that this dua includes anyone and everyone from them, members from his own Ummah, brothers and sisters, at least now, and the only solution and conclusion that I could have to this

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question that

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no doubt filled my mind and should fill all our minds is the eminence of the month of Ramadan, that this month comes from his brothers and sisters in Islam as the best of all months, as a gift containing gifts, because it is the gift that keeps gifting. This is the reality of Ramadan. When it arrived a few weeks ago, it knocked our doors with the gift of mercy. Unprecedented lesson, the gift of forgiveness, unprecedented forgiveness, the gift of the Quran, the gift of fasting, the gift of the door of Arabian for that door is only for the one who first to enter through, and that is one of the entry points into paradise. It came to us with the gift of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And

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then the greatest night of the year the night of special virtue and decree and power than I do concession for during the last few nights. It comes to us with the gift of Santa Catherine fetter the gift of being freed from the hellfire, the gift of the doors of Paris.

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eyes being widely open, and the gift of the doors of the Hellfire being tightly shut, the gift of the shayateen being changed. So you and I have every opportunity to be the best version of ourselves. It is truly the gift that keeps gifting. And when Ramadan came, it didn't come with these gifts in hands with fists closed, but rather in hands outstretched that anyone who wanted to take could take with the permission of Allah subhana who had to enter the Ramadan came with these gifts, presenting them in a way knowing that it is not for a man to decide who benefits from them, but it is for the Omna who Ramadan has come to to benefit from them. If this is the reality of Ramadan, and

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Ramadan leaves us without us being forgiven, then Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Islam is a religion of sustainability. It's a practical religion. It makes sense why the messenger himself the mercy to the laws sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say I mean to this disruptive dua for the only one who would this is Ramadan, and Ramadan leaves them without them being forgiven is one who chooses not to be forgiven, that this is a month Brothers and Sisters in Islam. If you apply yourself in the least you will get so much more than you anticipate. It is a month in which if you snip the only doors you can fall through the doors of Paradise because Allah has shut the doors of Johanna This is the

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reality of the month that we are in and this is the reality of the month that is about to leave us Brothers and Sisters in Islam. The days that we have are extremely precious the message from the member is do not let Ramadan leave you without you being forgiven. BarakAllahu li Walakum for Angela Avi on Find me on here can be heavy. You see the loosening the vertical to my booth was the Fula and I was the material and even when you say it was the medium it could either be the first of the room in our car and

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what we will eat a in the whole kind of toe